List of counties in China

This is a list of all counties (including Autonomous counties, Autonomous banners, and Banners) along with County-level cities (Chinese: 县级市; pinyin: xianjí shì) and City districts (Chinese: (市辖)区; pinyin: (shìxiá) qū).

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Name Prefecture Province Type Population Census 2010
Yaohai Hefei Anhui District 902,830
Luyang Hefei Anhui District 609,239
Shushan Hefei Anhui District 1,022,321
Baohe Hefei Anhui District 817,686
Changfeng Hefei Anhui County 629,535
Feidong Hefei Anhui County 861,960
Feixi Hefei Anhui County 858,895
Lujiang Hefei Anhui County 973,850
Chaohu Hefei Anhui City 780,700
Jinghu Wuhu Anhui District 533,330
Yijiang Wuhu Anhui District 309,514
Jiujiang Wuhu Anhui District 421,695
Sanshan Wuhu Anhui District 144,378
Wuhu Wuhu Anhui County 294,039
Fanchang Wuhu Anhui County 257,764
Nanling Wuhu Anhui County 404,278
Wuwei Wuhu Anhui County 1,180,069
Longzihu Bengbu Anhui District 243,123
Bengshan Bengbu Anhui District 334,426
Yuhui Bengbu Anhui District 249,361
Huaishang Bengbu Anhui District 145,874
Huaiyuan Bengbu Anhui County 1,028,066
Wuhe Bengbu Anhui County 621,973
Guzhen Bengbu Anhui County 541,644
Datong Huainan Anhui District 180,917
Tianjia'an Huainan Anhui District 593,981
Xiejiaji Huainan Anhui District 320,251
Bagongshan Huainan Anhui District 175,993
Panji Huainan Anhui District 395,684
Fengtai Huainan Anhui County 667,070
Huashan Ma'anshan Anhui District 303,855
Yushan Ma'anshan Anhui District 309,672
Bowang Ma'anshan Anhui District 183,500
Dangtu Ma'anshan Anhui County 624,771
Hanshan Ma'anshan Anhui County 376,436
He(xian) Ma'anshan Anhui County 460,161
Duji Huaibei Anhui District 324,398
Xiangshan Huaibei Anhui District 467,358
Lieshan Huaibei Anhui District 321,565
Suixi Huaibei Anhui County 1,000,955
Tongguanshan Tongling Anhui District 287,765
Shizishan Tongling Anhui District 114,297
Jiao(qu) Tongling Anhui District 72,301
Tongling Tongling Anhui County 249,595
Yingjiang Anqing Anhui District 251,000
Daguan Anqing Anhui District 275,000
Yixiu Anqing Anhui District 254,000
Huaining Anqing Anhui County 593,000
Zongyang Anqing Anhui County 839,000
Qianshan Anqing Anhui County 500,000
Taihu Anqing Anhui County 515,000
Susong Anqing Anhui County 571,000
Wangjiang Anqing Anhui County 527,000
Yuexi Anqing Anhui County 322,000
Tongcheng Anqing Anhui City 664,000
Tunxi Huangshan Anhui District 217,600
Huangshan Huangshan Anhui District 147,600
Huizhou Huangshan Anhui District 95,500
She(xian) Huangshan Anhui County 409,300
Xiuning Huangshan Anhui County 250,500
Yi(xian) Huangshan Anhui County 80,700
Qimen Huangshan Anhui County 157,800
Langya Chuzhou Anhui District 310427
Nanqiao Chuzhou Anhui District 251,894
Lai'an Chuzhou Anhui County 432,021
Quanjiao Chuzhou Anhui County 383,885
Dingyuan Chuzhou Anhui County 779,174
Fengyang Chuzhou Anhui County 644,895
Mingguang Chuzhou Anhui City 602,840
Tianchang Chuzhou Anhui City 532,732
Yingzhou Fuyang Anhui District 691,698
Yingdong Fuyang Anhui District 519,562
Yingquan Fuyang Anhui District 557,687
Linquan Fuyang Anhui County 1,543,218
Taihe Fuyang Anhui County 1,361,145
Funan Fuyang Anhui County 1,168,117
Yingshang Fuyang Anhui County 1,196,535
Jieshou Fuyang Anhui City 561,956
Yongqiao Suzhou Anhui District 1,647,642
Dangshan Suzhou Anhui County 800,408
Xiao(xian) Suzhou Anhui County 1,130,916
Lingbi Suzhou Anhui County 975,308
Si(xian) Suzhou Anhui County 798,650
Jin'an Lu'an Anhui District 923,938
Yu'an Lu'an Anhui District 854,645
Shou(xian) Lu'an Anhui County 1,008,116
Huoqiu Lu'an Anhui County 1,246,129
Shucheng Lu'an Anhui County 749,273
Jinzhai Lu'an Anhui County 514,456
Huoshan Lu'an Anhui County 315,144
Qiaocheng Bozhou Anhui District 1,409,436
Woyang Bozhou Anhui County 1212054
Mengcheng Bozhou Anhui County 1,062,080
Lixin Bozhou Anhui County 1,167,087
Guichi Chizhou Anhui District 595,268
Dongzhi Chizhou Anhui County 468,280
Shitai Chizhou Anhui County 92,238
Qingyang Chizhou Anhui County 246,732
Xuanzhou Xuancheng Anhui District 772,500
Langxi Xuancheng Anhui County 320,600
Guangde Xuancheng Anhui County 487,200
Jing(xian) Xuancheng Anhui County 299,600
Jixi Xuancheng Anhui County 156100
Jingde Xuancheng Anhui County 120,000
Ningguo Xuancheng Anhui City 376,900
Jinjiazhuang (dissolved) Ma'anshan Anhui District 128,004
Dongcheng Directly administered Beijing District 919,000
Xicheng Directly administered Beijing District 1,243,000
Chaoyang Directly administered Beijing District 3,545,000
Haidian Directly administered Beijing District 3,281,000
Fengtai Directly administered Beijing District 2,112,000
Shijingshan Directly administered Beijing District 616,000
Tongzhou Directly administered Beijing District 1,184,000
Shunyi Directly administered Beijing District 877,000
Changping Directly administered Beijing District 1,661,000
Daxing Directly administered Beijing District 1,365,000
Mentougou Directly administered Beijing District 290,000
Fangshan Directly administered Beijing District 945,000
Pinggu Directly administered Beijing District 416,000
Huairou Directly administered Beijing District 373,000
Miyun Directly administered Beijing County 468,000
Yanqing Directly administered Beijing County 317,000
Xuanwu (dissolved) Directly administered Beijing District 0merge into Dongcheng
Chongwen (dissolved) Directly administered Beijing District 0merge into Xicheng
Yuzhong Directly administered Chongqing District 630,100
Dadukou Directly administered Chongqing District 301,000
Jiangbei Directly administered Chongqing District 738,000
Shapingba Directly administered Chongqing District 1,000,000
Jiulongpo Directly administered Chongqing District 1,084,400
Nan'an Directly administered Chongqing District 759,600
Beibei Directly administered Chongqing District 680,400
Yubei Directly administered Chongqing District 1,345,400
Banan Directly administered Chongqing District 918,700
Fuling Directly administered Chongqing District 1,066,700
Changshou Directly administered Chongqing District 770,000
Jiangjin Directly administered Chongqing District 1,233,100
Hechuan Directly administered Chongqing District 1,293,000
Yongchuan Directly administered Chongqing District 1,024,700
Nanchuan Directly administered Chongqing District 534,300
Qijiang Directly administered Chongqing District 801,000
Dazu Directly administered Chongqing District 671,200
Wanzhou Directly administered Chongqing District 1,563,100
Qianjiang Directly administered Chongqing District 445,000
Tongnan Directly administered Chongqing County 640,000
Tongliang Directly administered Chongqing District 600,100
Rongchang Directly administered Chongqing County 661,300
Bishan Directly administered Chongqing District 586,000
Liangping Directly administered Chongqing County 687,500
Chengkou Directly administered Chongqing County 193,000
Fengdu Directly administered Chongqing County 649,200
Dianjiang Directly administered Chongqing County 704,500
Zhong(xian) Directly administered Chongqing County 751,400
Kaizhou Directly administered Chongqing District 1,160,300
Yunyang Directly administered Chongqing County 912,900
Fengjie Directly administered Chongqing County 834,300
Wushan Directly administered Chongqing County 495,100
Wuxi Directly administered Chongqing County 414,100
Wulong Directly administered Chongqing County 351,000
Shizhu Directly administered Chongqing Autonomous county (Tujia) 415,100
Xiushan Directly administered Chongqing Autonomous county (Tujia & Miao) 501,600
Youyang Directly administered Chongqing Autonomous county (Tujia & Miao) 578,100
Pengshui Directly administered Chongqing Autonomous county (Maio & Tujia) 545,100
Wansheng (dissolved) Directly administered Chongqing District 255,800
Shuangqiao (dissolved) Directly administered Chongqing District 50,100
Gulou Fuzhou Fujian District 687,706
Taijiang Fuzhou Fujian District 446,891
Cangshan Fuzhou Fujian District 762,746
Mawei Fuzhou Fujian District 231,929
Jin'an Fuzhou Fujian District 792,491
Minhou Fuzhou Fujian County 662,118
Lianjiang Fuzhou Fujian County 561,490
Luoyuan Fuzhou Fujian County 207,677
Minqing Fuzhou Fujian County 237,643
Yongtai Fuzhou Fujian County 249,455
Pingtan Fuzhou Fujian County 357,760
Fuqing Fuzhou Fujian City 1,234,838
Changle Fuzhou Fujian District 682,626
Siming Xiamen Fujian District 929,998
Haicang Xiamen Fujian District 288,739
Huli Xiamen Fujian District 931,291
Jimei Xiamen Fujian District 580,857
Tong'an Xiamen Fujian District 496,129
Xiang'an Xiamen Fujian District 304,333
Chengxiang Putian Fujian District 413,853
Hanjiang Putian Fujian District 470,097
Licheng Putian Fujian District 499,110
Xiuyu Putian Fujian District 570,741
Xianyou Putian Fujian County 824,707
Meilie Sanming Fujian District 176,539
Sanyuan Sanming Fujian District 198,958
Mingxi Sanming Fujian County 102,667
Qingliu Sanming Fujian County 136,248
Ninghua Sanming Fujian County 272,443
Datian Sanming Fujian County 311,631
Youxi Sanming Fujian County 352,067
Sha(xian) Sanming Fujian County 226,669
Jiangle Sanming Fujian County 148,867
Taining Sanming Fujian County 110,278
Jianning Sanming Fujian County 119,979
Yong'an Sanming Fujian City 347,042
Licheng Quanzhou Fujian District 404,817
Fengze Quanzhou Fujian District 529,640
Luojiang Quanzhou Fujian District 187,189
Quangang Quanzhou Fujian District 313,539
Hui'an Quanzhou Fujian County 944,231
Anxi Quanzhou Fujian County 977,432
Yongchun Quanzhou Fujian County 452,217
Dehua Quanzhou Fujian County 277,867
Shishi Quanzhou Fujian City 636,700
Jinjiang Quanzhou Fujian City 1,986,447
Nan'an Quanzhou Fujian City 1418,451
Xiangcheng Zhangzhou Fujian District 538,186
Longwen Zhangzhou Fujian District 167,463
Yunxiao Zhangzhou Fujian County 415835
Zhangpu Zhangzhou Fujian County 802,971
Zhao'an Zhangzhou Fujian County 597,798
Changtai Zhangzhou Fujian County 206,809
Dongshan Zhangzhou Fujian County 211,505
Nanjing Zhangzhou Fujian County 333,969
Pinghe Zhangzhou Fujian County 498,533
Hua'an Zhangzhou Fujian County 159,152
Longhai Zhangzhou Fujian City 877,762
Yanping Nanping Fujian District 467,875
Shunchang Nanping Fujian County 191,588
Pucheng Nanping Fujian County 304,583
Guangze Nanping Fujian County 134,113
Songxi Nanping Fujian County 125,472
Zhenghe Nanping Fujian County 171,715
Shaowu Nanping Fujian City 275,110
Wuyishan Nanping Fujian City 233,557
Jian'ou Nanping Fujian City 452,174
Jianyang Nanping Fujian District 289,362
Xinluo Longyan Fujian District 662,429
Changting Longyan Fujian County 393,390
Yongding Longyan Fujian County 362,658
Shanghang Longyan Fujian County 374,047
Wuping Longyan Fujian County 278,182
Liancheng Longyan Fujian County 248,645
Zhangping Longyan Fujian City 240,194
Jiaocheng Ningde Fujian District 429,260
Xiapu Ningde Fujian County 461,176
Gutian Ningde Fujian County 323,700
Pingnan Ningde Fujian County 137,724
Shouning Ningde Fujian County 175,874
Zhouning Ningde Fujian County 112,701
Zherong Ningde Fujian County 88,387
Fu'an Ningde Fujian City 563,640
Fuding Ningde Fujian City 529,534
Kinmen (claimed) Quanzhou Fujian County
Chengguan Lanzhou Gansu District 1,278,745
Qilihe Lanzhou Gansu District 561,020
Xigu Lanzhou Gansu District 364,050
Anning Lanzhou Gansu District 288,510
Honggu Lanzhou Gansu District 136,101
Yongdeng Lanzhou Gansu County 418,789
Gaolan Lanzhou Gansu County 131,785
Yuzhong Lanzhou Gansu County 437,163
Jinchuan Jinchang Gansu District 228,561
Yongchang Jinchang Gansu County 235,489
Baiyin Baiyin Gansu District 294,400
Pingchuan Baiyin Gansu District 192,398
Jingyuan Baiyin Gansu County 454,925
Huining Baiyin Gansu County 541,273
Jingtai Baiyin Gansu County 225,755
Qinzhou Tianshui Gansu District 643,906
Maiji Tianshui Gansu District 553,268
Qingshui Tianshui Gansu County 266,908
Qin'an Tianshui Gansu County 515,423
Gangu Tianshui Gansu County 559,712
Wushan Tianshui Gansu County 437,268
Zhangjiachuan Tianshui Gansu Autonomous county (Hui) 286,063
Liangzhou Wuwei Gansu District 1,010,295
Minqin Wuwei Gansu County 241,251
Gulang Wuwei Gansu County 388,718
Tianzhu Wuwei Gansu Autonomous county (Tibetan) 174,790
Ganzhou Zhangye Gansu District 507,433
Minle Zhangye Gansu County 219,356
Linze Zhangye Gansu County 134,328
Gaotai Zhangye Gansu County 143,446
Shandan Zhangye Gansu County 161,299
Sunan Zhangye Gansu Autonomous county (Yugur) 33,653
Kongtong Pingliang Gansu District 504,848
Jingchuan Pingliang Gansu County 281,145
Lingtai Pingliang Gansu County 183,937
Chongxin Pingliang Gansu County 102,116
Huating Pingliang Gansu County 189,333
Zhuanglang Pingliang Gansu County 382,827
Jingning Pingliang Gansu County 423,827
Suzhou Jiuquan Gansu District 428,346
Jinta Jiuquan Gansu County 147,460
Guazhou Jiuquan Gansu County 148,798
Subei Jiuquan Gansu Autonomous county (Mongol) 14,979
Aksai Jiuquan Gansu Autonomous county (Kazakh) 10,545
Yumen Jiuquan Gansu City 159,792
Dunhuang Jiuquan Gansu City 186,027
Xifeng Qingyang Gansu District 377,528
Qingcheng Qingyang Gansu County 261,898
Huan(xian) Qingyang Gansu County 302,918
Huachi Qingyang Gansu County 120,875
Heshui Qingyang Gansu County 145,722
Zhengning Qingyang Gansu County 180,909
Ning(xian) Qingyang Gansu County 405,614
Zhenyuan Qingyang Gansu County 415,727
Anding Dingxi Gansu District 420,614
Tongwei Dingxi Gansu County 349,539
Longxi Dingxi Gansu County 453,257
Weiyuan Dingxi Gansu County 324,215
Lintao Dingxi Gansu County 507,386
Zhang(xian) Dingxi Gansu County 192,957
Min(xian) Dingxi Gansu County 450,654
Wudu Longnan Gansu District 555,004
Cheng(xian) Longnan Gansu County 242,343
Wen(xian) Longnan Gansu County 218,796
Tanchang Longnan Gansu County 274,313
Kang(xian) Longnan Gansu County 180,061
Xihe Longnan Gansu County 393,272
Li(xian) Longnan Gansu County 458,237
Hui(xian) Longnan Gansu County 200,294
Liangdang Longnan Gansu County 45,398
Linxia(shi) Linxia Gansu City 274,466
Linxia(xian) Linxia Gansu County 326,123
Kangle Linxia Gansu County 233,173
Yongjing Linxia Gansu County 180,161
Guanghe Linxia Gansu County 227,466
Hezheng Linxia Gansu County 185,083
Dongxiang Linxia Gansu Autonomous county (Dongxiang) 284,507
Jishishan Linxia Gansu Autonomous county (Bonan, Dongxiang & Salar) 235,698
Hezuo Gannan Gansu City 90,290
Lintan Gannan Gansu County 137,001
Jonê Gannan Gansu County 100,522
Zhugqu Gannan Gansu County 132,108
Têwo Gannan Gansu County 52,166
Maqu Gannan Gansu County 54,745
Luqu Gannan Gansu County 35,630
Xiahe Gannan Gansu County 86,670
Liwan Guangzhou Guangdong District 898,204
Yuexiu Guangzhou Guangdong District 1,157,277
Haizhu Guangzhou Guangdong District 1,558,663
Tianhe Guangzhou Guangdong District 1,432,431
Baiyun Guangzhou Guangdong District 2,222,658
Huangpu Guangzhou Guangdong District 880,100
Panyu Guangzhou Guangdong District 1,764,869
Huadu Guangzhou Guangdong District 945,053
Nansha Guangzhou Guangdong District 259,899
Luogang Guangzhou Guangdong District 373,670
Zengcheng Guangzhou Guangdong District 1,036,731
Conghua Guangzhou Guangdong District 593,415
Luohu Shenzhen Guangdong District 923,423
Futian Shenzhen Guangdong District 1,318,055
Nanshan Shenzhen Guangdong District 1,087,936
Bao'an Shenzhen Guangdong District 4,017,807
