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Welcome to the German football task force.



The German football task force covers:

  • All German clubs, leagues and competitions and associated articles
  • German football organisations
  • Players and managers that are German, or have played for a German club.
  • Stadiums in Germany
  • Matches played in Germany
  • Articles associated with the German National teams (Germany, East Germany, Saarland).
  • The history of football in Germany

Not to be included

  • International competitions or matches

Project tag


Any German football related article should be tagged on it discussion page as follows:

{{WikiProject Football|class=start|importance=low|Germany=yes}}

The class and importance parameters may be modified as required in accordance with the scales linked within the template.

 Football: Germany Start‑class Low‑importance
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This article is supported by the German football task force.



See Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Assessment for further information.



Please add yourself to the list by adding an asterisk and 4 tildes (* ~~~~) below and then saving your edit. Your user name and date stamp will appear after the edit saved.


Userbox template


Adding the following to your user page – {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/Germany task force/userbox}} produces this:

 This user is a member of the German football task force.

Adding the following to your user page – {{User:UBX/German football}} produces this:

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Adding the following to your user page – {{User:UBX/Bundesliga fan}} produces this:

 This user follows the Bundesliga.

To do


No, this isn't to make life a chore – if you have some time on your hands and are looking for some way to contribute to the task force, check below – and have fun.

  • Any football related article should be tagged {{WikiProject Football}}. If it is also in the scope of this task force add Germany = yes
  • Review importance and quality of existing articles
  • Identify articles for creation
  • Identify articles for improvement
  • Recruit interested Wikipedians
  • Find non-copyrighted pictures for articles covered by the task force
  • Make sure that all new articles have the appropriate categories and a suitable infobox
  • Make sure that current squads are kept up to date
  • Make sure that club managers and chairmen are kept up to date
  • Ensure that the correct teams are included in the league articles, templates and list of football clubs in Germany article for the start of each season.
  • Add references to unreferenced articles. BLPs are a priority. You can use the list of unreferenced German footballer BLPs

Job list

  • Add some dimension to the English language articles by visiting corresponding German language articles and plucking the best material from them.

List of Articles requiring improvement


Resources for editors


Copy and paste and then fill in the blanks.

List of new Articles


When you have created or spotted a new article please log it here:

Requested Articles and categories



  • The 2008–09 season is soon upon us and the introduction of the new 3. Liga has expanded the scope of the task force. What was once the fourth tier Oberliga is now a fifth tier circuit. Basic coverage of teams in the first four tiers is in good shape. However, new articles are required for clubs appearing for the first time in the greatly expanded Oberliga (V) circuit.
  • Only a dozen new articles are required to complete basic coverage of all Oberligas other than the Oberliga Nord. That league has been broken up into five separate competitions and there is a need to cover off another 64 clubs playing in the north. This includes a mixture of traditional sides, former DDR clubs, and newcomers. You can see what needs to be done for the north at Oberliga.



Team logos

  • Team logos can be found at Category:German football logos.
  • Articles missing logos have been tagged with the generic image nologo.png.   You can find a list of missing logos at the bottom of the image description page.

Featured/Good content

Article Status Peer Review FAC/FLC
  Bert Trautmann Feature Article
  German women's national football team Feature Article
  List of Germany international footballers Feature List
  FC Bayern Munich Good Article
  Arjen Robben Good Article
  Franck Ribéry Good Article
  Thomas Müller (footballer) Good Article
  Ricardo Rodríguez (footballer) Good Article
German football champions Feature List Candidate PR FLC

Information resources


Share what you know and where you have been on the net with other task force members.



There's lots of German football out there on the web. These sites are maintained by fans of the German game and offer up history, statistics, commentaries, logos, and more. If you visit, please be sure to leave behind a note of support or appreciation.

German Wikipedia


Lots of German football at the German Wikipedia, of course. Here are links to help point the way.


  • Grüne, Hardy (2001). Vereinslexikon. Kassel: AGON Sportverlag ISBN 3-89784-147-9 One of the must-have reference books for German football fans. Lists all German clubs that have appeared in fourth division competition and above up to 2001. (in German)
Recent word is that a updated version of the Vereinslexikon is in the works and that the good burghers at will be paricipating by providing some of the logo work. Watch for it.
The updated version of the penultimate German football reference has been available for some months now. It goes under the name of Das große Buch der deutschen Fußballvereine (Grüne, Hardy and Karn, Christian (2009). Das große Buch der deutschen Fusballverein Kassel: Agon-Sportverlag. ISBN 978-3-89784-362-2) and includes information on over 2,000 clubs that have played third division football or better.
The authors have taken a new tack and in addition to the basic statistical stuff provided for each club, there's now a short written history included. It's given the whole thing more depth and made it even more fun and informative than it was before. Now doubly worth laying your hands on.
  • Grüne, Hardy (1996). Vom Kronprinzen bis zur Bundesliga. Kassel: AGON Sportverlag ISBN 3-928562-85-1 Another of Grüne's books, this one provides a detailed history (tables, tables, tables) of German championship competition from the earliest days of the game in Germany until the formation of the Bundesliga in 1963. The Bundesliga is a separate book. (in German)
  • Grüne, Hardy (2003) 100 Jahre Deutsche Meisterschaft. Die Geschicte des Fußballs in Deutschland. ISBN 3-89533-410-3 Yup. Grüne again. He's got a series of these. This is another look at the German championship, celebrating its centenary so it includes the Bundesliga. More detailed commentary this time out, without the detailed tables and summaries of VKbzB. (in German)
  • Hesse-Lichtenberger, Ulrich (2003). Tor! The Story of German Football. WSC Books ISBN 0-9540134-5-X A well-written English language introduction to the German game from it beginnings in the late 19th century through to the 2002 World Cup. Provides a great overview of the complex history of German football. (in English)
  • Hamburger Abendblatt. This newspaper has their entire archives online here, good for seeking out specific dates for manager changes and referencing them.