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  • Agile World - (Agile World ( is a non-profit organization incorporated in California in 2021 (Organization number C4780724). The organization was founded as part of the Agile20Reflect Festival a pop up celebration and retrospective of 20 years of Agile that happened for the whole month of February 2021. Agile World mission is to support entertainment, educational and training initiatives that provide free Agile training resources for everyone. Agile World is committed to Practical Agile knowing that it can have a fundamental and positive impact on individuals, communities and businesses by aiding them in everyday life. Everyone involved freely gives up their time as part of this community project to serve all of humanity in every location with knowledge about Agile, with humor and insights based upon a practical personal usage of Agile. Agile World Broadcast Media - (Agile World News ( created Agile World shows in 28 days to report on the Festival as it was happening. The Agile World talk show was created by Karl A L Smith based upon an homage to Wayne’s World and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival daily round up and Sabrina C E Bruce as a way to garner engagement during a worldwide free festival. The Agile World Show has continued and is now in English, Spanish, Better English with Indian and French languages version due to start in 2021. Referenced by Agile20Reflect Festival [1], Post Festival end of season 2 notification [2], Notice of start of Spanish show [3], Best startups 101 Los Angeles [4]. Other initiatives include Agile World Institute - Agile World Institute ( The Agile World Institute is a voluntary nonprofit organisation focused on practical education and training to support people where they are in their life. There are no entry qualifications of prerequisite just a willingness and desire to be better than yesterday, Agile World Resources - Agile World Resources ( mission is to provide free Agile training resources for everyone, Think Agile - Think Agile (, Think Agile has been born out of a desire to unleash the talents of the Agile community in making the world a better place. We celebrate agility in its many manifestations and look forward to finding ways to benefit people in all walks of life through application of its values and principles. Think Agile mission is to support educational and training initiatives by equipping people across the globe with concepts and artifacts that celebrate the best in all of us.
  • Alberta Equestrian Federation - The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) ( was established in 1978 as a non-profit organization to support equestrian sport and recreational activities within the province of Alberta. AEF programs and services cover a wide range of equestrian activities for beginners to experts in a multitude of disciplines. Services range from the provision of reasonable cost insurance for all members to services in the areas of recreation, sport, education, breeds and industry. The federation provides provincial support and administration for the National English, Western, and Driving Coach Certification Programs and the English and Western Rider Development programs. It established and supports the Wild Rose competitions program across the province. The AEF is the only equestrian body recognized by Alberta Sport Connection, thereby having a voice within the Alberta Government. (
  • All India Online Vendors Association www.aiova,org is a group of ecommerce sellers selling on Ecommerce marketplaces in India such as Flipkart , Amazon, Snapdeal etc. The group is demanding reforms against the predatory practices and mismanagement being done by such companies. The Association has been covered extensively by media in relation to its demand for a regulatory body to regulate the ecommerce marketplace ecosystem. is an open to all knowledge sharing platform for vendors to share their views, suggestions, problems and grievances to make business better. '
  • American Amish Association Call me Coach Z if you have personal subject matter expert information on my proposed Wiki project. Hello my name is John zarlino my user ID on this website is coach zarlino all caps I am currently looking for any Wikipedia editor that has first-hand information on social settlements in the community in which you serve please add your information to my talk page thank you.
  • American College of Healthcare Executives - The American College of Healthcare Executives ( is an international professional society of 40,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. ACHE's mission is to advance its members and healthcare management excellence. The ACHE offers certification in a Fellowship program through qualifying management experience criteria and passing of the Board of Governors Exam. In the exam, there are 230 questions—200 are scored and 30 are "trial", unscored questions. Candidates will have up to six (6) hours to complete the exam. ( ACHE has a longstanding relationship with military services, which should be clarified in the Wikipedia article. For example, membership registration offers "Title" as a field, and every military rank is listed, but none for Doctor. Under 8% of members are associated with military service according to ACHE-published membership information. (
  • American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics - The American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) ( is an international society of over 2,300 professionals whose primary interest is to advance the science and practice of clinical pharamcology and translational medicine for the therapeutic benefit of patients and society. At 2,300 members it is the largest scientific and professional organization serving the field of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine. ASCPT owns three academic journals (, one hybrid print and online open acces journal: Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, and two online, open access journals: CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology, and Clinical and Translational Science. ASCPT holds an Annual Meeting every spring where researchers present scientific discoveries, and well as professional lessons to attendees. ASCPT also holds regular webinars for members on the topics within the fields of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine as well as topics specific to career development.
  • Animal Help Now - Animal Help Now is a non-profit digital platform connecting people who encounter wildlife conflicts or emergencies with professional assistance. Search results are filtered by location and time, resulting in contact listings that are nearby and available to assist. Its database has over 3500 helpers (including wildlife rehabilitators, rescues, hotline, and veterinarians that treat wildlife). Users access Animal Help Now through a website ( and free app (available on Apple and Android devices). Service is currently available within the United States. Animal Help Now was created in 2011 and assisted with wildlife and domestic animal emergencies in Colorado and Texas. It expanded to provide support throughout the U.S. for wildlife conflicts and emergencies but no longer assists with domestic animal emergencies or conflicts. (
  • Artisanal Gold Council - The Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) is a not-for-profit dedicated to improving the opportunities, environment, and health of the millions of people involved in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) in the developing world. Their projects aim to improve the health and safety of miners and their families as well as decrease the environmental impact of the global gold sector. With their main office in Victoria, BC, Canada, the Artisanal Gold Council (AGC) also works in Latin America, South East Asia, and Western Africa. Currently they have three main projects operating out of Peru, Indonesia, and Fracophone West Africa...
  • cicCartuja - Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas Isla de la Cartuja ( is a non-profit, EU and government funded scientific research company based in Sevilla España. cicCartuja is a research centre, founded by the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Seville (US), and is located in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja). The cicCartuja is comprised of three joint institutes:

Institute of Plant Biochemistry and Photosynthesis (IBVF) Institute of Materials Science of Seville (ICMSE) Institute of Chemical Research (IIQ) cicCartuja resarchers work in scientific fields at the interface between biology, chemistry and physics. cicCartuja provides training, research and public engagement. ( ( (

  • Arthakranti This is an organization from India who had proposed demonetization and had consulted prime minister of India on other issues related to it. The article was deleted but now it is being strongly recommended to create it. Interested editors can create it. Thank you. -- Abhijeet Safai (talk) 10:38, 16 February 2017 (UTC)
  • Australasian College of Paramedicine (The Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP) is the peak representational body of Australian & New Zealand paramedics representing more than 10,000 members. The ACP has undergone a number of organisational changes since its initial establishment in 1973 when it was formally established as the Institute of Ambulance Officers (Australia). In 2019, the memberships of two splinter organisations - Paramedics Australasia Ltd and the Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine Ltd - voted in favour of a merger which saw the re-establishment of a single representational body for Australasian paramedics formed on 1 March 2020 known as the Australasian College of Paramedicine Ltd.) (
  • Australia-China Youth Dialogue The Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) Is The Pre-Eminent Inter-Disciplinary Early To Mid-Career Leaders Forum Between Australia And Greater China. Each year, ACYD brings together 30 outstanding Australian and Greater Chinese citizens between 25-40 years of age to participate in ACYD: a powerful platform that identifies, then meaningfully connects, high potential leaders in Australia-Greater China affairs.The absence of, and a need for, more institutionalised dialogue between Australia and China through both governmental and non-governmental organisations, as outlined in a 2009 article by Australia’s first ambassador to China, Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald, has created the foundations for organisations like the ACYD to exist and indeed thrive. The ACYD was founded to promote more sophisticated cross-cultural understanding among Australian and Chinese youth. The ACYD seeks to enhance Sino-Australian relations by bringing together key people from both sides to forge deeper connections for the future.
  • Australian Association of Orthodontists formed in 1927, is the largest dental specialist society in Australia, committed to maintaining high ethical and professional standards amongst orthodontists to the benefit of the dental health of Australians. All members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists are registered specialists, so you can be confident that your ASO orthodontist is appropriately accredited through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The ASO was reorganised to establish state branches and to develop an affiliation with the Australian Dental Association (ADA), allowing both bodies to work collaboratively to ensure the best patient care across the country. Through its Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education supporting orthodontic research in Australian Universities, biennial Congress, and biannual scientific journal publication, the ASO continues its commitment to excellence in orthodontic treatment.

The ATA’s members include major logistics companies, transport industry associations and businesses with leading expertise in truck technology. The ATA was established to improve the trucking industry’s safety, professionalism and viability after the Grafton truck and bus crash in October 1989. The accident claimed 21 lives and was the worst accident in Australian road transport history at the time. The ATA has an impressive record of achievement on behalf of its members. The ATA’s current priorities are set out in its strategic plan, which is updated each year. Under its 2014-2016 strategic plan, the Australian Trucking Association is focusing on increasing the trucking industry’s safety, professionalism and viability. As a peak body, the ATA has three tools to achieve its goals: member advocacy to governments, parliaments and regulators; research and the development of best practice standards; and communication with the industry and the community.Atatürk Arboretumu

  • Anti Corruption International Anti-Corruption International is a global youth-led organization, founded and co-ordinated by a group of young students from around the world with a vision to show that young people can not only play a part in eradicate a global problem, but can take the lead. Sources:

  • Appalachian College Association The Appalachian College Association is a non-profit consortium of 35 private four-year liberal arts institutions spread across the central Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Collectively these higher education institutions serve over 54,000 students.

The Association helps develop and share ideas, information, programs and resources to achieve its goals, which include promoting cooperation and collaboration among its member institutions to serve the people of Appalachia through higher education and related services. The ACA functions independently of any one institution to serve all its members.

More important than who we are is what we have done and what we expect to do. Our primary efforts are directed toward strengthening our faculty by helping them stay current in their subject matter through graduate and post-graduate study and research; giving students research experiences that supplement their basic academic courses; and encouraging each institution to reach out in service to its community and region through a variety of programs.

