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American footballEdit


Association football (soccer)Edit

Women's football (soccer)Edit


  • Towerrunning World Association (TWA)
  • Towerrunning Tour - An event organized by TWA.
  • Vertical World Circuit - An event organized by ISF, established in 2009. Not to be confused with Vertical Kilometer World Circuit. [3]
  • Wolverhampton City Marathon - An annual event based in Wolverhampton, England. Events include a full marathon, a half marathon, a 19.5 km cycling event and a fun run. [4]
  • Girls Athletic Association - Sourced [5] (University of Michigan School of Education. The University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Volumes 7-8. UM Libraries, 1936.) and [6] (Steiner, Andy. Girl Power on the Playing Field: A Book about Girls, Their Goals, and Their Struggles. Lerner Publications, 2000.). This is encyclopaedic because the Girls Athletic Association (GAA) is worthy of notice (passes notability test) since it was formed to meet a need for team sports for female athletes and for providing opportunities not allowed or limited prior to recognition by Title IX. [7] (American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Division for Girls and Women's Sports. Girls athletic association manual. 1966.), [8], [9], [10].
  • Eduardo Garcia (runner) - Born November 20, 1992 from Jacksonville, Florida is an American born U.S. Virgin Islands long distance runner who specializes in marathons. He holds several National records including the 3,000m (indoor), 5,000m (outdoor), 5,000m (indoor), 5k(road), 10,000m (outdoor), 10k (road), 15k, 1/2 marathon, and full marathon. He ran 2:18.50 at the 47th Chevron Houston Marathon held January 20, 2019 placing 22nd overall. By doing so, he ran the Olympic Qualifying entry standard time of sub 2:19 for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Eduardo graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Sports Management and a minor in Business Administration. He had a stand out career as a student athlete for the Gators in cross country/track and field. He became the 2015 SEC Outdoor Champion in the 10,000m. Eduardo currently trains with Asics GTC ELITE, a Greenville, SC based post collegiate Olympic Development group). [11],[12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18].
  • Eugene Vollmer- A Fijian record holder (triple jump), Gold medal at 2019 Pacific Games in Apia, IAAF.
  • David Mangai — Kenyan marathoner with several wins, but didn't go on to be well known

Athletes who represented a countryEdit

Australian rules footballEdit

Auto racingEdit



Competitions and seasonsEdit


  • Ville Aaltonen – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Janis Befus – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Pavel Bulatov – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Roman Chernykh – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Evgeny Dergaev – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Alan Dzhusoyev – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Carl Fogelberg – Former president of the Federation of International Bandy.
  • Grigory Granaturov – Former president of the Federation of International Bandy.
  • Pasi Hiekkanen – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Markus Hiukka – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Ari Holopainen – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Kimmo Huotelin – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Nikita Ivanov (bandy player) – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Igor Larionov (bandy player) – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Allan Ljungqvist – Former president of the Federation of International Bandy.
  • Marko Miinala – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Almaz Mirgazov – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Mika Mutikainen – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Samuli Niskanen – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Timo Oksanen – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Sam Peebles (Baseball writer and podcast creator)-sources [19], [20], and [21] . This is encyclopaedic because Sam Peebles is emerging as a top contributor for MLB. He has already created the Braves Dugout podcast that has ranked as the #1 sports podcast on Goodpods, as well as a finalist for the Best of Bay award. He also has had hundreds of thousands of reads on his writing for SportsTalkATL and Tomahawk Take in just his first half year contributing for them. He is also a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA), and makes regular appearances on ESPN Northwest Florida.
  • Mikhail Prokopyev – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Denis Rysev – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Dmitry Savelyev – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Sergei Shaburov – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Yuri Shardakov – Russian professional bandy player, world champion 2016.
  • Janne Väkiparta – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Vesa Vuokila – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.
  • Iivo Wegelius – Finnish professional bandy player, world champion 2004.




Goal for Atlee’s Wilson is to stay in the game] [74])

Logos and UniformsEdit


  • Braves-Phillies rivalry - Both teams have battled against each other in the NL East for a couple of decades, such as both teams have the most titles in that division. Also had a memorable 1993 NLCS.
  • Dodgers–Phillies rivalry - Both teams competed for the 1950 National League pennant (Wh the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, and faced each other in five storied National League Championship Series (1977, 1978, 1983, 2008, and 2009), the most frequent match-up in the history of the NLCS, tied with the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates match-up. The Dodgers have also recently employed many of the Phillies former stars, such as Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Carlos Ruiz. Source:[77][78]
  • Orioles-Yankees rivalry - This has been deleted twice, but based on the number of sources provided by the Braves-Mets rivalry, this should meet notability. The Yankees franchise started in Baltimore as the Orioles before moving to New York. Babe Ruth was from Baltimore. Bobby Murcer hitting a game winning hit for the Yankees against the Orioles the first game back from the Yankees mourning of their catcher and captain Thurmon Munson who had tragically died in a plane crash. Cal Ripken Jr. broke the consecutive games record held by Lou Gehrig. Jeffrey Maier has his own page, as the kid who deflected a batted ball, hit by Derek Jeter, into the Yankee Stadium stands for what umpires ruled to be a home run, rather than fan interference during Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS. Derek Jeter hitting a walk off against the Orioles in his last game at Yankee Stadium. Several notable moments have happened including fierce competition during the 1970's and 1990's.

