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1972 United States House of Representatives elections in Kentucky

Of the 7 Kentucky incumbents, 6 were re-elected.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 Frank Stubblefield Democratic 1958 Incumbent re-elected. Frank Stubblefield (Democratic) 64.8%
Charles Thurman Banken Jr. (Republican) 33.7%
John M. Katterjohn (Independent) 1.5%
Kentucky 2 William Huston Natcher Democratic 1953 Incumbent re-elected. William Huston Natcher (Democratic) 61.5%
J. C. Carter (Republican) 38.5%
Kentucky 3 Romano L. Mazzoli Democratic 1970 Incumbent re-elected. Romano L. Mazzoli (Democratic) 62.2%
Phil Kaelin Jr. (Republican) 37.0%
William P. Chambers (American) 0.9%
Kentucky 4 Gene Snyder Republican 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Gene Snyder (Republican) 73.8%
James W. Rogers (Democratic) 26.2%
Kentucky 5 Tim Lee Carter Republican 1964 Incumbent re-elected. Tim Lee Carter (Republican) 73.5%
Lyle L. Willis (Democratic) 26.5%
Kentucky 6 William P. Curlin Jr. Democratic 1971 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic hold.
John B. Breckinridge (Democratic) 52.4%
Laban P. Jackson (Republican) 46.8%
Thomas F. Lundeen (Peoples) 0.8%
Kentucky 7 Carl D. Perkins Democratic 1948 Incumbent re-elected. Carl D. Perkins (Democratic) 61.9%
Robert Holcomb (Republican) 38.1%

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