Qinggil County

Qinggil County[5][6][7] (Uyghur), also Chinggil County,[8][9][10] Qinghe County, is a county of Altay Prefecture in northeastern Xinjiang, China, bordering Bayan-Ölgii Province and Khovd Province in Mongolia to the east. It has an area of 15,722 km2 (6,070 sq mi) with a population of 60,000[when?]. Qinghe was the site of a meteorite impact in 1898 and a Mongolian–Chinese border clash in the spring of 1944.

Qinggil County

چىڭگىل ناھىيىسى
Шіңгіл ауданы

Chinggil, Qinghe, Ch'ing-ho
Location of Qinggil County (pink) in Altay Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Location of Qinggil County (pink) in Altay Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Qinggil is located in Xinjiang
Location of the county town in Xinjiang
Coordinates: 46°37′N 90°25′E / 46.617°N 90.417°E / 46.617; 90.417Coordinates: 46°37′N 90°25′E / 46.617°N 90.417°E / 46.617; 90.417
CountryPeople's Republic of China
County seatQinggil (青河镇)
Township-level divisions5 towns
3 townships[1][2]
 • Total15,579.5 km2 (6,015.3 sq mi)
1,220 m (4,000 ft)
 • Total58,858
 • Density3.8/km2 (9.8/sq mi)
Ethnic groups
 • Major ethnic groupsKazakh
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Qinggil County
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese青河县
Traditional Chinese青河縣
Uyghur name
Uyghurچىڭگىل ناھىيىسى
Kazakh name
Kazakhشىڭگىل اۋدانى
Shińgil aýdany


Qinggil County is named for the Qinggil River (青格里河), a tributary of the Ulungur River.[11] 'Qinggil' is from Mongolian and means 'beautiful and crystal clear'.[4]


Map of Qinggil (labeled as CH'ING-HO) and surrounding region from the International Map of the World (1957)

In 1941/4, Qinggil County was established.[4][11]

In 2012, Araltobe Township was made a town.[4]

Administrative divisionsEdit


Town (кенті / 镇)

  • Qinggil Town (Күңше кенті / Qinghe, 青河镇), Takskhin Town (Тайкешкен кенті / Takeshiken, 塔克什肯镇), Araltobe Town (Аралтөбе кенті / Areletuobie, 阿热勒托别镇, formerly Аралтөбе болысы / Araltobe Township 阿热勒托别乡), Agedala Town (阿格达拉镇), Aral Town (Арал кенті / Arele, 阿热勒, formerly Арал болысы / Aral Township, 阿热勒乡)

Township (болысы / 乡)

Military Base (兵团单位)


Qinggil County has forests as well as coal and mica. Industries include mining, livestock product processing, wool-spinning, leather-making and others. Animal husbandry is common.[11]


Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.

As of 2019, 76.47% of the residents of the county were Kazakh, 18.27% were Han Chinese, and 5.26% were from other ethnic groups.[12]

As of 2015, 50,091 of the 65,290 residents of the county were Kazakh, 11,892 were Han Chinese and 3,307 were from other ethnic groups.[13]

As of 1997, 75.2% of the population of Qinggil County was Kazakh.[4]

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