Baseball by countryEdit



([99]; [100]; [101]; [102];





Basketball by countryEdit


  • Scott Foster (basketball) NBA Scott Foster has officiated 1,477 regular-season games over 26 seasons as an NBA official. He has also refereed 187 playoff games, including 19 Finals games. Foster is most famous for his long standing feud with Chris Paul, as well as being disliked by many notable NBA players such as James Harden and Paul Pierce. [161]

Current eventsEdit

  • Detainment of Brittney Griner: Professional basketball player Brittney Griner has been detained by Russian authorities over the past three months, give or take. The ordeal has received multiplicities of notable coverage (one example, another), as is an important element of USA-Russia diplomacy in the wake of the war in Ukraine.


  • Steve Klisanin - (Mr. America, 1955 and Mr. Universe, 1956) [162] (Fair, John: Mr. America: The tragic history of a bodybuilding icon)
  • Sazali Samad - Malaysian bodybuilder
  • Rachel McGlish
  • Savaş Cebeci
  • Greg Clausen (born 1979)
  • Bjorn Vestrum Olsson
  • Kaizzad Capadia Celebrity Fitness trainer and body building champion in India
  • Women's Physique - new type of women's bodybuilding, maybe subcategory of Fitness and figure competition
  • Brett Schneggenburger - Brett Schneggenburger is 24 years old born on May 15, 1994. Brett won the 2016 NPC Collegiate Physique Bodybuilding National Championships after winning the 2015 NPC Natural Pennsylvania Championships in Physique Bodybuilding. Brett is a 5-year United States Air Force veteran who served most of his time overseas/deployed. Brett also became an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author in November of 2017 after publishing 10 TIPS FOR INSTAGRAM SUCCESS. Him and his girlfriend Ashleigh Correll have been skyrocketing on the social media platform, Instagram, over the last three years both equaling more than 300,000 followers. Brett is a soon to be graduate from Point Park University with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering, with minors in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Brett was also accepted to LECOM medical school in 2015 where he plans to pursue graduate school. Brett is also the co-owner/CEO of Justpeachi, a health and fitness business that sells women's apparel and training. Very recently, Brett was also cast in multiple full length feature films that he will partake in before he starts medical school in July of 2019. Fitness[163] [164] [165] [166] [167] [168]
  • Pec-bouncing

Canoe and kayakEdit

Canoe manufacturersEdit

Kayak manufacturersEdit

Canoeists and KayakersEdit

Dragon Boat RacingEdit




  • Michaela Kiersch – Chicago Native, American Rock Climber known for her difficult outdoor ascents and first female ascentS, including the Golden Ticket 5.14c and Necessary Evil 5.14c. Michaela has bouldered up to V13 with her ascent of Crown of Aragorn. Michaela has also been a member of the US Team in all three climbing disciplines, lead, speed, and bouldering. She was the 2016 champion of the deep water solo competition Psicobloc and an American Ninja Warrior contestant on Season 8. [172], [173], [174], [175], [176]
  • Glenda Huxter British climber, ff-onsight of the E7 grade
  • Jeanne Stawiecki
  • Mike Ruddal – Team leader, Bridgend Mountain Rescue. Gave his life for scout.
  • Johann Grill
  • Sven DeRoch – Detroit Native, International Mountain Climber and Trekker. Is 1 in 8 people to complete the famous Hayduke trail, Is the Founder and Leader of the International trekking Group Intensity Trekker. Is attempting to be the first person to lead an expedition threw the whole 4500 km of the Great Himalayan Trail.Also on a record breaking Triple crown hiking trip in the States., Seattle Backpackers Magazine Wundersocks Facebook page
  • Guido Rey – an Italian mountaineer and author, need an English page.
  • Cambridge University Mountaineering Club One of the oldest university mountaineering clubs in the UK with some famous alumni, e.g. Al Rowse, and claiming to have some association with George Mallory.
  • Ricky Munday-sourced [177] and [178]. A Chartered Accountant and Polar Ambassador, Ricky Munday reached the summit of Everest on 18th May 2018, at the second attempt. Over the last decade, he has completed eighteen expeditions in his attempt to become the second person, and first Brit, to climb the three highest peaks on every continent - the Triple 7 Summits. Since reaching the summit of Everest, Ricky has visited more than 65 schools to give inspirational talks to 14,000 young people to encourage them to raise their aspirations. In 2004, after being madde redundant, Ricky completed the 'toughest footrace on earth', the 150-mile Marathon des Sables. Between 1999 - 2008, he had a successful club rugby career with Glasgow Hawks RFC, winning three consecutive Premier 1 titles, and winning the Scottish Cup twice. In July 2018 he founded a social enterprise 'Inspire Alpine', with a social mission to help close the attainment gap faced by disadvantaged young people.
  • Andrew Khaw (Australian Rock Climber), born May 11th 2000, known as a rock climber influencer on instagram. He started rock climbing in 2017 and slowly grew a passion for climbing. Only recently since the opening of Climbfit Kirrawee, he has started change and improve. He then decided to start competing in rock climbing competitions. The first competition he entered was Tour De Corde, which is a regional social climbing competition, which he competed in the pumper category. ultimately winning. He then proceeded to compete in the NSW State Titles Bouldering competition. - Sourced
  • Felipe Proaño (Ecuadorian Rock Climber)-sources[] (Felipe Proano is one of Ecuador´s most accomplished rock climbers. He is also a guidebook author of the 2 books Rutas de Escalada en Ecuador Vol.1 and Vol.2. Known for his drive in exploration Felipe has climbed high and far across the Andes) [11][12][13][14]
  • Jim Madsen (1947-1968) - [179], [180], [15] Rock climber killed in 1968 fall from El Capitan while attempting rescue of two other climbers
  • Notable free solo deaths listed in Free solo climbing#Notable fatalities:
  • Oriol Batallé (died 1985)
  • Jimmy Ray Forester (died 2006) [181], [182], [183]
  • George Gardner (died 2008) [184], [185], [186]
  • Akihira Tawara (died 2011) [187]
  • Brad Parker (died 2014) [188], [189], [190], [191]
  • Andrew Barnes (died 2015) [192], [193], [194]
  • Angus Moloney (died 2015) [195], [196], [197], [198]
  • Austin Howell (died 2019) [199], [200], [201]
  • Iryna Galay born May 18, 1988 known as Ukrainian mountaineer, politician and businesswoman. She is the first Ukrainian woman who climbed Everest. [202], [203], [204]. She has page in Ukrainian Wikipedia [205]


