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General tasksEdit

Ayrshire, East (PDF), Devon, East, Dorset, Falkirk, Moray, Lanarkshire, North, Somerset, Tynedale (PDF)
  • Contribute to UK topics on the current COTW, The Seventies (currently, The Seventies in Television - UK is extremely lacking).
  • Please remove Redlinks from this list once the articles have been created. Feel free to add more of your own.


Academics, curators, scientists, etcEdit

A-B: Glenda Abramson - Clive Barker (academic) [1] - Michèle Barrett - Jennifer Birkett - Philip Brady - Andre Broome C: Bryan Cheyette D-H: Jill Forbes - Peter France - Becky Gardiner (journalist) - Kirsty Hughes J-L: Anne Karpf - Tim Lang (academic) M-R: Norman Mackenzie - Andy Medhurst P-R: Julian Petley - Rachel Polonsky - Margaret Reynolds (also known as Peggy Reynolds) - Michael Rustin (aka Mike Rustin) S: Donald Sassoon - Anne Showstack Sassoon - Sarah Street - David Brian Stephenson (climate scientist/statistician - academic) - T-W: Caroline Tisdall - Peter Vergo - John Wilders


Ashvin Luximon - John Louis Mann - Larry Martin - Mary MacLeod (actor)/(actress) - Steve Nicholson - Heather Tobias - Johnny Vyvyan

Agents (for performers & writers)Edit

Carole Blake - Clive Goodwin - Roger Hancock - Deborah Owen


Lady Lucan/Countess of Lucan - William (Bill) Shand Kydd brother of Peter Shand Kydd and former amateur jockey

Artists, cartoonists, designers, illustratorsEdit

Ros Asquith


TV & radio directors, producers & executivesEdit

A-D: Andy Allan (television executive) - Stuart Allen (television producer/director, 1931–2019) - Cyril Bennett (television executive) - Glenwyn Benson (former controller of BBC Factual) - Richard Broke (producer) - Frances Campbell (Radio producer for BBC Scotland)[1] - Joanna Carr (BBC Head of Current Affairs) - Richard Cawston - Barry Cox (producer) - Stephen Dando - Clare Lawson Dick E-H: Nick Elliott (producer) (former LWT/ITV drama head) - Peter Frazer-Jones - Phillippa Giles (television drama producer) - Derek Granger - John Grist - Joy Harington (one "r" only, BBC children's television producer) - Alexandra Henderson - Jane Hewland - Polly Hill (television executive) (head of ITV Drama, former head of BBC Drama) - Jane Howell - I-L: Bryan Izzard (long associated with London Weekend Television) - Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere (BBC documentary film maker) - Sian Kevill - Michael Kustow - Michael Latham (TV producer) - Don Leaver - Caroline Leddy - Olivia Lichtenstein - Pamela Lonsdale (ITV children's television producer (Rainbow)) M-R: Margaret Matheson (some credits as Margaret Hare) - Graeme Muir (BBC producer, later controller) - Giles Oakley - Piers Plowright - Caroline Raphael S-W: Jon Scoffield (1932–2018; TV director/productor, later executive at Central)[2]Mary Somerville (broadcaster) (1897–1963) - Joanna Spicer - Norman Swallow - Esme Wren (Newsnight editor from Spring 2018)

Presenters & announcersEdit

Paul Allen (BBC R3/R4 presenter) - Janice Forsyth (broadcaster) (BBC Scotland) - Penny Gore (BBC Radio 3/Channel 4) - John Holmstrom (announcer) (former BBC Radio 3) - Margaret Howard - Margaret Reynolds (academic) (aka, as broadcaster, Peggy Reynolds) - Cormac Rigby (former BBC Radio 3 chief announcer- Keith Shadwick - Susan Sharpe - Edi Stark -


David Glencross

Business peopleEdit

Guy Bartholomew, former Chairman Daily Mirror - Cedric Brown (ex-chief executive of British Gas) - Howard Collins (manager) - former Chief Operating Officer of the London Underground, awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2013 New Years Honours. [2] - Lennie Goodings (Little, Brown director, Virago publisher & chair) - Nick Hugh (CEO of Telegraph Media Group since June 2017) - Michael Ivens (Aims of Industry) - Caroline Marland

Disability rightsEdit

Mark Turnbull (campaigner)[3]


Jane Fae - Lucy-Anne Holmes (aka Lucy-Ann Holmes, actress)

