List of MPs elected in the 1892 United Kingdom general election

This is a list of Members of Parliament (MPs) elected in the 1892 general election, held over several days from 4 July to 26 July 1892.

1885–1886 Parliament
1886–1892 Parliament
1892–1895 Parliament
1895–1900 Parliament
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Party Seats
Liberal Party 271
Conservative Party 251
Irish National Federation 72
Liberal Unionist Party 46
Irish Unionist 17
Irish National League 9
Independent Labour Party 3
Independent Liberal 1

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Constituency MP Party
Aberdeen, North William Hunter Liberal
Aberdeen, South James Bryce Liberal
Aberdeenshire, East Peter Esslemont Liberal
Aberdeenshire, West Robert Farquharson Liberal
Abingdon Philip Wroughton Conservative
Accrington Joseph Leese Liberal
Altrincham Coningsby Disraeli Conservative
Andover William Wither Bramston Beach Conservative
Anglesey Thomas Lewis Liberal
Antrim, East James Martin McCalmont Irish Unionist
Antrim, Mid Robert O'Neill Irish Unionist
Antrim, North Charles Connor Irish Unionist
Antrim, South William Ellison-Macartney Irish Unionist
Appleby Sir Joseph Savory, Bt Conservative
Arfon William Rathbone Liberal
Argyllshire Donald Horne Macfarlane Liberal (Crofters')
Armagh, Mid Dunbar Barton Irish Unionist
Armagh, North Edward James Saunderson Irish Unionist
Armagh South Edward McHugh Irish National Federation
Ashburton Charles Seale-Hayne Liberal
Ashford Laurence Hardy Conservative
Ashton-under-Lyne John Addison Conservative
Aston Manor George Grice-Hutchinson Conservative
Aylesbury Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild Liberal Unionist
Ayr District of Burghs William Birkmyre Liberal
Ayrshire, North Thomas Cochrane Liberal Unionist
Ayrshire, South Eugene Wason Liberal


Banbury Sir Bernhard Samuelson, Bt Liberal
Banffshire Robert Duff Liberal
Barkston Ash Robert Gunter Conservative
Barnard Castle Sir Joseph Pease, Bt Liberal
Barnsley William Compton Liberal
Barnstaple Alfred Billson Liberal
Barrow-in-Furness Charles Cayzer Conservative
Basingstoke Arthur Frederick Jeffreys Conservative
Bassetlaw Sir Frederick Milner, Bt Conservative
(two members)
Wyndham Murray Conservative
Edmond Wodehouse Liberal Unionist
Battersea John Burns Independent Labour
Bedford Samuel Whitbread Liberal
Belfast East Gustav Wilhelm Wolff Irish Unionist
Belfast North Sir Edward Harland, Bt Irish Unionist
Belfast South William Johnston Irish Unionist
Belfast West H. O. Arnold-Forster Liberal Unionist
Bermondsey Reuben Barrow Liberal
Berwick-upon-Tweed Sir Edward Grey, Bt Liberal
Berwickshire Hon. Edward Marjoribanks Liberal
Bethnal Green North East George Howell Liberal-Labour
Bethnal Green South West Edward Pickersgill Liberal
Bewdley Alfred Baldwin Conservative
Biggleswade George W. E. Russell Liberal
Birkenhead Viscount Bury Conservative
Birmingham Bordesley Jesse Collings Liberal Unionist
Birmingham Central John Albert Bright Liberal Unionist
Birmingham East Henry Matthews Conservative
Birmingham Edgbaston George Dixon Liberal Unionist
Birmingham North William Kenrick Liberal Unionist
Birmingham South Joseph Powell-Williams Liberal Unionist
Birmingham West Joseph Chamberlain Liberal Unionist
Birr Bernard Charles Molloy Irish National Federation
Bishop Auckland James Mellor Paulton Liberal
(two seats)
William Hornby Conservative
William Coddington Conservative
Blackpool Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt Conservative
Bodmin Leonard Courtney Liberal Unionist
(two seats)
Herbert Shepherd-Cross Conservative
Hon. Francis Charles Bridgeman Conservative
Bootle Thomas Sandys Conservative
Boston William Ingram Liberal
Bosworth Charles McLaren Liberal
Bow and Bromley John Macdonald Liberal
Bradford Central George Shaw-Lefevre Liberal
Bradford East William Sproston Caine Liberal
Bradford West Alfred Illingworth Liberal
Brecknockshire William Fuller-Maitland Liberal
Brentford James Bigwood Conservative
Bridgwater Edward Stanley Conservative
Brigg Samuel Danks Waddy Liberal
(two members)
Gerald Loder Conservative
Sir William Marriott Conservative
Bristol East Sir Joseph Weston Liberal
Bristol North Charles Townsend Liberal
Bristol South Sir Edward Stock Hill Conservative
Bristol West Sir Michael Hicks Beach, Bt Conservative
Brixton Marquess of Carmarthen Conservative
Buckingham Herbert Leon Liberal
Buckrose Sir Angus Holden, Bt Liberal
Burnley Jabez Balfour Liberal
Burton Sydney Evershed Liberal
Bury Sir Henry James Liberal Unionist
Bury St. Edmunds Lord Francis Hervey Conservative
Buteshire Andrew Murray Conservative