Guangming Shenzhen Guangdong District 481,420
Longhua Shenzhen Guangdong District not established
Longgang Shenzhen Guangdong District 2,011,225
Pingshan Shenzhen Guangdong District 309,211
Dapeng Shenzhen Guangdong District not established
Yantian Shenzhen Guangdong District 208,861
Doumen Zhuhai Guangdong District 415,854
Jinwan Zhuhai Guangdong District 251,783
Xiangzhou Zhuhai Guangdong District 892,592
Longhu Shantou Guangdong District 536,102
Jinping Shantou Guangdong District 810,606
Haojiang Shantou Guangdong District 267,597
Chaoyang Shantou Guangdong District 1,626,641
Chaonan Shantou Guangdong District 1,290,922
Chenghai Shantou Guangdong District 798,896
Nan'ao Shantou Guangdong County 60,264
Chancheng Foshan Guangdong District 1,101,077
Nanhai Foshan Guangdong District 2,588,844
Shunde Foshan Guangdong District 2,461,701
Gaoming Foshan Guangdong District 420,044
Sanshui Foshan Guangdong District 622,645
Pengjiang Jiangmen Guangdong District 719,120
Jianghai Jiangmen Guangdong District 254,365
Xinhui Jiangmen Guangdong District 849,155
Taishan Jiangmen Guangdong City 941,087
Kaiping Jiangmen Guangdong City 697,395
Heshan Jiangmen Guangdong City 494,935
Enping Jiangmen Guangdong City 492,814
Wujiang Shaoguan Guangdong District 294,620
Zhenjiang Shaoguan Guangdong District 393,526
Qujiang Shaoguan Guangdong District 303,377
Shixing Shaoguan Guangdong County 205,553
Renhua Shaoguan Guangdong County 200,356
Wengyuan Shaoguan Guangdong County 331,319
Ruyuan Shaoguan Guangdong Autonomous county (Yao) 177,471
Xinfeng Shaoguan Guangdong County 206,108
Lechang Shaoguan Guangdong City 398,103
Nanxiong Shaoguan Guangdong City 316,179
Chikan Zhanjiang Guangdong District 285,000
Xiashan Zhanjiang Guangdong District 416,000
Potou Zhanjiang Guangdong District 333,700
Mazhang Zhanjiang Guangdong District 577,600
Suixi Zhanjiang Guangdong County 887,900
Xuwen Zhanjiang Guangdong County 699,100
Lianjiang Zhanjiang Guangdong City 1,445,800
Leizhou Zhanjiang Guangdong City 1,429,900
Wuchuan Zhanjiang Guangdong City 928,800
Huicheng Huizhou Guangdong District 1,579,691
Huiyang Huizhou Guangdong District 764,816
Boluo Huizhou Guangdong County 1,038,198
Huidong Huizhou Guangdong County 907,229
Longmen Huizhou Guangdong County 307,068
Meijiang Meizhou Guangdong District 380,774
Mei(xian) → Meixian Meizhou Guangdong District 554,745
Dabu Meizhou Guangdong County 374,731
Fengshun Meizhou Guangdong County 479,025
Wuhua Meizhou Guangdong County 1,052,256
Pingyuan Meizhou Guangdong County 229,863
Jiaoling Meizhou Guangdong County 205,862
Xingning Meizhou Guangdong City 962,883
Maonan Maoming Guangdong District 820,934
Maogang (dissolved) Maoming Guangdong District 396,781
Dianbai Maoming Guangdong District 1,218,724
Gaozhou Maoming Guangdong City 1,288,724
Huazhou Maoming Guangdong City 1,178,873
Xinyi Maoming Guangdong City 913,717
Duanzhou Zhaoqing Guangdong District 479,344
Dinghu Zhaoqing Guangdong District 164,701
Guangning Zhaoqing Guangdong County 424,128
Huaiji Zhaoqing Guangdong County 814,172
Fengkai Zhaoqing Guangdong County 398,304
Deqing Zhaoqing Guangdong County 341,197
Gaoyao Zhaoqing Guangdong District 753357
Sihui Zhaoqing Guangdong City 542,882
Cheng(qu) Shanwei Guangdong District 491,766
Haifeng Shanwei Guangdong County 804,107
Luhe Shanwei Guangdong County 314,153
Lufeng Shanwei Guangdong City 1,688,536
Yuancheng Heyuan Guangdong District 464,847
Zijin Heyuan Guangdong County 640,438
Lungchuan Heyuan Guangdong County 695,680
Lianping Heyuan Guangdong County 337,172
Heping Heyuan Guangdong County 374,425
Dongyuan Heyuan Guangdong County 440,457
Jiangcheng Yangjiang Guangdong District 676,858
Yangdong Yangjiang Guangdong District 442,786
Yangxi Yangjiang Guangdong County 452,663
Yangchun Yangjiang Guangdong City 849,505
Qingcheng Qingyuan Guangdong District 810,971
Fogang Qingyuan Guangdong County 302,782
Yangshan Qingyuan Guangdong County 356,071
Lianshan Qingyuan Guangdong Autonomous county (Zhuang & Yao) 90,375
Liannan Qingyuan Guangdong Autonomous county (Yao) 129,207
Qingxin Qingyuan Guangdong District 698,826
Yingde Qingyuan Guangdong City 942,303
Lianzhou Qingyuan Guangdong City 367,859
Xiangqiao Chaozhou Guangdong District 452,472
Chao'an Chaozhou Guangdong District 1,335,398
Raoping Chaozhou Guangdong County 881,974
Rongcheng Jieyang Guangdong District 741,674
Jiedong Jieyang Guangdong District 1,157,720
Jiexi Jieyang Guangdong County 825,313
Huilai Jieyang Guangdong County 1,097,615
Puning Jieyang Guangdong City 2,054,703
Yuncheng Yunfu Guangdong District 314,188
Xinxing Yunfu Guangdong County 428,410
Yunan Yunfu Guangdong County 388,727
Yun'an Yunfu Guangdong District 269,736
Luoding Yunfu Guangdong City 959,067
Xingning Nanning Guangxi District 398,789
Qingxiu Nanning Guangxi District 709,721
Jiangnan Nanning Guangxi District 567,999
Xixiangtang Nanning Guangxi District 1,156,173
Liangqing Nanning Guangxi District 344,768
Yongning Nanning Guangxi District 259,721
Wuming Nanning Guangxi County 544,478
Long'an Nanning Guangxi County 300,215
Mashan Nanning Guangxi County 390,900
Shanglin Nanning Guangxi County 343,590
Binyang Nanning Guangxi County 782,255
Heng(xian) Nanning Guangxi County 863,001
Chengzhong Liuzhou Guangxi District 160,217
Yufeng Liuzhou Guangxi District 356,296
Liunan Liuzhou Guangxi District 492,043
Liubei Liuzhou Guangxi District 428,043
Liujiang Liuzhou Guangxi County 562,351
Liucheng Liuzhou Guangxi County 353,796
Luzhai Liuzhou Guangxi County 421,019
Rong'an Liuzhou Guangxi County 285,641
Rongshui Liuzhou Guangxi Autonomous county (Miao) 402,054
Sanjiang Liuzhou Guangxi Autonomous county (Dong) 297,244
Xiufeng Guilin Guangxi District 103,984
Diecai Guilin Guangxi District 136,142
Xiangshan Guilin Guangxi District 224,492
Qixing Guilin Guangxi District 175,061
Yanshan Guilin Guangxi District 71,191
Lingui Guilin Guangxi District 472,057
Yangshuo Guilin Guangxi County 308,296
Lingchuan Guilin Guangxi County 366,773
Quanzhou Guilin Guangxi County 803,495
Xing'an Guilin Guangxi County 354,924
Yongfu Guilin Guangxi County 274,662
Guanyang Guilin Guangxi County 280,284
Ziyuan Guilin Guangxi County 170,413
Pingle Guilin Guangxi County 418,501
Lipu Guilin Guangxi City 374,169
Longsheng Guilin Guangxi Autonomous county (Various) 168,895
Gongcheng Guilin Guangxi Autonomous county (Yao) 285,058
Wanxiu Wuzhou Guangxi District 159,000
Changzhou Wuzhou Guangxi District 148,100
Longxu Wuzhou Guangxi District 303,000
Cangwu Wuzhou Guangxi County 619,300
Teng(xian) Wuzhou Guangxi County 1,036,900
Mengshan Wuzhou Guangxi County 212,100
Cenxi Wuzhou Guangxi City 903,000
Haicheng Beihai Guangxi District 348,600
Yinhai Beihai Guangxi District 176,800
Tieshangang Beihai Guangxi District 142,700
Hepu Beihai Guangxi County 871,200
Gangkou Fangchenggang Guangxi District 155,200
Fangcheng Fangchenggang Guangxi District 362,900
Shangsi Fangchenggang Guangxi County 204,100
Dongxing Fangchenggang Guangxi City 144,700
Qinnan Qinzhou Guangxi District 613,000
Qinbei Qinzhou Guangxi District 749,000
Lingshan Qinzhou Guangxi County 1,557,800
Pubei Qinzhou Guangxi County 871,400
Gangbei Guigang Guangxi District 581,123
Gangnan Guigang Guangxi District 628,917
Qintang Guigang Guangxi District 563,241
Pingnan Guigang Guangxi County 1,422,379
Guiping Guigang Guangxi City 1,837,441
Yuzhou Yulin Guangxi District 1,056,700
Fumin District Yulin Guangxi District not established
Rong(xian) Yulin Guangxi County 633,100
Luchuan Yulin Guangxi County 762,400
Bobai Yulin Guangxi County 1,342,500
Xingye Yulin Guangxi County 560,400
Beiliu Yulin Guangxi City 1,132,200
Youjiang Baise Guangxi District 320,100
Tianyang Baise Guangxi County 338,300
Tiandong Baise Guangxi County 411,500
Pingguo Baise Guangxi County 470,800
Debao Baise Guangxi County 350,800
Jingxi Baise Guangxi County 605,100
Napo Baise Guangxi County 195,600
Lingyun Baise Guangxi County 193,600
Leye Baise Guangxi County 167,100
Tianlin Baise Guangxi County 243,700
Xilin Baise Guangxi County 151,200
Longlin Baise Guangxi Autonomous county (Various) 378,500
Babu Hezhou Guangxi District 1,093,600
Zhaoping Hezhou Guangxi County 402,200
Zhongshan Hezhou Guangxi County 423,300
Fuchuan Hezhou Guangxi Autonomous county (Yao) 312,800
Jinchengjiang Hechi Guangxi District 308,100
Nandan Hechi Guangxi County 291,400
Tian'e Hechi Guangxi County 156,600
Fengshan Hechi Guangxi County 195,700
Donglan Hechi Guangxi County 295,500
Luocheng Hechi Guangxi Autonomous county (Mulao) 369,200
Huanjiang Hechi Guangxi Autonomous county (Maonan) 361,800
Bama Hechi Guangxi Autonomous county (Yao) 266,700
Du'an Hechi Guangxi Autonomous county (Yao) 672,000
Dahua Hechi Guangxi Autonomous county (Yao) 446,200
Yizhou Hechi Guangxi District 628,600
Xingbin Laibin Guangxi District 1,015,165
Xincheng Laibin Guangxi County 405,384
Xiangzhou Laibin Guangxi County 354,918
Wuxuan Laibin Guangxi County 431,330
Jinxiu Laibin Guangxi Autonomous county (Yao) 152,212
Heshan Laibin Guangxi City 139,227
Jiangzhou Chongzuo Guangxi District 347,800
Fusui Chongzuo Guangxi County 432,000
Ningming Chongzuo Guangxi County 412,300
Longzhou Chongzuo Guangxi County 260,200
Daxin Chongzuo Guangxi County 359,800
Tiandeng Chongzuo Guangxi County 429,200
Pingxiang Chongzuo Guangxi City 106,400
Dieshan (dissolved) Wuzhou Guangxi District 194,900
Nanming Guiyang Guizhou District 829,948
Yunyan Guiyang Guizhou District 957,535
Huaxi Guiyang Guizhou District 360,054
Wudang Guiyang Guizhou District 376,920
Baiyun Guiyang Guizhou District 264,543
Jinyang → Guanshanhu Guiyang Guizhou District not established
Kaiyang Guiyang Guizhou County 358,130
Xifeng Guiyang Guizhou County 212,879
Xiuwen Guiyang Guizhou County 248,955
Qingzhen Guiyang Guizhou City 467,438
Zhongshan Liupanshui Guizhou District 616,774
Liuzhi Liupanshui Guizhou District 495,008
Pan(xian) Liupanshui Guizhou County 1,034,903
Shuicheng Liupanshui Guizhou County 704,495
Honghuagang Zunyi Guizhou District 656,725
Huichuan Zunyi Guizhou District 438,464
Zunyi Zunyi Guizhou County 944,326
Tongzi Zunyi Guizhou County 521,567
Suiyang Zunyi Guizhou County 379,938
Zheng'an Zunyi Guizhou County 389,434
Daozhen Zunyi Guizhou Autonomous county (Gelao & Miao) 244,123
Fenggang Zunyi Guizhou County 313,005
Meitan Zunyi Guizhou County 377,354
Yuqing Zunyi Guizhou County 234,681
Xishui Zunyi Guizhou County 522,541
Wuchuan Zunyi Guizhou Autonomous county (Gelao & Maio) 321,581
Chishui Zunyi Guizhou City 237,029
Renhuai Zunyi Guizhou City 546,241
Xixiu Anshun Guizhou District 765,313
Pingba Anshun Guizhou County 298,034
Puding Anshun Guizhou County 378,288
Zhenning Anshun Guizhou Autonomous county (Buyei & Miao) 283,880
Guanling Anshun Guizhou Autonomous county (Buyei & Miao) 301,562
Ziyun Anshun Guizhou Autonomous county (Miao & Buyei) 270,262
Tongren → Bijiang Tongren Guizhou District 361,864
Wanshan Tongren Guizhou District 47,844
Jiangkou Tongren Guizhou County 172,753
Shiqian Tongren Guizhou County 304,218
Sinan Tongren Guizhou County 499,398
Dejiang Tongren Guizhou County 367,908
Yuping Tongren Guizhou Autonomous county (Dong) 118,398
Yinjiang Tongren Guizhou Autonomous county (Tujia & Miao) 284,110
Yanhe Tongren Guizhou Autonomous county (Tujia) 449,361
Songtao Tongren Guizhou Autonomous county (Miao) 486,511
Bijie → Qixingguan Bijie Guizhou District 1,136,905
Dafang Bijie Guizhou County 776,246
Qianxi Bijie Guizhou County 695,735
Jinsha Bijie Guizhou County 560,651
Zhijin Bijie Guizhou County 783,951
Nayong Bijie Guizhou County 669,781
Hezhang Bijie Guizhou County 1,263,816
Weining Bijie Guizhou Autonomous county (Yi, Hui, & Miao) 649,285
Xingyi Qianxinan Guizhou City 784,032
Xingren Qianxinan Guizhou County 417,829
Pu'an Qianxinan Guizhou County 254,328
Qinglong Qianxinan Guizhou County 246,594
Zhenfeng Qianxinan Guizhou County 303,762
Wangmo Qianxinan Guizhou County 251,629
Ceheng Qianxinan Guizhou County 190,379
Anlong Qianxinan Guizhou County 357,304
Kaili Qiandongnan Guizhou City 478,642
Huangping Qiandongnan Guizhou County 263,123
Shibing Qiandongnan Guizhou County 130,490
Sansui Qiandongnan Guizhou County 155,671
Zhenyuan Qiandongnan Guizhou County 203,735
Cengong Qiandongnan Guizhou County 162,008
Tianzhu Qiandongnan Guizhou County 263,841
Jinping Qiandongnan Guizhou County 154,841
Jianhe Qiandongnan Guizhou County 180,544
Taijiang Qiandongnan Guizhou County 112,236
Liping Qiandongnan Guizhou County 391,110
Rongjiang Qiandongnan Guizhou County 286,336
Congjiang Qiandongnan Guizhou County 290,845
Leishan Qiandongnan Guizhou County 117,198
Majiang Qiandongnan Guizhou County 167,596
Danzhai Qiandongnan Guizhou County 122,410
Duyun Qiannan Guizhou City 443,937
Fuquan Qiannan Guizhou City 283,943
Libo Qiannan Guizhou County 144,849
Guiding Qiannan Guizhou County 231,015
Weng'an Qiannan Guizhou County 380,458
Dushan Qiannan Guizhou County 265,083
Pingtang Qiannan Guizhou County 228,377
Luodian Qiannan Guizhou County 256,488
Changshun Qiannan Guizhou County 190,931
Longli Qiannan Guizhou County 180,683
Huishui Qiannan Guizhou County 342,294
Sandu Qiannan Guizhou Autonomous county (Shui) 283,103
Xiaohe (dissolved) Guiyang Guizhou District 248,159
Xiuying Haikou Hainan District 349,544
Longhua Haikou Hainan District 593,018
Qiongshan Haikou Hainan District 479,960
Meilan Haikou Hainan District 623,667
Jiyang Sanya Hainan District not established
Fenghuang Sanya Hainan District not established
Haitang Sanya Hainan District not established
Yazhou Sanya Hainan District not established
Xisha Sansha Hainan District (Islands) not established
Nansha Sanya Hainan District (Islands) not established
Zhongsha Sansha Hainan District (Islands) not established
Wuzhishan Directly administered Hainan City 104,122
Qionghai Directly administered Hainan City 483,217
Danzhou Directly administered Hainan City 932,362
Wenchang Directly administered Hainan City 537,428
Wanning Directly administered Hainan City 545,597
Dongfang Directly administered Hainan City 408309
Ding'an Directly administered Hainan County 284,616
Tunchang Directly administered Hainan County 256,931
Chengmai Directly administered Hainan County 467,161
Lingao Directly administered Hainan County 427,873
Baisha Directly administered Hainan Autonomous county (Li) 167,918
Changjiang Directly administered Hainan Autonomous county (Li) 223,839
Ledong Directly administered Hainan Autonomous county (Li) 458,876
Lingshui Directly administered Hainan Autonomous county (Li) 32,046
Baoting Directly administered Hainan Autonomous county (Li & Miao) 146,684
Qiongzhong Directly administered Hainan Autonomous county (Li & Miao) 174,076
Yangpu Directly administered Hainan District 37,000
HPPSZIA (dissolved) Directly administered Hainan Administrative office 444
Chang'an Shijiazhuang Hebei District 479,801
Qiaoxi Shijiazhuang Hebei District 596,164
Xinhua Shijiazhuang Hebei District 625,119
Yuhua Shijiazhuang Hebei District 655,414
Jingxing(qu) Shijiazhuang Hebei District 95,170
Jingxing(xian) Shijiazhuang Hebei County 309,882
Zhengding Shijiazhuang Hebei County 466,807
Luancheng Shijiazhuang Hebei County 328,933
Xingtang Shijiazhuang Hebei County 406,353
