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Afghanistan edit

  • Gul Rahman Qazi - Afghan scholar, peace activist and politician, former head of the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution, head of Afghan Council for Peace and Salvation and founder of Qalam Institute of Higher Education Gul Rahman Qazi is well known for his independent political view, non-fiction books, and peace activities, he joined international conferences regarding Afghanistan crises, in 2012 his report on abuse of prisoners, former president Hamid Karzai transferred prisons sovereignty to the Afghan government, which made headlines in news around the world. Gul Rahman Qazi recently gathered all political groups and individuals and created a peace draft on current crises in Afghanistan. [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36]

Albania edit

Algeria edit

Andorra edit

Angola edit

Argentina edit

  • Ana Valdemoros - Salt Lake City District 4 Councilwoman unanimously appointed by the Salt Lake City Council in January 2019 to replace Derek Kitchen [37] after he was elected to serve as a Utah State Senator [38].
  • Luis Py, argentine sailor

Armenia edit

Australia edit

  • William Leslie Arnold, at 16 years old murdered his parents in 1958 and was sentenced to life. In 1967, Arnold and another inmate escaped the penitentiary. While the other inmate was eventually recaptured, Arnold remained a fugitive until his death in 2010, where in 2022 DNA evidence found him to be living as John Damon in Australia.

Austria edit

Azerbaijan edit

Bahrain edit

Bangladesh edit

Belarus edit

Belgium edit

Bolivia edit

  • Virginia Velasco [es], minister of justice (2015–2017), senator for La Paz (2020–present).

Bosnia and Herzegovina edit

  • Zehra Bajraktarević - bs:Zehra Bajraktarević — POP-Folk Singer (rough translation of bswiki biography section) —> "Zehra Bajraktarevic was born on 6th August 1968. In Rogatica, as the second daughter of Esada and Ifete in an eight-member family. She recorded her first music album 1991. In Sarajevo, with the composer Ira Mangafić. 1992. Bajraktarevic’s second album, titled "the mistake in my youth ", was published with the help of Saban Saulic. Her most successful song was titled "Look for me". Song "You’re lying" and was written by the producer Milic Vukašinović, Zajna Murkic ' and Goran Velinov pancea. In the year 2020. Sanela Kopić wrote the text for the song "The Most Beautiful Bride". He arranged Sanel Džudža and Bertram Kominov, who performs on the Sax. She prefers social media, Bosnian and Serbian tabloids, along with the performances aired on Hayat TV and Pink TV for advertising. Her last album was published 2008.[5]"

Brazil edit

Brunei edit

Bulgaria edit

Cambodia edit

  • Supheakmungkol Sarin - a Cambodian computer scientist/leader[7][8]. He was a Program lead at Google AI and now heading the World Economic Forum's Data and AI Ecosystems[9].

Canada edit

A–J edit

K–R edit

  • Wolfgang Paul Loofs - drove his Volkswagen Beetle around the world three times in and around the 1960s; wrote book In His Hands: True Stories of Wonderous Events in an Unusual Life; documented in the television film Once More: The Story of Vin 90387, which aired on the Discovery channel
  • John Hanly Morgan - Unitarian minister; activist minister in the U.S. and Canada; recipient of the International Lenin Peace Prize 1980–1982; included in the Canadian Who's Who 2010 edition; article created with a clear WP:COI at User:Fuzziehollis/Rev. John Hanly Morgan; third-party-editor assistance requested: 11 July 2011
  • Jason W. Nickerson - Humanitarian Representative to Canada for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières [86]; Public figure and frequent commentator on global health and humanitarian issues, including on global access to COVID-19 vaccines; respiratory therapist and former Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy[87]; Adjunct Professor of Common Law at the University of Ottawa.
  • Alexander A. Parent - Liberal-Labour member of the Ontario legislature (Essex North, 1945-1948)[88][89]
  • Geordon Rendle - Americas Area Director, Youth for Christ International; [90]; [91]
  • William Richardson (Ontario MPP), Conservative member of the Ontario legislature (Leeds South 1880-1883) [92]
  • Louis Paquin - In 1997, Louis Paquin founded a television company in Winnipeg. For more than 15 years, Les productions Rivard have produced French-language magazines, documentaries, variety shows, and youth programming. Programs are broadcast throughout the country on Radio-Canada, TFO, and TVA. He was named to the Order of Canada in December 2019. [93]; [94]