Caithness-shire Gavin Clark Liberal (Crofters')
Camberwell North Edward Hodson Bayley Liberal
Camborne Charles Conybeare Liberal
Cambridge Robert Uniacke-Penrose-Fitzgerald Conservative
Cambridge University
(two members)
Sir John Eldon Gorst Conservative
Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb Conservative
Canterbury John Henniker Heaton Conservative
Cardiff District Sir Edward Reed Liberal
Cardiganshire William Bowen Rowlands Liberal
Carlisle William Gully Liberal
County Carlow John Hammond Irish National Federation
Carmarthen District Evan Rowland Jones Liberal
Carmarthenshire East Abel Thomas Liberal
Carmarthenshire West John Lloyd Morgan Liberal
Carnarvon David Lloyd George Liberal
Cavan East Samuel Young Irish National Federation
Cavan West Edmund Vesey Knox Irish National Federation
Chatham Lewis Vivian Loyd Conservative
Chelmsford Thomas Usborne Conservative
Chelsea Charles Whitmore Conservative
Cheltenham James Agg-Gardner Conservative
Chertsey Charles Harvey Combe Conservative
Chester Robert Yerburgh Conservative
Chester-le-Street James Joicey Liberal
Chesterfield Thomas Bayley Liberal
Chesterton Hugh Hoare Liberal
Chichester Lord Walter Gordon-Lennox Conservative
Chippenham Sir John Dickson-Poynder, Bt Conservative
Chorley Joseph Feilden Conservative
Christchurch Abel Henry Smith Conservative
Cirencester Arthur Winterbotham Liberal
Clackmannan and Kinrossshire John Balfour Liberal
Clapham Percy Thornton Conservative
Clare East Willie Redmond Irish National League
Clare West James Rochfort Maguire Irish National League
Cleveland Henry Fell Pease Liberal
Clitheroe Sir Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth, Bt Liberal
Cockermouth Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bt Liberal
Colchester Herbert Naylor-Leyland Conservative
Colne Valley Sir James Kitson, Bt Liberal
Cork City
(two members)
William O'Brien Irish National Federation
Maurice Healy Irish National Federation
County Cork East Anthony Donelan Irish National Federation
County Cork Mid Charles Kearns Deane Tanner Irish National Federation
County Cork North James Christopher Flynn Irish National Federation
County Cork North East William O'Brien Irish National Federation
County Cork South Edward Barry Irish National Federation
County Cork South East John Morrogh Irish National Federation
County Cork West James Gilhooly Irish National Federation
Coventry William Ballantine Liberal
Crewe Walter McLaren Liberal
Cricklade John Husband Liberal
Croydon Hon. Sidney Herbert Conservative


