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Welcome to the Sweden task force of WikiProject Football.


The Sweden task force covers...

  • All Swedish clubs, leagues and competitions and associated articles
  • Swedish football organisations
  • Players and managers that are Swedish, or have played for a Swedish club.
  • Stadiums in Sweden
  • Matches played in Sweden
  • Articles associated with the Sweden National team.

Not to be included

  • International competitions or matches


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See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Football/Assessment for further information.


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All created articles should follow both the Project Manual of Style and Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Tagging and assessmentEdit

Any articles that are within the scope of this project should be tagged with the WikiProject Football banner. You should add Sweden=yes as this will automatically put the page in the appropriate categories.

The script at User_talk:Outriggr/metadatatest.js may be useful in tagging and assessing articles.



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Featured/Good contentEdit

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