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Welcome to this WikiProject related to association football. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on how to improve the articles on the subject. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or write yourself up below. The significant milestones and achievements of the project can be found at the Milestones subpage.

Scope edit

This WikiProject aims primarily to establish and organize standards for football related articles resulting in well-structured and well-written articles, and possibly also in featured articles, and also making all articles related to football easy to find.

Did you know?

These extracts from newly created football articles appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page on the date shown. A full archive of all football related entries is maintained on Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Did you know.

Goals edit

Write articles:

  1. on an overview of football in every country.
  2. on women's national teams in every country.
  3. on all notable football clubs in every country.
  4. on all notable football players in every country.
  5. on all notable football stadiums in every country.
  6. on all notable football competitions in every country.

Improve articles:

  1. to make them comply with standards set up here.
  2. to make them featured articles eventually.

Categorize articles:

  1. to make it easy to find what you want to find.

Obtain non-copyrighted images to improve the quality of our articles

Members edit

You can find a list of all Members here. Joining WikiProject Football is easy – just add your username to the bottom of the list. When joining the project, you should watch this page. This allows you to keep up-to-date with discussions about the project on the talk page.

Manual of style edit

Guidelines and help pages for writing articles and other contributions.

Articles edit

Manual of style for a few common types of article:

For player naming conventions and disambiguation, please see the association football section at Wikipedia:Naming conventions.

Categories edit

Info on in what category articles should be placed:

Templates edit

Numerous templates exist, how to find them and how to use them:

Notability edit

How to know if an article should be on Wikipedia or not:

Sources edit

Members of the project have collected a list of sources and links that could be of help to editors wishing to expand articles. The links collection lists all the websites of governing bodies such as FIFA and UEFA. It also contains player databases for all levels of competition, from National level to club level. The booklist lists some of the books that project members own. These members can be contacted for help in sourcing if information from these books is needed.

Assessment department edit

The Assessment department focuses on assessing the quality of Wikipedia's Association football related articles.

The proportion of all articles with an assessed project banner is:

98.8% assessed (estimate: some more article talk pages may still need a banner)


The proportion of all articles with known importance is:

94.5% known importance (estimate: some more articles may still need a banner)


FIFA national football teams coloured by article class (9 August 2019)
FIFA national women's football teams coloured by class (26 July 2023)

Article statistics edit

Open tasks edit

New articles edit

For a list of recently created football articles, see:

Requested articles edit

Articles currently under a review edit

This section lists those articles that are currently undergoing Peer review or are currently featured content candidates. Current good article candidates can be found on the good article nominations page under the Sports subheading.

Current featured content candidates
Article Status Peer Review FAC/FLC
1914 FA Cup final Current FAC FAC
1878 FA Cup final Current FAC FAC
List of UEFA Europa Conference League finals Current FLC FLC
List of FIFA Women's World Cup finals Current FLC FLC
List of New England Revolution seasons Current FLC FLC
Emirates Cup Current GTC GTC
2004–05 Arsenal F.C. season Current GTC GTC
Current good article nominations
Article Status Peer Review GAN
Child abuse in association football Current GAN GAN
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Current GAN GAN
Gedling Town F.C. Current GAN GAN
John Rudge Current GAN GAN
2014–15 Arsenal F.C. season Current GAN GAN
Reiss Nelson Current GAN GAN
Leon Leuty Current GAN GAN
2008 North American SuperLiga final Current GAN GAN
Mino Raiola Current GAN GAN
1918 Copa del Rey final Current GAN GAN
Darren Moore Current GAN GAN
The Invincibles (English football) Current GAN GAN
Articles currently undergoing peer review
Article Status Peer Review Rating
Arena Corinthians Peer review PR C-class
Stadio Olimpico Peer review PR C-class

Nominations for deletion and page moves edit

If you're thinking about nominating an article for deletion (only articles, not templates or categories), please consider the following two alternative options:

Only if you think the deletion will be contested and debated is it necessary to go through AfD.

