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Artistic schools; stylesEdit

Visual artistsEdit


[10], [11]

Vitus Shell (American Painter) (














[262] [263] [264] [265] [266] [267] [268] [269] [270] [271] [272] [273] [274] [275] [276] [277] [278] [279] [280] [281] [282] [283] [284] [285] [286] [287] [288] [289] [290] [291] [292] [293] [294] [295] [296] [297] [298] [299] [300][301]




experiential video artist / digital vector artist / art critic from midwest region

  • Karl Krogstad (req. pre-2015-08-09) - painter and filmmaker; from Seattle, Washington; [358]; [359]
  • B. D. Kuchera (req. pre-2012-03-20)
  • John C. Kuchera (born 1962) (req. pre-2015-08-09) - American painter; living in Harlem, a downtown boy from the early 1980s is now enjoying the open spaces uptown; has been painting and drawing for years, his style is refreshing and enjoyable, he uses many a medium but he likes pen and ink and oils; printer, photographer, a porter at Columbia University, farm worker, security guard in Maine (guarding mice) a janitor cleaning banks, even a copy writer, his most famous copy was, Yes, Virginia we do toilets (for a cleaning service) ©Kuchera; [360]
  • Muramasa Kudo Japanese artist, 1948-
  • J.C. Kugler (req. pre-2012-03-20) - German-American artist
  • Justus Engelhardt Kuhn (req. pre-2012-03-20)
  • Raj Kumar (artist) (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Indian contemporary artist
  • Milan Kunc (req. pre-2012-03-20)
  • Yuri Kuper (req. post-2012-03-20)
  • Dennis Kyte (req. pre-2015-08-09) - artist, illustrator and designer; published his work in The Botanical Footwear of Dennis Kyte



[369]; [370]; [371]; [372]

  • Thomas Hodgson Liddell (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Ernst Liebermann (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Li Kuchan (notable Chinese Bird and Flower painter) (the art of resistance Painting by Candlelight in Mao's China, see also
  • Evert Lindfors (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Swedish sculptor
  • Ellen Lindner (req. pre-2012-03-21) - fiber artist; [381]
  • Ling Jian (req. pre-2015-08-10) - Chinese oil painter; [382]; [383]
  • Greg Lipman Australian artist;(born 1938) (req. pre-2015-08-10) - painter of landscapes, nostalgia; all mediums; bio with; Fine Art America; Sydney Opera House 13/10/81 No.124; ref. The Leader newspaper 23/11/2012; WWF 8/1/2002; Trove Bid ID 1957284;; 3 person Exhibition with Pro Hart and Norman Lindsay; Limited edition prints for Caltex Oil; Around Australia art exhibition sponsored by Total Petroleum ;Range of paintings on refrigerators for Gorenje Pacific ;colour in Diversional Therapy instructor, author book named "Perspective "Lecturer and art instructor on ship cruises; State Library of Victoria; State Library of Queensland; Who's Who of Australian Visual Artists; NAVA; Mitchell School of Creative Arts 1990 (Daler Rowney); Artists and Galleries of Australia; Max Germaine, 1979; Women's Weekly, New Idea, The Australian newspaper,Financial Review Newspaper,The Bulletin;Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper; Diners Club, Australian Masters Art collection; Lawsons fine art auctions, book of paintings for W.W.F., prizes include Waratah Art, Southern Cross, Sutherland Art, Loxton Prize; ceiling painting in Federation dome in Centennial park Sydney Government listed Heritage area, top12% visuals artists worldwide (ART PRICE INDEX....PARIS)Based in Cronulla NSW. Commercial Pilot Licence; Drone certificate of accreditation;1962 Empire Games weightlifting team, Director institute of Sales and Marketing Executives; associate Fellow Australian Institute of Management ;Fellow Advertising Institute of Australia; Maade123454 (talk) 03:34, 14 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Listen04 (born 1983) (req. pre-2015-08-10) - British artist; painting, drawing; [384]; [385]; [386]
  • Paul Litherland (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist; photography, multimedia, installation, video; [387]
  • littlewhitehead (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist duo
  • Terri Lopiano (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Brendan Lott (req. pre-2012-03-21) - painter and sculptor
  • Charles Frederick Lowcock - painter
  • Loxi's Jewels (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist, wire weaving, glass jewels trademarked Drupens
  • Amy Lang Luong (req. pre-2012-03-21) - flash-game artist and creator of sim-dates; [388]
  • Aldo Luongo (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist
  • Derek Lynch (artist) (req. pre-2015-08-10) - American digital artist; [389]
  • Ana Lupas (artist) - Ana Lupas - artist born in Cluj, Romania in 1940 [390]



