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Architectural firms and organisationsEdit

  • Norm Architects - Copenhagen based international architecture and design studio founded in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn Von Lotzbeck ([44][45]). The studio works in the fields of industrial and furniture design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction ([46][47]). Norm's projects are influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism and functionalism ([48]). In the 2016 Danish Design Awards, Norm Architects was awarded as "Designer of the Year" by HMS Crown Princess Mary ([49]) and In september 2013, the Danish restaurant Höst, designed by Norm Architects, won the "World's Best Design Restaurant" in the Bar & Restaurant Design Awards in London ([50]). Norm has released several publications with collaborating studios, among others "The Touch", by Kinfolk and Norm Architects ([51]) and "The Reinvention of Forms" by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen ([52]). Collaborating furniture and product manufacturers include Ariake ([53]) and Karimoku ([54]) in Japan, Inbani ([55]) in Spain, Fogia ([56]) in Sweden and &Tradition ([57]) and MENU ([58]) in Denmark. The studio's work is often portrayed in the online-based magazines Dezeen and ArchDaily, in which their latest architecture project, the Archipelago House, was nominated in the 2021 Building of the Year Awards. ([59][60] [61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68][69]).
  • Pace, Architecture, Engineering + Planning - Kuwaiti-based international architecture and engineering firm founded in 1986 by Hamid Abdulsalam Shuaib. Projects include The Avenues (Kuwait) and Central Bank of Kuwait. ([70]) ([]) ([71])
  • Tamayouz Excellence Award (International Architecture Award established in 2012, now one of the most important architectural programmes in the middle east) ([72], [73], [74])
  • RoTo Architects - Los-Angeles-based international architecture firm founded in 1991 by architect and educator Michael Rotondi. Projects include Madame Tussaud's Hollywood, UCSD La Jolla Playhouse, Texas A&M Prairie View School of Architecture, Carlson-Reges House, Silo House, Warehouse C and their sister company RotoLab. [75]; [76];
  • 5+design - California-based international architecture firm; has designed projects around the world, including The China World Trade Center, the Dubai International Financial Centre and Wuhan, China's first lifestyle center;; [77]; [78]; [79]; [80]
  • Cranston & Keenan - San Francisco-based firm; built many of the famous Queen Anne houses in the city
  • Global Architectural Development (GAD) - architecture firm based in Istanbul, Turkey, and New York City; founded by Gökhan Avcıoğlu in 1985; works include: Changa Restaurant (2000), Exploded House (2003), KUUM Hotel and Residences (2009), Beşiktaş Fish Market (2009), Borusan Music and Art House (2009), One & Ortaköy (2011), Rixos Eskişehir Spa & Thermal Hotel (2013), Serra Gate (2013), and Trump Cadde (2014)
  • INTA (urban organization) (International New Town Association) -
  • KOO (architectural firm) (originally Koo and Associates) - Chicago-based architecture, interior design and planning firm; founded by Jackie Koo in 2005 ([81]) after she spent fifteen years working for large corporate firms; has completed numerous projects throughout the city in markets including hospitality, residential and institutional; the firm's debut project, theWit Hotel, opened in 2009 to much acclaim ([82]), and has become a highly recognizable building in Chicago due the signature zig-zagging chartreuse glass running down its center; in 2012, the firm was chosen as master planner, architect, and designer for the historic restoration of the Purple Hotel site in Lincolnwood, Illinois; though never seen to fruition, the design incorporated adjacent sites to the complex, adding retail and office space and re-focusing the entrance to the hotel complex off a redesigned courtyard; the 200-room hotel included three restaurants, a lounge, spa, and 20,000 square feet of banquet space, bringing the hotel back to its former glory ([83]; [84]); other hotel projects include the renovation of Fairfield Inn & Suites ([85]), the Out Chicago ([86]), and the Autograph Streeterville Hotel ([87]); has completed award winning multi-family residential projects and large-scale institutional renovations
  • rzlbd - RZLBD IS A BOUTIQUE ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE BASED IN TORONTO FOUNDED BY ARCHITECT REZA ALIABADI ...;; [88]; [89]; [90]; [91]; [92] (advertisement removed) DGG ( talk ) 16:11, 4 July 2017 (UTC)


  • Dromagh CastleGalway, Ireland, castle ruins in Galway and the oldest castle in Duhallow, O'Keefe Clan Estate [[110]], official registry by NUI Galway[[111]]. The present standing walls of Dromagh Castle which are locally referred to as “The Castle”, were the surrounding walls of the Courtyard. This Courtyard measured forty four yards by thirty six. The walls are about thirty feet high from the base of the surrounding Moat. They are turreted at the east and west sides and at each of the four corners stands a circular tower. The tower at the North-eastern corner was five storey and about seventy feet high. The remaining were three storeyed and about forty feet high. The internal diameter of each tower is fifteen feet three inches. The walls are five feet five inches inches in thickness. The gateways are on the east and west sides and are nine feet high by eighteen feet wide. Each gateway had double gates and was of heavy strongly riveted steel plates. In the centre of the courtyard was the Castle proper. Between the Castle and the surrounding wall was a moat and there was a moat also outside the walls. Both moats could have been about one hundred years old at that time. There was an avenue or roadway leading to the Castle from the south-east that is from the direction of the present Catholic Church and the local tradition has it that fierce fighting took place on this road. However, the Cromwellians drove the O Keeffe men back and charging on horseback through the moat captured the Castle. There is a tradition also that fifteen people were executed after they had surrendered but many escaped through an underground tunnel which had its exit in the farm now owned by William Hartnett. After 1651 the Castle was owned by the Leader Family and was burned by the local Volunteers during the war of Independence 1920-21.
  • Listed buildings in the Republic of Ireland in the style of Listed buildings in the United Kingdom and/or any of Listed building#Equivalent status outside the United Kingdom. Sources [112], [113], [114]
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