Zhenyuan County, Guizhou

Zhenyuan County (Chinese: 镇远县) is a county of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in the east of Guizhou province, China.

Zhenyuan County


Chenyuan; Chenyüan
Zhusheng Bridge (祝圣桥) spanning the Wuyang River.
Zhusheng Bridge (祝圣桥) spanning the Wuyang River.
Zhenyuan is located in Guizhou
Location of the seat in Guizhou
Zhenyuan is located in Southwest China
Zhenyuan (Southwest China)
Coordinates (Zhenyuan County government): 27°02′57″N 108°25′47″E / 27.0491°N 108.4297°E / 27.0491; 108.4297Coordinates: 27°02′57″N 108°25′47″E / 27.0491°N 108.4297°E / 27.0491; 108.4297
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous prefectureQiandongnan
 • Total1,878 km2 (725 sq mi)
 • Total203,735
 • Density110/km2 (280/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Zhenyuan County, Guizhou
Du Halde - Description de la Chine - Villes de la province de Koei Tcheou.jpg
"Tchin-yuen-fou" & 2 other towns of "Koei-tcheou" from Du Halde's 1736 Description of China
Traditional Chinese鎮遠
Simplified Chinese镇远

Administrative divisionsEdit

Zhenyuan county has eight towns, three townships and one ethnic township under its jurisdiction.

Name Chinese character Note
Wuyang 舞阳镇
Jiaoxi 蕉溪镇
Qingxi 青溪镇
Yangping 羊坪镇
Yangchang 羊场镇
Duping 都坪镇
Jianggu 江古镇
Jinbao 金堡镇
Yongxi Township 涌溪乡
Baojing Township 报京乡
Dadi Township 大地乡
Shangzhai Tujia Ethnic Township 尚寨土家族乡
Panorama of Zhenyuan Old Town


Zhenyuan County is located in southeastern Guizhou province. The county has a total area of 1,878 km2 (725 sq mi). It is surrounded by Cengong County and Shiqian County on the north, Shibing County on the west, Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County on the east, and Sansui County and Jianhe County on the south.


Zhenyuan County enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, enjoying four distinct seasons and abundant precipitation, with an average annual temperature of 16.5 °C (61.7 °F), total annual rainfall of 1,062.7-millimetre (41.84 in), and annual average sunshine hours in 1128 hours. The highest temperature is 39 °C (102 °F), and the lowest temperature is −1.9 °C (28.6 °F).


There are 106 rivers and streams in Zhenyuan County. Wuyang River flows through the downtown county.



As of 2013, there were 268,500 people, 81,000 households residing in Zhenyuan County, including 142,300 males and 126,200 females; the total permanent resident population was 203,200, including 77,500 urban population.


Mandarin is the official language. The local people speak both Southwestern Mandarin and minority language.


The Government of Zhenyuan County supports all religions. The local people mainly believe in Chinese folk religion, Taoism, Buddhism and Catholicism.


In 2019, the GDP of Zhenyuan County reached 5.859 billion yuan.[1] Agriculture is an important part of Zhenyuan County's economy, of which rice farming and vegetable cultivation represent the largest sector.[1] The forestry industry is also large sectors within the agricultural economy of the county.[1] In addition, tourism (particularly related to history and wine) is a significant and growing portion of the economy.[1]


In 2013, there were eighty-one schools in Zhenyuan County, including two high schools, seventeen middle schools, one secondary vocational and technical school, forty-eight primary schools and thirteen kindergartens.

Culture and tourismEdit

There are three national relic protection units in Zhenyuan County, the Qinglongdong Ancient Architectural Complex, the Site of Heping Village [zh], and the Zhenyuan Ancient Wall. Major Buddhist Temples in Zhenyuan County include Zhongyuan Chan Temple. Major Taoist Temples include Mazu Temple and Wanshou Palace or Longevity Palace. Other tourist destinations include Mount Shiping.

Front view of Heping Village.
Front view of Zhenyuan Ancient Wall.



The Hunan–Guizhou railway, more commonly known as "Xiang–Qian railway", passes through the county.

The Zhuzhou–Liupanshui railway also passes through the county.

Zhenyuan railway station serves Zhenyuan County.


The G60 Shanghai–Kunming Expressway, commonly abbreviated as "Hu–Kun Expressway", passes across the county.

National HighwayEdit

The National Highway G320, more commonly known as "G320", passes across the eastern county.

The National Highway G211, more commonly known as "G211", is a north-south highway passing through the western Zhenyuan County.

Provincial HighwayEdit

The Provincial Highway S306, is a east–west highway traveling through central Zhenyuan County and its downtown, commercial and industrial subdistricts.

The Provincial Highway S25, which heads north to Shiqian County and south to Jianhe County, passing through the western Zhenyuan County.

The Provincial Highway S84, from Shibing County to Zhenyuan County, is connected to the Provincial Highway S25 at Baiyangping Hub (柏杨坪枢纽).


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