Yiyuan County

Yiyuan (Chinese: 沂源; pinyin: Yíyuán; Wade-Giles: iyüan) is a county in the centre of China's Shandong province and is located in the deep Tai-yi Mountains, and is the southernmost county-level division under the jurisdiction of Zibo City. It had a population of 576,000 according to the county government,[1] of which 104,200 lives in the county town[citation needed]. Yiyuan has the nickname of “Roof of Shandong” because of its highest average altitude among all counties within the province.[1]

Yiyuan County

Location in Zibo
Location in Zibo
Yiyuan is located in Shandong
Location of the seat in Shandong
Coordinates (Yiyuan County government): 36°11′06″N 118°10′15″E / 36.1849°N 118.1708°E / 36.1849; 118.1708Coordinates: 36°11′06″N 118°10′15″E / 36.1849°N 118.1708°E / 36.1849; 118.1708
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityZibo
 • Water1,636 km2 (632 sq mi)
 • Total576,000
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard Time)


Yiyuan county is home to a number of archaeological finds, particularly humanoid fossils.[1][2] One such fossil, referred to as the "Yiyuan ape-man fossil" is estimated to date back between 400,000 and 500,000 years ago.[2] Yiyuan people are also pround of local phicically cultural findings left by the Palæolithic and Neolithic Ages as well as all cultural findings from since the Shang Dynasty[citation needed]. The county is thought to be the setting for the famous Chinese legend of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.[3] It is estimated by the county government that 23,000 people from Yiyuan fought during the Japanese Invasion of China.[1] Of these 23,000 people, approximately 1,800 are thought to have died, with another 2,100 thought to be injured.[1]


Yiyuan is located in the middle of Shandong Province, approximately 100 km (62 mi) away from Jinan and Zibo, and 170 km (110 mi) away from Qingdao. The county town is located beside one of the most important rivers in the province- the Yi River, and the name "" literally means "the beginning of (the) Yi (River)".[1]

Yiyuan County is generally mountainous, with the highest peak, the Lu Mountain, having an altitude of 1,108 m (3,635 ft).[1] 58% of the county is covered with forests, which has helped it receive a number of titles from the national government.[1]

Administrative divisionsEdit

Yiyuan County is divided into 2 subdistricts and 10 towns.[4]


The county's 2 subdistricts are Lishan Subdistrict [zh] and Nanma Subdistrict [zh].[4]


The county's 10 towns are Lucun [zh], Dongli [zh], Yuezhuang [zh], Xili [zh], Dazhangzhuang [zh], Zhongzhuang [zh], Zhangjiapo [zh], Yanya, Shiqiao [zh], and Nanlushan [zh].[4]


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