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1978 United States House of Representatives elections in Florida

11 of the 15 incumbents were re-elected in Florida.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 Bob Sikes Democratic 1940 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic hold.
Earl Hutto (Democratic) 63.3%
Warren Briggs (Republican) 36.7%
Florida 2 Don Fuqua Democratic 1962 Incumbent re-elected. Don Fuqua (Democratic) 81.7%
Pete Brathwaite (Republican) 18.3%
Florida 3 Charles Edward Bennett Democratic 1948 Incumbent re-elected. Charles Edward Bennett (Democratic) Unopposed
Florida 4 Bill Chappell Democratic 1968 Incumbent re-elected. Bill Chappell (Democratic) 73.1%
Tom Boney (Republican) 26.9%
Florida 5 Richard Kelly Republican 1974 Incumbent re-elected. Richard Kelly (Republican) 51.1%
David Ryan Best (Democratic) 48.9%
Florida 6 Bill Young Republican 1970 Incumbent re-elected. Bill Young (Republican) 78.8%
Jim Christison (Democratic) 21.2%
Florida 7 Sam M. Gibbons Democratic 1962 Incumbent re-elected. Sam M. Gibbons (Democratic) Unopposed
Florida 8 Andy Ireland Democratic 1976 Incumbent re-elected. Andy Ireland (Democratic) Unopposed
Florida 9 Louis Frey Jr. Republican 1968 Incumbent retired to run for Governor of Florida.
New member elected.
Democratic gain.
Bill Nelson (Democratic) 61.5%
Edward J. Gurney (Republican) 38.5%
Florida 10 Louis A. Bafalis Republican 1972 Incumbent re-elected. Louis A. Bafalis (Republican) Unopposed
Florida 11 Paul Rogers Democratic 1954 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Democratic hold.
Dan Mica (Democratic) 55.3%
Bill James (Republican) 44.7%
Florida 12 J. Herbert Burke Republican 1966 Incumbent lost re-lection.
New member elected.
Democratic gain.
Edward J. Stack (Democratic) 61.6%
J. Herbert Burke (Republican) 38.4%
Florida 13 William Lehman Democratic 1972 Incumbent re-elected. William Lehman (Democratic) Unopposed
Florida 14 Claude Pepper Democratic 1962 Incumbent re-elected. Claude Pepper (Democratic) 63.1%
Al Cardenas (Republican) 36.9%
Florida 15 Dante Fascell Democratic 1954 Incumbent re-elected. Dante Fascell (Democratic) 74.2%
Herbert J. Hoodwin (Republican) 25.8%

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