Lingshou Shijiazhuang Hebei County 333,558
Gaoyi Shijiazhuang Hebei County 186,478
Shenze Shijiazhuang Hebei County 250,264
Zanhuang Shijiazhuang Hebei County 244,799
Wuji Shijiazhuang Hebei County 502,662
Pingshan Shijiazhuang Hebei County 433,429
Yuanshi Shijiazhuang Hebei County 418,466
Zhao(xian) Shijiazhuang Hebei County 571,077
Xinji Shijiazhuang Hebei City 615,919
Gaocheng Shijiazhuang Hebei City 775,110
Jinzhou Shijiazhuang Hebei City 537,679
Xinle Shijiazhuang Hebei City 487,652
Luquan Shijiazhuang Hebei City 432,936
Lunan Tangshan Hebei District 311,076
Lubei Tangshan Hebei District 743,504
Guye Tangshan Hebei District 358,461
Kaiping Tangshan Hebei District 262,571
Fengnan Tangshan Hebei District 541,352
Fengrun Tangshan Hebei District 916,092
Tanghai → Caofeidian Tangshan Hebei District 251,785
Luan Tangshan Hebei County 554315
Luannan Tangshan Hebei County 571,779
Laoting Tangshan Hebei County 526,222
Qianxi Tangshan Hebei County 390,128
Yutian Tangshan Hebei County 684,833
Zunhua Tangshan Hebei City 737,011
Qian'an Tangshan Hebei City 728,160
Haigang Qinhuangdao Hebei District 765,254
Shanhaiguan Qinhuangdao Hebei District 178,769
Beidaihe Qinhuangdao Hebei District 85,647
Qinglong Qinhuangdao Hebei Autonomous county (Manchu) 496,726
Changli Qinhuangdao Hebei County 559,697
Funing Qinhuangdao Hebei County 517,073
Lulong Qinhuangdao Hebei County 384,439
Hanshan Handan Hebei District 385,626
Congtai Handan Hebei District 363,778
Fuxing Handan Hebei District 192,023
Fengfeng Handan Hebei District 503,911
Handan Handan Hebei County 462,012
Linzhang Handan Hebei County 600,600
Cheng'an Handan Hebei County 377,398
Daming Handan Hebei County 767,035
She(xian) Handan Hebei County 413,057
Ci(xian) Handan Hebei County 677,884
Feixiang Handan Hebei County 351,690
Yongnian Handan Hebei County 943,935
Qiu(xian) Handan Hebei County 227,578
Jize Handan Hebei County 274,328
Guangping Handan Hebei County 268,993
Guantao Handan Hebei County 309,032
Wei(xian) Handan Hebei County 809,193
Quzhou Handan Hebei County 427,610
Wu'an Handan Hebei City 819,000
Qiaodong Xingtai Hebei District 269,603
Qiaoxi Xingtai Hebei District 400,551
Xingtai Xingtai Hebei County 466,323
Lincheng Xingtai Hebei County 204,086
Neiqiu Xingtai Hebei County 266,620
Baixiang Xingtai Hebei County 190,225
Longyao Xingtai Hebei County 506,552
Ren(xian) Xingtai Hebei County 327,926
Nanhe Xingtai Hebei County 325,332
Ningjin Xingtai Hebei County 764,828
Julu Xingtai Hebei County 374,634
Xinhe Xingtai Hebei County 169,858
Guangzong Xingtai Hebei County 283,851
Pingxiang Xingtai Hebei County 300,029
Wei(xian) Xingtai Hebei County 556,624
Qinghe Xingtai Hebei County 386,231
Linxi Xingtai Hebei County 343,384
Nangong Xingtai Hebei City 469,030
Shahe Xingtai Hebei City 498,416
Xinshi Baoding Hebei District 482,768
Beishi Baoding Hebei District 387,339
Nanshi Baoding Hebei District 287,784
Mancheng Baoding Hebei County 387,307
Qingyuan Baoding Hebei County 631,659
Laishui Baoding Hebei County 339,063
Fuping Baoding Hebei County 295,764
Xushui Baoding Hebei County 563,030
Dingxing Baoding Hebei County 517,873
Tang(xian) Baoding Hebei County 529,066
Gaoyang Baoding Hebei County 345,160
Rongcheng Baoding Hebei County 258,179
Laiyuan Baoding Hebei County 260,678
Wangdu Baoding Hebei County 250,014
Anxin Baoding Hebei County 437,378
Yi(xian) Baoding Hebei County 537,564
Quyang Baoding Hebei County 588,559
Li(xian) Baoding Hebei County 505,574
Shunping Baoding Hebei County 295,764
Boye Baoding Hebei County 245,504
Xiong(xian) Baoding Hebei County 359,506
Zhuozhou Baoding Hebei City 603,535
Dingzhou Baoding Hebei City 1,165,182
Anguo Baoding Hebei City 370,314
Gaobeidian Baoding Hebei City 640,280
Qiaodong Zhangjiakou Hebei District 339,372
Qiaoxi Zhangjiakou Hebei District 287,900
Xuanhua(qu) Zhangjiakou Hebei District 370,569
Xiahuayuan Zhangjiakou Hebei District 62,764
Xuanhua(xian) Zhangjiakou Hebei County 273,506
Zhangbei Zhangjiakou Hebei County 318,669
Kangbao Zhangjiakou Hebei County 204,975
Guyuan Zhangjiakou Hebei County 174,619
Shangyi Zhangjiakou Hebei County 151,398
Yu(xian) Zhangjiakou Hebei County 450,236
Yangyuan Zhangjiakou Hebei County 258,086
Huai'an Zhangjiakou Hebei County 210,914
Wanquan Zhangjiakou Hebei County 211,706
Huailai Zhangjiakou Hebei County 352,307
Zhuolu Zhangjiakou Hebei County 333,932
Chicheng Zhangjiakou Hebei County 238,169
Chongli Zhangjiakou Hebei County 106,122
Shuangqiao Chengde Hebei District 424,897
Shuangluan Chengde Hebei District 146,878
Yingshouyingzi Chengde Hebei District 62,454
Chengde Chengde Hebei County 388,554
Xinglong Chengde Hebei County 314,730
Pingquan Chengde Hebei City 446,939
Luanping Chengde Hebei County 287,986
Longhua Chengde Hebei County 372,030
Fengning Chengde Hebei Autonomous county (Manchu) 357,029
Kuancheng Chengde Hebei Autonomous county (Manchu) 250,304
Weichang Chengde Hebei Autonomous county (Manchu & Mongol) 421,400
Xinhua Cangzhou Hebei District 228,340
Yunhe Cangzhou Hebei District 308,453
Cang(xian) Cangzhou Hebei County 669,019
Qing(xian) Cangzhou Hebei County 402,137
Dongguang Cangzhou Hebei County 356,501
Haixing Cangzhou Hebei County 201,538
Yanshan Cangzhou Hebei County 436,811
Suning Cangzhou Hebei County 334,639
Nanpi Cangzhou Hebei County 366,231
Wuqiao Cangzhou Hebei County 282,410
Xian(xian) Cangzhou Hebei County 579,830
Mengcun Cangzhou Hebei Autonomous county (Hui) 202,571
Botou Cangzhou Hebei City 584,308
Renqiu Cangzhou Hebei City 822,454
Huanghua Cangzhou Hebei City 548,506
Hejian Cangzhou Hebei City 810,305
Anci Langfang Hebei District 367,670
Guangyang Langfang Hebei District 500,396
Gu'an Langfang Hebei County 418,689
Yongqing Langfang Hebei County 356,481
Xianghe Langfang Hebei County 343,372
Dacheng Langfang Hebei County 477,773
Wen'an Langfang Hebei County 500,967
Dachang Langfang Hebei Autonomous county (Hui) 118,474
Bazhou Langfang Hebei City 622,975
Sanhe Langfang Hebei City 652,042
Taocheng Hengshui Hebei District 522,147
Zaoqiang Hengshui Hebei County 394,469
Wuyi Hengshui Hebei County 315,693
Wuqiang Hengshui Hebei County 214,549
Raoyang Hengshui Hebei County 280,498
Anping Hengshui Hebei County 328,512
Gucheng Hengshui Hebei County 487,025
Jing(xian) Hengshui Hebei County 528,693
Fucheng Hengshui Hebei County 341,087
Jizhou Hengshui Hebei District 362,013
Shenzhou Hengshui Hebei City 566,087
Daoli Harbin Heilongjiang District 923,762
Nangang Harbin Heilongjiang District 1,343,857
Daowai Harbin Heilongjiang District 906,421
Xiangfang Harbin Heilongjiang District 916,408
Pingfang Harbin Heilongjiang District 190,253
Songbei Harbin Heilongjiang District 236,848
Hulan Harbin Heilongjiang District 764,534
Acheng Harbin Heilongjiang District 596,856
Shuangcheng Harbin Heilongjiang District 825,634
Yilan Harbin Heilongjiang County 388,319
Fangzheng Harbin Heilongjiang County 203,853
Bin(xian) Harbin Heilongjiang County 551,271
Bayan Harbin Heilongjiang County 590,555
Tonghe Harbin Heilongjiang County 210,650
Mulan Harbin Heilongjiang County 277,685
Yanshou Harbin Heilongjiang County 242,455
Shangzhi Harbin Heilongjiang City 585,386
Wuchang Harbin Heilongjiang City 881,224
Longsha Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 354,987
Jianhua Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 292,579
Tiefeng Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 331,951
Ang'angxi Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 80,109
Fularji Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 256,159
Nianzishan Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 72,151
Meilisi Qiqihar Heilongjiang District 165,852
Longjiang Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 572,764
Yi'an Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 480,035
Tailai Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 302,027
Gannan Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 368,734
Fuyu Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 276,537
Keshan Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 403,175
Kedong Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 264,285
Baiquan Qiqihar Heilongjiang County 519,766
Nehe Qiqihar Heilongjiang City 625,892
Jiguan Jixi Heilongjiang District 365,376
Hengshan Jixi Heilongjiang District 160,185
Didao Jixi Heilongjiang District 103,646
Lishu Jixi Heilongjiang District 76,361
Chengzihe Jixi Heilongjiang District 127,290
Mashan Jixi Heilongjiang District 30,097
Jidong Jixi Heilongjiang County 273,871
Hulin Jixi Heilongjiang City 317,884
Mishan Jixi Heilongjiang City 407,451
Xiangyang Hegang Heilongjiang District 110,916
Gongnong Hegang Heilongjiang District 140,070
Nanshan Hegang Heilongjiang District 119,047
Xing'an Hegang Heilongjiang District 74,396
Dongshan Hegang Heilongjiang District 175,239
Xingshan Hegang Heilongjiang District 44,803
Luobei Hegang Heilongjiang County 220,131
Suibin Hegang Heilongjiang County 174,063
Jianshan Shuangyashan Heilongjiang District 221,767
Lingdong Shuangyashan Heilongjiang District 81,882
Sifangtai Shuangyashan Heilongjiang District 67,704
Baoshan Shuangyashan Heilongjiang District 128,153
Jixian Shuangyashan Heilongjiang County 319,893
Youyi Shuangyashan Heilongjiang County 123,435
Baoqing Shuangyashan Heilongjiang County 419,708
Raohe Shuangyashan Heilongjiang County 141,884
Sartu Daqing Heilongjiang District 328,808
Longfeng Daqing Heilongjiang District 352,404
Ranghulu Daqing Heilongjiang District 564,534
Honggang Daqing Heilongjiang District 169,522
Datong Daqing Heilongjiang District 234,557
Zhaozhou Daqing Heilongjiang County 387,463
Zhaoyuan Daqing Heilongjiang County 388,828
Lindian Daqing Heilongjiang County 244,578
Dorbod Daqing Heilongjiang Autonomous county (Mongol) 233,838
Yichun Yichun Heilongjiang District 146,074
Nancha Yichun Heilongjiang District 118,060
Youhao Yichun Heilongjiang District 53,409
Xilin Yichun Heilongjiang District 51,938
Cuiluan Yichun Heilongjiang District 44,976
Xinqing Yichun Heilongjiang District 43,054
Meixi Yichun Heilongjiang District 40,697
Jinshantun Yichun Heilongjiang District 39,917
Wuying Yichun Heilongjiang District 33,980
Wumahe Yichun Heilongjiang District 31,391
Tangwanghe Yichun Heilongjiang District 30,980
Dailing Yichun Heilongjiang District 32,256
Wuyiling Yichun Heilongjiang District 21,145
Hongxing Yichun Heilongjiang District 21,838
Shangganling Yichun Heilongjiang District 19,487
Jiayin Yichun Heilongjiang County 68,566
Tieli Yichun Heilongjiang City 350,358
Xiangyang Jiamusi Heilongjiang District 233,855
Qianjin Jiamusi Heilongjiang District 171,530
Dongfeng Jiamusi Heilongjiang District 161,740
Jiao(qu) Jiamusi Heilongjiang District 314,586
Huanan Jiamusi Heilongjiang County 468,698
Huachuan Jiamusi Heilongjiang County 202,827
Tangyuan Jiamusi Heilongjiang County 255,211
Fuyuan Jiamusi Heilongjiang County 126,694
Tongjiang Jiamusi Heilongjiang City 179,791
Fujin Jiamusi Heilongjiang City 437,165
Xinxing Qitaihe Heilongjiang District 236,768
Taoshan Qitaihe Heilongjiang District 230,293
Qiezihe Qitaihe Heilongjiang District 153,874
Boli Qitaihe Heilongjiang County 299,484
Dong'an Mudanjiang Heilongjiang District 200,160
Yangming Mudanjiang Heilongjiang District 240,214
Aimin Mudanjiang Heilongjiang District 275,289
Xi'an Mudanjiang Heilongjiang District 249,491
Dongning Mudanjiang Heilongjiang County 200,716
Linkou Mudanjiang Heilongjiang County 368,956
Suifenhe Mudanjiang Heilongjiang City 132,315
Hailin Mudanjiang Heilongjiang City 400,859
Ning'an Mudanjiang Heilongjiang City 437,452
Muling Mudanjiang Heilongjiang City 293,271
Aihui Heihe Heilongjiang District 211,313
Nenjiang Heihe Heilongjiang County 495,519
Xunke Heihe Heilongjiang County 101,411
Sunwu Heihe Heilongjiang County 102,821
Bei'an Heihe Heilongjiang City 436,444
Wudalianchi Heihe Heilongjiang City 326,390
Beilin Suihua Heilongjiang District 877,682
Wangkui Suihua Heilongjiang County 428,760
Lanxi Suihua Heilongjiang County 454,526
Qinggang Suihua Heilongjiang County 474,553
Mingshui Suihua Heilongjiang County 320,985
Qing'an Suihua Heilongjiang County 382,416
Suileng Suihua Heilongjiang County 331,705
Zhaodong Suihua Heilongjiang City 903,171
Anda Suihua Heilongjiang City 472,716
Hailun Suihua Heilongjiang City 769,925
Jiagedaqi Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang District 154,363
Songling Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang District 33,555
Xinlin Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang District 50,859
Huzhong Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang District 45,039
Huma Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang County 51,861
Tahe Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang County 92,473
Mohe Da Hinggan Ling Heilongjiang County 83,414
Zhongyuan Zhengzhou Henan District 905,430
Erqi Zhengzhou Henan District 712,597
Guancheng Zhengzhou Henan District 645,888
Jinshui Zhengzhou Henan District 1,588,611
Shangjie Zhengzhou Henan District 131,540
Huiji Zhengzhou Henan District 269,561
Zhongmu Zhengzhou Henan County 727,389
Gongyi Zhengzhou Henan City 807,857
Xingyang Zhengzhou Henan City 613,761
Xinmi Zhengzhou Henan City 797,200
Xinzheng Zhengzhou Henan City 758,079
Dengfeng Zhengzhou Henan City 668,592
Longting Kaifeng Henan District 127,777
Shunhe Kaifeng Henan District 232,280
Gulou Kaifeng Henan District 143,165
Yuwangtai Kaifeng Henan District 130,595
Qi(xian) Kaifeng Henan County 956,465
Tongxu Kaifeng Henan County 567,457
Weishi Kaifeng Henan County 879,651
Kaifeng Kaifeng Henan County 698,751
Lankao Kaifeng Henan County 677,778
Laocheng Luoyang Henan District 163,165
Xigong Luoyang Henan District 372,917
Chanhe Luoyang Henan District 177,927
Jianxi Luoyang Henan District 619,178
Jili Luoyang Henan District 69,071
Luolong Luoyang Henan District 523,690
Mengjin Luoyang Henan County 414,609
Xin'an Luoyang Henan County 470,166
Luanchuan Luoyang Henan County 342,823
Song(xian) Luoyang Henan County 507,013
Ruyang Luoyang Henan County 407,981
Yiyang Luoyang Henan County 636,447
Luoning Luoyang Henan County 421,233
Yichuan Luoyang Henan County 756,616
Yanshi Luoyang Henan City 666,650
Xinhua Pingdingshan Henan District 389842
Weidong Pingdingshan Henan District 302,582
Shilong Pingdingshan Henan District 54,909
Zhanhe Pingdingshan Henan District 286,642
Baofeng Pingdingshan Henan County 490,236
Ye(xian) Pingdingshan Henan County 777,150
Lushan Pingdingshan Henan County 789,845
Jia(xian) Pingdingshan Henan County 571,484
Wugang Pingdingshan Henan City 313,807
Ruzhou Pingdingshan Henan City 927,870
Wenfeng Anyang Henan District 442,854
Beiguan Anyang Henan District 245,608
Yindu Anyang Henan District 243,858
Long'an Anyang Henan District 214,441
Anyang Anyang Henan County 848,999
Tangyin Anyang Henan County 430,773
Hua(xian) Anyang Henan County 1,263,203
Neihuang Anyang Henan County 693,451
Linzhou Anyang Henan City 789,647
Heshan Hebi Henan District 131,413
Shancheng Hebi Henan District 230,952
Qibin Hebi Henan District 272,313
Xun(xian) Hebi Henan County 665,292
Qi(xian) Hebi Henan County 269,130
Hongqi Xinxiang Henan District 391,265
Weibin Xinxiang Henan District 193,493
Fengquan Xinxiang Henan District 144,289