Darlington Theodore Fry Liberal
Dartford Sir William Hart Dyke, Bt Conservative
Darwen Charles Huntington Liberal
Denbigh District George Thomas Kenyon Conservative
Denbighshire East Sir George Osborne Morgan, Bt Liberal
Denbighshire West John Roberts Liberal
Deptford Charles Darling Conservative
(two members)
Thomas Roe Liberal
William Vernon Harcourt Liberal
Derbyshire Mid Sir James Alfred Jacoby Liberal
Derbyshire North East Thomas Bolton Liberal
Derbyshire South Harrington Evans Broad Liberal
Derbyshire West Victor Cavendish Liberal Unionist
Devizes Charles Hobhouse Liberal
Devonport (2 members) Hudson Kearley Liberal
E. J. C. Morton Liberal
Dewsbury Mark Oldroyd Liberal
Doncaster Charles James Fleming Liberal
Donegal East Arthur O'Connor Irish National Federation
Donegal North John Mains Irish National Federation
Donegal South J. G. Swift MacNeill Irish National Federation
Donegal West Timothy Daniel Sullivan Irish National Federation
Dorset East Hon. Humphrey Sturt Conservative
Dorset North John Wingfield-Digby Conservative
Dorset South William Brymer Conservative
Dorset West Henry Richard Farquharson Conservative
Dover George Wyndham Conservative
Down East James Alexander Rentoul Irish Unionist
Down North Thomas Waring Irish Unionist
Down South Michael McCartan Irish National Federation
Down West Lord Arthur Hill Irish Unionist
Droitwich Richard Martin Liberal Unionist
Dublin County North J. J. Clancy Irish National League
Dublin County South Hon. Horace Plunkett Irish Unionist
Dublin College Green J. E. Kenny Irish National League
Dublin Harbour Timothy Harrington Irish National League
Dublin St Patrick's William Field Irish National League
Dublin St Stephen's Green William Kenny Liberal Unionist
Dublin University
(two members)
Edward Carson Conservative
Hon. David Plunket Conservative
Dudley Brooke Robinson Conservative
Dulwich John Blundell Maple Conservative
Dumbartonshire John Sinclair Liberal
Dumfries District of Burghs Robert Reid Liberal
Dumfriesshire William Maxwell Liberal Unionist
(two members)
Edmund Robertson Liberal
John Leng Liberal
Durham Matthew Fowler Liberal
Durham Mid John Wilson Liberal-Labour
Durham North West Llewellyn Atherley-Jones Liberal
Durham South East Joseph Richardson Liberal


Ealing Lord George Hamilton Conservative
East Grinstead Hon. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy Conservative
Eastbourne Edward Field Conservative
Eccles Henry John Roby Liberal
Eddisbury Henry James Tollemache Conservative
Edinburgh Central William McEwan Liberal
Edinburgh East Robert Wallace Liberal
Edinburgh South Herbert Paul Liberal
Edinburgh West Viscount Wolmer Liberal Unionist
Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities Sir Charles Pearson Conservative
Egremont David Ainsworth Liberal
Eifion John Bryn Roberts Liberal
Elgin District of Burghs Alexander Asher Liberal
Elgin and Nairnshires John Seymour Keay Liberal
Elland Thomas Wayman Liberal
Enfield Henry Bowles Conservative
Epping Amelius Lockwood Conservative
Epsom Thomas Bucknill Conservative
Eskdale Robert Andrew Allison Liberal
Essex South East Carne Rasch Conservative
Evesham Sir Edmund Lechmere, Bt Conservative
Exeter Hon. Henry Northcote Conservative
Eye Francis Seymour Stevenson Liberal


Falkirk District of Burghs Harry Smith Liberal
Fareham Sir Frederick Fitzwygram Conservative
Faversham Herbert Knatchbull-Hugessen Conservative
Fermanagh North Richard Dane Irish Unionist
Fermanagh South Patrick McGilligan Irish National Federation
Fife East H. H. Asquith Liberal
Fife West Augustine Birrell Liberal
Finsbury Central Dadabhai Naoroji Liberal
Finsbury East James Rowlands Liberal-Labour
Flint Herbert Lewis Liberal
Flintshire Samuel Smith Liberal
Forest of Dean Sir Charles Dilke, Bt Liberal
Forfarshire John Rigby Liberal
Frome John Barlow Liberal
Fulham William Hayes Fisher Conservative


Gainsborough Joseph Bennett Liberal
Galway Borough John Pinkerton Irish National Federation
Galway Connemara Patrick James Foley Irish National Federation
County Galway East John Roche Irish National Federation
County Galway North John Philip Nolan Irish National League
County Galway South David Sheehy Irish National Federation
Gateshead Hon. Walter James Liberal
Glamorganshire, East Sir Alfred Thomas Liberal
Glamorganshire Mid Samuel Evans Liberal
Glamorganshire, South Arthur John Williams Liberal
Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities James Alexander Campbell Conservative
Glasgow Blackfriars and Hutchesontown Andrew Provand Liberal
Glasgow Bridgeton Sir George Trevelyan, Bt Liberal
Glasgow Camlachie Alexander Cross Liberal Unionist
Glasgow Central John George Alex Baird Conservative
Glasgow College Charles Cameron Liberal
Glasgow St Rollox Sir James Carmichael, Bt Liberal
Glasgow Tradeston Archibald Corbett Liberal Unionist
Gloucester Thomas Robinson Liberal
Gorton William Mather Liberal
Govan John Wilson Liberal
Gower David Randell Liberal
Grantham Henry Lopes Conservative
Gravesend James Dampier Palmer Conservative
Great Grimsby Henri Josse Liberal
Great Yarmouth James Marshall Moorsom Liberal
Greenock Sir Thomas Sutherland Liberal Unionist
Greenwich Thomas Boord Conservative
Guildford Hon. St John Brodrick Conservative


