Changping District

Changping District (simplified Chinese: 昌平区; traditional Chinese: 昌平區; pinyin: Chāngpíng Qū), formerly Changping County (昌平县), is a district situated in the suburbs of north and northwest Beijing.

Changping District in May 2022
Changping District in May 2022
Location of Changping District in Beijing
Location of Changping District in Beijing
Coordinates (Changping government): 40°13′16″N 116°13′52″E / 40.2210°N 116.2312°E / 40.2210; 116.2312Coordinates: 40°13′16″N 116°13′52″E / 40.2210°N 116.2312°E / 40.2210; 116.2312
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Township-level divisions8 subdistricts
10 towns
District seatChengbei Subdistrict (城北街道)
 • Total1,352 km2 (522 sq mi)
 • Total1,908,000
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Area code0010


Changping County and Jundu County which administered the area were established in the Han Dynasty. Changping was incorporated into Jundu when the Northern Wei dominated; however, the condition was reversed since the Eastern Wei. The county was promoted as Changping subprefecture had jurisdiction over Miyun, Shunyi and Huairou, in the era of Zhengde during the Ming Dynasty. These three counties were transferred to Shuntian Prefecture in the era of Yongzheng during the Qing Dynasty. Changping became a county again after the Xinhai Revolution, and it was transferred to Beijing from Hebei in 1956.[1]


Changping District, covering an area of 1,430 square kilometres (550 sq mi), contains two subdistricts of the city of Changping and 15 towns (five of which are suburbs of Beijing) with total population of 1.83 million (2012),[2] a rapid increase from the 614,821 recorded in the 2000 census. About 34 km (21 mi) from the city center, Changping is renowned for its numerous scenic spots and tourist facilities, like Datangshan museum. It is rich in natural resources, mineral products, and rural products.

The urban area of Changping (116,961 in subdistricts) has an area of 16 km2 (6.2 sq mi) and an estimated population of 130,000. Other major urban areas are Nankou (70,000) and Yangfang (40,000).[3]

Administrative divisionsEdit

There are 8 subdistricts and 14 towns with 4 towns of which carry the "area" (地区) label in the district:[4][5]

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010)[6] Area (km2)
Chengbei Subdistrict 城北街道 Chéngběi Jiēdào 187,228 18.90
Chengnan Subdistrict 城南街道 Chéngnán Jiēdào 58,127 14.13
Huilongguan Subdistrict 回龙观街道 Huílóngguān Jiēdào 306,311
Longzeyuan Subdistrict 龙泽园街道 Lóngzéyuán Jiēdào
Shigezhuang Subdistrict 史各庄街道 Shǐgèzhuāng Jiēdào
Tiantongyuanbei Subdistrict 天通苑北街道 Tiāntōngyuànběi Jiēdào 359,415 4.70
Tiantongyuannan Subdistrict 天通苑南街道 Tiāntōngyuànnán Jiēdào 5.60
Huoying Subdistrict 霍营街道 Huòyíng Jiēdào 4.60
Dongxiaokou (town) Area 东小口(镇)地区 Dōngxiǎokǒu (Zhèn) Dìqū 32.20
Nankou (town) Area 南口(镇)地区 Nánkǒu (Zhèn) Dìqū 67,811 202.50
Machikou (town) Area 马池口(镇)地区 Mǎchíkǒu (Zhèn) Dìqū 73,905 58.40
Shahe (town) Area 沙河(镇)地区 Shāhé (Zhèn) Dìqū 110,808 56.00
Yangfang town 阳坊镇 Yángfāng Zhèn 23,701 40.52
Xiaotangshan town 小汤山镇 Xiǎotāngshān Zhèn 55,737 70.10
Nanshao town 南邵镇 Nánshào Zhèn 24,180 35.20
Cuicun town 崔村镇 Cuīcūn Zhèn 21,319 60.00
Baishan town 百善镇 Bǎi shàn Zhèn 21,662 35.14
Beiqijia town 北七家镇 Běiqījiā Zhèn 263,323 21.4
Liucun town 流村镇 Liúcūn Zhèn 17,900 257.00
Shisanling town 十三陵镇 Shísānlíng Zhèn 20,911 158.80
Xingshou town 兴寿镇 Xìngshòu Zhèn 33,139 75.00
Yanshou town 延寿镇 Yánshòu Zhèn 113.31


In 2017, the regional GDP of the district is 83.97 billion yuan,[7] with GDP per capita at 40.7 thousand yuan.


Central governmentEdit

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has its headquarters in the district.[9]


Changping District is served by four metro lines operated by Beijing Subway and one commuter line operated by Beijing Suburban Railway (BCR). Changping District is served by Beijing Subway Lines 5, 8, 13 and the Changping line.[10]


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