Solo exhibitions include Galerie Xippas: Paris, Geneva, and Athens; Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; CCA Andratx, Mallorca, Spain; The Morgan Lehman Gallery and Stux Gallery, New York City. Monogenis’ work has been included in notable group exhibitions at Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint Etienne, France; Pavillion d'arsenal, Paris, France; The Bronx Museum, NYC; The Schneider Museum of Art, OR; Mykonos Biennale, Greece; The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA; The Federal Reserve Board, Washington D.C.; Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ; Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, State University of New York; and Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Monogenis’ work has been featured in print and image in Artillery Magazine, TimeOut New York, Artnet News, Wired, Interior Design, The Paris Review, Huffington Post, the New Yorker, The Brooklyn Rail, El Pais, Herald Tribune, Vogue, Glamour, New American Paintings and IdN Magazine. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

  • Sarah Jane Moon - painter, portrait painter [413]
  • Brad Michael Moore (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Bryan Allen Moore (req. pre-2012-03-21) - ceramic artist; [414]
  • Cyd Moore (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Pádraic E. Moore (req. pre-2015-08-10) - curator, writer, art historian; [415]
  • Teesha Moore (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Sadahito Mori (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Heather and Ivan Morison (req. pre-2016-07-26) - an artist duo; best known for sending out postcards addressed to people within the art world [416]. Through role-playing and self-conscious parody they probe the possibility of authenticity when making art, reflexively and heuristically redefining their practice with each undertaking [417]. In 2007 they grew and then distributed 10,000 flowers in Bloomberg's headquarters in London's financial district, an idealistically hippy expression of love incongruous with the cut-throat world of economic enterprise [418]. They have since established an ambitious collaborative practice over the past decade that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theatre [419]. Sleepers Awake, a work from 2011, was a hubristic attempt to reverse the order of nature by raising a second sun at night over the north Kent badlands [420]. They have exhibited widely, headlining 2016's Royal Academy Summer Show [421], as well as nationally and internationally including: Tate Britain [422], Tate Modern [423], South London Gallery [424], Whitechapel Art Gallery and Southbank Centre, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney [425]; Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada [426]; Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany; One Day Sculpture, Wellington, New Zealand [427]; National Theatre of Wales [428]; and represented Wales at the 52nd Venice Biennial [429]. Represented by Works|Projects, Bristol, UK [430] and Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, Canada [431].
  • Jelene Morris (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Robb Moser (req. pre-2012-03-21) - limited-edition art prints; [432]
  • Billy Mosig (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Mexican artist; known for his Tolkien-inspired paintings
  • Sadamasa Motonaga (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Japanese artist; member, Gutai group
  • Terri Kelly Moyers (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Albert C. Muller (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist and violin maker
  • Sall Murdocca (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Gerard Murray (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Australian artist; living in Sweden; paints mainly aboriginal art
  • Martin Myers (born 1951) (req. pre-2012-03-21) - international painter, sculptor; known for architecture-inspired works