Film IndustryEdit

Leon Clore (producer) - Lizzie Francke - Adrian Shergold. (film director, also TV) - Rose Tobias Shaw (casting director for film & TV)[4]

Information technology (online, social media, etc)Edit

Joanna Geary (formerly on Guardian staff, now with Twitter UK)

Justice system & legal professionalsEdit

Barristers, judges & solicitorsEdit

Sir Bernard Caulfield (Mr Justice Caulfield, 1914-94) - Mark Lewis (solicitor) (specialises in libel cases, Mark Lewis (lawyer) is a redirect) -

Convicted criminalsEdit

Russell Causley, born Russell Stewart Packman, has been imprisoned for murdering his wife Carole Packman who has not reliably been seen alive or dead since 1985. Russell has also been convicted for faking his own death for insurance fraud while with his mistress Patricia Causley. Carole and Russell's daughter, Sam (Samantha Gillingham), features prominently in the Mark Williams-Thomas documentary series The Investigator: A British Crime Story.[3][4] The associated events and persons have been broadly reported on and included in multiple documentaries: eg. web search - Alison Chabloz (convicted 25 May 2018 on charges of malicious communication, non-custodial sentence) - Robert Clyde (serial sex offender, convicted 2013, died 2017) - Ian Paterson (redirect only; breast cancer surgeon convicted on 17 counts of wounding with intent in 2017 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment[5]) - Margaret Paterson (former Scottish brothel keeper imprisoned in 2013, known as Madam Moneybags) - Michael Wheatley (armed robber, redirect only)

Crime victimsEdit

Murder of Rolan Adams (Rolan Adams was a 15 year-old victim murdered by a white gang in Greenwich in February 1991; a racially motivated crime which gained attention at the time)

Deaths in custodyEdit

Death of Sarah Reed/Sarah Reed (prisoner) (suicide of seriously mentally ill woman on remand in Holloway Prison, January 2016; found unfit to plead)

Human rightsEdit

Jodie Ginsberg (Index on Censorship CEO) - Kirsty Hughes (former Index on Censorship CEO) - Naomi McAuliffe (Amnesty) - Andrew Puddephatt (ex-head of Liberty and Charter 88) - Paul Sieghart - Meena Varma - Director of Dalit Solidarity Network UK - - John Wadham (solicitor) (ex-head of Liberty, former legal director of EHRC)

LGBT RightsEdit

Jayne Margaret Ozanne (Gay evangelical LGBT campaigner)

Medicine, health & social workEdit

Anna Coote - Luisa Dillner - Harry Keen (expert on diabetes) - Kirstie Tancock (cystic fibrosis sufferer/organ donor campaigner)


Norman Crookes (RAF) (WWII Squadron Leader)[6]

Politicians, political aides & advisorsEdit

David Bookbinder - Neale Coleman - Simon Fletcher (political aide) - Lady Fiona Hodgson (Conservative Life peer announced August 2013) - Penny Kemp (former chair of the Green Party of England and Wales) - Sara Morrison (former vice-chairman of the Conservative Party) - Sir Bernerd Zissman - 81st Lord Mayor of Birmingham, see List of Lord Mayors of Birmingham

Theatre (directors, producers, choreographers, etc)Edit

Robert Chetwyn - Geraldine Stephenson


Ian Harold Brown (racing driver) - Martin Glenn (chief executive of The Football Association since 2015)