Muye Xinxiang Henan District 317,973
Xinxiang Xinxiang Henan County 339918
Huojia Xinxiang Henan County 402,922
Yuanyang Xinxiang Henan County 659,335
Yanjin Xinxiang Henan County 469,248
Fengqiu Xinxiang Henan County 743,786
Changyuan Xinxiang Henan County 809,479
Weihui Xinxiang Henan City 495,710
Huixian Xinxiang Henan City 740,383
Jiefang Jiaozuo Henan District 295,675
Zhongzhan Jiaozuo Henan District 106,057
Macun Jiaozuo Henan District 139,524
Shanyang Jiaozuo Henan District 324,100
Xiuwu Jiaozuo Henan County 287,794
Bo'ai Jiaozuo Henan County 436,289
Wuzhi Jiaozuo Henan County 713,896
Wen(xian) Jiaozuo Henan County 421,767
Qinyang Jiaozuo Henan City 447,670
Mengzhou Jiaozuo Henan City 367,088
Hualong Puyang Henan District 655,630
Qingfeng Puyang Henan County 635,880
Nanle Puyang Henan County 458,450
Fan(xian) Puyang Henan County 469,840
Taiqian Puyang Henan County 332,100
Puyang Puyang Henan County 104,650
Weidu Xuchang Henan District 498,058
Xuchang Xuchang Henan County 767,396
Yanling Xuchang Henan County 551,575
Xiangcheng Xuchang Henan County 671,270
Yuzhou Xuchang Henan City 1,131,819
Changge Xuchang Henan City 687,081
Yuanhui Luohe Henan District 323,935
Yancheng Luohe Henan District 493,648
Shaoling Luohe Henan District 477,308
Wuyang Luohe Henan County 538,412
Linying Luohe Henan County 710,800
Hubin Sanmenxia Henan District 325,608
Mianchi Sanmenxia Henan County 346,411
Shan(xian) Sanmenxia Henan County 343,657
Lushi Sanmenxia Henan County 352,425
Yima Sanmenxia Henan City 721,001
Wancheng Nanyang Henan District 887,215
Wolong Nanyang Henan District 924,517
Nanzhao Nanyang Henan County 557,117
Fangcheng Nanyang Henan County 922,404
Xixia Nanyang Henan County 444,383
Zhenping Nanyang Henan County 859,506
Neixiang Nanyang Henan County 575,169
Xichuan Nanyang Henan County 685,637
Sheqi Nanyang Henan County 633,742
Tanghe Nanyang Henan County 1,282,174
Xinye Nanyang Henan County 629,166
Tongbai Nanyang Henan County 393,915
Dengzhou Nanyang Henan City 1,468,061
Liangyuan Shangqiu Henan District 787,931
Suiyang Shangqiu Henan District 748,356
Minquan Shangqiu Henan County 703,379
Sui(xian) Shangqiu Henan County 711,088
Ningling Shangqiu Henan County 523,367
Zhecheng Shangqiu Henan County 778,107
Yucheng Shangqiu Henan County 954,720
Xiayi Shangqiu Henan County 915,228
Yongcheng Shangqiu Henan City 1,240,296
Shihe Xinyang Henan District 594,351
Pingqiao Xinyang Henan District 635,608
Luoshan Xinyang Henan County 504,542
Guangshan Xinyang Henan County 585,314
Xi(xian) Xinyang Henan County 275,285
Shangcheng Xinyang Henan County 495,491
Gushi Xinyang Henan County 1,023,857
Huangchuan Xinyang Henan County 630,333
Huaibin Xinyang Henan County 570,156
Xin(xian) Xinyang Henan County 793,746
Chuanhui Zhoukou Henan District 505,139
Fugou Zhoukou Henan County 625,776
Xihua Zhoukou Henan County 787,862
Shangshui Zhoukou Henan County 940,727
Shenqiu Zhoukou Henan County 983,516
Dancheng Zhoukou Henan County 1,003,841
Huaiyang Zhoukou Henan County 1,089,621
Taikang Zhoukou Henan County 1,102,875
Luyi Zhoukou Henan County 910,189
Xiangcheng Zhoukou Henan City 1,003,626
Yicheng Zhumadian Henan District 721,678
Xiping Zhumadian Henan County 700,103
Shangcai Zhumadian Henan County 1,084,133
Pingyu Zhumadian Henan County 748,348
Zhengyang Zhumadian Henan County 644,991
Queshan Zhumadian Henan County 405,992
Biyang Zhumadian Henan County 810,353
Runan Zhumadian Henan County 769,945
Suiping Zhumadian Henan County 493,897
Xincai Zhumadian Henan County 851,304
Jiyuan Directly administered Henan City 675,710
Jiang'an Wuhan Hubei District 895,635
Jianghan Wuhan Hubei District 683,492
Qiaokou Wuhan Hubei District 828,644
Hanyang Wuhan Hubei District 792,183
Wuchang Wuhan Hubei District 1,199,127
Qingshan Wuhan Hubei District 485,375
Hongshan Wuhan Hubei District 1,549,917
Dongxihu Wuhan Hubei District 451,880
Hannan Wuhan Hubei District 114,970
Caidian Wuhan Hubei District 410,888
Jiangxia Wuhan Hubei District 644,835
Huangpi Wuhan Hubei District 874,938
Xinzhou Wuhan Hubei District 848,760
Huangshigang Huangshi Hubei District 362611
Xisaishan Huangshi Hubei District 233,708
Xialu Huangshi Hubei District 110,925
Tieshan Huangshi Hubei District 57,327
Yangxin Huangshi Hubei County 827,631
Daye Huangshi Hubei City 837,116
Maojian Shiyan Hubei District 399,449
Zhangwan Shiyan Hubei District 368,471
Yunyang Shiyan Hubei District 558,355
Yunxi Shiyan Hubei County 447,484
Zhushan Shiyan Hubei County 417,081
Zhuxi Shiyan Hubei County 315,257
Fang(xian) Shiyan Hubei County 390,991
Danjiangkou Shiyan Hubei City 443,755
Xiling Yichang Hubei District 512,074
Wujiagang Yichang Hubei District 214,194
Dianjun Yichang Hubei District 103,696
Xiaoting Yichang Hubei District 61,230
Yiling Yichang Hubei District 520,186
Yuan'an Yichang Hubei County 184,532
Xingshan Yichang Hubei County 170,630
Zigui Yichang Hubei County 367,107
Changyang Yichang Hubei Autonomous county (Tujia) 388,228
Wufeng Yichang Hubei Autonomous county (Tujia) 188,923
Yidu Yichang Hubei City 384,598
Dangyang Yichang Hubei City 468,293
Zhijiang Yichang Hubei City 495,995
Xiangcheng Xiangyang Hubei District 485,934
Fancheng Xiangyang Hubei District 808,798
Xiangyang → Xiangzhou Xiangyang Hubei District 904,957
Nanzhang Xiangyang Hubei County 533,661
Gucheng Xiangyang Hubei County 523,607
Baokang Xiangyang Hubei County 254,597
Laohekou Xiangyang Hubei City 471,482
Zaoyang Xiangyang Hubei City 1,004,741
Yicheng Xiangyang Hubei City 512,530
Liangzihu Ezhou Hubei District 142,608
Huarong Ezhou Hubei District 237,333
Echeng Ezhou Hubei District 668,731
Dongbao Jingmen Hubei District 360,984
Duodao Jingmen Hubei District 271,970
Jingshan Jingmen Hubei City 636,776
Shayang Jingmen Hubei County 581,443
Zhongxiang Jingmen Hubei City 1,022,514
Xiaonan Xiaogan Hubei District 908,266
Xiaochang Xiaogan Hubei County 588,666
Dawu Xiaogan Hubei County 614,902
Yunmeng Xiaogan Hubei County 524,799
Yingcheng Xiaogan Hubei City 593,812
Anlu Xiaogan Hubei City 568,590
Hanchuan Xiaogan Hubei City 1,015,507
Shashi Jingzhou Hubei District 600,330
Jingzhou Jingzhou Hubei District 553,756
Gong'an Jingzhou Hubei County 881,128
Jianli Jingzhou Hubei County 1,162,770
Jiangling Jingzhou Hubei County 331,344
Shishou Jingzhou Hubei City 577,022
Honghu Jingzhou Hubei City 819,446
Songzi Jingzhou Hubei City 765,911
Huangzhou Huanggang Hubei District 366,769
Tuanfeng Huanggang Hubei County 338,613
Hong'an Huanggang Hubei County 602,156
Luotian Huanggang Hubei County 544,650
Yingshan Huanggang Hubei County 357,296
Xishui Huanggang Hubei County 872,650
Qichun Huanggang Hubei County 727,821
Huangmei Huanggang Hubei County 858,806
Macheng Huanggang Hubei City 849,092
Wuxue Huanggang Hubei City 644,219
Xian'an Xianning Hubei District 512,517
Jiayu Xianning Hubei County 319,196
Tongcheng Xianning Hubei County 380,758
Chongyang Xianning Hubei County 410,623
Tongshan Xianning Hubei County 361,079
Chibi Xianning Hubei City 478,410
Zengdu Suizhou Hubei District 618,582
Sui(xian) Suizhou Hubei County 755,910
Guangshui Suizhou Hubei City 787,730
Enshi Enshi Hubei City 749,609
Lichuan Enshi Hubei City 654,197
Jianshi Enshi Hubei County 411,936
Badong Enshi Hubei County 420,798
Xuan'en Enshi Hubei County 310,390
Xianfeng Enshi Hubei County 300,648
Laifeng Enshi Hubei County 242,920
Hefeng Enshi Hubei County 199,796
Xiantao Directly administered Hubei City 1,175,085
Qianjiang Directly administered Hubei City 946,277
Tianmen Directly administered Hubei City 1,418,913
Shennongjia Directly administered Hubei City 76,140
Furong Changsha Hunan District 523,730
Tianxin Changsha Hunan District 475,663
Yuelu Changsha Hunan District 801,861
Kaifu Changsha Hunan District 567,373
Yuhua Changsha Hunan District 725,353
Wangcheng Changsha Hunan District 523,489
Changsha Changsha Hunan County 979,665
Ningxiang Changsha Hunan County 1,168,056
Liuyang Changsha Hunan City 1,278,928
Hetang Zhuzhou Hunan District 309,006
Lusong Zhuzhou Hunan District 248,021
Shifeng Zhuzhou Hunan District 282,975
Tianyuan Zhuzhou Hunan District 215,371
Zhuzhou Zhuzhou Hunan County 383,570
You(xian) Zhuzhou Hunan County 693,178
Chaling Zhuzhou Hunan County 575,303
Yanling Zhuzhou Hunan County 201,692
Liling Zhuzhou Hunan City 946,493
Yuetang Xiangtan Hunan District 501,348
Yuhu Xiangtan Hunan District 457,955
Xiangtan Xiangtan Hunan County 915,997
Xiangxiang Xiangtan Hunan City 787,216
Shaoshan Xiangtan Hunan City 86,036
Zhuhui Hengyang Hunan District 332,463
Yanfeng Hengyang Hunan District 212,997
Shigu Hengyang Hunan District 231,595
Zhengxiang Hengyang Hunan District 298,461
Nanyue Hengyang Hunan District 59,650
Hengyang Hengyang Hunan County 1,103,897
Hengnan Hengyang Hunan County 953,608
Hengshan Hengyang Hunan County 382,086
Hengdong Hengyang Hunan County 629,725
Qidong Hengyang Hunan County 980,218
Changning Hengyang Hunan City 1,150,241
Leiyang Hengyang Hunan City 806,521
Shuangqing Shaoyang Hunan District 307,980
Daxiang Shaoyang Hunan District 340,605
Beita Shaoyang Hunan District 104,609
Shaodong Shaoyang Hunan County 896,625
Xinshao Shaoyang Hunan County 743,073
Shaoyang Shaoyang Hunan County 915,600
Longhui Shaoyang Hunan County 1,095,392
Dongkou Shaoyang Hunan County 770,473
Suining Shaoyang Hunan County 351,139
Xinning Shaoyang Hunan County 560,742
Chengbu Shaoyang Hunan Autonomous county (Miao) 250,633
Wugang Shaoyang Hunan City 734,870
Yueyanglou Yueyang Hunan District 814,593
Yunxi Yueyang Hunan District 176,872
Junshan Yueyang Hunan District 240,668
Yueyang Yueyang Hunan County 717,032
Huarong Yueyang Hunan County 709,098
Xiangyin Yueyang Hunan County 681,075
Pingjiang Yueyang Hunan County 947,774
Miluo Yueyang Hunan City 692,280
Linxiang Yueyang Hunan City 498,519
Wuling Changde Hunan District 620,973
Dingcheng Changde Hunan District 837,563
Anxiang Changde Hunan County 525,619
Hanshou Changde Hunan County 799,497
Li(xian) Changde Hunan County 827,021
Linli Changde Hunan County 401,071
Taoyuan Changde Hunan County 854,935
Shimen Changde Hunan County 599,475
Jinshi Changde Hunan City 251,064
Yongding Zhangjiajie Hunan District 441,333
Wulingyuan Zhangjiajie Hunan District 52,712
Cili Zhangjiajie Hunan County 601,977
Sangzhi Zhangjiajie Hunan County 380,499
Ziyang Yiyang Hunan District 410,542
Heshan Yiyang Hunan District 839,265
Nan(xian) Yiyang Hunan County 725,562
Taojiang Yiyang Hunan County 769,568
Anhua Yiyang Hunan County 901,043
Yuanjiang Yiyang Hunan City 667,104
Beihu Chenzhou Hunan District 420,531
Suxian Chenzhou Hunan District 403,299
Guiyang Chenzhou Hunan County 695,918
Yizhang Chenzhou Hunan County 579,565
Yongxing Chenzhou Hunan County 572,960
Jiahe Chenzhou Hunan County 296,017
Linwu Chenzhou Hunan County 331,871
Rucheng Chenzhou Hunan County 330,254
Guidong Chenzhou Hunan County 230,948
Anren Chenzhou Hunan County 382,920
Zixing Chenzhou Hunan City 337,495
Lingling Yongzhou Hunan District 528,637
Lengshuitan Yongzhou Hunan District 479,144
Qiyang Yongzhou Hunan County 853,197
Dong'an Yongzhou Hunan County 543,453
Shuangpai Yongzhou Hunan County 163,274
Dao(xian) Yongzhou Hunan County 605,799
Jiangyong Yongzhou Hunan County 232,599
Ningyuan Yongzhou Hunan County 700,759
Lanshan Yongzhou Hunan County 332,940
Xintian Yongzhou Hunan County 329,906
Jianghua Yongzhou Hunan Autonomous county (Yao) 410,527
Hecheng Huaihua Hunan District 552,622
Hongjiang(qu) Huaihua Hunan District 64,960
Zhongfang Huaihua Hunan County 236,649
Yuanling Huaihua Hunan County 582,582
Chenxi Huaihua Hunan County 453,565
Xupu Huaihua Hunan County 741,014
Huitong Huaihua Hunan County 318,686
Mayang Huaihua Hunan Autonomous county (Miao) 343,309
Xinhuang Huaihua Hunan Autonomous county (Dong) 244,322
Zhijiang Huaihua Hunan Autonomous county (Dong) 339,437
Jingzhou Huaihua Hunan Autonomous county (Miao & Dong) 245,116
Tongdao Huaihua Hunan Autonomous county (Dong) 206,650
Hongjiang(shi) Huaihua Hunan City 413,036
Louxing Loudi Hunan District 497,171
Shuangfeng Loudi Hunan County 854,555
Xinhua Loudi Hunan County 1,110,910
Lengshuijiang Loudi Hunan City 327,279
Lianyuan Loudi Hunan City 995,712
Jishou Xiangxi Hunan City 301,460
Luxi Xiangxi Hunan County 273,361
Fenghuang Xiangxi Hunan County 350,195
Huayuan Xiangxi Hunan County 288,082
Baojing Xiangxi Hunan County 277,379
Guzhang Xiangxi Hunan County 126,756
Yongshun Xiangxi Hunan County 428,373
Longshan Xiangxi Hunan County 502,227
Xincheng Hohhot Inner Mongolia District 567,255
Huimin Hohhot Inner Mongolia District 394,555
Yuquan Hohhot Inner Mongolia District 383,365
Saihan Hohhot Inner Mongolia District 635,599
Tumed Left Hohhot Inner Mongolia Banner 312,532
Togtoh Hohhot Inner Mongolia County 200,840
Horinger Hohhot Inner Mongolia County 169,856
Qingshuihe Hohhot Inner Mongolia County 93,887
Wuchuan Hohhot Inner Mongolia County 108,726
Donghe Baotou Inner Mongolia District 512,045
Hondlon Baotou Inner Mongolia District 726,838
Qingshan Baotou Inner Mongolia District 481,216
Shiguai Baotou Inner Mongolia District 35,805
Bayan Obo Baotou Inner Mongolia District 26,050
Jiuyuan Baotou Inner Mongolia District 195,831
Binhe Baotou Inner Mongolia District 119,066
Tumed Right Baotou Inner Mongolia Banner 276,453
Darhan Muminggan United Baotou Inner Mongolia Banner 101,486
Guyang Baotou Inner Mongolia County 175,574
Haibowan Wuhai Inner Mongolia District 296,177
Hainan Wuhai Inner Mongolia District 103,355
Wuda Wuhai Inner Mongolia District 133,370
Hongshan Chifeng Inner Mongolia District 434,785
Yuanbaoshan Chifeng Inner Mongolia District 325,170
Songshan Chifeng Inner Mongolia District 573,571
Ar Horqin Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 272,205
Bairin Left Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 327,765
Bairin Right Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 175,543
Hexigten Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 211,155
Ongniud Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 433,298
Harqin Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 293,246
Aohan Chifeng Inner Mongolia Banner 547,043
Linxi Chifeng Inner Mongolia County 200,619
Ningcheng Chifeng Inner Mongolia County 546,845
Horqin Tongliao Inner Mongolia District 898,895
Horqin Left Middle Tongliao Inner Mongolia Banner 514,741
Horqin Left Back Tongliao Inner Mongolia Banner 379,237
Hure Tongliao Inner Mongolia Banner 167,020
Naiman Tongliao Inner Mongolia Banner 401,509
Jarud Tongliao Inner Mongolia Banner 279,371
Kailu Tongliao Inner Mongolia County 396,166
Holingol Tongliao Inner Mongolia City 102,214
Dongsheng Ordos Inner Mongolia District 582,544
Dalad Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 322,101
Jungar Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 356,501
Otog Front Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 68,282
Otog Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 148,844
Hanggin Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 111,102
Uxin Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 124,527
Ejin Horo Ordos Inner Mongolia Banner 226,752
Hailar Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia District 344,947
Jalainur Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia District not established