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  • Alette Simmons-Jiménez (req. 2020-09-04) (American, 1952) is an internationally exhibited, multi-disciplinary, visual artist born in the USA. She began her career in the Dominican Republic in the late '70s and is recognized as the first person to ever exhibit video installation art in that country. In 1992, at the height of her practice there, she was awarded the 1st Prize for Video Art at the XVIII Bienal de Artes Visuales, an entity rarely naming awards to foreign residents. The award resulted in her recognition as a pioneer in video art and gender discourses in the Dominican Republic. [513] [514] Currently she is based in Miami, Florida where her studio and community projects continue to garner notable accolades. The artist is listed among the creatives that helped forge the South Florida art community through her expanded art projects as founder and director of Artformz Alternative [515], and for revitalizing the Florida Chapter of [516]as Chapter Chair and as an elected member of the New York BOD. She has received diplomas of recognition from local county commissioners and the Mayor of the City of Miami. [517] Her work is held in the permanent collections of the Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama; 21c Museum, Louisville, Kentucky; the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida; Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Museo de las Casas Reales, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; The United States Embassy, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; The Dominican-American Cultural Institute, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.For numerous published articles: For the full curriculum vitae: Academic colleagues referencing the artist [Miller][Lockward][Hart][Damian]
  • Charles Simonds (sculptor) (req. pre-2012-03-21) - American artist who makes small cities
  • Bud Simpson (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Divya Singaravelu (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Indian VJ, model and business woman
  • Rein Singfield (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist
  • SixthLeafClover (req. pre-2012-03-21) - 2D concept artist, illustrator and sculptor; has won several art awards and recognitions, including from Blizzard Entertainment, Scholastic and ImagineFX Magazine; [518]
  • Chuck Slack (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Charles B. Slackman (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Torsten Slama (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Jo Smail (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Ben Smallman (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Maria Smirlis (Australian Artist) (world re known independent artist/impressionist born 1966 Melbourne Australia resides Northern New South Wales)
  • Justine Smith (req. pre-2012-03-21) - artist using banknotes as her primary material; featured in many collections and publications; [519]
  • Kurt Snibbe (req. pre-2012-03-21) - cartoonist for the Orange County Register
  • Pavel Petrovich Sokolov-Skalia (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Ursula Sokolowska (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Polish photographer
  • Morten E. Solberg (req. pre-2012-03-21) - [520]
  • Larry Sons (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Om Soorya (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Indian contemporary artist
  • Yuri Sorokin (req. pre-2012-03-21) - az:Yuri Sorokin; whose works IMDb erroneously attributes to Yuri (Yurievich) Sorkin
  • Jason Sorrell (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Damien Sorrentino (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • Gabriel Sorzano (req. pre-2012-03-21) - Cuban painter
  • Edward Soyka (req. pre-2012-03-21)
  • SMN

Max Spivak- 21st century American mosaic artist and painter






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Actors and other screen-related artistsEdit

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Artist specifiedEdit

Artist unspecifiedEdit

Museums, Curators, Gallerists and ExhibitionsEdit


  • Lia Gangitano - founder of Participant Inc. Lower East Side NYC gallery


  • Galeri Baraz - Istanbul-based contemporary art gallery established in 1975

Comic booksEdit

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Publishing companiesEdit

Fictional characters and conceptsEdit

Titles and storylinesEdit



  • Art & Object - a widely read American fine art news website started in 2017, interviews with famous artists like Judy Chicago and Ai Weiwei
  • ComicBookBin
  • Slipshine - publisher of sex-positive adult comics for over ten years now; arguably the first successful pay site to focus entirely on original webcomics, and certainly the longest-running



extended information on Giardano

A Neapolitan who lives in Gaeta, she, an eclectic painter, paints professionally since 2005. Anna studied with Sonia Carpenet, then with Valentina Valente, and finally with Dino Bartolomeo, together with Tony Caforio and Mario Magnatti. She normally uses acrylic colours, on canvas, wood or mason wood, but sometimes also mixed media (inclusion of paper, pumice or gauze integrated with the acrylic paint).

  • MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Blindenmarkt Austria, permanent collection (1 painting from 2016).
  • (2017)
  • Group exhibition, Gallery Steiner, Vienna, February-March (10 paintings).
  • (2016)
  • “Mostra d’arte di Natale”, (Christmas Art Exhibition), Galleria La Telaccia, Torino, November - December (8 paintings).
  • “Prospettive 2016”, (Prospects 2016) Associazione Il Sestante, Trieste, October - November (1 painting).
  • Solo exhib “Il vissuto dell’esperienza” (The lived experience), Galleria Arte Maffei, Padova, October (28 paintings).
  • “Arte astratta e informale contemporanea” (Contemporary informal and abstract Art”), Galleria Arttime, Udine, September, (4 paintings).
  • Art contest “ d’aMare” (PonzArt..Art to love), Museo dei Confinati, Isle of Ponza, July, (1 painting).
  • “International Contemporary Art”, RosSso Veneziano, Isola Blu, Lido di Jesolo, June - September (7 paintings)
  • Solo exhib “Pennelli” (Brushes), Galleria Anacapri, Isle of Capri, April (45 paintings)
  • “On line Gallery”, Art & Beyond Publications, March 16 - February 17 (5 paintings)
  • “Vivi l’arte” (Live the Art), Palazzo della Cultura, Gaeta LT, March (3 paintings)
  • “Donne in rinascita 2016”, (Women in revival), Galleria PassepARTout c/o Atahotel Expo Fiera Pero - Milano, March (1 painting).
  • “Central Europe Fine Art Biennale 2016” MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Blindenmarkt Austria, January - March (1 painting).
  • “Fine Art Masters Pieces”, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Blindenmarkt Austria, December 15 - January (1 painting).
  • “Christmas Exhibition II ed.”, Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna, December 15 - January (2 paintings).
  • (2015)
  • “Riflessi d’Autore” (Author’s Reflexes), Galleria Centro Storico, Firenze, December (1 painting).
  • “Artisti per il Giubileo” (Artists for the Jubilee), Galleria La Pigna, Roma, December (1 painting).
  • “Salon Art Shopping 17^ ed.”, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, October (1 painting).
  • “Arte e colore” (Art and colour), Galleria Arttime, Udine, August, (4 paintings).
  • XXXIX “Premio nazionale Minturnae”, (National contest Minturnae) Centro Studi Minturnae, Minturno LT, August (1 painting, finalist).
  • “Arte astratta e informale” (Informal and abstract Art), Galleria Arttime, Udine, July, (4 paintings).
  • Modern and Contemporary Art Fair “ArtMonaco’ 15”, Espace Fontvieille, Montecarlo, July, (15 paintings).
  • "Modern Art Wonder", MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Blindenmarkt Austria, May-June, (2 paintings).
  • “Rappresentazione del mondo attraverso l’Arte” (World representation through the Art), Pinacoteca d’arte moderna Le Porte, Napoli, May-June, (1 painting).
  • “Nella storia, da Caravaggio ai nostri giorni” (In history, from Caravaggio to our days), Bramante rooms, Roma, May, (1 painting).
  • "The magic World of ART", PAKS Gallery, Blindenmarkt Austria, April-May, (2 paintings).
  • “Il mare dentro” (The sea inside), Museo Diocesano di Gaeta LT, April-May, (5 paintings).
  • “L’arte fra tradizione e innovazione” (The art between tradition and innovation), Pinacoteca d’arte moderna Le Porte, Napoli, February-March, (1 painting).
  • 2nd Biennale di Palermo (2nd International Art Biennial of Palermo), Albergo delle Povere, January, (2 paintings).
  • (2014)
  • Art contest “GaetArt_Arte in libertà”(GaetArt_Art in freedom), Museo Diocesano di Gaeta LT, October, (1 painting).
  • “Arteando” (Making Art), Museo Diocesano di Gaeta LT, July (12 paintings).
  • Itinerant exhibition “Terra dei Fuochi” (Fires Territory), Belvedere di S. Leucio CE, May-June, Museo Diocesano di Gaeta LT, October-November, (1 painting).
  • “Festa della donna” (Women’s day), Flacca Caffé d’Arte, Gaeta LT, March, (1 painting).

