1972 United States House of Representatives elections in Texas

Of the 22 Texas incumbents, 19 were re-elected, 1 retired, and 2 lost re-election.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Incumbent re-elected. Wright Patman (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 2 John Dowdy Democratic 1952 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic hold.
Charles Wilson (Democratic) 73.8%
Charles O. Brightwell (Republican) 26.2%
Texas 3 James M. Collins Republican 1968 Incumbent re-elected. James M. Collins (Republican) 73.3%
George A. Hughes Jr. (Democratic) 26.7%
Texas 4 Ray Roberts Democratic 1962 Incumbent re-elected. Ray Roberts (Democratic) 70.2%
James Russell (Republican) 29.8%
Texas 5 Earle Cabell Democratic 1964 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
Alan Steelman (Republican) 55.7%
Earle Cabell (Democratic) 44.3%
Texas 6 Olin E. Teague Democratic 1946 Incumbent re-elected. Olin E. Teague (Democratic) 72.6%
Carl Nigliazzo (Republican) 27.4%
Texas 7 William Reynolds Archer Jr. Republican 1970 Incumbent re-elected. William Reynolds Archer Jr. (Republican) 82.3%
Jim Brady (Democratic) 17.7%
Texas 8 Robert C. Eckhardt Democratic 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Robert C. Eckhardt (Democratic) 64.6%
Lewis Emerich (Republican) 34.7%
Susan Ellis (Socialist Workers) 0.7%
Texas 9 Jack Brooks Democratic 1952 Incumbent re-elected. Jack Brooks (Democratic) 66.2%
Randolph C. Reed (Democratic) 33.8%
Texas 10 J. J. Pickle Democratic 1963 Incumbent re-elected. J. J. Pickle (Democratic) 91.2%
Mellissa Singler (Socialist Workers) 8.8%
Texas 11 William R. Poage Democratic 1936 Incumbent re-elected. William R. Poage (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 12 Jim Wright Democratic 1954 Incumbent re-elected. Jim Wright (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 13 Bob Price
Redistricted from the 18th district
Republican 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Bob Price (Republican) 54.8%
Graham B. Purcell Jr. (Democratic) 45.2%
Graham B. Purcell Jr. Democratic 1962 Incumbent lost re-election.
Democratic loss.
Texas 14 John Andrew Young Democratic 1956 Incumbent re-elected. John Andrew Young (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 15 Kika de la Garza Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. Kika de la Garza (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 16 Richard C. White Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. Richard C. White (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 17 Omar Burleson Democratic 1946 Incumbent re-elected. Omar Burleson (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 18 None (district created) New seat.
New member elected.
Democratic gain.
Barbara Jordan (Democratic) 80.6%
Paul Merritt (Republican) 18.2%
Emmanuel Barrera (Socialist Workers) 1.2%
Texas 19 George H. Mahon Democratic 1934 Incumbent re-elected. George H. Mahon (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 20 Henry B. Gonzalez Democratic 1961 Incumbent re-elected. Henry B. Gonzalez (Democratic) 96.9%
Steve Wattenmaker (Socialist Workers) 3.1%
Texas 21 O. C. Fisher Democratic 1942 Incumbent re-elected. O. C. Fisher (Democratic) 56.8%
Doug Harlan (Republican) 43.2%
Texas 22 Robert R. Casey Democratic 1958 Incumbent re-elected. Robert R. Casey (Democratic) 70.2%
Jim Griffin (Republican) 29.0%
Frank Peto (Independent) 0.8%
Texas 23 Abraham Kazen Democratic 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Abraham Kazen (Democratic) Unopposed
Texas 24 None (district created) New seat.
New member elected.
Democratic gain.
Dale Milford (Democratic) 65.1%
Courtney G. Roberts (Republican) 34.9%

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