Trade UnionistsEdit

Gerard Coyne - Kevin Coyne (trade unionist) - Terry Duffy

Writers & journalistsEdit

A: Paul Allen (journalist) - Claire Armitstead - Charles Arthur (journalist)/(writer) - Lucy Ash - Ros Asquith B: Holly Baxter - Richard Beeston - Melissa Bell (English journalist) (British born, works for CNN) - Sanchia Berg - Ronald Bergan - Hannah Betts - Anne Billson - Ian Birrell - Linda Blandford - Clive Bloom - Victoria Brittain - Libby Brooks - Georgina Brown (Mail on Sunday theatre critic from 1990s to 2017) - Maggie Brown (journalist) - Ronald Bryden C: Helen Chappell (former Guardian and New Society contributor) - Aditya Chakrabortty - Anne Chisholm - Kate Chisholm - Terry Coleman (journalist) - Cressida Connolly - Steve Connor (journalist)/(writer) (former science editor of The Independent) - Denis Constanduros - Anna Coote - Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett - Sarah Crompton (journalist) - Polly Curtis (former editor-in-chief HuffPost UK) - D-E: Marcelle D'Argy Smith (Cosmopolitan & other publications) - Mary Dejevsky - Sarah Ditum - Luisa Dillner - Emma Duncan (redirect, Economist, The Times) - Chris/Christopher Dunkley - Sabine Durrant - Charlotte Edwardes - Barbara Ellen (journalist) - Cath Elliott (blog Orwell Prize short listed in 2011) - Francis Elliott (journalist) (political editor of The Times) - F: Liz Fekete - Leslie Felperin - Kate Figes - Christopher Fildes - John Finch (dramatist)/John Finch (playwright)/John Finch (writer) - Clare Foges (David Cameron's former speechwriter) - Jill Forbes - Liz Fraser (writer) (specialises in family/parenting issues) - Olenka Frenkiel - Annabel Freyberg G: Becky Gardiner (journalist) - Dani Garavelli - Jo Glanville - Lee Glendinning (appointed editor GuardianUS in June 2015, also long-standing Guardian journalist) - Lucy Glennon - Barbara Gunnell H: Lynsey Hanley - Natalie Hanman (assistant editor of The Guardian from April 2018) - Michele Hanson (Guardian columnist, died March 2018) - Kenneth Harris (journalist) - Max Harrison - Cate Haste - Tim Hilton - Godfrey Hodgson - Gill Hornby - Kirsty Hughes - Liz Hunt I-J: Chrissie Iles - William Ivory (dramatist) - Lydia Jackson Jiburtovich (aka Elisaveta Fen) - Jemima Kiss - Paul Johnson (''Guardian'' journalist) (deputy editor) K: Anne Karpf - Deborah Kellaway - Philip Kemp - Soumaya Keynes (The Economist, currently a redirect only) - Emma Jane Kirby - Rhoda Koenig L: John Francis Lane - Felicity Lawrence - Michael Leapman - Charlie Lee-Potter - Olivia Lichtenstein - Tim Llewellyn - Julia Llewellyn Smith (author as Julia Llewellyn) - Jackie Long (journalist) - Suzanne Lowry M: Geoffrey Macnab - Judith Mackrell - Naomi McAuliffe - Branka Magaš - Nesrine Malik - Lucy Manning - Jonathan Marcus - Minette Marrin - Victoria Mather - Peter McKay (journalist) - Joyce McMillan - Hamish McRae - Merope Mills (US West Coast editor at The Guardian) - Hugh Muir N-O: Peter Nasmith - Matthew Norman (journalist) - William Oddie (ex-Catholic Herald editor) - Ellie Mae O'Hagan (redirect) - Lola Okolosie P-Q: Bruce Page - John Palmer (UK journalist) - Hannah Jane Parkinson (Guardian) - Martin Pawley (writer on architecture) - Anne Perkins - Alison Phillips (journalist) (former editor, The New Day (newspaper) - Trevor Philpott - Sonia Purnell - Anthony Quinn (writer)/((journalist)) R-S: Gordon Rayner (Telegraph political editor) - Helen Rumbelow - Susanna Rustin - Howard Schuman (writer) - Kirsty Scott - Dennis Sewell - Keith Shadwick - Harriet Sherwood - Catherine Shoard - Anthony Shrimsley - Christopher Silvester/Christopher Sylvester - Judith Simons (Daily Express journalist, member of The Beatles inner circle) - Emma Simpson - Godfrey Smith (journalist) (1926–2017), The Sunday Times journalist - Sonia Sodha (chief leader writer, The Observer & Guardian columnist) - Caroline Sullivan - Sue Summers T: Walter Terry (journalist) - Vanessa Thorpe - Caroline Tisdall (art historian) - Simon Trussler - Emma Tucker (deputy editor of The Times) - Russell Twisk U-Z: Polly Vernon - David Walter (British journalist) - Sally Weale - W. J. Weatherby (c.1930–1992)[7] - Derek Webster (journalist) - Paul Webster (journalist) (editor of The Observer from April 2018) - Libby Wiener (ITN) - Richard Winnington (film critic, 1903–53) - Martin Woollacott


Rose Report (education) (primary school curriculum)




Academy Cinema (formerly on Oxford Street)