• Finalist of “20th Online Artavita Contest”, September 2016. • “Publisher Choice Award”, (five times), with an article published in the magazine “Art & Beyond”: one page - and photo of one painting - September/October 2016, July/August 2016, May/June 2016, March/April 2016; two page - and photos of two paintings - January/February 2016. • “Artista dell’anno II ed.” (Artist of the year), Firenze, December 2015. • “1° Grand Prix de la Côte d’Azur”, Cannes, April 2015.

Translations of critical reviews:
  • Motivation by the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's (Chelsea, NYC) Curatorial Review Committee of the formal selection to participate in their elite museum-caliber representation program, March 2016. (original)

Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience. We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions. Our noteworthy Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre such as "Education Job" which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal the invisible within the visible. The spiritual artistic journey that you portray in your stellar oeuvre was quite impressive and was a triumph of personal expression. "May" generated a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting a universal message. We salute you on your aesthetically absorbing oeuvre which reverberates with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes. We were enthralled by the emotive quality Bottles 6" which reflects your fine talent and vibrant visual intensity of colors, as well as your lyrical use of Light. Your compelling "Modern Woman" conveys your unique artistic vision of capturing the impalpable as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience.

  • Text of Salvatore Russo, with photo of one of her paintings, published in the art book “The best Modern and Contemporary Artists”, November 2015. (original).

“Modern Woman” is a work that binds the figuration to the geometry of the sign. In this work, Anna Maria Giordano, tells us about a woman and her thoughts: thoughts related to the music world. As a frame to the woman’s face, make the guitar and the musical score. The artist paints, therefore, its beautiful melodies on canvas.

  • Texts of Patrizia Cocchi, in occasion of the exhibitions “Arte astratta e informale” (Informal and abstract Art), and “Arte e colore” (Art and color), published on “Friuli on line”, July-August 2015. (“Guitar”, “Tasting”, “Happy Hour”, “Improvisation” ) (original in Italian, digest)

Anna Maria Giordano interprets his art with tangles of lines and colours that blend in abstract geometries. A series of works in which games of signs and geometric shapes are interlinked in an abstract fusion.

  • Text of Paolo Levi, with photo of one of her paintings, published in the art book "Eccellenze” (Excellences), 2015. (original in Italian). (“Guitar”)

The observer should not, and can not, ignore the executive path of this painter of remarkable talent. As the musical composer lives and express himself through the notes, so this virtuoso artist communicates through the colour and significant signs. From what we can see, its tendency is to proceed from the figurative to an informal post cubist with bright colours.

  • Text of Salvatore Russo, with photo of one of her paintings, published in the art book "Eccellenze” (Excellences), 2015. (“Fox Hunting”) (original in Italian).

The mix of different elements has always characterized the art making by the artist Anna Maria Giordano. This happens through the use of stylizations and colours that reveal her great talent and boundless creativity. An Art where perceptive plans and emotional tones are overlapping, peculiar interpreter of a soul that is engaged in the relentless pursuit of new representative horizons. Undoubtedly Anna Maria Giordano meets the taste and imagination of the viewer, of whom she attracts the attention suggesting herself as a big and valid interpreter.

  • Text of Sandro Serradifalco, with photo of one of her paintings, published in the art book "Eccellenze” (Excellences), 2015. (original in Italian).

The love of the surreal and the abstract invested the creativity of the artist Anna Maria Giordano that makes use of symbols generally accepted in order to make the viewer better discern the description of the pictorial contents. This goes also with vivid colours that emphasize masterfully the pictorial lines. A Modern Woman with her complexities and fragilities is the protagonist of the pictorial composition of Anna Maria Giordano. The painter, master of sonic and colours, is supported by his talent, impetuous interpreter of his sensitive soul.

  • Text of Stefania Bison, with photo of one of her paintings, published in the art book "Eccellenze” (Excellences), 2015. (“Tasting”) (original in Italian).

