Guangyuan (simplified Chinese: 广元; traditional Chinese: 廣元; pinyin: Gǔangyúan; Wade–Giles: Kuang-yüan) is a prefecture-level city in Sichuan Province, China, bordering the provinces of Shaanxi to the northeast and Gansu to the northwest. It has an area of 16313.78 square kilometers and a population of 2,484,123 in 2010 (3,037,600 in 2002.[1])


Guangyuan skyline.jpg
Location of Guangyuan in Sichuan
Location of Guangyuan in Sichuan
Guangyuan is located in Sichuan
Location of the city center in Sichuan
Coordinates (Guangyuan municipal government): 32°26′10″N 105°50′38″E / 32.436°N 105.844°E / 32.436; 105.844Coordinates: 32°26′10″N 105°50′38″E / 32.436°N 105.844°E / 32.436; 105.844
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Municipal seatLizhou District
 • Total16,313.78 km2 (6,298.79 sq mi)
 • Total2,484,123
 • Density150/km2 (390/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code0839
ISO 3166 codeCN-SC-08

Located roughly between the provincial capitals Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Xi'an, it is considered the northern gateway to Sichuan.[2] It is an ancient city, notable for its relics and tombs.


Formerly known as Lizhou (利州), Guangyuan was the birthplace of Wu Zetian, the only woman in Chinese history to bear the title Empress Regent.[3]

On May 12, 2008 a magnitude 7.9 earthquake occurred. 4,822 people were killed, 28,245 injured, and 125 missing in the city as of June 7, 2008.[4]


Guangyuan's economy is based on a diverse array of heavy industry, as well as mining and agriculture.[citation needed] Plant 821, a large plutonium producing reactor is located near Guangyuan.[citation needed] The city is an important production center for Traditional Chinese medicine.[5]

Administrative divisionsEdit

Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
Lizhou District 利州区 Lìzhōu Qū 516,424 1,482 348
Zhaohua District 昭化区 Zhāohuà Qū 168,489 1,435 117
Chaotian District 朝天区 Cháotiān Qū 174,333 1,618 108
Wangcang County 旺苍县 Wàngcāng Xiàn 385,787 2,976 130
Qingchuan County 青川县 Qīngchuān Xiàn 222,253 3,269 68
Jiange County 剑阁县 Jiàngé Xiàn 457,656 3,204 142
Cangxi County 苍溪县 Cāngxī Xiàn 559,181 2,330 240



Located roughly between the provincial capitals Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Xi'an, Guangyuan is an important traffic hub in northern Sichuan.[7] The city has a port on the Jialing River, which is the closest inland port to Northwest China, and navigable all the way the east coast.


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