Landforms / physical geographyEdit

Geology of: Bedfordshire - Berkshire - Bristol - Buckinghamshire - Cumbria - Derbyshire - Devon (currently a redirect) - Durham - East Riding of Yorkshire - Greater Manchester - Herefordshire - Leicestershire - Northamptonshire - Northumberland - North Yorkshire - Nottinghamshire - Oxfordshire - South Yorkshire - Staffordshire - Surrey - Warwickshire - West Midlands - West Yorkshire - Wiltshire - Worcestershire

Needs expansionEdit

Hambury Tout - Stonebarrow Hill

Lists of placesEdit

See also List of places in England, List of places in Northern Ireland, List of places in Scotland and List of places in Wales for other red links. If creating a stub, please add {{UK-geo-stub}} to the article. For urgent requests or help creating an article, please contact Wikipedia:WikiProject UK geography.


List of places in Cleveland - List of places in Humberside - List of places in Stirling -

Needs expansionEdit

List of places in Aberdeen - List of places in Anglesey - List of places in Angus - List of places in Argyll and Bute - List of places in Ceredigion - List of places in Cheshire - List of places in County Antrim - List of places in County Armagh - List of places in County Down - List of places in County Fermanagh - List of places in County Londonderry - List of places in County Tyrone - List of places in Cumbria - List of places in Derbyshire - List of places in Devon - List of places in Dumfries and Galloway - List of places in Dundee - List of places in East Ayrshire - List of places in Essex - List of places in Falkirk - List of places in Fife - List of places in Gloucestershire - List of places in Greater Manchester - List of places in Gwynedd - List of places in Hampshire - List of places in Herefordshire - List of places in Huntingdonshire - List of places on the Isle of Wight - List of places in Lancashire - List of places in Leicestershire - List of places in Lincolnshire - List of places in Merseyside - List of places in Midlothian - List of places in Moray - List of places in Monmouthshire - List of places in Norfolk - List of places in Northamptonshire - List of places in North Ayrshire - List of places in North Lanarkshire - List of places in Northumberland - List of places in Oxfordshire - List of places in Pembrokeshire - List of places in Perth and Kinross - List of places in Powys - List of places in Rutland - List of places in the Scottish Borders - List of places in Shropshire - List of places in South Lanarkshire - List of places in Staffordshire - List of places in Suffolk - List of places in Surrey - List of places in the Tayside region of Scotland - List of places in Tyne and Wear - List of places in Vale of Glamorgan - List of places in Warwickshire - List of places in West Dunbartonshire - List of places in the Western Isles - List of places in West Lothian - List of places in the West Midlands - List of places in Worcestershire - List of places in Yorkshire -



River Daugleddau - River Gyffin - River Hedtse - River Jordan, Cornwall - River Ken - River Lochy - River Magwo - River Terne - River Wnion

Needs expansionEdit

Blackadder Water - Eddleston Water - Ettrick Water - Foudry Brook - Holms Water - Leader Water - Leithen Water - Little Don River - Manor Water - Pembroke River - Quair Water - River Add - River Alne - River Ayr - River Bain - River Bann - River Blyth, Northumberland - River Blyth, Suffolk - River Bradford - River Cole - River Cothi - River Darwen - River Devon - River Doe Lea - River Dove, Derbyshire - River Drone - River Dwyryd - River Ebbw - Eden Water - River Enborne - River Esk, Lothian - River Flit - River Font - River Greet - River Gwash - River Hiz - River Honddu - River Ivel - River Kent - River Lathkill - River Llynfi - River Mawddach - River Mynach - River Neath - River Ogwen - River Ouzel - River Pitt - River Pool - River Rheidol - River Shin - River Taff - River Tarrant - River Taw - River Teifi - River Teviot - River Till - River Tywi River Ure - River Vyrnwy - River Wansbeck - River Wreake - River Ystwyth -



Products and brandsEdit


Statutory bodiesEdit

Broadcasting Standards Commission (currently a redirect to Ofcom; the article merely mentions the predecessor)


Films and Filming (redirect) - Plays and Players -

Television programmesEdit

A Time to Dance (1992 serial based on a Melvyn Bragg novel) - Ireland: A Television History (1981 documentary series) - Lay Down Your Arms (television play) (Dennis Potter entry in ITV Sunday Night Theatre, 1970) - River Cottage Autumn (16 October to 6 November 2008, for example, [5])

