Lishi District

Lishi District (simplified Chinese: 离石区; traditional Chinese: 離石區; pinyin: Líshí Qū) is the only district and the seat of the city of Lüliang, Shanxi province, China. The district is a major hub for the coal industry in Lüliang and an administrative center for the prefecture.



Lishi in Lüliang
Lishi in Lüliang
Lüliang in Shanxi
Lüliang in Shanxi
Coordinates: 37°31′03″N 111°09′03″E / 37.5176°N 111.1507°E / 37.5176; 111.1507Coordinates: 37°31′03″N 111°09′03″E / 37.5176°N 111.1507°E / 37.5176; 111.1507
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityLüliang
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)


Lüliang Higher College is a government sponsored teacher's college that offers degrees from Taiyuan Normal University. Lüliang Higher College is seeking accreditation as an independent degree-granting institution. It has three campuses. Lüliang Higher College is generally welcoming of European, North American and African native speakers of English, along with native speakers of Japanese for employment options in their foreign language department.

Lüliang Higher College has had persistent problems maintaining electric power but has been making sincere efforts to modernize.

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