Meixian, Meizhou

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Meixian District (梅县区) is a district of Meizhou City, in northeastern Guangdong Province, China.[1] The district is an important Hakka settlement and is the ancestral home of many Hakka descendants living in Taiwan.

District of Meixian
Location of the district in Meizhou
Location of the district in Meizhou
Meixian is located in Guangdong
Location in Guangdong
Coordinates: 24°19′17″N 116°07′10″E / 24.32139°N 116.11944°E / 24.32139; 116.11944
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityMeizhou
 • Total2,755.36 km2 (1,063.85 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Meixian, Meizhou
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese梅县
(IPA: [mɔi˩jɛn˥˧])
Literal meaningPlum County
Former Name (Qing dynasty)
Traditional Chinese嘉應
Simplified Chinese嘉应

History edit

Its original name was Chengxiang county (程鄕) during the southern Han Dynasty where it was first created, all the way to the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, and then renamed Jiaying county during the Qing dynasty. It only obtained the name Meixian in 1911 during the Xinhai Revolution.

Geography edit

Map including Meixian (MEI-HSIEN 梅縣 (KAYING)) area (1954)

Meixian almost completely surrounds Meizhou's central urban Meijiang District. This is due to the old urban core of Meixian becoming separated from the bulk of the county in the territorial reorganization following the 1949 establishment of the People's Republic of China, when it was given equal status.

Ethno-linguistic make-up edit

Meixian is noted for its large Hakka population.

Administrative divisions edit

Meixian has administrative jurisdiction over one subdistrict and 18 towns.[2]


Culture edit

With a majority Hakka population, Meixian, along with Dabu County, is known as the home of Standard Hakka.

References edit

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