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1972 United States House of Representatives elections in New Jersey

Of the 15 New Jersey incumbents, 14 were re-elected.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 John E. Hunt Republican 1966 Incumbent re-elected. John E. Hunt (Republican) 52.5%
James J. Florio (Democratic) 47.0%
Raymond V. S. Miller (Independent) 0.2%
Dominic W. Doganiero (Soc-Lab) 0.1%
Gerrit Hoogenrad (S) 0.1%
New Jersey 2 Charles W. Sandman Jr. Republican 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Charles W. Sandman Jr. (Republican) 65.7%
John D. Rose (Democratic) 34.3%
New Jersey 3 James J. Howard Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. James J. Howard (Democratic) 53.0%
William F. Dowd (Republican) 47.0%
New Jersey 4 Frank Thompson Democratic 1954 Incumbent re-elected. Frank Thompson (Democratic) 58.0%
Peter P. Garibaldi (Republican) 42.0%
New Jersey 5 Peter Frelinghuysen Jr. Republican 1952 Incumbent re-elected. Peter Frelinghuysen Jr. (Republican) 62.0%
Frederick M. Bohen (Democratic) 38.0%
New Jersey 6 Edwin B. Forsythe Republican 1970 Incumbent re-elected. Edwin B. Forsythe (Republican) 62.8%
Francis P. Brennan (Democratic) 36.1%
Ida C. Ebert (Independent) 0.6%
Bernardo S. Doganiero (Soc-Lab) 0.5%
New Jersey 7 William B. Widnall Republican 1950 Incumbent re-elected. William B. Widnall (Republican) 57.9%
Arthur J. Lesemann (Democratic) 39.9%
Martin E. Wendelken (Independent) 2.1%
New Jersey 8 Robert A. Roe Democratic 1970 Incumbent re-elected. Robert A. Roe (Democratic) 63.1%
Walter E. Johnson (Republican) 36.9%
New Jersey 9 Henry Helstoski Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. Henry Helstoski (Democratic) 55.8%
Alfred D. Schiaffo (Republican) 44.2%
New Jersey 10 Peter W. Rodino Democratic 1948 Incumbent re-elected. Peter W. Rodino (Democratic) 79.7%
Kenneth C. Miller (Republican) 20.3%
New Jersey 11 Joseph G. Minish Democratic 1962 Incumbent re-elected. Joseph G. Minish (Democratic) 57.5%
Milton A. Waldor (Republican) 39.7%
Philip R. Nicolaus (Independent) 1.5%
James R. Klimaski (Peoples) 1.3%
New Jersey 12 Florence P. Dwyer Republican 1956 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Republican hold.
Matthew John Rinaldo (Republican) 63.5%
Jerry Fitzgerald English (Democratic) 36.2%
Stanley Bogus (Independent) 0.4%
New Jersey 13 None (district created) New seat.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
Joseph J. Maraziti (Republican) 55.7%
Helen Meyner (Democratic) 42.9%
Samuel Golub (Independent) 1.4%
New Jersey 14 Dominick V. Daniels Democratic 1958 Incumbent re-elected. Dominick V. Daniels (Democratic) 61.2%
Richard T. Bozzone (Republican) 34.3%
Edward F. Zampella (Independent) 3.1%
Perfecto Oyola (Independent) 0.9%
Vincent J. Carrino (Independent) 0.5%
Cornelius Edward Gallagher
Redistricted from the 13th district
Democratic 1958 Incumbent lost renomination.
Democratic loss.
New Jersey 15 Edward J. Patten Democratic 1962 Incumbent re-elected. Edward J. Patten (Democratic) 52.3%
Fuller H. Brooks (Republican) 47.7%

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