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Youjiang District (simplified Chinese: 右江区; traditional Chinese: 右江區; pinyin: Yòujiāng Qū, Zhuang: Yougyangh Gih) is the municipal district of Baise, Guangxi, China, named after the Youjiang River which runs through the middle of the district.

Youjiang District

右江区Yougyangh Gih
Youjiang District is located in Guangxi
Youjiang District
Youjiang District
Location in Guangxi
Coordinates: 23°54′04″N 106°37′04″E / 23.90111°N 106.61778°E / 23.90111; 106.61778Coordinates: 23°54′04″N 106°37′04″E / 23.90111°N 106.61778°E / 23.90111; 106.61778
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityBaise
 • Total3,713 km2 (1,434 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)


From June 21st 2005, for administration Youjiang District is divided into 9 parts:

  • Baicheng Subdistrict (百城街道) population 125,000
  • Longjing Subdistrict (龙景街道) population 49,000 (Zhuang 80%)
  • Yangxu Town(阳圩镇) population 34,500 (Zhuang 98%)
  • Sitang Town(四塘镇) population 25,100
  • Longchuan Town(龙川镇) population 31,000
  • Yongle Town(永乐镇) population 18,000
  • Wangdian Yao Township (汪甸瑶族乡) population 23,800
  • Dalang Township (大楞乡) population 22,000
  • Yangshui Township (泮水乡) population 9,700


Youjiang District's population was 320,000(2010). 73% of the people belong to the Zhuang ethnic group,[1] and most speak Youjiang Zhuang(Gangjdoj). The rest include Han, Yao, Miao,and other ethnic groups.