Arun Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Banner 278,744
Old Barag Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Banner 58,244
New Barag Left Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Banner 40,258
New Barag Right Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Banner 36,356
Morin Dawa Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Autonomous banner (Daur) 276,912
Oroqin Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Autonomous banner (Oroqin) 223,752
Evenk Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia Autonomous banner (Evenk) 134,981
Manzhouli Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia City 249,473
Yakeshi Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia City 352,177
Zhalantun Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia City 366,326
Ergun Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia City 76,667
Genhe Hulunbuir Inner Mongolia City 110,441
Linhe Bayannur Inner Mongolia District 541,721
Urad Front Bayannur Inner Mongolia Banner 293,269
Urad Middle Bayannur Inner Mongolia Banner 134,204
Urad Rear Bayannur Inner Mongolia Banner 65,207
Hanggin Rear Bayannur Inner Mongolia Banner 257,943
Wuyuan Bayannur Inner Mongolia County 260,480
Dengkou Bayannur Inner Mongolia County 117,091
Jining Ulanqab Inner Mongolia District 298,887
Chahar Right Front Ulanqab Inner Mongolia Banner 247,285
Chahar Right Middle Ulanqab Inner Mongolia Banner 219,038
Chahar Right Back Ulanqab Inner Mongolia Banner 217,877
Siziwang Ulanqab Inner Mongolia Banner 210,646
Zhuozi Ulanqab Inner Mongolia County 226,144
Huade Ulanqab Inner Mongolia County 175,621
Shangdu Ulanqab Inner Mongolia County 346,985
Xinghe Ulanqab Inner Mongolia County 317,286
Liangcheng Ulanqab Inner Mongolia County 246,038
Fengzhen Ulanqab Inner Mongolia City 336,749
Ulanhot Hinggan Inner Mongolia City 327,081
Arxan Hinggan Inner Mongolia City 68,311
Horqin Right Front Hinggan Inner Mongolia Banner 299,834
Horqin Right Middle Hinggan Inner Mongolia Banner 251,465
Jalaid Hinggan Inner Mongolia Banner 392,346
Tuquan Hinggan Inner Mongolia County 274,213
Erenhot Xilingol Inner Mongolia City 74,197
Xilinhot Xilingol Inner Mongolia City 245,886
Abag Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 43,574
Sonid Left Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 33,652
Sonid Right Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 71,063
East Ujimqin Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 93,962
West Ujimqin Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 87,614
Taibus Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 112,339
Bordered Yellow Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 28,450
Plain and Bordered White Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 54,443
Plain Blue Xilingol Inner Mongolia Banner 81,967
Duolun Xilingol Inner Mongolia County 100,893
Alxa Left Alxa Inner Mongolia Banner 173,494
Alxa Right Alxa Inner Mongolia Banner 25,430
Ejin Alxa Inner Mongolia Banner 32,410
Xuanwu Nanjing Jiangsu District 651,957
Qinhuai Nanjing Jiangsu District 405,891
Jianye Nanjing Jiangsu District 426,999
Gulou Nanjing Jiangsu District 826,074
Pukou Nanjing Jiangsu District 710,298
Qixia Nanjing Jiangsu District 644,503
Yuhuatai Nanjing Jiangsu District 391,285
Jiangning Nanjing Jiangsu District 1,145,628
Luhe Nanjing Jiangsu District 915,845
Lishui Nanjing Jiangsu District 421,323
Gaochun Nanjing Jiangsu District 417,729
Chong'an Wuxi Jiangsu District 228,854
Nanchang Wuxi Jiangsu District 378,490
Beitang Wuxi Jiangsu District 336,844
Binhu Wuxi Jiangsu District 1,225,772
Huishan Wuxi Jiangsu District 691,059
Xishan Wuxi Jiangsu District 681,300
Jiangyin Wuxi Jiangsu City 1,594,829
Yixing Wuxi Jiangsu City 1,235,476
Gulou Xuzhou Jiangsu District 490,855
Yunlong Xuzhou Jiangsu District 345,393
Jiawang Xuzhou Jiangsu District 430,712
Quanshan Xuzhou Jiangsu District 539,693
Tongshan Xuzhou Jiangsu District 1,247,125
Feng(xian) Xuzhou Jiangsu County 963,531
Pei(xian) Xuzhou Jiangsu County 1,141,935
Suining Xuzhou Jiangsu County 1,039,315
Xinyi Xuzhou Jiangsu City 920,628
Pizhou Xuzhou Jiangsu City 1,458,038
Tianning Changzhou Jiangsu District 513,682
Zhonglou Changzhou Jiangsu District 505,936
Qishuyan Changzhou Jiangsu District 105,124
Xinbei Changzhou Jiangsu District 596,807
Wujin Changzhou Jiangsu District 1,568,999
Liyang Changzhou Jiangsu City 749,377
Jintan Changzhou Jiangsu District 552,047
Gusu Suzhou Jiangsu District not established
Huqiu Suzhou Jiangsu District 572,313
Wuzhong Suzhou Jiangsu District 1,853,656
Xiangcheng Suzhou Jiangsu District 693,576
Wujiang Suzhou Jiangsu District 1,275,090
Changshu Suzhou Jiangsu City 1,510,103
Zhangjiagang Suzhou Jiangsu City 1,248,414
Kunshan Suzhou Jiangsu City 1,646,318
Taicang Suzhou Jiangsu City 712,069
Chongchuan Nantong Jiangsu District 868,262
Gangzha Nantong Jiangsu District 266,326
Tongzhou Nantong Jiangsu District 1,138,738
Hai'an Nantong Jiangsu County 866,337
Rudong Nantong Jiangsu County 995,983
Qidong Nantong Jiangsu City 972,525
Rugao Nantong Jiangsu City 1,267,066
Haimen Nantong Jiangsu City 907,598
Haizhou Lianyungang Jiangsu District 818,134
Lianyun Lianyungang Jiangsu District 231,697
Ganyu Lianyungang Jiangsu District 949,438
Donghai Lianyungang Jiangsu County 952,250
Guanyun Lianyungang Jiangsu County 817,629
Guannan Lianyungang Jiangsu County 624,766
Qinghe Huai'an Jiangsu District 529,956
Chuzhou → Huai'an Huai'an Jiangsu District 984,601
Huaiyin Huai'an Jiangsu District 788,634
Qingpu Huai'an Jiangsu District 330,229
Lianshui Huai'an Jiangsu County 859,991
Hongze Huai'an Jiangsu County 326,365
Xuyi Huai'an Jiangsu County 658,830
Jinhu Huai'an Jiangsu County 321,283
Tinghu Yancheng Jiangsu District 904,417
Yandu Yancheng Jiangsu District 711,300
Xiangshui Yancheng Jiangsu County 509,524
Binhai Yancheng Jiangsu County 956,162
Funing Yancheng Jiangsu County 843,275
Sheyang Yancheng Jiangsu County 896,639
Jianhu Yancheng Jiangsu County 741,646
Dongtai Yancheng Jiangsu City 990,208
Dafeng Yancheng Jiangsu District 707,069
Guangling Yangzhou Jiangsu District 340,977
Hanjiang Yangzhou Jiangsu District 576,873
Baoying Yangzhou Jiangsu County 752,074
Yizheng Yangzhou Jiangsu City 563,945
Gaoyou Yangzhou Jiangsu City 744,662
Jiangdu Yangzhou Jiangsu District 1,006,780
Jingkou Zhenjiang Jiangsu District 601,671
Runzhou Zhenjiang Jiangsu District 296,453
Dantu Zhenjiang Jiangsu District 302,276
Danyang Zhenjiang Jiangsu City 960,418
Yangzhong Zhenjiang Jiangsu City 334,886
Jurong Zhenjiang Jiangsu City 617,680
Hailing Taizhou Jiangsu District 475,100
Gaogang Taizhou Jiangsu District 250,500
Jiangyan Taizhou Jiangsu District 729,000
Jingjiang Taizhou Jiangsu City 684,600
Taixing Taizhou Jiangsu City 1,074,300
Xinghua Taizhou Jiangsu City 1,253,800
Sucheng Suqian Jiangsu District 796,627
Suyu Suqian Jiangsu District 641,059
Shuyang Suqian Jiangsu County 1,538,054
Siyang Suqian Jiangsu County 830,502
Sihong Suqian Jiangsu County 909,311
Weiyang (dissolved) Yangzhou Jiangsu District 474,449
Canglang (dissolved) Suzhou Jiangsu District 394,958
Pingjiang (dissolved) Suzhou Jiangsu District 268,686
Jinchang (dissolved) Suzhou Jiangsu District 290,811
Baixia (dissolved) Nanjing Jiangsu District 602,031
Xiaguan (dissolved) Nanjing Jiangsu District 445,117
Donghu Nanchang Jiangxi District 575,489
Xihu Nanchang Jiangxi District 503,822
Qingyunpu Nanchang Jiangxi District 316,723
Wanli Nanchang Jiangxi District 63,963
Qingshanhu Nanchang Jiangxi District 897,841
Nanchang Nanchang Jiangxi County 1,018,675
Xinjian Nanchang Jiangxi County 795,412
Anyi Nanchang Jiangxi County 180,194
Jinxian Nanchang Jiangxi County 690,446
Zhushan Jingdezhen Jiangxi District 281,358
Changjiang Jingdezhen Jiangxi District 192,203
Fuliang Jingdezhen Jiangxi County 303,563
Leping Jingdezhen Jiangxi City 810,353
Anyuan Pingxiang Jiangxi District 559,909
Xiangdong Pingxiang Jiangxi District 358,990
Lianhua Pingxiang Jiangxi County 236,328
Shangli Pingxiang Jiangxi County 441,860
Luxi Pingxiang Jiangxi County 257,423
Lushan Jiujiang Jiangxi District 302,228
Xunyang Jiujiang Jiangxi District 402,758
Jiujiang Jiujiang Jiangxi County 315,219
Wuning Jiujiang Jiangxi County 360,269
Xiushui Jiujiang Jiangxi County 739,986
Yongxiu Jiujiang Jiangxi County 376,107
De'an Jiujiang Jiangxi County 222,322
Xingzi Jiujiang Jiangxi County 245,526
Duchang Jiujiang Jiangxi County 716,370
Hukou Jiujiang Jiangxi County 275,797
Pengze Jiujiang Jiangxi County 353,149
Gongqingcheng Jiujiang Jiangxi City 120,000
Ruichang Jiujiang Jiangxi City 419,047
Yushui Xinyu Jiangxi District 839,487
Fenyi Xinyu Jiangxi County 299,386
Yuehu Yingtan Jiangxi District 214,028
Yujiang Yingtan Jiangxi County 352,427
Guixi Yingtan Jiangxi City 558,451
Zhanggong Ganzhou Jiangxi District 642,653
Nankang Ganzhou Jiangxi District 787,636
Gan(xian) Ganzhou Jiangxi County 546,964
Xinfeng Ganzhou Jiangxi County 664,047
Dayu Ganzhou Jiangxi County 289,378
Shangyou Ganzhou Jiangxi County 257,464
Chongyi Ganzhou Jiangxi County 187,234
Anyuan Ganzhou Jiangxi County 340,740
Longnan Ganzhou Jiangxi County 300,301
Dingnan Ganzhou Jiangxi County 172,771
Quannan Ganzhou Jiangxi County 180,691
Ningdu Ganzhou Jiangxi County 794,806
Yudu Ganzhou Jiangxi County 853,457
Xingguo Ganzhou Jiangxi County 719,830
Huichang Ganzhou Jiangxi County 445,137
Xunwu Ganzhou Jiangxi County 288,207
Shicheng Ganzhou Jiangxi County 278,246
Ruijin Ganzhou Jiangxi City 618,885
Jizhou Ji'an Jiangxi District 338,524
Qingyuan Ji'an Jiangxi District 200,176
Ji'an Ji'an Jiangxi County 464,295
Jishui Ji'an Jiangxi County 501,337
Xiajiang Ji'an Jiangxi County 184,483
Xingan Ji'an Jiangxi County 329,830
Yongfeng Ji'an Jiangxi County 428,276
Taihe Ji'an Jiangxi County 512,225
Suichuan Ji'an Jiangxi County 535,974
Wan'an Ji'an Jiangxi County 301,699
Anfu Ji'an Jiangxi County 385,631
Yongxin Ji'an Jiangxi County 475,580
Jinggangshan Ji'an Jiangxi City 152,310
Yuanzhou Yichun Jiangxi District 1,045,952
Fengxin Yichun Jiangxi County 312,956
Wanzai Yichun Jiangxi County 476,856
Shanggao Yichun Jiangxi County 326,697
Yifeng Yichun Jiangxi County 274,046
Jing'an Yichun Jiangxi County 144,800
Tonggu Yichun Jiangxi County 135,139
Fengcheng Yichun Jiangxi City 1,336,393
Zhangshu Yichun Jiangxi City 555,103
Gao'an Yichun Jiangxi City 811,633
Linchuan Fuzhou Jiangxi District 1,089,888
Nancheng Fuzhou Jiangxi County 306,236
Lichuan Fuzhou Jiangxi County 230,086
Nanfeng Fuzhou Jiangxi County 287,932
Chongren Fuzhou Jiangxi County 347,840
Le'an Fuzhou Jiangxi County 345,769
Yihuang Fuzhou Jiangxi County 224,039
Jinxi Fuzhou Jiangxi County 294,826
Zixi Fuzhou Jiangxi County 111,983
Dongxiang Fuzhou Jiangxi County 438,318
Guangchang Fuzhou Jiangxi County 235,395
Xinzhou Shangrao Jiangxi District 416,219
Shangrao Shangrao Jiangxi County 700,266
Guangfeng Shangrao Jiangxi County 752,939
Yushan Shangrao Jiangxi County 574,363
Yanshan Shangrao Jiangxi County 427,000
Hengfeng Shangrao Jiangxi County 184,870
Yiyang Shangrao Jiangxi County 353,378
Yugan Shangrao Jiangxi County 887,603
Poyang Shangrao Jiangxi County 1,296,756
Wannian Shangrao Jiangxi County 359,098
Wuyuan Shangrao Jiangxi County 334,020
Dexing Shangrao Jiangxi City 293,202
Nanguan Changchun Jilin District 1,012,547
Kuancheng Changchun Jilin District 457,959
Chaoyang Changchun Jilin District 846,688
Erdao Changchun Jilin District 402,090
Luyuan Changchun Jilin District 810,831
Shuangyang Changchun Jilin District 377,933
Jiutai Changchun Jilin District 738,606
Nong'an Changchun Jilin County 102,968
Yushu Changchun Jilin City 1,060,969
Dehui Changchun Jilin City 839,786
Changyi Jilin Jilin District 659,188
Longtan Jilin Jilin District 527,532
Chuanying Jilin Jilin District 492,159
Fengman Jilin Jilin District 296,924
Yongji Jilin Jilin County 394,622
Jiaohe Jilin Jilin City 447,380
Huadian Jilin Jilin City 444,997
Shulan Jilin Jilin City 645,925
Panshi Jilin Jilin City 505,954
Tiexi Siping Jilin District 278,837
Tiedong Siping Jilin District 335,000
Lishu Siping Jilin County 782,900
Yitong Siping Jilin Autonomous county (Manchu) 475,409
Gongzhuling Siping Jilin City 1,093,314
Shuangliao Siping Jilin City 420,865
Longshan Liaoyuan Jilin District 294,380
Xi'an Liaoyuan Jilin District 178,039
Dongfeng Liaoyuan Jilin County 355,201
Dongliao Liaoyuan Jilin County 349,025
Dongchang Tonghua Jilin District 360,195
Erdaojiang Tonghua Jilin District 146,682
Tonghua Tonghua Jilin County 247,225
Huinan Tonghua Jilin County 359,453
Liuhe Tonghua Jilin County 363,962
Meihekou Tonghua Jilin City 615,367
Ji'an Tonghua Jilin City 232,358
Badaojiang → Hunjiang Baishan Jilin District 364,849
Jiangyuan Baishan Jilin District 254,381
Fusong Baishan Jilin County 298,063
Jingyu Baishan Jilin County 131,677
Changbai Baishan Jilin Autonomous county (Korean) 72,575
Linjiang Baishan Jilin City 175,030
Ningjiang Songyuan Jilin District 612,816
Changling Songyuan Jilin County 639,205
Qian'an Songyuan Jilin County 301,438
Qian Gorlos Songyuan Jilin Autonomous county (Mongol) 607,640
Fuyu Songyuan Jilin City 718,987
Taobei Baicheng Jilin District 517,613
Zhenlai Baicheng Jilin County 298,404
Tongyu Baicheng Jilin County 353,604
Taonan Baicheng Jilin City 432,271
Da'an Baicheng Jilin City 431,166
Yanji Yanbian Jilin City 563,154
Tumen Yanbian Jilin City 134,498
Dunhua Yanbian Jilin City 483,631
Hunchun Yanbian Jilin City 241,861
Longjing Yanbian Jilin City 177,295
Helong Yanbian Jilin City 189,597
Wangqing Yanbian Jilin County 255,499
Antu Yanbian Jilin County 226,065
Heping Shenyang Liaoning District 638,959
Shenhe Shenyang Liaoning District 719,033
Dadong Shenyang Liaoning District 696,711
Huanggu Shenyang Liaoning District 809,100
Tiexi Shenyang Liaoning District 878,261
Sujiatun Shenyang Liaoning District 429,143
Dongling → Hunnan Shenyang Liaoning District 301,832
Shenbei Shenyang Liaoning District 318,895
Yuhong Shenyang Liaoning District 408,798
Liaozhong Shenyang Liaoning County 538,220
Kangping Shenyang Liaoning County 351,188
Faku Shenyang Liaoning County 446,223
Xinmin Shenyang Liaoning City 696,895
Zhongshan Dalian Liaoning District 357,091
Xigang Dalian Liaoning District 307,850
Shahekou Dalian Liaoning District 653,762
Ganjingzi Dalian Liaoning District 722,559
Lüshunkou Dalian Liaoning District 212,752
Jinzhou Dalian Liaoning District 729,100
Changhai Dalian Liaoning County 74,010
Wafangdian Dalian Liaoning City 1,026,160
Pulandian Dalian Liaoning District 827,585
Zhuanghe Dalian Liaoning City 922,876
Haizhou Fuxin Liaoning District 277,902
Xinqiu Fuxin Liaoning District 91,376
Taiping Fuxin Liaoning District 171,625
Qinghemen Fuxin Liaoning District 73,923
Xihe Fuxin Liaoning District 165,525
Zhangwu Fuxin Liaoning County 417,724
Fuxin Fuxin Liaoning Autonomous county (Mongol) 732,630
Pingshan Benxi Liaoning District 349,130
Xihu Benxi Liaoning District 252,671
Mingshan Benxi Liaoning District 409,576
Nanfen Benxi Liaoning District 82,917
Benxi Benxi Liaoning Autonomous county (Manchu) 296,218
Huanren Benxi Liaoning Autonomous county (Manchu) 319,026
Yuanbao Dandong Liaoning District 191,200