Cue sportsEdit

  • Thomas B. Harless- US Professional Billiards player in the 1960s and 70s. He was ranked 32nd in the United States before he placed himself in rehab for his cocaine addiction. He currently lives in Goochland, VA with his 17 children.
  • Barry M. Dubow- US open of pocket billiards, Billliards (Pool) Promoter and salesman
  • Nikola Kemilev -Bulgarian pool champion.
  • Shoot Pool – 80's TV show about the London Championships.
  • Around the World (billiards) – billiards game in which multiple players may participate. "cutthroat" is another example.
  • Alan Chamberlain (snooker referee)
  • Ron "just like that" Dooley pro trick shot artist
  • Morteza Torabi (snooker_player) Morteza Torabi (Persian:مرتضی ترابی,born September 15, 1988 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian snooker player.


  • Jordan Tardi, 2012 BC Winter Games Mens Gold Medalist
  • Nicholas Meister, 2012 BC Winter Games Mens Gold Medalist
  • Zane Bartlett, 2013 British Columbia Juvenile Curling Championships Mens Silver Medalist
  • Evan Turgeon, 2013 British Columbia Juvenile Curling Championships Mens Silver Medalist
  • Chad Lang, 2013 Optimist International Mens Gold Medalist
  • Fabian Wingfors, 2017 Swedish Junior Curling Championships Mens Gold Medalist
  • Johan Nygren, 2017 and 2018 Swedish Junior Curling Championships Mens Gold Medalist
  • Markus Sipilä, four-time Finnish Mixed Curling Champion (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022). One-time Finnish Mixed Doubles Curling Champion (2022). Three appearances in World Chmapionships (World Mixed Curling Championships 2018 & 2019, World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships 2022). Winner of a WCT event (Nazarbayev Curling Cup WCT Mixed Doubles 2021).



Cycling teamsEdit

Male cyclistsEdit

Female cyclistsEdit

Coaches, trainers, organizers, administrators, painters, builders, mechanicsEdit

Mark Juncaj (Marksuperfit) Is noteworthy due to his contributions as a humanitarian. He has caught my eye as a unique individual that inspires others and is completly selfless. I truly believe that this man deserves an article on Wikipedia. There are his early life stories on google of the struggles he had and then there are many stories on google of his redemption. I truly hope this guy gets an Wikipedia. Thank you for reading this!



Dog racingEdit



Fencing), and developer of a test of physical fitness:,

Field hockeyEdit





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Golf clubs and coursesEdit

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  • Shoot (handball) - there is a wide variety of shots used in handball; Shot in Place, Leaning Back Shot , Vertical Jump Shot , Stride /Jump Shot, Shot While Falling (Forward Position, Backward Position), Situational Shots (in particular situations), Trick shots (zeppelin, eret)... just to name a few
  • Reading Lions Handball Club-sourced [288] and [289]. This is encyclopaedic because this team is playing in England South west league and qualify to championship south league in 2017. The team is competing in England handball professional level and playing league cup final in 2017.
  • Reading Lionesses Handball Club-sourced [290] and [291]. This is encyclopaedic because this team is playing in England South west league and won the leagu on 2016 and 2017. The team is competing in England handball professional level and won league cup final in 2017.

