Chongwen District

Chongwen District (simplified Chinese: 崇文区; traditional Chinese: 崇文區; pinyin: Chóngwén Qū) is a former district of Beijing, located relatively southeast to the city center (Tiananmen), and was situated between Yongdingmen and Qianmen. It spanned an area of 16.46 square kilometres (6.36 sq mi). It bordered Dongcheng District to the north, Fengtai District to the south, Chaoyang District to the east, and Xuanwu District to the west. It merged into the Dongcheng District in July 2010.

Chongwen District
District of the People's Republic of China
Location of Chongwen on Beijing.
• Established
• Disestablished
Succeeded by
Dongcheng District, Beijing
Today part ofPart of the Dongcheng District

Chongwen District was one of Beijing's more compact districts, with its geographic area being considerably less than other districts.[citation needed] Prior to its merger with Dongcheng District, it was considered[by whom?] the smallest out of the four districts that compose the city center. The district was renowned for the Temple of Heaven and Longtan Park, as well as housing the two original (and the most authentic) Peking Duck restaurants, Quanjude and Bianyifang.


Coordinates: 39°53′27″N 116°24′47″E / 39.890876°N 116.413154°E / 39.890876; 116.413154