Zhenxing Dandong Liaoning District 372,400
Zhen'an Dandong Liaoning District 173,800
Kuandian Dandong Liaoning Autonomous county (Manchu) 434,900
Donggang Dandong Liaoning City 664,000
Fengcheng Dandong Liaoning City 587,900
Baita Liaoyang Liaoning District 210,317
Wensheng Liaoyang Liaoning District 184,129
Hongwei Liaoyang Liaoning District 117,776
Gongchangling Liaoyang Liaoning District 89,441
Taizihe Liaoyang Liaoning District 123,415
Liaoyang Liaoyang Liaoning County 595,189
Dengta Liaoyang Liaoning City 513,538
Shuangtaizi Panjin Liaoning District 195,486
Xinglongtai Panjin Liaoning District 398,919
Dawa Panjin Liaoning County 393,318
Panshan Panjin Liaoning County 294,646
Yinzhou Tieling Liaoning District 346,613
Qinghe Tieling Liaoning District 98,421
Tieling Tieling Liaoning County 389,494
Xifeng Tieling Liaoning County 349,187
Changtu Tieling Liaoning County 1,038,848
Diaobingshan Tieling Liaoning City 241,028
Kaiyuan Tieling Liaoning City 590,888
Shuangta Chaoyang Liaoning District 315,437
Longcheng Chaoyang Liaoning District 188,434
Chaoyang Chaoyang Liaoning County 628,066
Jianping Chaoyang Liaoning County 583,307
Harqin Chaoyang Liaoning Autonomous county (Mongol) 424,546
Beipiao Chaoyang Liaoning City 617,236
Lingyuan Chaoyang Liaoning City 644,630
Xinfu Fushun Liaoning District 276,518
Dongzhou Fushun Liaoning District 335,779
Wanghua Fushun Liaoning District 371,592
Shuncheng Fushun Liaoning District 416,856
Fushun Fushun Liaoning County 190,528
Xinbin Fushun Liaoning Autonomous county (Manchu) 306,018
Qingyuan Fushun Liaoning Autonomous county (Manchu) 339,969
Tiedong Anshan Liaoning District 491,707
Tiexi Anshan Liaoning District 294,585
Lishan Anshan Liaoning District 427,434
Qianshan Anshan Liaoning District 259,819
Tai'an Anshan Liaoning County 377,706
Xiuyan Anshan Liaoning Autonomous county (Manchu) 517,152
Haicheng Anshan Liaoning City 1,134,065
Zhanqian Yingkou Liaoning District 383,241
Xishi Yingkou Liaoning District 204,105
Bayuquan Yingkou Liaoning District 431,329
Laobian Yingkou Liaoning District 165,047
Gaizhou Yingkou Liaoning City 723,218
Dashiqiao Yingkou Liaoning City 721,363
Guta Jinzhou Liaoning District 250,577
Taihe Jinzhou Liaoning District 454,883
Linghe Jinzhou Liaoning District 212,030
Heishan Jinzhou Liaoning County 630,472
Yi(xian) Jinzhou Liaoning County 439,377
Linghai Jinzhou Liaoning City 576,143
Beizhen Jinzhou Liaoning City 530,645
Lianshan Huludao Liaoning District 626,573
Longgang Huludao Liaoning District 202,306
Nanpiao Huludao Liaoning District 147,047
Suizhong Huludao Liaoning County 636,858
Jianchang Huludao Liaoning County 622,068
Xingcheng Huludao Liaoning City 552,180
Xingqing Yinchuan Ningxia District 678,306
Xixia Yinchuan Ningxia District 329,310
Jinfeng Yinchuan Ningxia District 282,554
Yongning Yinchuan Ningxia County 218,260
Helan Yinchuan Ningxia County 222,981
Lingwu Yinchuan Ningxia City 261,677
Dawukou Shizuishan Ningxia District 286,669
Huinong Shizuishan Ningxia District 185,803
Pingluo Shizuishan Ningxia County 253,010
Litong Wuzhong Ningxia District 379,346
Hongsibu Wuzhong Ningxia District 165,016
Yanchi Wuzhong Ningxia County 146,560
Tongxin Wuzhong Ningxia County 318,153
Qingtongxia Wuzhong Ningxia City 264,717
Yuanzhou Guyuan Ningxia District 411,854
Xiji Guyuan Ningxia County 354,321
Longde Guyuan Ningxia County 160,754
Jingyuan Guyuan Ningxia County 101,026
Pengyang Guyuan Ningxia County 200,201
Shapotou Zhongwei Ningxia District 378,606
Zhongning Zhongwei Ningxia County 312,921
Haiyuan Zhongwei Ningxia County 389,305
Chengdong Xining Qinghai District 359,688
Chengzhong Xining Qinghai District 296,987
Chengxi Xining Qinghai District 242,627
Chengbei Xining Qinghai District 299,002
Huangyuan Xining Qinghai County 437,835
Huangzhong Xining Qinghai County 136,632
Datong Xining Qinghai Autonomous county (Hui & Tu) 435,937
Ledu Haidong Qinghai District 260,185
Ping'an Haidong Qinghai County 102,975
Minhe Haidong Qinghai Autonomous county (Hui & Tu) 350,118
Huzhu Haidong Qinghai Autonomous county (Tu) 356,437
Hualong Haidong Qinghai Autonomous county (Hui) 203,317
Xunhua Haidong Qinghai Autonomous county (Salar) 123,814
Qilian Haibei Qinghai County 13,789
Haiyan Haibei Qinghai County 11,497
Gangca Haibei Qinghai County 11,473
Menyuan Haibei Qinghai Autonomous county (Hui) 37,595
Gonghe Hainan Qinghai County 122,966
Tongde Hainan Qinghai County 64,367
Guide Hainan Qinghai County 101,771
Xinghai Hainan Qinghai County 76,025
Guinan Hainan Qinghai County 76,560
Golmud Haixi Qinghai City 215,213
Delingha Haixi Qinghai City 78,184
Ulan Haixi Qinghai County 38,273
Dulan Haixi Qinghai County 76,623
Tianjun Haixi Qinghai County 33,923
Mangnai Haixi Qinghai Administrative committee 31,017
Da Qaidam Haixi Qinghai Administrative committee 13,671
Lenghu Haixi Qinghai Administrative committee 2,434
Tongren Huangnan Qinghai County 92,601
Jainca Huangnan Qinghai County 55,325
Zêkog Huangnan Qinghai County 69,416
Henan Huangnan Qinghai Autonomous county (Mongol) 39,374
Maqên Golog Qinghai County 51,245
Baima Golog Qinghai County 27,185
Gadê Golog Qinghai County 34,840
Darlag Golog Qinghai County 30,995
Jigzhi Golog Qinghai County 26,081
Madoi Golog Qinghai County 11,336
Yushu Yushu Qinghai City 120,447
Zadoi Yushu Qinghai County 58,268
Chindu Yushu Qinghai County 55,619
Zhidoi Yushu Qinghai County 30,037
Nangqên Yushu Qinghai County 85,825
Qumarlêb Yushu Qinghai County 28,243
Xincheng Xi'an Shaanxi District 589,739
Beilin Xi'an Shaanxi District 614,710
Lianhu Xi'an Shaanxi District 698,513
Baqiao Xi'an Shaanxi District 595,124
Weiyang Xi'an Shaanxi District 806,811
Yanta Xi'an Shaanxi District 1,178,529
Yanliang Xi'an Shaanxi District 278,604
Lintong Xi'an Shaanxi District 655,874
Chang'an Xi'an Shaanxi District 1,083,285
Lantian Xi'an Shaanxi County 514,026
Zhouzhi Xi'an Shaanxi County 562,768
Hu(xian) Xi'an Shaanxi County 556,377
Gaoling Xi'an Shaanxi County 333,477
Yaozhou Tongchuan Shaanxi District 200,230
Yintai Tongchuan Shaanxi District 217,509
Wangyi Tongchuan Shaanxi District 325,538
Yijun Tongchuan Shaanxi County 91,160
Weibin Baoji Shaanxi District 448,189
Jintai Baoji Shaanxi District 394,538
Chencang Baoji Shaanxi District 595,075
Fengxiang Baoji Shaanxi County 483,471
Qishan Baoji Shaanxi County 459,064
Fufeng Baoji Shaanxi County 416,398
Mei(xian) Baoji Shaanxi County 299,988
Long(xian) Baoji Shaanxi County 248,901
Qianyang Baoji Shaanxi County 123,959
Linyou Baoji Shaanxi County 90,728
Feng(xian) Baoji Shaanxi County 105,492
Taibai Baoji Shaanxi County 50,928
Qindu Xianyang Shaanxi District 507,093
Yangling Xianyang Shaanxi District 201,172
Weicheng Xianyang Shaanxi District 438,327
Sanyuan Xianyang Shaanxi County 403,529
Jingyang Xianyang Shaanxi County 487,749
Qian(xian) Xianyang Shaanxi County 527,088
Liquan Xianyang Shaanxi County 447,771
Yongshou Xianyang Shaanxi County 184,642
Bin(xian) Xianyang Shaanxi County 323,256
Changwu Xianyang Shaanxi County 167,570
Xunyi Xianyang Shaanxi County 261,566
Chunhua Xianyang Shaanxi County 193,377
Wugong Xianyang Shaanxi County 411,312
Xingping Xianyang Shaanxi City 541,554
Linwei Weinan Shaanxi District 877,142
Hua(xian) Weinan Shaanxi County 322,148
Tongguan Weinan Shaanxi County 155,463
Dali Weinan Shaanxi County 693,392
Heyang Weinan Shaanxi County 436,441
Chengcheng Weinan Shaanxi County 386,150
Pucheng Weinan Shaanxi County 743,000
Baishui Weinan Shaanxi County 279,679
Fuping Weinan Shaanxi County 743,385
Hancheng Weinan Shaanxi City 391,164
Huayin Weinan Shaanxi City 258,113
Baota Yan'an Shaanxi District 475,234
Yanchang Yan'an Shaanxi County 125,391
Yanchuan Yan'an Shaanxi County 168,375
Zichang Yan'an Shaanxi County 216,910
Ansai Yan'an Shaanxi County 171,552
Zhidan Yan'an Shaanxi County 140,489
Wuqi Yan'an Shaanxi County 145,061
Ganquan Yan'an Shaanxi County 77,188
Fu(xian) Yan'an Shaanxi County 149,727
Luochuan Yan'an Shaanxi County 220,684
Yichuan Yan'an Shaanxi County 117,203
Huanglong Yan'an Shaanxi County 49,392
Huangling Yan'an Shaanxi County 129,803
Hantai Hanzhong Shaanxi District 534,923
Nanzheng Hanzhong Shaanxi County 471,634
Chenggu Hanzhong Shaanxi County 464,903
Yang(xian) Hanzhong Shaanxi County 383,981
Xixiang Hanzhong Shaanxi County 341,812
Mian(xian) Hanzhong Shaanxi County 388,123
Ningqiang Hanzhong Shaanxi County 308,885
Lueyang Hanzhong Shaanxi County 201,645
Zhenba Hanzhong Shaanxi County 246,817
Liuba Hanzhong Shaanxi County 43,398
Foping Hanzhong Shaanxi County 30,075
Yuyang Yulin Shaanxi District 637,617
Shenmu Yulin Shaanxi City 455,493
Fugu Yulin Shaanxi County 260,585
Hengshan Yulin Shaanxi County 288,053
Jingbian Yulin Shaanxi County 355,939
Dingbian Yulin Shaanxi County 319,370
Suide Yulin Shaanxi County 296,088
Mizhi Yulin Shaanxi County 154,953
Jia(xian) Yulin Shaanxi County 204,666
Wubu Yulin Shaanxi County 75,748
Qingjian Yulin Shaanxi County 128,938
Zizhou Yulin Shaanxi County 173,987
Hanbin Ankang Shaanxi District 870,126
Hanyin Ankang Shaanxi County 246,147
Shiquan Ankang Shaanxi County 171,097
Ningshan Ankang Shaanxi County 70,435
Ziyang Ankang Shaanxi County 283,947
Langao Ankang Shaanxi County 154,157
Pingli Ankang Shaanxi County 192,959
Zhenping Ankang Shaanxi County 50,966
Xunyang Ankang Shaanxi County 426,677
Baihe Ankang Shaanxi County 163,395
Shangzhou Shangluo Shaanxi District 531,646
Luonan Shangluo Shaanxi County 441,643
Danfeng Shangluo Shaanxi County 295,424
Shangnan Shangluo Shaanxi County 221,564
Shanyang Shangluo Shaanxi County 422,255
Zhen'an Shangluo Shaanxi County 275,862
Zhashui Shangluo Shaanxi County 153,348
Lixia Jinan Shandong District 754,100
Shizhong Jinan Shandong District 713,600
Huaiyin Jinan Shandong District 476,800
Tianqiao Jinan Shandong District 688,400
Licheng Jinan Shandong District 1,124,300
Changqing Jinan Shandong District 578,700
Pingyin Jinan Shandong County 331,700
Jiyang Jinan Shandong County 517,900
Shanghe Jinan Shandong County 564,100
Zhangqiu Jinan Shandong District 1,064,200
Shinan Qingdao Shandong District 544,800
Shibei Qingdao Shandong District 558,200
Licang Qingdao Shandong District 512,400
Huangdao Qingdao Shandong District 524,200
Laoshan Qingdao Shandong District 379,500
Chengyang Qingdao Shandong District 737,200
Jiaozhou Qingdao Shandong City 843,100
Pingdu Qingdao Shandong City 1,357,400
Laixi Qingdao Shandong City 750,200
Jimo Qingdao Shandong District 1,177,200
Zichuan Zibo Shandong District 731,900
Zhangdian Zibo Shandong District 929,200
Boshan Zibo Shandong District 463,000
Linzi Zibo Shandong District 642,800
Zhoucun Zibo Shandong District 362,300
Huantai Zibo Shandong County 504,000
Gaoqing Zibo Shandong County 347,900
Yiyuan Zibo Shandong County 549,500
Shizhong Zaozhuang Shandong District 535,500
Xuecheng Zaozhuang Shandong District 481,400
Yicheng Zaozhuang Shandong District 364,200
Tai'erzhuang Zaozhuang Shandong District 279,500
Shanting Zaozhuang Shandong District 465,000
Tengzhou Zaozhuang Shandong City 1,603,700
Dongying Dongying Shandong District 756,700
Hekou Dongying Shandong District 247,600
Kenli Dongying Shandong County 242,300
Lijin Dongying Shandong County 281,200
Guangrao Dongying Shandong County 507,500
Zhifu Yantai Shandong District 830,200
Fushan Yantai Shandong District 644,800
Muping Yantai Shandong District 467,600
Laishan Yantai Shandong District 285,100
Changdao Yantai Shandong County 44,000
Longkou Yantai Shandong City 688,300
Laiyang Yantai Shandong City 878,600
Laizhou Yantai Shandong City 883,900
Penglai Yantai Shandong City 451,100
Zhaoyuan Yantai Shandong City 566,200
Qixia Yantai Shandong City 589,700
Haiyang Yantai Shandong City 638,700
Weicheng Weifang Shandong District 415,100
Hanting Weifang Shandong District 424,100
Fangzi Weifang Shandong District 512,200
Kuiwen Weifang Shandong District 525,900
Linqu Weifang Shandong County 834,300
Changle Weifang Shandong County 615,900
Qingzhou Weifang Shandong City 940,400
Zhucheng Weifang Shandong City 1086,200
Shouguang Weifang Shandong City 1,139,400
Anqiu Weifang Shandong City 926,900
Gaomi Weifang Shandong City 895,600
Changyi Weifang Shandong City 603,500
Rencheng Jining Shandong District 526,400
Yanzhou Jining Shandong District 744,200
Shizhong (dissolved) Jining Shandong District 588,900
Weishan Jining Shandong County 633,400
Yutai Jining Shandong County 437,100
Jinxiang Jining Shandong County 625,300
Jiaxiang Jining Shandong County 818,200
Wenshang Jining Shandong County 684,600
Sishui Jining Shandong County 536,100
Liangshan Jining Shandong County 730,700
Qufu Jining Shandong City 640,500
Zoucheng Jining Shandong City 1,116,700
Taishan Tai'an Shandong District 760,100
Daiyue Tai'an Shandong District 975,400
Ningyang Tai'an Shandong County 754,600
Dongping Tai'an Shandong County 741,600
Xintai Tai'an Shandong City 1,315,900
Feicheng Tai'an Shandong City 946,600
Huancui Weihai Shandong District 908,200
Wendeng Weihai Shandong District 609,700
Rongcheng Weihai Shandong City 714,400
Rushan Weihai Shandong City 572,500
Donggang Rizhao Shandong District 920,500
Lanshan Rizhao Shandong District 400,100
Ju(xian) Rizhao Shandong County 995,600
Wulian Rizhao Shandong County 484,900
Laicheng Laiwu Shandong District 989,500
Gangcheng Laiwu Shandong District 309,000
Lanshan Linyi Shandong District 1,274,200
Luozhuang Linyi Shandong District 660,600
Hedong Linyi Shandong District 665,400
Yinan Linyi Shandong County 790,900
Tancheng Linyi Shandong County 838,000
Yishui Linyi Shandong County 998,300
Lanling Linyi Shandong County 1,161,900
Fei(xian) Linyi Shandong County 757,000
Pingyi Linyi Shandong County 900,100
Junan Linyi Shandong County 886,400
Mengyin Linyi Shandong County 489,500
Linshu Linyi Shandong County 617,100
Decheng Dezhou Shandong District 679,600
Ling(xian) → Lingcheng Dezhou Shandong District 569,000
Ningjin Dezhou Shandong County 449,900
Qingyun Dezhou Shandong County 294,700
Linyi Dezhou Shandong County 511,100
Qihe Dezhou Shandong County 602,000
Pingyuan Dezhou Shandong County 442,900
Xiajin Dezhou Shandong County 500,500
Wucheng Dezhou Shandong County 376,100
Leling Dezhou Shandong City 652,400
Yucheng Dezhou Shandong City 490,000
Dongchangfu Liaocheng Shandong District 1,229,800
Yanggu Liaocheng Shandong County 770,700
Shen(xian) Liaocheng Shandong County 958,800
Chiping Liaocheng Shandong County 520,100
Dong'e Liaocheng Shandong County 352,600
Guan(xian) Liaocheng Shandong County 764,900
Gaotang Liaocheng Shandong County 473,400
Linqing Liaocheng Shandong City 719,600
Bincheng Binzhou Shandong District 566,100
Huimin Binzhou Shandong County 602,500
Yangxin Binzhou Shandong County 427,000
Wudi Binzhou Shandong County 418,700
Boxing Binzhou Shandong County 487,100
Zouping Binzhou Shandong City 778,800
Zhanhua Binzhou Shandong District 116,600
Mudan Heze Shandong District 1,346,700
Cao(xian) Heze Shandong County 1,365,700
Shan(xian) Heze Shandong County 1,063,200
Chengwu Heze Shandong County 612,000
Juye Heze Shandong County 860,600
Yuncheng Heze Shandong County 1,040,700
Juancheng Heze Shandong County 721,900
Dingtao Heze Shandong County 565,800
Dongming Heze Shandong County 711,100
Sifang (dissolved) Qingdao Shandong District 462,500