S–Z edit

Chad edit

Chechnya edit

Chile edit

China edit

Colombia edit

Democratic Republic of the Congo edit

Croatia edit

Czech Republic edit

Denmark edit

Dominican Republic edit

Egypt edit

  • Mohammed Fadl Khalaf- a film writer originally from Palestine yet was granted the Egyptian nationality in 2022, he’s the writer of two of the most notable films of the Egyptian actor ahmed helmy 1.Zaky chan 2. Zarf Tarek

And the hit movie 3. Ayazon starring the famous singer hameed alshairi and Egyptian actress mai ezzledin while also pursuing song writing in his early days for famous singers mohammed mouner, medhat saleh and latifa Kerehtak

  • Ziad Bakir - Graphic designer from Egypt. He was the graphic designer and the supervisor of the team of graphic designers of the Cairo Opera house. Martyr of the Egyptian revolution 2011. [103], [104], [105], [106]

Modern edit

Ecuador edit

Estonia edit

Ethiopia edit

Finland edit

France edit

{{France-bio-stub}} : {{France-writer-stub}} : {{France-painter-stub}} : {{France-politician-stub}} : {{France-musician-stub}}

  • Andrée Dupont-Thiersault - Former member of the French Resistance, survivor of imprisonment in the Ravensbrück concentration camp[113], Légion d'honneur recipient (2017)[114]

Gaza edit

Georgia edit

Germany edit

{{Germany-bio-stub}}, {{Germany-painter-stub}}, {{Germany-writer-stub}}; {{Germany-actor-stub}}, {{Germany-musician-stub}}

Ghana edit

Greece edit

  • Lesis - An ancient Athenian slave, whose letter to his master, Xenocles, and his mother, is the only source written by an ancient Greek slave that has ever been discovered. ( Notes on a Lead Letter from the Athenian Agora, Edward M. Harris)

Guam edit

Haiti edit

Honduras edit

Hong Kong edit

Hungary edit

Iceland edit

India edit

  • Naman 'Mortal' Mathur ~~ esport personality turned into content creator owner of group that won esports award 2022~~won pubg tournaments earlier and 7m yt subscriber~~[39][40][41]

Indonesia edit

Iran edit

Ireland edit

Israel edit

Italy edit

Ivory Coast edit

Jamaica edit

Japan edit

Kenya edit

Korea edit

North Korea edit

South Korea edit

Kosovo edit

Latvia edit

Lebanon edit

Lithuania edit

Luxembourg edit

Malaysia edit

Mali edit

Malta edit

  • Joe Saliba (poet) (died 20 September 2013) - poet; emigrated from Malta to the State of Victoria, Australia; [225] (audio article, Maltese-language tribute to Saliba)
  • Keith Demicoli - news presenter

Mauritius edit

Mexico edit

Moldova edit

Morocco edit

Montenegro edit

Myanmar edit

Navajo/Dakota edit

Nepal edit

Netherlands edit

New Zealand edit

Niger edit

North Macedonia edit

Norway edit

Oman edit

  • Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said - Film producer, journalist, businessman and prince of the Sultanate of Oman. Great Grandson of the Sultan’s first Cousin, HH Sayyid Majid bin Hamoud Al-Said. Produced several Television shows in Saudi Arabia, a movie in the UK and a movie in the USA.
  • Mohsin Hani Al-Bahrani - Business magnate, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, industrialist and billionaire of Omani Origin and from the royal family of Oman.He is the CEO of MHD ACERE which constitutes the cluster of automotive, construction equipment, and renewable energy divisions of the Mohsin Haider Darwish Group. He was named in Arabian Business's GCC Young Achievers for 2021 list