When listing a nomination or discussion here, please copy-paste the relevant notice to the discussion:

*<small>Note: This discussion has been included in [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Football#Nominations for deletion and page moves|WikiProject Football]]'s list of association football-related deletions. ~~~~</small>
*<small>Note: This discussion has been included in [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Football#Nominations for deletion and page moves|WikiProject Football]]'s list of association football-related page moves. ~~~~</small>
*<small>Note: This discussion has been included in [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Football#Nominations for deletion and page moves|WikiProject Football]]'s list of association football-related page discussions. ~~~~</small>
  • Once you have nominated an article for PROD or AfD, it is considered polite to inform the article's creator of the decision so that they have a chance to contest the deletion if need be. Templates for informing article creators can be found in the tag links above.
Article/Category/Template Nom Date
Bosaso FC AfD 2024-03-29
20 August 1955 Stadium (El Oued) AfD 2024-03-31
Beni Ebeid Stadium AfD 2024-04-08
2020–21 Deportivo de La Coruña season (2nd nomination) AfD 2024-04-09
Division 8 (Swedish football) AfD 2024-04-11
2026 South American U-17 Women's Championship AfD 2024-04-11
Han Song-hyok AfD 2024-04-11
Han Sun-il AfD 2024-04-11
Mayra de la Rosa AfD 2024-04-11
Alibina Belalova AfD 2024-04-11
Mirosław Modzelewski AfD 2024-04-11
Real Madrid–Manchester City rivalry AfD 2024-04-12
Royal Montserrat Police Force FC AfD 2024-04-12
Han Thae-hyok AfD 2024-04-12
Kang Chol-ryong AfD 2024-04-12
O Jin-hyok AfD 2024-04-12
Estádio Arena do Município Verde AfD 2024-04-12
Save Max Sports Centre AfD 2024-04-12
List of football clubs in Montserrat AfD 2024-04-12
Elena Buzinova AfD 2024-04-12
Kim Yeong-uk AfD 2024-04-12
Tamás Giák AfD 2024-04-13
Szabolcs Horváth AfD 2024-04-13
Gergő Máté AfD 2024-04-13
Lyle Adams (2nd nomination) AfD 2024-04-13
Giuseppe Zappella AfD 2024-04-13
Yaimara Aguilar AfD 2024-04-13
2023–24 CD Alcoyano season AfD 2024-04-13
Chance Cowell AfD 2024-04-13
Francisco Gómez (footballer, born 1967) AfD 2024-04-13
2008 Roasso Kumamoto season AfD 2024-04-14
Yuki Toma AfD 2024-04-14
Samuel (footballer, born July 1989) AfD 2024-04-14
Eni Malaj AfD 2024-04-14
Fatjon Muhameti (2nd nomination) AfD 2024-04-14
Femi Babatunde AfD 2024-04-14
Odeh Ogar AfD 2024-04-14
2020–21 Wrexham A.F.C. season AfD 2024-04-14
Baltimore Blast (disambiguation) AfD 2024-04-15
Paek Gil-song AfD 2024-04-15
Ri Byong-sam AfD 2024-04-15
Im Shung-hwi AfD 2024-04-15
List of Girabola players during 2014 season AfD 2024-04-15
List of Girabola seasons AfD 2024-04-15
List of CD Travadores players AfD 2024-04-15
European Football Coach of the Season AfD 2024-04-15
European Football Coach of the Year AfD 2024-04-15
Omar Ahmed Hussein AfD 2024-04-15
Takeshi Nakashima AfD 2024-04-16
Jang Jong-hyok AfD 2024-04-16
Yu Song-chol AfD 2024-04-16
Sylvan Anderton AfD 2024-04-16
Simon Kassaye AfD 2024-04-16
Bingo Stadium AfD 2024-04-17
Ricardo George AfD 2024-04-18
France Olympic football teamFrance national under-23 football team RM 2024-03-26
Antun RudinskiAnton Rudinski RM 2024-04-13
Diego LopesDiego Lopes (footballer) RM 2024-04-13
Category:Egyptian Football League clubs CfD 2024-04-12
0-20AFC Ajax RfD 2024-04-18

Old deletion nominations can be found in the archives:

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Some of the articles supported by WikiProject Football have reached featured article or featured list status (FA and FL, respectively), meaning they are amongst the very best content in Wikipedia. They are listed below; a bold title indicates the article was "today's featured article" or "today's featured list" for the date listed. Also included here are articles that are featured article candidates (FAC) that failed, those that have undergone peer review (PR) as part of an effort to get them to FA status, and those that have achieved good article (GA) status, the next-highest level of quality.

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