Beach HandballEdit

  • EHF Beach Handball Champions Cup (since 2014), competition for clubs like EHF Champions League
  • EBT Masters , European Beach Handball Tour, competition for clubs like EHF Champions League
  • 3d Yazıcı 3d yazıcı modelleri sayesinde isterseniz projenizin elle tutulur bir çıktısını oluşturabilir, isterseniz üzerinde uzun süredir çalıştığınız modelleme örneğinizi çabuk bir biçimde hayata geçirebilirsiniz.


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Horse riding and racingEdit



  • 29 Cochise 2008 World Champion Bucking Bull in the CBR. 2008 Bull Of The Finals in the CBR World Finals. 2007 CBR World Finals Champion Bounty Bull. Bull Of The Finals of the 2007 National Finals Rodeo for the PRCA. Reserve Bull Of The Finals of the 2008 National Finals Rodeo for the PRCA. PBR short go bull. First bull in history to qualify for all 3 major bullriding World Finals in Las Vegas in the same year, including the PBR FINALS, CBR FINALS, NATIONAL FINALS RODEO. One of the most famous and feared bucking bulls in history by the cowboys. Owned and raised by Tut Henry of Gonzales, La. Sired by 497 Automatic and out of a dam sired by A6. 29 Cochise is a fast spinning, powerful 1500 lb horned bull white in color with painted spots of black, red, and brown. [310] [311] [312] [313] [314]

Barrel racingEdit


  • Lacey Jamieson-Social media Equestrian Star [46]
  • Rico Walcott - very accomplished at the age of 26 born in Barbados 1989 rides mostly in Edmonton Canada won the leading rider championship 2011,2012,2013,2014 also won the Canadian derby 2010,2013 & 2014 won the british Columbia derby 2013 & 2014

Riding trainersEdit

Horse breedersEdit

Training FacilitiesEdit



Ice hockeyEdit

A list of request ice hockey related articles can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Ice Hockey/Requested articles




Women's teamsEdit

Ice hockey playersEdit

Ice hockey by countryEdit


  • Fear the Fin An SB Nation blog about the San Jose Sharks.
  • WWHL Championship
  • 2007 Continental Cup
  • Jo Paw-Velski unofficial mascot of the San Jose Sharks [47]
  • Garrett Rank Yes, I know. A referee; probably shouldn't be on the list of requests. However, he's a golfer on the side, playing in amateur and mid-amateur tournaments during the offseason. Almost got to play in the 2013 Masters[48] and has played in the 2015 (I believe he missed the cut; if someone wants to correct me if I'm wrong, go ahead) and 2016 Canadian Open (made the cut). Also of note: He's a cancer survivor. I don't know if the backstory is suitable for a page creation.
  • Kyle Gustafson-Associate Head Coach of the WHL's Portland Winterhawks [332] and [333] and [334]. This is encyclopaedic because he is the Associate Coach of the WHL's Portland Winterhawks.

  • Peter Nestler – A Guinness Book of World Records holder for numerous jump roping activities
  • Harpal Singh Flora - Founder of World Interschool School Rope Skipping Organisation, former Vice President of Internationa Rope Skipping Federation and former President Asian Rope Skipping Federation, President of Indian Rope Skipping Federation.

  • FISAC-IRSF – The International Rope Skipping Federation of the world [335]. FISAC-IRSF is held every two years (like the Olympics), and is held all around the world. This year 2014, it is being held in Hong Kong.
  • USA Jump Rope – USAJR is an organization committed to the exchange and sharing of jump rope knowledge and experience. The organization offers a wide variety of information about jump rope to its members, coaches and physical educators through its books, video tapes, the Internet and other resources. USAJR also offers unique experiences and educational opportunities through its sanctioned jump rope workshops, camps, seminars and tournaments at the state, regional and national levels. [336]
  • World Jump Rope – An organization dedicated to unifying the world of jump rope, with its annual competition in Central Florida. The competition is open to jumpers/skippers all over the world. [337]
  • WIRSO - World Interschool Rope Skipping Organisation – An organization dedicated to promote the sport in schools across the world and organise interschool championship, with its annual competition in different parts of the world. This year 2019, it is being held in Belgium, first was in 2015 in Dubai second was in Hungary and third was in Hong Kong]] in 2018. The competition is open to jumpers/skippers all over the world. [338]

Jump ropeEdit


Lawn bowlsEdit

Martial artsEdit



  • Dakentaijutsu - The multi-directional movements and solid body skills they develop in kosshijutsu and koppojutsu can tactically used in two ways: this is the first.
  • Jushojutsu - Hand-to-hand combat incorporating a gun. Mentioned on episode 6 of Chrome Shelled Regios.
  • Jutaijutsu- The multi-directional movements and solid body skills they develop in kosshijutsu and koppojutsu can tactically used in two ways: this is the second.
  • Koppojutsu also known as Kohtsu Po (Bone Method) -bone-breaking, deals with the use of the skeleton structure
  • Koshijutsu - muscle and tissue tearing using the fingertips; Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu
  • Musado - German martial art, popular also in Czech army. An article is in simple:Musado
  • Nikidokai-sourced [International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame member] and [347]. This is encyclopaedic because a new form of Martial Arts was created or invented by Hanshi Nico back in 1986. A form that is now considered Mix Martial Arts.
  • Liu He Xin Yi Quan On the Xing Yi Quan page it mentions the style of Liu He Xin Yi but there is no link to describe the style in depth, there are little mentions of it in the Xing Yi article under the sub titles "Ma Xin yi liu he" and "Dai xinyi liu he" but as its technically a separate art with its own in depth history, techniques and lineages, I feel it deserves its own page. Several sources can be read up on for the art and are as follows; ChinaFromInside, Monkey Steals Peach, Shifu Neil Ripski's short description of the art on Red Jade Martial Arts, and of course the xinyiliuhe facebook page contains pictures of documentation and old practitioners of which permission can be asked for to use for the article there. Xinyiliuhe Facebook page.