Pakistan edit

Palestine edit

  • George Abed - senior counselor and director, Africa & the Middle East, Institute of International Finance; [260]; former chairman, Palestine Monetary Authority (where he was responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to restructure the PMA in preparation for transforming the institution into a full-fledged central bank and for reforming and strengthening the banking system in Palestine); [261]; former director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund and special advisor to the managing director; prior to that, served as deputy director, IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department; [262]; [263]; [264]; [265]
  • Majid Faraj [ar; he] - the head of the Palestinian Football Association and the former head of the Palestinian Preventive Security Force. [266]
  • Daoud El Ghoul - banned from his hometown and then his country by Israel for working as a tour guide; [267]
  • Ahmad Al-Bazz, Award-winning Palestinian journalist and filmmaker from Nablus, the recipient of a Deutsche Welle Fellowship to cover the Global Media Forum 2015, a member of Activestills photography collective, recipient of an Aljazeera Short Film Award 2015, graduate of Deutsche Welle Akademie [268], [269], [270], [271], [272], [273] (Requested 12 October 2020)
  • Sophie Halaby 20th Century Palestinian artist. (1905-1998) “The significance of Halaby’s work was discovered in the late 1990s, and she is now considered one of Jerusalem’s pioneering female artists.” [Tina Sherwell article.]

[274],[275] [Sophie Halaby in Jerusalem, book by Laura S. Schor], [276], [277], [Laura Schor video.], [Institute for Palestinian Studies search results.], [Children’s book about a boy who visited the artist. 2022.], [Facebook pictures and summary.] (Requested 4 July 2023)

Papua New Guinea edit

Peru edit

Philippines edit

Poland edit

Portugal edit

Romania edit

Russia edit

Saudi Arabia edit

Serbia edit

Singapore edit

Slovakia edit

Slovenia edit

Somalia edit

South Africa edit

Spain edit

Sri Lanka edit

Sudan edit

Syria edit

Sweden edit

Switzerland edit

Taiwan edit

Thailand edit

Tonga edit

Tunisia edit

Turkey edit

Uganda edit

  • Jennifer Anguko - popular elected official who bled slowly to death in the maternity ward in a major hospital; her death aptly exemplifies the poor state of maternal health care that is provided to women, even in major urban healthcare facilities

Ukraine edit

United Kingdom edit

See also: Wikipedia:UK Wikipedians' notice board/Complete to do list for other biography requests.

A–G edit

H–M edit

N–Z edit

United States edit

A–B edit

Nancy Bosnoian became the youngest winner of the Global Woman Entrepreneur award in 2021 alongside the notable Rob Moore who won global male entrepreneur. She got recognized for her work, founding the first youth lead nonprofit in sleep health field for preventative mental health care in the United States. Her nonprofit End No Sleep has reached students internationally from Armenia, Egypt, to India. They are continuously growing. Due to the dedication to her cause as sleep and mental health activist Nancy became a Z Zurich Foundation Scholar and received grant funding for her organization, a One Young World ambassador, a Clinton Global Initiative University Fellow, and a Vital Voice Grassroots Voices participant (selected as one of 10 leaders in the US.) Nancy Bosnoian was also appointed a United Nations Academic Impact Fellow through the Millennium Fellowship (only a 9% acceptance rate out of 44,000 applications) to expand End No Sleep. Moreover, Nancy Bosnoian’s work as well as background as she and her family escaped the Syrian Civil War and became immigrants made her an inspiring speaker and author. She had written pieces for Entrepreneur Media and Thrive Global. Nancy was also recognized as one of 5 Arab American activists to follow by Thred Magazine and was selected on Threds inaugural 100 list. Nancy was invited to speak at world renowned institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University, the American Red Cross, Startups Without Borders, the World Youth Forum, the Rotary Club, and the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Armenia amongst many more. Nancy Bosnoian is the first young Gen-Z entrepreneur and activist fighting for the silent sleep epidemic. [73][74][75][76][77][78][79][80][81][82]

C–D edit

E–J edit

K–L edit

[574] [575] [576] [577]

M–N edit

O–R edit

S edit

T–Z edit

‏* John Wesolowski - American WWII fighter ace


  • Robert Henley Woody, Jr. - American attorney, psychologist, musician [782] [783], and University of Nebraska at Omaha professor emeritus [784]. Academic interests -- ethical and legal issues for mental health professionals. Author of over forty books and monographs, including Fifty Ways to Avoid Malpractice [785], Social Psychology of Musicianship[786], Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy with Jane DaVita Woody [787], and Risks of Harm from Psychopathic Individuals [788]
  • Samuel Zug: businessman, one of the founders of the Republican Party, staunch abolitionist, namesake of Zug Island

Uruguay edit

Venezuela edit

Vietnam edit

Zaire edit

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