Dongping County

Dongping County (simplified Chinese: 东平县; traditional Chinese: 東平縣; pinyin: Dōngpíng Xiàn; lit.: 'eastern peace') is a county in the southwestern part of Tai'an, in the west of Shandong Province, China.

Dongping County

Chinese: 东平县
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Location in Tai'an
Location in Tai'an
Dongping is located in Shandong
Location of the seat in Shandong
Coordinates: 35°56′13″N 116°28′12″E / 35.937°N 116.470°E / 35.937; 116.470Coordinates: 35°56′13″N 116°28′12″E / 35.937°N 116.470°E / 35.937; 116.470
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Seat35°54′30″N 116°18′00″E / 35.90833°N 116.30000°E / 35.90833; 116.30000
Area code(s)0538

In 2007 a remarkable series of well-preserved frescoes dating to the Western Han Period (206 BC - 25 AD) was discovered in a tomb as construction workers were excavating for a planned shopping mall. The frescoes show, among other things, one of the earliest pictorial representations of Confucius meeting Laozi.

Examples of the frescoesEdit

Fresco showing Confucius and Laozi meeting


This region is home to many Buddhist temples and some remarkable Buddhist inscriptions, originally texts were carved during the Northern Qi, but in the eleventh century these were carved over with pictorial images of Buddhas.[1]


English Chinese Pinyin Literally
Dongping 东平街道 dōng píng The new capital of county (新县城)
Zhoucheng 州城街道 zhōu chéng The old capital of county (老县城,千年宋城)
Pengji 彭集街道 péng jí Peng's market (彭家集)
Dayang 大羊镇 dà yáng
Timen 梯门镇 tī mén ladder door
Jieshan 接山镇 jiē shān The mountain greet the emperor (接驾山)
Laohu 老湖镇 lǎo hú Old Lake
Xinhu 新湖镇 xīn hú New Lake
Shahezhan 沙河站镇 shā hé zhàn
Yinshan 银山镇 yín shān Silver mountain
Daimiao 戴庙镇 dài miào Dài temple (戴家庙)
Banjiudian 斑鸠店镇 bān jiū diàn Turtledove shop
Shanglaozhuang 商老庄乡 shāng lǎo zhuāng
Jiuxian 旧县乡 jiù xiàn Old County


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