Hackney Central Sir Andrew Scoble Conservative
Hackney North William Robert Bousfield Conservative
Hackney South Sir Charles Russell Liberal
Haddingtonshire Richard Haldane Liberal
Haggerston Randal Cremer Liberal-Labour
Halifax (2 members) Sir James Stansfeld Liberal
Thomas Shaw Liberal
Hallamshire Sir Frederick Mappin, Bt Liberal
Hammersmith Walter Tuckfield Goldsworthy Conservative
Hampstead Edward Brodie Hoare Conservative
Handsworth Sir Henry Meysey-Thompson, Bt Liberal Unionist
Hanley William Woodall Liberal
Harborough John William Logan Liberal
Harrow William Ambrose Conservative
Hartlepools, The Christopher Furness Liberal
Harwich James Round Conservative
Hastings Wilson Noble Conservative
Hawick District of Burghs Thomas Shaw Liberal
Henley Francis Parker Conservative
Hereford William Grenfell Liberal
Hertford Abel Smith Conservative
Hexham Nathaniel Clayton Conservative
Heywood Thomas Snape Liberal
High Peak William Sidebottom Conservative
Hitchin George Hudson Conservative
Holborn Gainsford Bruce Conservative
Holderness George Bethell Conservative
Holmfirth Henry Wilson Liberal
Honiton Sir John Kennaway, Bt Conservative
Horncastle Hon. Edward Stanhope Conservative
Hornsey Henry Stephens Conservative
Horsham Sir Walter Barttelot, Bt Conservative
Houghton-le-Spring Henry Fenwick Liberal
Howdenshire William Wilson-Todd Conservative
Hoxton James Stuart Liberal
Huddersfield William Summers Liberal
Huntingdon Arthur Smith-Barry Conservative
Hyde Joseph Watson Sidebotham Conservative
Hythe Sir Edward Watkin, Bt Independent Liberal


Ilkeston Sir Balthazar Foster Liberal
Ince Sam Woods Liberal-Labour
Inverness District of Burghs Gilbert Beith Liberal
Inverness-shire Donald MacGregor Liberal (Crofters')
Ipswich (2 members) Sir Charles Dalrymple, Bt Conservative
Lord Elcho Conservative
Isle of Thanet James Lowther Conservative
Isle of Wight Sir Richard Webster Conservative
Islington East Benjamin Cohen Conservative
Islington North Sir George Trout Bartley Conservative
Islington South Sir Albert Rollit Conservative
Islington West Thomas Lough Liberal


Jarrow Sir Charles Palmer, Bt Liberal


Keighley Isaac Holden Liberal
Kendal Josceline Bagot Conservative
Kennington Mark Hanbury Beaufoy Liberal
Kensington North Frederick Frye Liberal
Kensington South Sir Algernon Borthwick Conservative
Kerry East Jeremiah Sheehan Irish National Federation
Kerry North Thomas Sexton Irish National Federation
Kerry South Denis Kilbride Irish National Federation
Kerry West Sir Thomas Esmonde, Bt Irish National Federation
Kidderminster Sir Augustus Godson Conservative
Kildare North Patrick Kennedy Irish National Federation
Kildare South Matthew Minch Irish National Federation
Kilkenny City Thomas Bartholomew Curran Irish National Federation
County Kilkenny North Patrick McDermott Irish National Federation
County Kilkenny South Patrick Chance Irish National Federation
Kilmarnock Burghs Stephen Williamson Liberal
Kincardineshire John William Crombie Liberal
King's Lynn Thomas Gibson Bowles Conservative
Kingston upon Hull Central Seymour King Conservative
Kingston upon Hull East Clarence Smith Liberal
Kingston upon Hull West Charles Wilson Liberal
Kingston-upon-Thames Sir Richard Temple, Bt Conservative
Kingswinford Alexander Staveley Hill Conservative
Kirkcaldy District of Burghs James Dalziel Liberal
Kirkcudbrightshire Sir Mark MacTaggart-Stewart, Bt Conservative
Knutsford Hon. Alan Egerton Conservative


