Tongshan County

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Tongshan (simplified Chinese: 通山; traditional Chinese: 通山; pinyin: Tōngshān Xiàn) is a county of Xianning City, in the southeastern part of Hubei province, People's Republic of China, bordering Jiangxi to the south.

Tongshan County


Tongshan is located in Hubei
Location of the seat in Hubei
Coordinates (Tongshan government): 29°36′23″N 114°28′58″E / 29.6064°N 114.4828°E / 29.6064; 114.4828Coordinates: 29°36′23″N 114°28′58″E / 29.6064°N 114.4828°E / 29.6064; 114.4828
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityXianning
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

The county is located along Hubei's mountainous south-eastern border with Jiangxi. Its best known tourist attraction is the Jiugong Mountain National Park (九宫山风景区), located in the Jiugong Range, south of Jiugongshan Town.

The county is roughly coterminous with the upper part of the basin of the Fushui River, which flows eastward, into the neighboring Yangxin County, where it discharges into the Yangtze. A fairly large Fushui Reservoir (Fushui Shuiku) is formed on this river and its tributaries within Tongshan County by a dam that's actually built in Yangxin County, a bit downstream of the county line. There are also a few smaller reservoirs on the Fushui's tributaries.

The county seat is in the town of Tongyang (通羊镇); as it is customary in China, this location is usually labeled on less-detailed maps simply as "Tongshan County" (通山县) or "Tongshan".

The county is served by China National Highway 106 (G106), which joins with G316 near the eastern tip of the county.

Xianning Nuclear Power Plant is under construction near Tongshan County's Dafan Town.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The county is divided into 8 towns, 4 townships and 1 other area:[1][2]

  • Towns (): Tongyang (通羊, the county seat), Nanlinqiao (南林桥镇), Huangshapu (黄沙铺镇), Xiapu (or Shapu?) (厦铺镇), Chuangwang (闯王镇), Honggang (洪港镇), Dafan (大畈镇), Jiugong Shan (九宫山镇).
  • Townships (): Dalu (大路乡), Yangfanglin (杨芳林乡), Cikou (慈口乡), Yanxia (Yansha?) (燕厦乡).
  • Other area: Jiugongshan Tourism District Management Committee (九宫山名胜风景区管委会)


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