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1972 United States House of Representatives elections in Colorado

Of the 4 Colorado incumbents, only 2 were re-elected.

Colorado was reapportioned from 4 to 5 seats, constructing a new 5th district east and south of Denver.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 Mike McKevitt Republican 1970 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Democratic gain.
Patricia Schroeder (Democratic) 51.6%
Mike McKevitt (Republican) 47.5%
Marie Pauline Serna (La Raza Unida) 0.8%
Fern Gapin (Socialist Workers) 0.2%
Colorado 2 Donald G. Brotzman Republican 1966 Incumbent re-elected. Donald G. Brotzman (Republican) 66.3%
Francis W. Brush (Democratic) 33.4%
Joel Houtman (Socialist Workers) 0.3%
Colorado 3 Frank Evans Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. Frank Evans (Democratic) 66.3%
Chuck Brady (Republican) 33.7%
Colorado 4 Wayne N. Aspinall Democratic 1948 Incumbent lost renomination.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
James Paul Johnson (Republican) 51.0%
Alan Merson (Democratic) 49.0%
Colorado 5 None (district created) New seat.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
William L. Armstrong (Republican) 62.3%
Byron L. Johnson (Democratic) 36.5%
Pipp M. Boyls (Libertarian) 1.2%

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