Lambeth North Francis Coldwells Liberal
Lanarkshire Mid John Philipps Liberal
Lanarkshire North East Donald Crawford Liberal
Lanarkshire North West Graeme Whitelaw Conservative
Lanarkshire South James Hozier Conservative
Lancaster James Williamson Liberal
Launceston Thomas Owen Liberal
Leeds Central Gerald Balfour Conservative
Leeds East John Gane Liberal
Leeds North William Jackson Conservative
Leeds South Sir Lyon Playfair Liberal
Leeds West Herbert Gladstone Liberal
Leek Charles Bill Conservative
Leicester (two members) James Allanson Picton Liberal
Sir James Whitehead, Bt Liberal
Leigh Caleb Wright Liberal
Leith District of Burghs Ronald Munro-Ferguson Liberal
Leitrim North P. A. McHugh Irish National Federation
Leitrim South Jasper Tully Irish National Federation
Leix Mark MacDonnell Irish National Federation
Leominster James Rankin Conservative
Lewes Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, Bt Conservative
Lewisham John Penn Conservative
Lichfield Leonard Darwin Liberal Unionist
Limehouse John Wallace Liberal
Limerick City Francis Arthur O'Keefe Irish National Federation
County Limerick East John Finucane Irish National Federation
County Limerick West Michael Austin Irish National Federation
Lincoln William Crosfield Liberal
Linlithgowshire Peter McLagan Liberal
Liverpool Abercromby William Lawrence Conservative
Liverpool East Toxteth Baron Henry de Worms Conservative
Liverpool Everton Sir John A. Willox Conservative
Liverpool Exchange Ralph Neville Liberal
Liverpool Kirkdale Sir George Baden-Powell Conservative
Liverpool Scotland T. P. O'Connor Irish National Federation
Liverpool Walton James Henry Stock Conservative
Liverpool West Derby William Cross Conservative
Liverpool West Toxteth Robert Houston Conservative
City of London (two members) Sir Reginald Hanson, Bt Conservative
Alban Gibbs Conservative
London University Sir John Lubbock, Bt Liberal Unionist
Londonderry City John Ross Irish Unionist
Londonderry North Henry Mulholland Irish Unionist
Londonderry South Thomas Lea Liberal Unionist
Longford North Justin McCarthy Irish National Federation
Longford South Edward Blake Irish National Federation
North Lonsdale William Smith Liberal
Loughborough Edward Johnson-Ferguson Liberal
Louth Sir Robert Perks Liberal
Louth North Tim Healy Irish National Federation
Louth South Daniel Ambrose Irish National Federation
Lowestoft Harry Foster Conservative
Ludlow Robert Jasper More Liberal Unionist
Luton Cyril Flower Liberal


Macclesfield William Bromley-Davenport Conservative
Maidstone Fiennes Cornwallis Conservative
Maldon Cyril Dodd Liberal
Manchester East Arthur Balfour Conservative
Manchester North Charles Schwann Liberal
Manchester North East Sir James Fergusson, Bt Conservative
Manchester North West Sir William Houldsworth, Bt Conservative
Manchester South Sir Henry Roscoe Liberal
Manchester South West Jacob Bright Liberal
Mansfield John Williams Liberal
Marylebone East Edmund Boulnois Conservative
Marylebone West Frederick Seager Hunt Conservative
Mayo East John Dillon Irish National Federation
Mayo North Daniel Crilly Irish National Federation
Mayo South J. F. X. O'Brien Irish National Federation
Mayo West John Deasy Irish National Federation
Meath North Michael Davitt Irish National Federation
Meath South Patrick Fulham Irish National Federation
Medway Charles Warde Conservative
Melton The Marquess of Granby Conservative
Merionethshire T. E. Ellis Liberal
Merthyr Tydfil
(two members)
David Alfred Thomas Liberal
William Pritchard Morgan Liberal
Middlesbrough Havelock Wilson Independent Labour
Middleton Charles Henry Hopwood Liberal
Midlothian William Ewart Gladstone Liberal
Mile End Spencer Charrington Conservative
Monaghan North Charles Diamond Irish National Federation
Monaghan South Florence O'Driscoll Irish National Federation
Monmouth Boroughs Albert Spicer Liberal
Monmouthshire North Thomas Phillips Price Liberal
Monmouthshire South Frederick Courtenay Morgan Conservative
Monmouthshire West Marshall Warmington Liberal
Montgomery District Pryce Pryce-Jones Conservative
Montgomeryshire Stuart Rendel Liberal
Montrose District of Burghs John Shiress Will Liberal
Morley Alfred Hutton Liberal
Morpeth Thomas Burt Liberal-Labour