It is a sophisticated expressive research, where the colour is the only true star of the poetry of this talented painter. The sign is not even an implicit suggestion. Her forms are abstract, lyrical informal, vibrant in their infinite immanent shades.

  • Text of Heinz Playner, with photos of two paintings, published in n. 2/2015 of the magazine “About Art Magazine”, April 2015. (“Hope”, “Vamp”) (original, digest)

The works by Italian artist Anna Maria Giordano hit with their emotional language. The magical and poetic light reaction in the artworks of Anna Maria Giordano carries the viewer into the world of emotional language. The artist communicates through her images on an emotional level and allows the viewer to feel the world of feelings. The proximity, security and protection feelings are an important issue in her work. Sometimes she used elements of Cubism with color contrasts in her own style and comes with the viewer in a dialogue.

  • Text of Jean Charles Spina, in conjunction with the awarding of the “1° Grand Prix de la Côte d’Azur”, Cannes Palace Hotel, April 2015. (“Cabaret”) (original in Italian).

A great skill in transfiguring the abstract, with very good versatility and astonishment aimed at the research of an emotive project. The artist creates her characterized and symbolic intuitive projections, by superimposing signs and symbols of rich material drawing up.

  • Text of Josè Van Roy Dalì, with photo of one of her paintings, in the Section "Artista nella Storia" (Artist in History), published in n. 1/2015 and n. 2/2015 of the magazine “Effetto Arte”, and, with photo of another of her paintings, in the art book "Artista nella Storia", February 2015. (“Maturity”, “Waiting”) (original in Italian).

The artworks of the Artist Giordano distinguish themselves by the intimacy concealed behind the represented subjects. The artist has succeeded, through a careful and creative research, in creating a personal style and her own visual language, from which express the deeper emotions. So she shows us the complexity of the world and sentiments, originating compositions that have great communicative value. Ms. Giordano has succeeded in going beyond simple aesthetic representation, her artworks investigate new realities through a chromatic language, that underlines the unspoken values of the sign and a pictures dialectic full of poetical emotions. Sometimes her painting becomes mystery, assumes a charge of deep meanings and leaves to the fruition the freedom of interpreting it, by posing questions, from which new reflection points are obtained. Therefore, art as pure manifestations of emotions that spring from every object, event or situation and give to a person, through elegant and fine compositions, a new perception of reality.

  • Text of Giampiero Finocchiaro, published in occasion of the Biennale of Palermo in “I quaderni de L’ORA Quotidiano” (The booklets of L’Ora daily), Palermo, January 2015. (original in Italian, digest]

What a disappointment, at first view, was the Exhibition Palermo Artexpo, included in the 2nd Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Palermo. But, fortunately I went also to the Albergo delle Povere, one of the four sites in which the exhibition was divided, where I could at last admire something with an inside idea. In the rich bundle of really appreciable artworks, it seemed to me that Anna Maria Giordano’s canvas was worth of attention, as she insinuates the idea of a “Feminism” becoming Church. [54][55][56][57][58][59]


I don't know, but I suppose some paintings may have had them since the Renaissance. But what happened later on--especially in the 19th century?--was the panels were split. (But not perhaps to the extent, to the thinness, discussed in the "transfer of panel paintings" article when it mentions thin veneers of wood being pasted onto new panels.) The split panels--with 50%...75%?--of the wood removed were then attached in some fashion to the supporting "cradle", the grid I've described. I suppose the proponents of this outdated restoration technique liked the lighter weight of the resultant hacked-up panel, or thought it would be less likely to warp.
Q. Wang developed his painting style -- freeism by using free colors, free shapes, and free strokes to do his art works. The result is a free atmosphere, and a space of imagination.
Not like others use their eyes to paint what they are seeing, or use their brain to paint what they are thinking, Q. Wang paint the feelings by heart. His paintings have no details, but have characters. Each of his painting is different with others.
Technically, Q. Wang broke all the existing rules of painting, especially he broke the bars between 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension paintings. His paintings are something between 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension or a combination.
Q. Wang's painting is revolutionary. Most people don't understand it. Just like peoples don't understand Monet and Van Gogh at the time.
Q. Wang has his own personal art gallery in Las Vegas, the most popular one.





