Minhang District

Minhang District is a suburban district of Shanghai with a land area of 371.57 km2 (143.46 sq mi) and population of 2,429,000 residents as of 2010.[1] The original Minhang consist of present-day Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict (Former Minhang Town[2]) and the eastern strip of Wujing along the Huangpu River in 1992, the surrounding Shanghai County merged with Minhang.


Image of the Dianpu river from Qibao near Zhongchun Road
Image of the Dianpu river from Qibao near Zhongchun Road
The Charming Green Community
Location in Shanghai
Location in Shanghai
Coordinates: 31°06′46″N 121°22′54″E / 31.11278°N 121.38167°E / 31.11278; 121.38167Coordinates: 31°06′46″N 121°22′54″E / 31.11278°N 121.38167°E / 31.11278; 121.38167
CountryPeople's Republic of China
 • Total371.7 km2 (143.5 sq mi)
 • Total2,429,000
 • Density6,500/km2 (17,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Area code(s)021
Minhang District
Simplified Chinese闵行区
Traditional Chinese閔行區
The Logo of Minhang District

It is mostly a residential district, though it is also home to some of the many factories and production facilities in Shanghai. Residential housing development is the main source of local government revenue. Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena is located in Ma Qiao Town. The Aerospace Museum is being constructed at Pujiang Town.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China Normal University both have campuses in the southern part of Minhang District.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Minhang administers 4 subdistricts and 9 towns.

Of particular note is Qibao, a tourist attraction in the northern part of the district, and Maqiao, which hosted the Shanghai ATP Masters tennis tournament and is the site of the Neolithic Ruins of Maqiao. The town of Hongqiao also overlaps with Hongqiao Subdistrict in Changning District, and is next to the location of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, the city's older commercial airport and which is used primarily for domestic flights.

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Shanghainese Romanization Population (2010)[3] Area (km2)
Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict 江川路街道 Jiāngchuān lù Jiēdào kaon tseu lu ka do 185,991 30.27
Gumei Road Subdistrict 古美路街道 Gǔměi lù Jiēdào ku mhe lu ka do 149,141 6.51
Xinhong Subdistrict 新虹街道 Xīnhóng Jiēdào sin ron ka do 65,256 19.26
Pujing Subdistrict 浦锦街道 Pǔjǐn Zhèn phu cin ka do 292,750 23.99
Pujiang town 浦江镇 Pǔjiāng Zhèn phu kaon tzen 78.51
Xinzhuang town 莘庄镇 Xīnzhuāng Zhèn sen tzaon tzen 277,934 19.12
Qibao town 七宝镇 Qībǎo Zhèn tsiq po tzen 283,352 18.10
Zhuanqiao town 颛桥镇 Zhuānqiáo Zhèn tzeu djio tzen 189,604 20.97
Huacao town 华漕镇 Huácáo Zhèn rau dzo tzen 193,777 46.28
Hongqiao town 虹桥镇 hóngqiáo Zhèn ron djio tzen 165,877 8.98
Meilong town 梅陇镇 Méilǒng Zhèn me lon tzen 344,434 25.71
Wujing town 吴泾镇 Wújīng Zhèn wu cin tzen 121,164 37.64
Maqiao town 马桥镇 Mǎqiáo Zhèn mau djio tzen 103,989 33.20
Xinzhuang Industrial Zone 莘庄工业区 Xīnzhuāng Gōngyèqū sen tzaon kon gniq chiu 56,103 17.88


The fast food chain Yonghe King has its headquarters in Minhang District.[4] Want Want China, the milk manufacturer, has its headquarters in the district.[5]


International schools include:



  • Public bicycle share scheme, with more than 20,000 bikes available for free use, after a registration process.[12][13]
  • Luheng Road Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub Project Luheng Road Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub, located at Puxing Road NO. 569 Minhang District, is taking up a land of 27,612 square meters and connected to Metro Line 8 at Luheng Road Stop. It is one of the two Park and Ride testing Transportation Hubs in Shanghai, boasting departure and terminal stops of 6 bus lines connecting to downtown Shanghai and 500 parking spaces. Commuters can save the expensive parking fee in the downtown area and park their cars here and transfer to the Metro or bus lines for work. The project was started in 2011 and the hub has been put into use in 2016.


Minhang is currently served by six metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro:



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