New Forest Hon. John Douglas-Scott-Montagu Conservative
Newark Viscount Newark Conservative
Newbury William George Mount Conservative
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2 members) John Morley Liberal
Charles Frederick Hamond Conservative
Newcastle-under-Lyme William Allen Liberal
Newington West Cecil Norton Liberal
Newmarket George Newnes Liberal
Newport William Kenyon-Slaney Conservative
Newry Patrick Carvill Irish National Federation
Newton Hon. Thomas Legh Conservative
Norfolk East Sir Robert John Price Liberal
Norfolk Mid Clement Higgins Liberal
Norfolk North Herbert Cozens-Hardy Liberal
Norfolk North West Joseph Arch Liberal-Labour
Norfolk South Francis Taylor Liberal Unionist
Norfolk South West Thomas Hare Conservative
Normanton Benjamin Pickard Liberal-Labour
Northampton (2 members) Henry Labouchère Liberal
Philip Manfield Liberal
Northamptonshire East Francis Channing Liberal
Northamptonshire Mid Hon. Charles Spencer Liberal
Northamptonshire North Lord Burghley Conservative
Northamptonshire South David Guthrie Liberal
Northwich John Brunner Liberal
Norwich (2 members) Jeremiah Colman Liberal
Samuel Hoare Conservative
Norwood Ernest Tritton Conservative
Nottingham East Arnold Morley Liberal
Nottingham South Henry Smith Wright Conservative
Nottingham West Charles Seely Liberal Unionist
Nuneaton Francis Newdegate Conservative


Oldham (two members) Joshua Milne Cheetham Liberal
J. T. Hibbert Liberal
Orkney and Shetland Leonard Lyell Liberal
Ormskirk Arthur Forwood Conservative
Osgoldcross John Austin Liberal
Ossory Eugene Crean Irish National Federation
Oswestry Stanley Leighton Conservative
Otley John Barran Liberal
Oxford Sir George Tomkyns Chesney Conservative
Oxford University (two members) Sir John Mowbray, Bt Conservative
John Gilbert Talbot Conservative


Paddington North John Aird Conservative
Paddington South Lord Randolph Churchill Conservative
Paisley William Dunn Liberal
Partick James Parker Smith Liberal Unionist
Peckham Frederick Banbury Conservative
Peebles and Selkirk Walter Thorburn Liberal Unionist
Pembroke and Haverfordwest District Charles Allen Liberal
Pembrokeshire William Rees-Davies Liberal
Penrith James Lowther Conservative
Penryn and Falmouth William Cavendish-Bentinck Conservative
Perth William Whitelaw Conservative
Perthshire Eastern Sir John Kinloch, Bt Liberal
Perthshire Western Sir Donald Currie Liberal Unionist
Peterborough Alpheus Morton Liberal
Petersfield William Wickham Conservative
Plymouth (2 members) Sir Edward Clarke Conservative
Sir William Pearce, Bt Conservative
Pontefract Rowland Winn Conservative
Poplar Sydney Buxton Liberal
Portsmouth (2 members) Sir John Baker Liberal
Walter Clough Liberal
Preston (2 members) William Tomlinson Conservative
Robert William Hanbury Conservative
Prestwich Robert Mowbray Conservative
Pudsey Briggs Priestley Liberal