Jiaonan (dissolved) Qingdao Shandong City 868,400
Huangpu Directly administered Shanghai District 429,891
Xuhui Directly administered Shanghai District 1,085,130
Changning Directly administered Shanghai District 690,571
Jing'an Directly administered Shanghai District 246,788
Putuo Directly administered Shanghai District 1,288,881
Zhabei Directly administered Shanghai District 830,476
Hongkou Directly administered Shanghai District 852,476
Yangpu Directly administered Shanghai District 1,313,222
Pudong Directly administered Shanghai District 5,044,430
Minhang Directly administered Shanghai District 2,429,372
Baoshan Directly administered Shanghai District 1,904,886
Jiading Directly administered Shanghai District 1,471,231
Jinshan Directly administered Shanghai District 732,410
Songjiang Directly administered Shanghai District 1,582,398
Qingpu Directly administered Shanghai District 1,081,022
Fengxian Directly administered Shanghai District 1,083,463
Chongming Directly administered Shanghai County 703,722
Luwan (dissolved) Directly administered Shanghai District 248,779
Xiaodian Taiyuan Shanxi District 804,537
Yingze Taiyuan Shanxi District 601,112
Xinghualing Taiyuan Shanxi District 634,482
Jiancaoping Taiyuan Shanxi District 415,705
Wanbailin Taiyuan Shanxi District 749,255
Jinyuan Taiyuan Shanxi District 221,431
Qingxu Taiyuan Shanxi County 343,861
Yangqu Taiyuan Shanxi County 120,228
Loufan Taiyuan Shanxi County 105,841
Gujiao Taiyuan Shanxi City 205,139
Cheng(qu) Datong Shanxi District 723,013
Kuang(qu) Datong Shanxi District 500,158
Nanjiao Datong Shanxi District 405,864
Xinrong Datong Shanxi District 108,482
Yanggao Datong Shanxi County 272,488
Tianzhen Datong Shanxi County 206,009
Guangling Datong Shanxi County 182,613
Lingqiu Datong Shanxi County 234,004
Hunyuan Datong Shanxi County 343,486
Zuoyun Datong Shanxi County 156,163
Datong Datong Shanxi County 185,777
Cheng(qu) Yangquan Shanxi District 193,106
Kuang(qu) Yangquan Shanxi District 242,994
Jiao(qu) Yangquan Shanxi District 286,055
Pingding Yangquan Shanxi County 335,265
Yu(xian) Yangquan Shanxi County 311,082
Cheng(qu) Changzhi Shanxi District 483,628
Jiao(qu) Changzhi Shanxi District 281,213
Changzhi Changzhi Shanxi County 340,963
Xiangyuan Changzhi Shanxi County 270,216
Tunliu Changzhi Shanxi County 263,844
Pingshun Changzhi Shanxi County 150,955
Licheng Changzhi Shanxi County 158,541
Huguan Changzhi Shanxi County 291,609
Zhangzi Changzhi Shanxi County 353,266
Wuxiang Changzhi Shanxi County 182,548
Qin(xian) Changzhi Shanxi County 172,205
Qinyuan Changzhi Shanxi County 158,702
Lucheng Changzhi Shanxi City 226,874
Cheng(qu) Jincheng Shanxi District 476,945
Qinshui Jincheng Shanxi County 213,022
Yangcheng Jincheng Shanxi County 388,788
Lingchuan Jincheng Shanxi County 231,360
Zezhou Jincheng Shanxi County 484,174
Gaoping Jincheng Shanxi City 484,862
Shuocheng Shuozhou Shanxi District 505,294
Pinglu Shuozhou Shanxi District 203,793
Shanyin Shuozhou Shanxi County 238,885
Ying(xian) Shuozhou Shanxi County 327,973
Youyu Shuozhou Shanxi County 112,063
Huairen Shuozhou Shanxi County 326,849
Yuci Jinzhong Shanxi District 635651
Yushe Jinzhong Shanxi County 134648
Zuoquan Jinzhong Shanxi County 161314
Heshun Jinzhong Shanxi County 144178
Xiyang Jinzhong Shanxi County 227896
Shouyang Jinzhong Shanxi County 211014
Taigu Jinzhong Shanxi County 298783
Qi(xian) Jinzhong Shanxi County 265310
Pingyao Jinzhong Shanxi County 502712
Lingshi Jinzhong Shanxi County 261402
Jiexiu Jinzhong Shanxi City 406517
Yanhu Yuncheng Shanxi District 680,043
Linyi Yuncheng Shanxi County 57,251
Wanrong Yuncheng Shanxi County 439,364
Wenxi Yuncheng Shanxi County 404,146
Jishan Yuncheng Shanxi County 347,425
Xinjiang Yuncheng Shanxi County 332,473
Jiang(xian) Yuncheng Shanxi County 281,644
Yuanqu Yuncheng Shanxi County 231,018
Xia(xian) Yuncheng Shanxi County 352,821
Pinglu Yuncheng Shanxi County 258,241
Ruicheng Yuncheng Shanxi County 394,854
Yongji Yuncheng Shanxi City 444,724
Hejin Yuncheng Shanxi City 395,531
Xinfu Xinzhou Shanxi District 544,682
Dingxiang Xinzhou Shanxi County 217,468
Wutai Xinzhou Shanxi County 299,390
Dai(xian) Xinzhou Shanxi County 214,091
Fanshi Xinzhou Shanxi County 266,800
Ningwu Xinzhou Shanxi County 161,165
Jingle Xinzhou Shanxi County 156,846
Shenchi Xinzhou Shanxi County 106,538
Wuzhai Xinzhou Shanxi County 107,632
Kelan Xinzhou Shanxi County 84,395
Hequ Xinzhou Shanxi County 145,136
Baode Xinzhou Shanxi County 160,035
Pianguan Xinzhou Shanxi County 112,111
Yuanping Xinzhou Shanxi City 491,213
Yaodu Linfen Shanxi District 944,050
Quwo Linfen Shanxi County 237,033
Yicheng Linfen Shanxi County 311,471
Xiangfen Linfen Shanxi County 442,614
Hongdong Linfen Shanxi County 733,421
Gu(xian) Linfen Shanxi County 91,798
Anze Linfen Shanxi County 82,012
Fushan Linfen Shanxi County 127,831
Ji(xian) Linfen Shanxi County 106,407
Xiangning Linfen Shanxi County 233,162
Pu(xian) Linfen Shanxi County 107,339
Daning Linfen Shanxi County 64,501
Yonghe Linfen Shanxi County 63,649
Xi(xian) Linfen Shanxi County 103,617
Fenxi Linfen Shanxi County 144,795
Houma Linfen Shanxi City 240,005
Huozhou Linfen Shanxi City 282,907
Lishi Lüliang Shanxi District 320,142
Wenshui Lüliang Shanxi County 421,200
Jiaocheng Lüliang Shanxi County 230,522
Xing(xian) Lüliang Shanxi County 279,369
Lin(xian) Lüliang Shanxi County 579,069
Liulin Lüliang Shanxi County 320,681
Shilou Lüliang Shanxi County 111,814
Lan(xian) Lüliang Shanxi County 174,180
Fangshan Lüliang Shanxi County 143,809
Zhongyang Lüliang Shanxi County 141,374
Jiaokou Lüliang Shanxi County 119,919
Xiaoyi Lüliang Shanxi City 468,766
Fenyang Lüliang Shanxi City 416,212
Jinjiang Chengdu Sichuan District 690,422
Qingyang Chengdu Sichuan District 828,140
Jinniu Chengdu Sichuan District 1,754,201
Wuhou Chengdu Sichuan District 1,083,806
Chenghua Chengdu Sichuan District 938,785
Longquanyi Chengdu Sichuan District 767,203
Qingbaijiang Chengdu Sichuan District 381,792
Xindu Chengdu Sichuan District 775,703
Wenjiang Chengdu Sichuan District 457,070
Jintang Chengdu Sichuan County 717,225
Shuangliu Chengdu Sichuan County 1,158,516
Pi(xian) Chengdu Sichuan County 756,047
Dayi Chengdu Sichuan County 502,198
Pujiang Chengdu Sichuan County 239,562
Xinjin Chengdu Sichuan County 302,199
Dujiangyan Chengdu Sichuan City 657,996
Pengzhou Chengdu Sichuan City 762,887
Qionglai Chengdu Sichuan City 612,753
Chongzhou Chengdu Sichuan City 661,120
Ziliujing Zigong Sichuan District 346,401
Gongjing Zigong Sichuan District 260,607
Da'an Zigong Sichuan District 382,245
Yantan Zigong Sichuan District 272,809
Rong(xian) Zigong Sichuan County 590,640
Fushun Zigong Sichuan County 826,196
Dong Panzhihua Sichuan District 364,326
Xi Panzhihua Sichuan District 162,557
Renhe Panzhihua Sichuan District 260,294
Miyi Panzhihua Sichuan County 219,227
Yanbian Panzhihua Sichuan County 207,717
Jiangyang Luzhou Sichuan District 575,233
Naxi Luzhou Sichuan District 451,401
Longmatan Luzhou Sichuan District 344,601
Lu(xian) Luzhou Sichuan County 840,336
Hejiang Luzhou Sichuan County 709,473
Xuyong Luzhou Sichuan County 584,299
Gulin Luzhou Sichuan County 713,083
Jingyang Deyang Sichuan District 735,070
Zhongjiang Deyang Sichuan County 1,186,762
Luojiang Deyang Sichuan County 212,186
Guanghan Deyang Sichuan City 591,115
Shifang Deyang Sichuan City 412,758
Mianzhu Deyang Sichuan City 477,868
Fucheng Mianyang Sichuan District 866,727
Youxian Mianyang Sichuan District 488,604
Santai Mianyang Sichuan County 1,042,064
Yanting Mianyang Sichuan County 417,221
An(xian) Mianyang Sichuan County 366,802
Zitong Mianyang Sichuan County 302,246
Pingwu Mianyang Sichuan County 170,959
Beichuan Mianyang Sichuan Autonomous county (Qiang) 197,108
Jiangyou Mianyang Sichuan City 762,142
Lizhou Guangyuan Sichuan District 516,424
Yuanba → Zhaohua Guangyuan Sichuan District 168,489
Chaotian Guangyuan Sichuan District 174,333
Wangcang Guangyuan Sichuan County 385,787
Qingchuan Guangyuan Sichuan County 222,253
Jiange Guangyuan Sichuan County 457,656
Cangxi Guangyuan Sichuan County 559,181
Chuanshan Suining Sichuan District 656,760
Anju Suining Sichuan District 639,125
Pengxi Suining Sichuan County 553,239
Shehong Suining Sichuan County 924,531
Daying Suining Sichuan County 478,896
Shizhong Neijiang Sichuan District 501,285
Dongxing Neijiang Sichuan District 749,810
Weiyuan Neijiang Sichuan County 626,482
Zizhong Neijiang Sichuan County 1,192,060
Longchang Neijiang Sichuan City 633,210
Shizhong Leshan Sichuan District 662,812
Shawan Leshan Sichuan District 187,180
Wutongqiao Leshan Sichuan District 312,086
Jinkouhe Leshan Sichuan District 49,157
Qianwei Leshan Sichuan County 434,409
Jingyan Leshan Sichuan County 282,222
Jiajiang Leshan Sichuan County 338,345
Muchuan Leshan Sichuan County 216,737
Ebian Leshan Sichuan Autonomous county (Yi) 139,210
Mabian Leshan Sichuan Autonomous county (Yi) 176,530
Emeishan Leshan Sichuan City 437,068
Shunqing Nanchong Sichuan District 635,999
Gaoping Nanchong Sichuan District 585,769
Jialing Nanchong Sichuan District 691,489
Nanbu Nanchong Sichuan County 1,275,748
Yingshan Nanchong Sichuan County 926,940
Peng'an Nanchong Sichuan County 702,336
Yilong Nanchong Sichuan County 1,088,266
Xichong Nanchong Sichuan County 643,818
Langzhong Nanchong Sichuan City 870,708
Dongpo Meishan Sichuan District 840,909
Pengshan Meishan Sichuan District 329,777
Renshou Meishan Sichuan County 1,571,112
Hongya Meishan Sichuan County 343,321
Danleng Meishan Sichuan County 163,032
Qingshen Meishan Sichuan County 197,029
Cuiping Yibin Sichuan District 836,383
Nanxi Yibin Sichuan District 335,805
Yibin Yibin Sichuan County 813,057
Jiang'an Yibin Sichuan County 399,829
Changning Yibin Sichuan County 340,016
Gao(xian) Yibin Sichuan County 411,118
Gong(xian) Yibin Sichuan County 379,798
Junlian Yibin Sichuan County 329,056
Xingwen Yibin Sichuan County 377,162
Pingshan Yibin Sichuan County 249,777
Guang'an Guang'an Sichuan District 858,159
Qianfeng Guang'an Sichuan District not established
Yuechi Guang'an Sichuan County 778,639
Wusheng Guang'an Sichuan County 585,624
Linshui Guang'an Sichuan County 704,695
Huaying Guang'an Sichuan City 278,359
Tongchuan Dazhou Sichuan District 478,276
Dachuan Dazhou Sichuan District 1,111,159
Xuanhan Dazhou Sichuan County 1,006,826
Kaijiang Dazhou Sichuan County 430,878
Dazhu Dazhou Sichuan County 876,884
Qu(xian) Dazhou Sichuan County 1,156,476
Wanyuan Dazhou Sichuan City 407,593
Yucheng Ya'an Sichuan District 355,572
Mingshan Ya'an Sichuan District 256,484
Yingjing Ya'an Sichuan County 147,955
Hanyuan Ya'an Sichuan County 324,408
Shimian Ya'an Sichuan County 123,600
Tianquan Ya'an Sichuan County 134,156
Lushan Ya'an Sichuan County 109,029
Baoxing Ya'an Sichuan County 56,060
Bazhou Bazhong Sichuan District 1,126,790
Enyang Bazhong Sichuan District not established
Tongjiang Bazhong Sichuan County 687,369
Nanjiang Bazhong Sichuan County 606,992
Pingchang Bazhong Sichuan County 862,620
Yanjiang Ziyang Sichuan District 905,729
Anyue Ziyang Sichuan County 1,141,347
Lezhi Ziyang Sichuan County 546,773
Jianyang Ziyang Sichuan City 1,071,215
Wenchuan Ngawa Sichuan County 100,776
Li(xian) Ngawa Sichuan County 46,556
Mao(xian) Ngawa Sichuan County 104,829
Songpan Ngawa Sichuan County 72,309
Jiuzhaigou Ngawa Sichuan County 81,394
Jinchuan Ngawa Sichuan County 65,976
Xiaojin Ngawa Sichuan County 77,731
Heishui Ngawa Sichuan County 60,704
Barkam Ngawa Sichuan County 58,437
Zamtang Ngawa Sichuan County 39,173
Ngawa Ngawa Sichuan County 72,391
Zoigê Ngawa Sichuan County 74,619
Hongyuan Ngawa Sichuan County 43,818
Kangding Garzê Sichuan County 130,142
Luding Garzê Sichuan County 83,386
Danba Garzê Sichuan County 59,696
Jiulong Garzê Sichuan County 62,133
Yajiang Garzê Sichuan County 50,225
Dawu Garzê Sichuan County 55,396
Luhuo Garzê Sichuan County 46,558
Garzê Garzê Sichuan County 68,523
Xinlong Garzê Sichuan County 50,393
Dêgê Garzê Sichuan County 81,503
Baiyü Garzê Sichuan County 56,290
Sêrxü Garzê Sichuan County 80,834
Sêrtar Garzê Sichuan County 58,606
Litang Garzê Sichuan County 69,046
Batang Garzê Sichuan County 48,649
Xiangcheng Garzê Sichuan County 33,170
Daocheng Garzê Sichuan County 31,113
Dêrong Garzê Sichuan County 26,209
Xichang Liangshan Sichuan City 712,434
Yanyuan Liangshan Sichuan County 350,176
Dechang Liangshan Sichuan County 214,405
Huili Liangshan Sichuan County 430,066
Huidong Liangshan Sichuan County 362,944
Ningnan Liangshan Sichuan County 170,673
Puge Liangshan Sichuan County 155,740
Butuo Liangshan Sichuan County 160,151
Jinyang Liangshan Sichuan County 165,121
Zhaojue Liangshan Sichuan County 251,836
Xide Liangshan Sichuan County 165,906
Mianning Liangshan Sichuan County 351,245
Yuexi Liangshan Sichuan County 269,896
Ganluo Liangshan Sichuan County 195,100
Meigu Liangshan Sichuan County 221,505
Leibo Liangshan Sichuan County 223,885
Muli Liangshan Sichuan Autonomous county (Tibetan) 131,726
Heping Directly administered Tianjin District 273,466
Hexi Directly administered Tianjin District 870,632
Hebei Directly administered Tianjin District 788,368
Nankai Directly administered Tianjin District 1,018,196
Hedong Directly administered Tianjin District 860,852
Hongqiao Directly administered Tianjin District 531,526
Jinnan Directly administered Tianjin District 593,063
Dongli Directly administered Tianjin District 569,955
Xiqing Directly administered Tianjin District 684,690
Beichen Directly administered Tianjin District 669,031
Binhai Directly administered Tianjin District 2,482,065
Baodi Directly administered Tianjin District 799,057
Wuqing Directly administered Tianjin District 949,413
Ji(xian) Directly administered Tianjin County 784,789
Jinghai Directly administered Tianjin County 646,978
Ninghe Directly administered Tianjin County 416,143
Chengguan Lhasa Tibet District 279,074
Lhünzhub Lhasa Tibet County 50,246
Damxung Lhasa Tibet County 46,463
Nyêmo Lhasa Tibet County 28,149
Qüxü Lhasa Tibet County 31,860
Doilungdêqên Lhasa Tibet County 52,249
Dagzê Lhasa Tibet County 26,708
Maizhokunggar Lhasa Tibet County 44,674
Qamdo → Karub Qamdo Tibet District 87,387
Jomdo Qamdo Tibet County 75,238
Gonjo Qamdo Tibet County 38,741
Riwoqê Qamdo Tibet County 40,813
Dêngqên Qamdo Tibet County 63,209
Zhag'yab Qamdo Tibet County 53,130
Baxoi Qamdo Tibet County 41,163
Zogang Qamdo Tibet County 40,819
Markam Qamdo Tibet County 81,659
Lhorong Qamdo Tibet County 44,241
Banbar Qamdo Tibet County 32,462
Nêdong Lhoka Tibet County 57,334
Zhanang Lhoka Tibet County 38,268
Gonggar Lhoka Tibet County 47,255
Sangri Lhoka Tibet County 16,453
Qonggyai Lhoka Tibet County 18,089
Qusum Lhoka Tibet County 16,943
Comai Lhoka Tibet County 14,320
Lhozhag Lhoka Tibet County 18,511
Gyaca Lhoka Tibet County 18,746
Lhünzê Lhoka Tibet County 34,097
Cona Lhoka Tibet County 14,901
Nagarzê Lhoka Tibet County 35,235
Xigazê → Samzhubzê Xigazê Tibet District 102,894
Namling Xigazê Tibet County 79,909
Gyantse Xigazê Tibet County 63,398
Tingri Xigazê Tibet County 49,108
Sa'gya Xigazê Tibet County 46,118
Lhatse Xigazê Tibet County 49,575
Ngamring Xigazê Tibet County 47,195
Xaitongmoin Xigazê Tibet County 43,532
Bainang Xigazê Tibet County 44,240