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  • High Classical style - 5th-century Greek
  • Quiet style or Late Classical Plain style - 5th-century Greek
  • Renaissance Sculpture - boost from a redirect page
  • Rich style - 5th-century Greek
  • sculptor's clay
  • unguent box - type of vessel
  • Clews China - popular collectible English ceramic art that depicted patriotic American scenes in beautiful blue & white china. Ralph & James Clews (James was the father of noted financier Henry Clews) - in England, James tried to establish a factory in the US but found the clay of too low quality so returned to England (leaving his son, Henry, behind to begin his illustrious career). Articles on Clews china can be found in ceramics journals and in the Library of Congress' Chronicling America newspaper archive online.
  • Bollinger Atelier - Modern Art Foundry that helps artists such as Tom Sachs and Tom Otterness with making their sculptures. Owner Tom Bollinger who worked for Pollich Talix and Shidona art Foundries.
  • Curvy 3D Sketch based Sculpting Software [768][769][770]


  • Jiří Netík (born 1953) - contemporary Czech sculptor, wood carver and tutor; revived tradition of wood carving in Central European medieval and barock manner; [776]; [777]
  • Geoffrey K. Nicastro - contemporary sculptor
  • Kim Obrzut - first Native-American woman to work with bronze; important in Hopi culture; Sacher, Emily (January 2009). "Kim Obrzut". Cowboys & Indians. Volume 17. pp. 94–96.
  • John Olt
  • Charles Pebworth - American sculptor and painter; many of Pebworth's massive sculptural installations exist in public space, corporate environments, galleries, and museums; his paintings and art prints have been well received as well; for many years, was the artist who provided the Houston Grand Opera with the gold, silver, and bronze sculptural art medallions given to their major patrons; his work is represented in the Capitol in the State Art Collection of Oklahoma; his marble sculpture Lookout from San Bois survived the 1995 terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City; Fine Arts faculty, Sam Houston State University for 36 years until his retirement in 1993; now resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas; [778]; [779]; [780]; [781]; [782]
  • Benjamin Pierce (sculptor) - modern American sculptor; work has been displayed in over 40 public art exhibitions across 10 states; [783]; [784]; [785]; [786]; [787]; [788]; [789]; [790]
  • Khalid Rahal - described as "famous Iraqi sculptor" ([791]) regarding reuse of his "magnificent fountain in front of Al Rashid Hotel" in Baghdad, Iraq.-- (talk) 19:53, 29 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Sally Resnik Rockriver (born 1970) - American; blown glass, ceramics, video; "It is not clear if Ms. Rockriver is the next Dale Chihuly, an unusually festive heir to Eva Hess, or an artistically inclined scientist, but she is definitely something." Roberta Smith, The New York Times, Art in Review
  • Gary Rosenthal - sculptor of contemporary Judaica
  • Pete Ryan - wood carver; from Hope, British Columbia; [792]
  • Hilde Schürk-Frisch (1940–1994)
  • Judit Shead (1949–2007); [793]
  • Obie Simonis - American sculptor
  • Lisa Snelling
  • John M. Soderberg - [794]
  • Tolla (sculptor) (Tolla Inbar, generally known as Tolla) - Israeli sculptor
  • David Vanorbeek
  • Johan Axel Wetterlund - Swedish sculptor
  • Lucinda Wierenga - master sand sculptor from South Padre Island, Texas; featured on SandBlasters: The Extreme SandSculpting Challenge; author of several books
  • Wanxin Zhang (born 1961) - Asian-American sculptor; known for his ceramic figurines inspired by terra-cotta warriors; [795]; [796]
  • Seth Zimiles (born 1973) - American sculptor; [797]
  • Ivo Zini (died 2008-01-05) - sculptor (e.g., Lincoln statue at Gettysburg museum)[60][61]


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