  • Samir Usenagić Multiple karate and kickboxing champion. Killed in Podgorica, Montenegro in 2001.
  • Dominic Waters American Professional MMA fighter with three fights in the UFC and an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter. [383]
  • Fernando Yamasaki (6th Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Brother of Mario Yamasaki [384]and co-owner/head instructor of the International Yamasaki Academy) - [385] [386] [387] [388]
  • Caradh O’Donovan-sources [389] and [390] and [391]. This is encyclopaedic because she is a well known Irish kickboxer (WAKO) and karateka (WKF). She is a multiple kickboxing medallist at World and European level for twenty years and is now a broadcaster in radio. She is a founding member of Global Athlete.

Motor sportsEdit

Multi-sport eventsEdit





( (

Rowing teamsEdit

Rugby LeagueEdit

Other requested articles are listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby league/Requested articles List of Rugby League International Players who have represented more than one nation


Representative TeamsEdit

Domestic rugby teamsEdit


Elite One ChampionshipEdit

Challenge Cup FinalsEdit

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Super League Clubs' SeasonsEdit

Castleford TigersEdit

Catalans DragonsEdit

Huddersfield GiantsEdit

Hull FCEdit

Hull Kingston RoversEdit

Leeds RhinosEdit

Salford Red DevilsEdit

St Helens R.F.C.Edit

Wakefield TrinityEdit

Warrington WolvesEdit

Wigan WarriorsEdit


Championship Club Seasons ArticlesEdit

Batley BulldogsEdit

Bradford BullsEdit

Dewsbury RamsEdit

Featherstone RoversEdit

Halifax R.L.F.C.Edit

Leigh CenturionsEdit

London BroncosEdit

Oldham R.L.F.C.Edit

Swinton LionsEdit

Sheffield EaglesEdit

Toulouse OlympiqueEdit

Whitehaven R.L.F.C.Edit

Widnes VikingsEdit

York City KnightsEdit

League 1 Club Seasons ArticlesEdit

Barrow RaidersEdit

Coventry BearsEdit

Doncaster R.L.F.C.Edit

Hunslet R.L.F.C.Edit

Keighley CougarsEdit

London SkolarsEdit

Newcastle ThunderEdit

North Wales CrusadersEdit

Rochdale HornetsEdit

West Wales RaidersEdit

Workington TownEdit

Rugby UnionEdit

Other requested articles are listed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union/Requests List of Rugby League International Players who have represented more than one nation


Domestic rugby teamsEdit

  • John Brown University R.F.C.
  • Ossett R.U.F.C.
  • Capilano Rugby R.F.C.
  • Belmont Shore Women's Rugby Football Club, a women's rugby club based in Long Beach, California and associated with the Belmont Shore Rugby Club. The club has won two national championships and the website is
  • Cardiff Medicals R.F.C. – The rugby club of Medical Students & doctors in Cardiff, it has the representative side of the Welsh National School of Medicine, University of Wales College of Medicine, Wales College of Medicine and now Cardiff University School of Medicine. Renowned as a titan of medical school rugby (17 NAMS Cups, 3 BUSA shields, 9 international, 2 British Lions). Earliest photos date form 1907 & became a member of the WRU in 1947. [422]
  • Nottingham Casuals Rugby Union Football Club
  • Delhi Hurricanes R.F.C – Delhi hurricanes rugby football club is a r.f.c. situated in delhi, India, for more information log onto
  • Wakehurst Rugby Union Club – Australian Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney we boast a ground and set-up the envy of many. Our focus is safe social rugby and community involvement.
  • Crynant R.F.C.
  • Otago Country R.F.U. – Otago country is a team in the New Zealand 7s championship and is the host province. They are a sub union of Otago R.U. and represent Central Otago.
  • Flint Rogues R.F.C. – One of the original rugby union football teams in Michigan in its 38th year of existence, the club has a long and distinguished history of promoting rugby in the region and state
  • Long Island R.F.C. – The Long Island Rugby Football Club (LIRFC) was founded in 1972. In the Fall of 2005, the club moved up to Division 1 of the Met Union. It has enjoyed tremendous success there, twice making the Final 16 for the National Championships in 2007 and 2008. The club presently fields 2 sides and is still a major competitor in Summer 7’s.
  • Denver Harlequins R.F.C. – The Denver Harlequins Rugby Football Club was founded in 1970. It currently competes in Divisions 2 and 3 in the Rocky Mountain Rugby Geographic Union. [423]
  • Bath Rugby Ladies
  • East London R.F.C. [424]
  • Rugby Club I Medicei[59]






