Huangzhou District

Huangzhou District is an urban district of Huanggang, Hubei province, China.

Hwangchow, Hoang-tcheou
Li Siguang Memorial Museum
Li Siguang Memorial Museum
Huangzhou is located in Hubei
Location in Hubei
Coordinates: 30°26′02″N 114°52′44″E / 30.434°N 114.879°E / 30.434; 114.879Coordinates: 30°26′02″N 114°52′44″E / 30.434°N 114.879°E / 30.434; 114.879
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityHuanggang
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Website黄冈市黄州区人民政府门户网站 (Huanggang City Huangzhou District People's Government Web Portal) (in Simplified Chinese)
Huangzhou District
Traditional Chinese黃州區
Simplified Chinese黄州区
Literal meaningDistrict of the Yellow Prefectural Seat


Maps of "Hoang-tcheou-fou" and "Yong-tcheou-fou" from Du Halde's 1735 Description of China, based on accounts by Jesuit missionaries.

In 845 BC Marquis Wen 文侯 Huang Meng 黃孟 (aka Huang Zhang 黃璋) moved the capital of the State of Huang from Yicheng to Huangchuan (present-day Huangchuan, Henan). Huang Xi's descendants ruled State of Huang until 648 BC when it was destroyed by the State of Chu. The Marquis of Huang, Marquis Mu 穆侯 Huang Qisheng 黃企生, fled to the state of Qi. The people of Huang were forced to relocate to Chu. They settled in the region of present-day Hubei province, in a region known as the Jiangxia Prefecture 江夏郡 during the Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 220). There are many places in this region today that were named after Huang e.g. Huanggang, Huangpi, Huangmei, Huangshi, Huang'an (now Hong'an), Huangzhou etc. A large number of the people of Huang were also relocated to regions south of the Yangtze River.

Huangzhou was previously a separate city which administered a prefecture in its own right. Huanggang Middle School and the campuses of Huanggang Normal University are located in Huangzhou.


Map including Huangzhou (labeled as HUANG-KANG (HWANG CHOW) (walled) 黃岡) (1953)

Administrative DivisionsEdit

Huangzhou District administers:[1][2][3]

# Name Chinese (S)
1 Chibi Subdistrict Red Cliff 赤壁街道
2 Donghu Subdistrict East Lake 东湖街道
3 Yuwang Subdistrict King Yu 禹王街道
4 Nanhu Subdistrict South Lake 南湖街道
5 Lukou Town Intersection (road) 路口
6 Ducheng Town 堵城
7 Chencelou Town 陈策楼
8 Taodian Township Tao Store 陶店
Other Areas
9 Railway Station Economic Development Area 火车站经济开发区


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