Yanqing District

Yanqing District (simplified Chinese: 延庆区; traditional Chinese: 延慶區; pinyin: Yánqìng Qū), formerly known as Yanqing County before 2015, is a subdivision of the municipality of Beijing located northwest of the city proper of Beijing. The district consists of 11 towns and 4 rural townships, and borders the Beijing districts of Huairou to the east and Changping to the south as well as the Hebei counties of Huailai to the west and Chicheng to the north. The district will host alpine skiing, bobsled, luge and skeleton during the 2022 Winter Olympics.



Ancient cave dwellings of the Guyaju Ruins are located in Yanqing.
Ancient cave dwellings of the Guyaju Ruins are located in Yanqing.
Location of Yanqing in Beijing
Location of Yanqing in Beijing
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Township-level divisions3 subdistricts
11 towns
1 township
 • Total1,992 km2 (769 sq mi)
 • Total275,433
 • Density140/km2 (360/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s)0010
Traditional Chinese延慶
Simplified Chinese延庆

Administrative divisionsEdit

There are 3 subdistricts, 11 towns, and 1 township in the district.[1]

The urban area of Yanqing is composed of Baiquan Subdistrict, Rulin Subdistrict, Xiangshuiyuan Subdistrict and Yanqing Town, with a population that exceeds 100,000. The urban area has a central business district and exhibition center.

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010)[2] Area (km2)
Rulin Subdistrict 儒林街道 Rúlín Jiēdào 125,659 14.26
Baiquan Subdistrict 百泉街道 Bǎiquán Jiēdào 6.20
Xiangshuiyuan Subdistrict 香水园街道 Xiāngshuǐyuán Jiēdào 7.45
Yanqing town 延庆镇 Yánqìng Zhèn 47.00
Kangzhuang town 康庄镇 Kāngzhuāng Zhèn 33,487 75.00
Badaling town 八达岭镇 Bādálǐng Zhèn 8,094 96.00
Yongning town 永宁镇 Yǒngníng Zhèn 24,075 158.70
Jiuxian town 旧县镇 Jiùxiàn Zhèn 19,932 109.70
Zhangshanying town 张山营镇 Zhāngshānyíng Zhèn 23,769 248.00
Sihai town 四海镇 Sìhǎi Zhèn 6,001 115.70
Qianjiadian town 千家店镇 Qiānjiādiàn Zhèn 9,463 371.00
Shenjiaying town 沈家营镇 Shěnjiāyíng Zhèn 12,021 37.30
Dayushu town 大榆树镇 Dàyúshù Zhèn 21,630 64.00
Jingzhuang town 井庄镇 Jǐngzhuāng Zhèn 10,646 125.70
Dazhuangke Township 大庄科乡 Dàzhuāngkē Xiāng 5,276 126.57
Liubinbao Township 刘斌堡乡 Liúbīnbǎo Xiāng 6,088 116.20
Xiangying Township 香营乡 Xiāngyíng Xiāng 7,782 96.00
Zhenzhuquan Township 珍珠泉乡 Zhēnzhūquán Xiāng 3,503 114.00

Culture and tourismEdit

The district is rich in historical sites and outdoor attractions.

The most visited attraction of Yanqing is Badaling, a restored section of the Great Wall, that is highly popular with tourists. Badaling Remnant (Shixiaguan) and Shuiguan sections of the Great Wall in Yanqing are to the west and east respectively of the highly popular Badaling and receive spillover visitors especially during peak periods.

One of the most popular day-trips for residents of Beijing is the Longqing Gorge located in the village of Gucheng in the district. The scenic area features a canyon filled at the bottom with a reservoir from a nearby man made dam, providing short boat cruises along the dramatic landscape of narrow peaks.[3][4]

The remnants of a 1,000 year old cliff dwelling community date back to the Tang Dynasty are found at Guyaju Ruins near the village of Dongmenying.[5] Archaeologists are uncertain about the origins of Guyaju. One theory holds that the Kumo Xi, a steppe tribe, carved from the rocks the halls and hundreds of dwellings that form a fortress community in the caves.[5][6]

Another historical attraction is the town of Yongning. The town square tower was restored in the 2000s and there is a Gothic Revival Catholic church from the 19th century.[7]


The Jingbao Railway, Daqin Railway, and China National Highway 110 pass through the district.

Suburban railwayEdit

Yanqing is currently served by one commuter railway line operated by Beijing Suburban Railway (BCR). Line S2 (both the main and branch lines) starts from Huangtudian railway station in Changping District and stops at the following stations in Yanqing:


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