Inline Speed SkatingEdit

Amitesh Mishra (is an Inline Speed Skater from India who participated in the 2018 Asian Games Jakarta Palembang) (

Roller DerbyEdit

A mixed gender Roller Derby club based in Eltham, Victoria, Australia. The clubs team, Rough Cut Rollers, competed in the 2016 Great Southern Slam held from 11-13 July. The tournament had 45 teams again playing in two divisions, of which the Rough Cut Rollers took the Division 2 Grand final title. The final score was Devil State 66 vs. 234 Diamond Valley. ( ( (

Freestyle SkatingEdit

Figure CompetitorsEdit

Figure skatingEdit

Australian Champion (Novice Men)

Ice sledge speed skatingEdit

  • Peter Axelson - Paralympic athlete from the United States of America who competed in the 1980 games.


  • Alpine Skiing Topolino Trophy - The Topolino event is worldwide the biggest and most competitive of all international FIS children´s competitions. Each country only sends their best to this event, most countries using their full quota of 10 athletes. Other competitions like "Pokal Loka" (Skofja Loka, SLO) or "Pinnochio sugli sci" (Abetone, ITA) have similar competitor fields, but often the "second best" start at these events. Events like Whistler Cup (Whistler, CAN) or Vratna Interkriterium (Vratna, SVK) have smaller competitor fields (as not all of the alpine nations are present) and the full quota is often not filled. Competing at Topolino is an experience, winning at Topolino puts them on the map and opens doors to contract offers of the leading ski brands. The list of Topolino winners reaches from ski racing heroes Alberto Tomba, Benjamin Raich, Janica Kostelic, all the way through to current champs Mikaela Shiffrin (USA, 2010), Anna Fenninger (AUT, 2004), Dominik Paris (ITA, 2004), Andrew Weibrecht (USA, 2001), Michaela Kirchgasser (AUT, 2000) or Lindsay Vonn (USA, 1999).


Water SkiingEdit

Alpine and Cross-country skiingEdit

NASTAR National ChampionshipsEdit

2005–06 FIS Ski Jumping World CupEdit

Paralympic athletes from the United States of AmericaEdit


  • Simone Origone 1 and 2
  • Speed Riding The use of a parachute to let rider "fly" down the slopes
  • Hot Dogger Moves Namely the Polish Bagel
  • Duane "Dusty" Johnstone (US olympic coach, family legacy)
  • Walt Schoenknecht (Inventor of Snow Making)
  • Bob Muran – Internationally recognized ski coach. Personal ski instructor to many celebrities including Ted Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller Jr, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Dina Merrill, Cliff Robertson, Ivan Lendl and many more.
  • Sandra Poulsen (alpine skier, 1972 Olympian)
  • Brian Detrick – professional water skier
  • Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger – soccer columnist, author
  • Sugar Mountain Ski Resort – A skiing resort located in Avery County, North Carolina
  • Normal hill – (currently a redirect) term used in ski jumping at 2010 Olympics, normal compared to what?* Feast of the North (Russian)
  • Pekka Hyysalo (fi:Pekka Hyysalo), a former freestyle skiier
  • Massanutten Resort – A ski resort located in Massanutten, Virginia, near Harrisonburg.
  • [Jamie Crane-Mauzy “MoCrazy” (skiing)] Sources [459] and [460] and [461] and [462]. This is encyclopaedic because Jamie is a World Record Holder, X-Games Athlete, and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. She went from being a globally celebrated freestyle skier to relearning how to perform the simplest physical activities after a skiing accident left her paralyzed and in a 10-day coma. Today, via public speaking, Jamie motivates audiences around the world, proving they can accomplish miracles if they are willing to take a baby step each day. Her expertise in neuroplasticity and her experience with rare Brain Bolt technology [463] at Vancouver General Hospital make her extraordinary recovery encyclopedic.

Speed skatingEdit





Clubs and teamsEdit


At least date, if not sign, your request:

Tennis playersEdit

Track and fieldEdit





Water poloEdit

  • Benjamin Hoepelman (born 26 May 1995) is a Dutch male water polo player, playing at the driver position, playing for UZSC Utrecht. [61] He was part of the Netherlands men's national water polo team. He competed in several international tournaments. [62] [63] [64] He played waterpolo at CN Marseille during the seasons 2017-2018 competeting in the top French league. [65] [66] He is the son of the water polo player Andy Hoepelman. His brother Ruben Hoepelman is also playing waterpolo. [67]
  • Robert Fedack is an American water polo player who plays at the national level. He plays on the United States junior national team, and has competed against top teams such as Croatia and Hungary. In the 2021 tournament, his team came last. He has a twin, William Fedack, who's also an athlete. The two grew up together in Sandy Springs, GA and played sports all their lives. Robert hopes to qualify for the next Olympics in 2024.