Radcliffe cum Farnworth Robert Leake Liberal
Radnorshire Francis Edwards Liberal
Ramsey Hon. Ailwyn Fellowes Conservative
Reading George Palmer Liberal
Reigate Hon. Henry Cubitt Conservative
Renfrewshire East Hugh Shaw-Stewart Conservative
Renfrewshire West Charles Renshaw Conservative
Rhondda William Abraham Liberal-Labour
Richmond George Elliot Conservative
Ripon John Lloyd Wharton Conservative
Rochdale Thomas Bayley Potter Liberal
Rochester Horatio Davies Conservative
Romford James Theobald Conservative
Roscommon North Matthias McDonnell Bodkin Irish National Federation
Roscommon South Luke Hayden Irish National League
Ross Michael Biddulph Liberal Unionist
Ross and Cromarty James Galloway Weir Liberal (Crofters')
Rossendale John Maden Liberal
Rotherham Arthur Dyke Acland Liberal
Rotherhithe John Macdona Conservative
Roxburghshire Mark Napier Liberal
Rugby Henry Peyton Cobb Liberal
Rushcliffe John Ellis Liberal
Rutland George Finch Conservative
Rye Arthur Montagu Brookfield Conservative


Saffron Walden Herbert Gardner Liberal
St Albans Vicary Gibbs Conservative
St Andrews District of Burghs Henry Torrens Anstruther Liberal Unionist
St Augustine's Aretas Akers-Douglas Conservative
St Austell William Alexander McArthur Liberal
St George, Hanover Square George Goschen Liberal Unionist
St George, Tower Hamlets John Benn Liberal
St Helens Sir Henry Seton-Karr Conservative
St Ives Thomas Bedford Bolitho Liberal Unionist
St Pancras East Robert Webster Conservative
St Pancras North Thomas Henry Bolton Liberal
St Pancras South Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bt Liberal Unionist
St Pancras West Harry Graham Conservative
Salford North William Holland Liberal
Salford South Sir Henry Hoyle Howorth Conservative
Salford West Lees Knowles Conservative
Salisbury Edward Hulse Conservative
Scarborough Sir George Sitwell, Bt Conservative
Sevenoaks Henry Forster Conservative
Sheffield Attercliffe Hon. Bernard Coleridge Liberal
Sheffield Brightside A. J. Mundella Liberal
Sheffield, Central Sir Howard Vincent Conservative
Sheffield, Ecclesall Sir Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Conservative
Sheffield Hallam Charles Stuart-Wortley Conservative
Shipley William Pollard Byles Liberal-Labour
Shrewsbury Henry David Greene Conservative
Skipton Charles Savile Roundell Liberal
Sleaford Henry Chaplin Conservative
Sligo North Bernard Collery Irish National Federation
Sligo South Thomas Curran Irish National Federation
Somerset Eastern Henry Hobhouse Liberal Unionist
Somerset Northern Courtenay Warner Liberal
Somerset Southern Edward Strachey Liberal
South Molton George Lambert Liberal
South Shields James Cochran Stevenson Liberal
Southampton (2 members) Francis Evans Liberal
Tankerville Chamberlayne Conservative
Southport Hon. George Curzon Conservative
Southwark West Richard Causton Liberal
Sowerby John William Mellor Liberal
Spalding Halley Stewart Liberal
Spen Valley Thomas Whittaker Liberal
Stafford Charles Shaw Liberal
Staffordshire North Western James Heath Conservative
Staffordshire Western Hamar Alfred Bass Liberal Unionist
Stalybridge Tom Harrop Sidebottom Conservative
Stamford Henry Cust Conservative
Stepney Frederick Wootton Isaacson Conservative
Stirling District of Burghs Henry Campbell-Bannerman Liberal
Stirlingshire William Jacks Liberal
Stockport (2 members) Louis John Jennings Conservative
Sir Joseph Leigh Liberal
Stockton-on-Tees Thomas Wrightson Conservative
Stoke-on-Trent George Leveson-Gower Liberal
Stowmarket Sydney Stern Liberal
Strand Frederick Smith Conservative
Stratford upon Avon Algernon Freeman-Mitford Conservative
Stretford John Maclure Conservative
Stroud David Brynmor Jones Liberal
Sudbury Cuthbert Quilter Liberal Unionist
Sunderland (2 members) Sir Edward Gourley Liberal
Samuel Storey Liberal
Sutherlandshire Angus Sutherland Liberal (Crofters')
Swansea District Sir Henry Vivian, Bt Liberal
Swansea Town Robert Burnie Liberal