Rinbung Xigazê Tibet County 31,288
Kangmar Xigazê Tibet County 20,912
Dinggyê Xigazê Tibet County 18,458
Zhongba Xigazê Tibet County 19,493
Yadong Xigazê Tibet County 12,189
Gyirong Xigazê Tibet County 13,329
Nyalam Xigazê Tibet County 15,147
Saga Xigazê Tibet County 12,939
Gamba Xigazê Tibet County 10,047
Nagqu Nagqu Tibet County 91,859
Lhari Nagqu Tibet County 27,955
Biru Nagqu Tibet County 51,473
Nyainrong Nagqu Tibet County 31,292
Amdo Nagqu Tibet County 35,947
Xainza Nagqu Tibet County 18,030
Sog(xian) Nagqu Tibet County 39,036
Baingoin Nagqu Tibet County 35,780
Baqên Nagqu Tibet County 45,257
Nyima Nagqu Tibet County 37,925
Shuanghu Nagqu Tibet County 10,000
Gar Ngari Tibet County 13,367
Burang Ngari Tibet County 8,658
Zanda Ngari Tibet County 6,567
Rutog Ngari Tibet County 8,292
Gê'gyai Ngari Tibet County 13,524
Gêrzê Ngari Tibet County 20,870
Coqên Ngari Tibet County 12,183
Nyingchi Nyingchi Tibet County 40,496
Gongbo'gyamda Nyingchi Tibet County 25,677
Mainling Nyingchi Tibet County 18,509
Mêdog Nyingchi Tibet County 10,623
Bomê Nyingchi Tibet County 28,288
Zayü Nyingchi Tibet County 25,784
Nang(xian) Nyingchi Tibet County 14,954
Tianshan ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 696,277
Saybagh ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 664,716
Xinshi District, ÜrümqiXinshi ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 730,307
Shuimogou ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 390,943
Toutunhe ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 172,796
Dabancheng ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 40,657
Midong ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang District 333,676
ÜrümqiÜrümqi ÜrümqiÜrümqi Xinjiang County 83,187
Karamay Karamay Xinjiang District 261,445
Dushanzi Karamay Xinjiang District 69,361
Baijiantan Karamay Xinjiang District 50,422
Urho Karamay Xinjiang District 9,780
Gaochang Turpan Xinjiang District 273,385
Piqan Turpan Xinjiang County 231,297
Toksun Turpan Xinjiang County 118,221
Hami Hami Xinjiang City 472,175
Yiwu Hami Xinjiang County 24,783
Barkol Hami Xinjiang Autonomous county (Kazakh) 75,442
Kashgar Kashgar Xinjiang City 506,640
Shufu Kashgar Xinjiang County 311,960
Shule Kashgar Xinjiang County 312,455
Yengisar Kashgar Xinjiang County 262,067
Poskam Kashgar Xinjiang County 206,936
Yarkand Kashgar Xinjiang County 762,385
Kargilik Kashgar Xinjiang County 454,328
Makit Kashgar Xinjiang County 258,978
Yopurga Kashgar Xinjiang County 147,688
Peyziwat Kashgar Xinjiang County 381,767
Maralbexi Kashgar Xinjiang County 336,274
Taxkorgan Kashgar Xinjiang Autonomous county (Tajik) 37,843
Hotan(shi) Hotan Xinjiang City 322,300
Hotan(xian) Hotan Xinjiang County 269,941
Karakash Hotan Xinjiang County 500,114
Pishan Hotan Xinjiang County 258,210
Lop Hotan Xinjiang County 232,916
Chira Hotan Xinjiang County 147,050
Keriye Hotan Xinjiang County 249,899
Minfeng Hotan Xinjiang County 33,932
Tacheng Tacheng Xinjiang City 163,606
Wusu Tacheng Xinjiang City 215,430
Emin Tacheng Xinjiang County 207,735
Shawan Tacheng Xinjiang County 206,968
Toli Tacheng Xinjiang County 93,896
Yumin Tacheng Xinjiang County 55,507
Hoboksar Tacheng Xinjiang Autonomous county (Mongol) 51,634
Altay Altay Xinjiang City 19,0064
Burqin Altay Xinjiang County 66,758
Fuyun Altay Xinjiang County 87,886
Fuhai Altay Xinjiang County 81,845
Habahe Altay Xinjiang County 82,507
Qinggil Altay Xinjiang County 58,858
Jeminay Altay Xinjiang County 35,365
Changji Changji Xinjiang City 426,253
Fukang Changji Xinjiang City 165,006
Hutubi Changji Xinjiang County 210,201
Manas Changji Xinjiang County 237,558
Qitai Changji Xinjiang County 210,566
Jimsar Changji Xinjiang County 113,284
Mori Changji Xinjiang Autonomous county (Kazakh) 65,719
Bole Bortala Xinjiang City 259,557
Alashankou Bortala Xinjiang City not established
Jinghe Bortala Xinjiang County 139,661
Wenquan Bortala Xinjiang County 73,700
Korla Bayin'gholin Xinjiang City 549,324
Luntai Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 116,166
Yuli Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 96,068
Ruoqiang Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 35,580
Qiemo Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 65,572
Hejing Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 160,804
Hoxud Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 72,556
Bohu Bayin'gholin Xinjiang County 54,788
Yanqi Bayin'gholin Xinjiang Autonomous county (Hui) 127,628
Aksu Aksu Xinjiang City 535,657
Wensu Aksu Xinjiang County 233,933
Kuchar Aksu Xinjiang County 462,588
Shayar Aksu Xinjiang County 257,502
Toksu Aksu Xinjiang County 172,064
Baicheng Aksu Xinjiang County 229,252
Uqturpan Aksu Xinjiang County 197,990
Awat Aksu Xinjiang County 237,562
Kalpin Aksu Xinjiang County 44,261
Artux Kizilsu Xinjiang City 225,054
Akto Kizilsu Xinjiang County 181,049
Akqi Kizilsu Xinjiang County 39,764
Ulugqat Kizilsu Xinjiang County 54,140
Yining(shi) Ili Xinjiang City 515,082
Kuitun Ili Xinjiang City 166,261
Korgas Ili Xinjiang City not established
Yining(xian) Ili Xinjiang County 372,590
Huocheng Ili Xinjiang County 352,689
Gongliu Ili Xinjiang County 164,860
Xinyuan Ili Xinjiang County 282,718
Zhaosu Ili Xinjiang County 148,187
Tekes Ili Xinjiang County 142,718
Nilka Ili Xinjiang County 157,743
Qapqal Ili Xinjiang Autonomous county (Xibe) 179,744
Shihezi Direct administration Xinjiang City 380,130
Aral Direct administration Xinjiang City 166,205
Tumushuke Direct administration Xinjiang City 213,300
Wujiaqu Direct administration Xinjiang City 72,613
Beitun Direct administration Xinjiang City not established
Tiemenguan Direct administration Xinjiang City not established
Shuanghe Direct administration Xinjiang City not established
Wuhua Kunming Yunnan District 855,521
Panlong Kunming Yunnan District 809,881
Guandu Kunming Yunnan District 853,371
Xishan Kunming Yunnan District 753,813
Dongchuan Kunming Yunnan District 271,917
Chenggong Kunming Yunnan District 310,843
Jinning Kunming Yunnan County 283,784
Fumin Kunming Yunnan County 145,554
Yiliang Kunming Yunnan County 419,400
Songming Kunming Yunnan County 287,095
Shilin Kunming Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi) 246,220
Luquan Kunming Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi & Miao) 396,404
Xundian Kunming Yunnan Autonomous county (Hui & Yi) 457,068
Anning Kunming Yunnan City 341,341
Qilin Qujing Yunnan District 740,747
Malong Qujing Yunnan County 184,989
Luliang Qujing Yunnan County 622,397
Shizong Qujing Yunnan County 392,361
Luoping Qujing Yunnan County 549,680
Fuyuan Qujing Yunnan County 722,640
Huize Qujing Yunnan County 908,292
Zhanyi Qujing Yunnan County 431,058
Xuanwei Qujing Yunnan City 1,302,891
Hongta Yuxi Yunnan District 495,129
Jiangchuan Yuxi Yunnan County 280,889
Chengjiang Yuxi Yunnan County 169,366
Tonghai Yuxi Yunnan County 300,800
Huaning Yuxi Yunnan County 214,650
Yimen Yuxi Yunnan County 177,110
Eshan Yuxi Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi) 162,831
Xinping Yuxi Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi & Dai) 285,344
Yuanjiang Yuxi Yunnan Autonomous county (Hani, Yi, & Dai) 217,392
Longyang Baoshan Yunnan District 935,618
Shidian Baoshan Yunnan County 305,223
Tengchong Baoshan Yunnan County 644,765
Longling Baoshan Yunnan County 277,319
Changning Baoshan Yunnan County 343,566
Zhaoyang Zhaotong Yunnan District 787,845
Ludian Zhaotong Yunnan County 390,654
Qiaojia Zhaotong Yunnan County 516,349
Yanjin Zhaotong Yunnan County 369,881
Daguan Zhaotong Yunnan County 263,225
Yongshan Zhaotong Yunnan County 394,267
Suijiang Zhaotong Yunnan County 153,091
Zhenxiong Zhaotong Yunnan County 1,328,375
Yiliang Zhaotong Yunnan County 521,838
Weixin Zhaotong Yunnan County 385,865
Shuifu Zhaotong Yunnan County 102,143
Gucheng Lijiang Yunnan District 211,151
Yulong Lijiang Yunnan Autonomous county (Naxi) 214,697
Yongsheng Lijiang Yunnan County 392,024
Huaping Lijiang Yunnan County 168,028
Ninglang Lijiang Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi) 258,869
Simao Pu'er Yunnan District 296,500
Ning'er Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Hani & Yi) 185,700
Mojiang Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Hani) 360,500
Jingdong Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi) 359,500
Jinggu Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Dai & Yi) 291,700
Zhenyuan Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi, Hani, & Lahu) 208,600
Jiangcheng Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Hani & Yi) 121,500
Menglian Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Dai, Lahu, & Va) 135,500
Lancang Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Lahu) 491,900
Ximeng Pu'er Yunnan Autonomous county (Va) 91,300
Linxiang Lincang Yunnan District 323,708
Fengqing Lincang Yunnan County 458,330
Yun(xian) Lincang Yunnan County 449,460
Yongde Lincang Yunnan County 369,702
Zhenkang Lincang Yunnan County 176,356
Shuangjiang Lincang Yunnan Autonomous county (Lahu, Va, Blang, & Dai) 176,549
Gengma Lincang Yunnan Autonomous county (Dai & Va) 296,302
Cangyuan Lincang Yunnan Autonomous county (Va) 179,098
Chuxiong Chuxiong Yunnan City 588,620
Shuangbai Chuxiong Yunnan County 159,867
Mouding Chuxiong Yunnan County 208,726
Nanhua Chuxiong Yunnan County 236,138
Yao'an Chuxiong Yunnan County 197,676
Dayao Chuxiong Yunnan County 273,315
Yongren Chuxiong Yunnan County 109,304
Yuanmou Chuxiong Yunnan County 215,795
Wuding Chuxiong Yunnan County 271,963
Lufeng Chuxiong Yunnan County 422,770
Mengzi Honghe Yunnan City 417,200
Gejiu Honghe Yunnan City 459,800
Kaiyuan Honghe Yunnan City 322,700
Mile Honghe Yunnan City 539,700
Shiping Honghe Yunnan County 299,100
Jianshui Honghe Yunnan County 531,500
Luxi(xian) Honghe Yunnan County 400,700
Yuanyang Honghe Yunnan County 396,800
Honghe Honghe Yunnan County 296,500
Lüchun Honghe Yunnan County 222,200
Pingbian Honghe Yunnan Autonomous county (Miao) 154,000
Jinping Honghe Yunnan Autonomous county (Miao, Yao, & Dai) 356,200
Hekou Honghe Yunnan Autonomous county (Yao) 104,600
Wenshan Wenshan Yunnan City 481,504
Yanshan Wenshan Yunnan County 463,264
Xichou Wenshan Yunnan County 255,286
Malipo Wenshan Yunnan County 277,960
Maguan Wenshan Yunnan County 367,507
Qiubei Wenshan Yunnan County 477,441
Guangnan Wenshan Yunnan County 787,449
Funing Wenshan Yunnan County 407,530
Jinghong Xishuangbanna Yunnan City 519,935
Menghai Xishuangbanna Yunnan County 331,850
Mengla Xishuangbanna Yunnan County 281,730
Dali Dali Yunnan City 652,000
Xiangyun Dali Yunnan County 456,000
Binchuan Dali Yunnan County 349,000
Midu Dali Yunnan County 313,000
Yongping Dali Yunnan County 175,000
Yunlong Dali Yunnan County 200,000
Eryuan Dali Yunnan County 268,000
Jianchuan Dali Yunnan County 170,000
Heqing Dali Yunnan County 255,000
Yangbi Dali Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi) 102,000
Nanjian Dali Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi) 212,000
Weishan Dali Yunnan Autonomous county (Yi & Hui) 304,000
Ruili Dehong Yunnan City 180,627
Luxi → Mangshi Dehong Yunnan City 389,891
Lianghe Dehong Yunnan County 154,175
Yingjiang Dehong Yunnan County 305,167
Longchuan Dehong Yunnan County 181,580
Lushui Nujiang Yunnan County 184,835
Fugong Nujiang Yunnan County 98,616
Gongshan Nujiang Yunnan Autonomous county (Derung & Nu) 37,894
Lanping Nujiang Yunnan Autonomous county (Bai & Pumi) 212,992
Shangri-La Dêqên Yunnan County 172,988
Dêqên Dêqên Yunnan County 66,589
Weixi Dêqên Yunnan Autonomous county (Lisu) 160,605
Shangcheng Hangzhou Zhejiang District 344,600
Xiacheng Hangzhou Zhejiang District 526,100
Jianggan Hangzhou Zhejiang District 998,800
Gongshu Hangzhou Zhejiang District 551,900
Xihu Hangzhou Zhejiang District 820,000
Binjiang Hangzhou Zhejiang District 319,000
Xiaoshan Hangzhou Zhejiang District 1,511,300
Yuhang Hangzhou Zhejiang District 1,170,300
Tonglu Hangzhou Zhejiang County 406,400
Chun'an Hangzhou Zhejiang County 336,800
Jiande Hangzhou Zhejiang City 430,800
Fuyang Hangzhou Zhejiang City 717,700
Lin'an Hangzhou Zhejiang District 566,700
Haishu Ningbo Zhejiang District 373,742
Jiangdong Ningbo Zhejiang District 366,648
Jiangbei Ningbo Zhejiang District 361,242
Beilun Ningbo Zhejiang District 612,267
Zhenhai Ningbo Zhejiang District 418,500
Yinzhou Ningbo Zhejiang District 1,359,198
Xiangshan Ningbo Zhejiang County 503,279
Ninghai Ningbo Zhejiang County 646,074
Yuyao Ningbo Zhejiang City 1,010,659
Cixi Ningbo Zhejiang City 1,462,383
Fenghua Ningbo Zhejiang District 491,697
Lucheng Wenzhou Zhejiang District 1,293,300
Longwan Wenzhou Zhejiang District 749,300
Ouhai Wenzhou Zhejiang District 996,900
Dongtou Wenzhou Zhejiang County 87,700
Yongjia Wenzhou Zhejiang County 789,200
Pingyang Wenzhou Zhejiang County 761,700
Wencheng Wenzhou Zhejiang County 212,100
Taishun Wenzhou Zhejiang County 233,400
Cangnan Wenzhou Zhejiang County 1,184,600
Ruian Wenzhou Zhejiang City 1,424,700
Yueqing Wenzhou Zhejiang City 1,389,300
Nanhu Jiaxing Zhejiang District 612,771
Xiuzhou Jiaxing Zhejiang District 589,253
Jiashan Jiaxing Zhejiang County 574,233
Haiyan Jiaxing Zhejiang County 430,928
Haining Jiaxing Zhejiang City 807,094
Pinghu Jiaxing Zhejiang City 671,851
Tongxiang Jiaxing Zhejiang City 815,803
Wuxing Huzhou Zhejiang District 757,165
Nanxun Huzhou Zhejiang District 536,054
Deqing Huzhou Zhejiang County 491,789
Changxing Huzhou Zhejiang County 641,982
Anji Huzhou Zhejiang County 466,552
Yuecheng Shaoxing Zhejiang District 883,800
Shaoxing → Keqiao Shaoxing Zhejiang District 1,325,800
Shangyu Shaoxing Zhejiang District 779,400
Xinchang Shaoxing Zhejiang County 380,400
Zhuji Shaoxing Zhejiang City 1,157,900
Shengzhou Shaoxing Zhejiang City 679,800
Wucheng Jinhua Zhejiang District 761,700
Jindong Jinhua Zhejiang District 315,600
Wuyi Jinhua Zhejiang County 349,900
Pujiang Jinhua Zhejiang County 437,300
Pan'an Jinhua Zhejiang County 174,700
Lanxi Jinhua Zhejiang City 560,500
Yiwu Jinhua Zhejiang City 1,234,000
Dongyang Jinhua Zhejiang City 804,400
Yongkang Jinhua Zhejiang City 723,500
Kecheng Quzhou Zhejiang District 464,500
Qujiang Quzhou Zhejiang District 341,400
Changshan Quzhou Zhejiang County 241,400
Kaihua Quzhou Zhejiang County 245,100
Longyou Quzhou Zhejiang County 362,400
Jiangshan Quzhou Zhejiang City 467,900
Dinghai Zhoushan Zhejiang District 464,200
Putuo Zhoushan Zhejiang District 378,800
Daishan Zhoushan Zhejiang County 202,200
Shengsi Zhoushan Zhejiang County 76,100
Jiaojiang Taizhou Zhejiang District 653,800
Huangyan Taizhou Zhejiang District 632,100
Luqiao Taizhou Zhejiang District 616,600
Yuhuan Taizhou Zhejiang City 616,300
Sanmen Taizhou Zhejiang County 328,900
Tiantai Taizhou Zhejiang County 382,800
Xianju Taizhou Zhejiang County 342,700
Wenling Taizhou Zhejiang City 1,366,800
Linhai Taizhou Zhejiang City 1,028,800
Liandu Lishui Zhejiang District 451,400
Qingtian Lishui Zhejiang County 336,500
Jinyun Lishui Zhejiang County 358,900
Suichang Lishui Zhejiang County 190,200
Songyang Lishui Zhejiang County 185,100
Yunhe Lishui Zhejiang County 111,600
Qingyuan Lishui Zhejiang County 141,500
Jingning Lishui Zhejiang Autonomous county (She) 107,100
Longquan Lishui Zhejiang City 234,600