Amateur and collegiate wrestlingEdit

  • FILA World Wrestling Games, editions (at least): 2007, '08, '09; also featured championships in Grappling and Sambo, gathered together all the wrestling styles that do not appear on the Olympic programme. it seems it's defunct now.
  • UWW European Cup of Nations or sometimes European Nations' Cup - invitational wrestling competition. First 5 ranked teams in each of the disciplines (greco-roman, freestyle, men/women) at the previous European Wrestling Championship and host coutry are eligible.
  • WAR Zone Live pairing system that uses an Elo-like (WAR, or Weight-adjusted rating) rating system in order to best pair wrestlers during tournaments; [490]

Professional wrestlingEdit

  • Plane Ride From Hell - An series of incidents from WWE performers and staff while on a return trip from their 2002 European tour which was recently covered by Sports Illustrated. It is currently WP:SALTed in 2012 due to lack of reliable sources and the WP:BLP nature of the event.
  • Preliminary wrestler - currently only a redirect
    • (I don't know what it means, though I can guess; I'm not a wrestling fan.)
    • (The term is used in WWE § Prior to Titan Sports.+ It wasn't defined there, but as I was copyediting the article, I checked; it has a wikilink, so I linked it. But that link is just a redirect to Job (professional wrestling), which doesn't mention the expression at all! I've been going round and round Portal:Professional wrestling trying to find the right place to mention this, but there's no listing for "terms used and linked in Wikipedia articles but not defined anywhere in Wikipedia". (Until I made one.)
I ran a search for the expression. +It's found in 55 articles including the redirect so named, almost all of them articles about pro wrestlers. Obviously this is a term that needs an article, or at least a clear definition that can be directly linked to. AWB says Job (professional wrestling) has never contained the expression.
I've written this problem up (in less detail) at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Sports § Professional wrestling, and am also linking from there to here. Please {{Ping}} me to discuss. --Thnidu (talk) 00:48, 13 June 2016 (UTC) )




  • Amir Jordan - WWE Wrestler competed in United Kingdom Tournament 2018 [491] his bio [492], need more resources to be added for what I posted request for article creation.
  • Billy Wicks – Catch as Catch Can Wrestler
  • Brent & Brandon Tate "The Boys" tag team. Current ROH 6-Man Champions with Dalton Caste.
  • Clara Mortenson An American Womens Wrestler In The 1920s-1950s Former World Womens Champions.[493]
  • Danny Daniels (wrestler) – former ECW referee, independent wrestler, booker of AAW out of Chicago
  • Harold Williams (writer)- sourced [494] [495] [496][497] [498] [499] [500]. Currently Writer for Michinoku Pro Wrestling.
  • Johnny Lind - part of the tag team Extremely Lethal
  • Johnny Mantell – known as Cowboy Johnny Mantell, Pride of Montague County, also wrestled as The Hood for Hollywood Wrestling in CA in 1980, former World Class Championship Wrestling / Southwest Sports alum
  • Little Bruiser-sourced [501] and [502]. Born Murray Downs. This is encyclopaedic because he was one of the most popular midget wrestlers. Well known for being in a six man match against Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza.
  • Mike Jackson (wrestler) – Pro Wrestling legend that wrestled in WCW, WWF, and NWA. Still Actively wrestles on the independent circuit in the Southeast.
  • Mike Lozanski – Original ECW wrestler, tragically died in his sleep at the age of 35 on December 18, 2003.
  • Mike Parrow - LGBT wrestler who has wrestled in AJPW, NWA, TNA, MLW, GCW, Evolve, and others. Has had interviews on Good Morning Britain and numerous other media outlets after coming out.
  • okeye giriş yapnette okeymobil okeyonline okey oyna - very accomplished at the age of 26 born in Barbados 1989 rides mostly in Edmonton Canada won the leading rider championship 2011,2012,2013,2014 also won the Canadian derby 2010,2013 & 2014 won the british Columbia derby 2013 & 2014
  • Mike Sholars-sourced [503] and [504]. You may also find many media references here [] This is encyclopedic because coach Mike Sholars meets the Wikipedia criteria of Notability, and the four American football national championships in four different countries is a masterful accomplishment
  • Mystery Man (wrestler) – Wrestler who lasted for a short time in the WWF
  • Nightmare (wrestler) – Professional Wrestler (Curtis Stone) WCW,ECW,SWCW,FCW (Curtis Stone – Founder of "Warriors 4 Christ Wrestling ((San Antonio))
  • Rasche Brown - part of the tag team The Skullkrushers
  • Rayman (wrestler) - see El Hijo de Cien Caras
  • Richie Lind - part of the tag team Extremely Lethal
  • Ricky Cruzz - see El Hijo de Cien Caras
  • Rayna Von Tosh – First SHIMMER Women Athletes Academy Graduated. She has been wrestling for WSU and SHIMMER.
  • Ricky Noble – Independent wrestler in late 90's, early 2000's, Wrestled for NWA, APW (World Champion 3X, US Champion), Funkin Conservatory (TV Champion), ECCW (World Champion), UPW (World Champion) with long running feud with the Barbarian. Wrestled Adam Windsor at WWE show in Lakeland, FL. Ranked PWA Top 500 3 years. Wrestled for NWA World Tag Team Titles against Bad Attitude in Nashville as part of Boyz next Door. Former Kicker at UNC – Chapel Hill.
  • Sean Hanson – ref known as "The Whole Reffin' Show" Sean Hanson
  • Sonny Elliot Australian wrestler in Florida Championship Wrestling
  • Turcan Celik(tag team ) ([70]) ([71])