Organisations & InstitutionsEdit


L109A1 - a British Armed Forces grenade, currently a redirect. Modernising Defence Programme - see [6] and [7] and Publication National Security Capability Review (NSCR) - see [8] National Shipbuilding Strategy - see [9] Mk 11 depth charge or Mk11 depth charge, a depth charge used by the Royal Navy, see for example this and this Submarine Delivery Agency a separate agency created from Defence Equipment and Support, see for example [10]

Politics (including Commissions, departmental responsibilities, etc)Edit

Parliament (Westminster)Edit

Deputy Prime Minister's Questions--should be a separate article, not a redirect

Political parties or groupsEdit


Socialist Fight

Public policyEdit

British pension system

Restaurants, public houses, clubsEdit

Fives Club, Drinking Society at Durham University

Sport (professional & amateur)Edit


Badington Airport (source? doesnt appear to exist) - Chatham Dockyard Union Flag (the short-lived British Airways tailfin flag)


For a complete list of stubs see Category:United Kingdom stubs and Category:United Kingdom geography stubs.

Aberchirder - Aberlour - Abernethy - Airth - Alyth - Ardgour - Auchtermuchty - Bathgate - Bonnyrigg - Carluke - Castlewellan - Cheriton - Clogher - Cockenzie and Port Seton - Coupar Angus - Crumlin - Cullen - Dalbeattie - Denny, Stirlingshire - Dromore - Earlsferry - East Linton - Flax Bourton - Fivemiletown - Galston - Gilnahirk - Hailsham - Halesworth - Hawley - Hayle - Heathfield - Hedon - Heswall - Heywood, Greater Manchester - Horwich - Kilbarchan - Laurencekirk - Leven - Mablethorpe - Malton, North Yorkshire - Manningtree - Market Deeping - Market Weighton - Maybole - Mexborough - Middleton, Greater Manchester - Musselburgh - Portknockie - Radnor - Ross, Scotland - Saintfield - Saltburn-by-the-Sea - Shildon - St Columb Major - Stainforth - Swanley - Swinton, Greater Manchester - Tayport - Tranent - Turriff - Wadebridge - Walton-on-Thames - Waltham Cross - Wath-upon-Dearne - Westhoughton - West Kirby - West Mersea - Whitburn - Whitworth - Wincanton Wootton Bassett

Trevor Bannister - Lucy Benjamin - Melanie Blatt - Roy Boulting - June Brown - Anne Bulford (BBC deputy Director General, appointed July 2016) - Madeleine Bunting - Todd Carty - Grahame Clark - Glyn Daniel - Perry Fenwick - Craig Ferguson - Gina Ford - Cyril Fox - Gabrielle (singer) - Dorothy Garrod - William Greenwell - Michael Higgs - Ken Hom - Sue Margolis (novelist) - Lionel Martin (founder of Aston Martin) - Gail Porter - Peter Purves - Dougray Scott - Ronnie Scott - Carmen Silvera - Liz Smith (actress) - Brian Souter (chairman of Stagecoach Group) - Pam St Clement - Kathy Staff - Frank Thornton - Rudolph Walker - Adam Woodyatt -

Ergonomics Society - Royal Meteorological Society - British Geological Survey - Millennium Volunteers

Brixton riots - Makro - Operation Trident

Albert Square - BBC Knowledge - Next (company) - River Island - Vision Express - Wessex Trains - Legion of Frontiersmen - Chessington World of Adventures - Tots TV - Tweenies

Watneys Red Barrel

Articles needing imagesEdit

For UK-related articles needing a photograph, use {{Image requested|in=the United Kingdom}} in the talk page, which adds the article to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in the United Kingdom. You can help Wikipedia by uploading freely licensed photographs for these articles to Wikimedia Commons.

The Free Image Search Tool may be able to locate suitable images on other web sites.

The Image Existence Checker shows articles in this list that have images. Please remove articles from the list once pictures have been found. Feel free to add more of your own on the requested photographs page.

On CleanupEdit

On requests for expansionEdit


Note: there may be a very good reason why some of these are orphaned articles, and careful consideration needs to be made on their encyclopedic quality before they get linked in to other articles. Please remove from this list once they have been dealt with.

Awayday - Birmingham Gun Quarter - British Empire Economic Conference - British League of Rights - City and Guilds College Union - English art - English Catholic parish histories - Fairoaks Airport - Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells - Ipstream - Kerbside recycling - Line of Succession to the British throne/Draft - List of English Renaissance Theatres - Purvey - Quality Practice Award - Royalty trust - Scroby Sands wind farm -



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