Tamworth Philip Muntz Conservative
Taunton Alfred Percy Allsopp Conservative
Tavistock Hugh Luttrell Liberal
Tewkesbury Sir John Dorington, Bt Conservative
Thirsk and Malton John Lawson Conservative
Thornbury Charles Colston Conservative
Tipperary East Thomas Joseph Condon Irish National Federation
Tipperary Mid John McCarthy Irish National Federation
Tipperary North Patrick Joseph O'Brien Irish National Federation
Tipperary South Francis Mandeville Irish National Federation
Tiverton Sir William Walrond, Bt Conservative
Torquay Richard Mallock Conservative
Totnes Francis Bingham Mildmay Liberal Unionist
Tottenham Joseph Howard Conservative
Truro John Charles Williams Liberal Unionist
Tullamore Joseph Francis Fox Irish National Federation
Tunbridge Arthur Griffith-Boscawen Conservative
Tynemouth Richard Donkin Conservative
Tyneside Jack Pease Liberal
Tyrone East William James Reynolds Irish National Federation
Tyrone Mid Matthew Joseph Kenny Irish National Federation
Tyrone North Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton Irish Unionist
Tyrone South Thomas Russell Liberal Unionist


Uxbridge Frederick Dixon-Hartland Conservative



Wakefield Albany Charlesworth Conservative
Walsall Frank James Conservative
Walthamstow Edmund Widdrington Byrne Conservative
Walworth William Saunders Liberal
Wandsworth Henry Kimber Conservative
Wansbeck Charles Fenwick Liberal-Labour
Warrington Robert Pierpont Conservative
Warwick and Leamington Arthur Peel Liberal Unionist
Waterford City John Redmond Irish National League
County Waterford East Patrick Joseph Power Irish National Federation
County Waterford West Alfred Webb Irish National Federation
Watford Frederick Halsey Conservative
Wednesbury Wilson Lloyd Conservative
Wellington (Salop) Alexander Brown Liberal Unionist
Wellington (Somerset) Sir Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood, Bt Conservative
Wells Sir Richard Paget, Bt Conservative
West Bromwich Ernest Spencer Conservative
West Ham North Archibald Grove Liberal
West Ham South Keir Hardie Independent Labour
Westbury George Fuller Liberal
Westhoughton Edward Stanley Conservative
Westmeath North James Tuite Irish National Federation
Westmeath South Donal Sullivan Irish National Federation
Westminster William Burdett-Coutts Conservative
Wexford North Thomas Joseph Healy Irish National Federation
Wexford South John Barry Irish National Federation
Whitby Ernest Beckett Conservative
Whitechapel Samuel Montagu Liberal
Whitehaven Thomas Little Liberal
Wick District of Burghs Sir John Pender Liberal Unionist
Wicklow East John Sweetman Irish National Federation
Wicklow West James O'Connor Irish National Federation
Widnes John Saunders Gilliat Conservative
Wigan Sir Francis Powell, Bt Conservative
Wigtownshire Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bt Conservative
Wilton Viscount Folkestone Conservative
Wimbledon Cosmo Bonsor Conservative
Winchester William Myers Conservative
Windsor Francis Barry Conservative
Wirral Edward Cotton-Jodrell Conservative
Wisbech Hon. Arthur Brand Liberal
Wokingham Sir George Russell, Bt Conservative
Wolverhampton East Henry Fowler Liberal
Wolverhampton South Charles Pelham Villiers Liberal Unionist
Wolverhampton West Alfred Hickman Conservative
Woodbridge Robert Lacey Everett Liberal
Woodstock Godfrey Benson Liberal
Woolwich Edwin Hughes Conservative
Worcester George Allsopp Conservative
Worcestershire East Austen Chamberlain Liberal Unionist
Worcestershire North Benjamin Hingley Liberal
Wycombe Richard Curzon Conservative


(two members)
John Butcher Conservative
Frank Lockwood Liberal


8 February 1893: County Cork North East - Michael Davitt (Irish National Federation) replacing William O'Brien (Irish National Federation) who had been elected for two seats and chose to sit for Cork City

17 February 1893: Meath South - Jeremiah Jordan (Irish National Federation) replacing Patrick Fullam (Irish National Federation) who was unseated on petition

21 February 1893: Meath North - James Gibney (Irish National Federation) replacing Michael Davitt (Irish National Federation) who was unseated on petition

27 June 1895: Cork City - J. F. X. O'Brien (Irish National Federation) replacing William O'Brien (Irish National Federation) who had resigned his seat


Whitaker's Almanack 1893

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