Tag teams and stablesEdit

Tournaments and eventsEdit

Other sportsEdit

Adventure racingEdit

  • HQrecon – sourced [512], [513] and [514]. A new strategic adventure experience where the smart can outrun the fast. Full list of coverage can be found here: [515]

Arm wrestlingEdit

Base JumpingEdit

Bee huntingEdit


  • Jared Houston - South African man, and current Men's APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders) World Tour champion
  • Brahim Iddouch (Morocco) is influential in the progression of Moroccan and international bodyboarding. Known for his fluid yet special and powerful style of surfing, and he's ranked 7 in the global bodyboarders ranking.
  • Daniel Kiami - 1982 International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Pro Championships winner
  • Matt Lackey (Coolangatta, Australia) currently rated by his peers as the best dropknee rider in the world. Known for tearing apart waves around the world such as Cloud 9, but best known for his dominance over his local break at Dbah in Australia.
  • Paipo board (pronounced pipe-oh) - Either made of wood or fiberglass. Fiberglass boards usually had fins on the bottom.[87] Tom Morey hybridized this form of riding waves on one's belly on a paipo to his craft of shaping stand-up surfboards.


Walter Ezequiel Matthysse (Jr.) - fuentes [518]. Esto es enciclopédico porque Walter Ezequiel Matthysse Jr. es el primer boxeador amateur en la histotia del boxeo argetino que ganó un título del Consejo Mundial de Boxeo (CMB).



Extreme sportsEdit

Fantasy sportsEdit


  • Jansen Cup (It's like the "Ryder Cup" of FootGolf. USA vs UK. Top players in the USA battling a series of play like best ball, alternate shot and individual stroke play to crown a champion. The event is being held at AFGL home course in Palm Desert California from May 21-24. Event is named after the inventor of the sport Michael Jansen) ( ,


Freestyle scooteringEdit

  • Tanner Fox (social media personality) - born 22 December 1999 in San Diego, California; social media personality, filmmaker, and vlogger with over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel; professional freestyle scootering athlete/ambassador; businessman, fashion designer, marketer, car enthusiast, traveler, selfmade millionaire [521]

Kettlebell liftingEdit

  • Jadranka Zivka Marinovic also known as Jad, in media often goes just by Jad Marinovic - Australian of Croatian roots. Australia’s 1st MSIC, PRO MSWC, Kettlebell Marathon pioneer & Kettlebell Marathon World Champion, 1st Australian Kettlebell Marathon World Champion, multiple IGSF and IKMF world records, 1st woman in the World to lift double kettlebells for 1 hour in IKMF Kettlebell Marathon... [90]
World federations

Medi GamesEdit


Governing Organizations

  • USA Picklball (USA Pickleball, Formerly known as the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association), is the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the US and provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings, and promotional materials. The association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and governed by a board of directors and professional staff who provide the guidance and infrastructure for the continued growth and development of the sport.) (USA Pickleball Association Celebrates Sport's 55th Anniversary




  • Brolin Mawejje Ugandan snowboarder already red-linked in two articles: VOA[526], Denver Post[527], Jackson Hole promotional site[528], on The Moth[529], OZY[530], CNN video[531], about the documentary Far From Home on his career[532], source roundup[533], IMDB page[534], and many more. Has a good personal story that would make a nice main page feature



Stunt PogoEdit

  • Nick McClintock Competes in Pogopalooza, stars in a web series. Has Records in his sport.
  • Fred Grzybowski [536] Also on Americas Got Talent and Nitro Circus. Competes in Pogopalooza, which is his sports highest competition. Also stars in a web series called Fred & Nick. Has records in his sport.



  • Ronnie Jay (surfer, member of the Dogtown Z-boys Zephyr team 1970s, Venice, California)
  • Brazilian storm The rise of Brazil as a dominant nation of elite competitive surfing

Underwater divingEdit

Diving equipmentEdit


  • Phillip Soven-sourced [556] and [557] and [558] and [559] Professional wakeboarder and older brother of Bob Soven with whom he has a show on MTV called "Wake Brothers." He turned pro at 11-years-old and has won the world championships, the King of Wake, and the Pro Tour. In 2007, he became the first rider in the history of the sport to win the Pro Tour title, the King of Wake crown and the WWA World Series in the same year. WebPage
  • Robert "Bob" Soven -sourced [560] and [561] Professional wakeboarder and younger brother of Phil Soven with whom he has a show on MTV called "Wake Brothers."


fting sub-categories of Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Bodybuilding do not accommodate endurance weightlifting i.e. lifting the maximum amount of weight possible, within a given time period.





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