The ACA developed from a grant-funded project at the University of Kentucky over a 10-year period between 1980-1989. In 1990, the ACA became an independent organization, and in 1993 became its own tax-exempt classification under Section 501(c)(3) of the 1986 Internal Revenue Service Code. The ACA's purpose is exclusively educational under this designation. Governance is by a board comprised of member institutions presidents and an executive committee, which is elected by the board each year.

Six research universities in the region (University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina, University of Tennessee, West Virginia University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech) are affiliated with the ACA. These institutions assist the ACA in reviewing grant and fellowship applications, conducting workshops and providing technical assistance.

The assets of the ACA have grown from less than $1 million to over $30 million due primarily to the generosity of the foundations that have continued to fund its programs to benefit central Appalachia.


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  • Association of Management Consulting Firms - The global trade association for the management consulting industry - 501(c)(6). About AMCF: [23] | List of member firms: [24] | Board of Directors: [25] | Bylaws: [26] | Code of Ethics: [27] | Affinity Groups: [28] | Article mentions: [29], [30], [31], [32].
  • ASTUTE Wales - Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies Improving competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in West Wales and the Valleys.
  • Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) - AIVL is the national peak organisation representing the state and territory drug user organisations and issues of national significance for people who use or have used illicit drugs and people on medicated assisted treatment. They advocate for changes to current illicit drug policy at a national level. As a member-based organisation, AIVL also supports State and Territory peer-based organisations to strengthen their internal governance structures, their capacity to provide services to illicit drug users and assists member-based organisations to develop advocacy strategies for engaging in localized drug-related policy issues. [33] [34] [35] [36][37]
  • Autism Spectrum Australia - (Aspect) Public benevolent instution that operates eight autism specific schools, early intervention and other services for people with autism and their families.
  • Aids for Women, Adolescents, and Children International Organization (AWACIO) - is a non-profit organization established in Nigeria in 2011 via registration with the Nigerian Corporate affairs Commission. AWACIO exists to improve the wellbeing of women, children, and adolescents to affordable and secure levels, and to ensure that decent standards of living are maintained through the establishment of skills development, empowerment, and training/education programs. References: User:AWACIO2010/sanbox - wilkipedia, the free encyclopedia, [38]
  • Alltnacriche - Alltnacriche is an Outdoor Activity [39] Centre run by Scripture Union Scotland, a part of the worldwide family of Scripture Union movements [40]. Alltnacriche is located just outside Aviemore [41].

Alltnacriche hosts school residential and activity breaks under the banner of Classroom Outdoors [42], and SU Holiday events [43] during the term holidays. The centre also hosts a wide variety of weekend groups [44] such as youth, student and church groups.

Alltnacriche holds an Adventure Activities Licencing Authority licence [45] are members of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Centres [46] and have been had a presence at outdoor learning events such as Wild in the Park in June 2014 [47] hosted by YouthLink Scotland [48] at the Scottish Parliament [49].

  • The Azrieli Foundation (The Azrieli Foundation is a registered charity with the mission to improve the lives of present and future generations through Education, Research, Healthcare and the Arts, mainly in Canada and Israel.) [50][51] [52]


  • Berkshire Vision, One of the oldest charities in England's home counties dedicated to supporting the visually impaired in all aspects of their life. , [53], [54]
  • Beyond Type 1, Beyond Type 1 is a nonprofit organization founded by Nick Jonas, Sam Talbot and others in 2015. Through platforms, programs, resources, and grants, Beyond Type 1 works to unite the global diabetes community and provide solutions to improve lives. Founded with a focus on education, advocacy and the path to a cure for Type 1 diabetes, Beyond Type 1 has grown to also include programs for those with Type 2 diabetes. See, and also some press references. [55], [56], [57].
  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals, BCSP sets and certifies technical competency criteria for safety, health and environmental (SH&E) practitioners. Established in 1969, they operate a variety of accredited safety certifications. Over 58,000 persons that work in SH&E have held a BCSP certification since their establishment. As of 2014, BCSP an organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
  • Bish and Bash, Bish and Bash is a Nonprofit organization that sells Christmas ornaments to buy toys for sick children at Helen Devos Childrens Hospital. It was founded by Eli Kersey when he was 9 years old.
  • Balkan Economic Forum, Nonprofit committed to stimulating Balkan economic growth through private-public sector collaboration..
  • Better Markets, non-profit, non-partisan, and independent organization founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to promote the public interest in the financial markets, support the financial reform of Wall Street and make our financial system work for all Americans again.
  • Boston Foundation For Sight, Nonprofit eye health care organization.
  • Backpack Basics, an non-profit organization founded in 2010 by students in the Oxford School District. It's a program that focuses on makeing sure that underprivalaged children in Connecticut get a backpack full of everything they need to go to school and succeed. These children are usually in urban areas where school supplies cannot be afforded. Backpack Basics sponsors these children and gives them school supplies throughout the year, so they may be able to prosper in school. See
  • Bolton Barbershop Harmony Club, A charitable non profit organisation with the following activities 1. Advance the education of members and the public in all aspects of music in the barbershop style of unaccompanied four part close harmony, in both chorus and quartet. 2. Further any other charitable purpose recognised as exclusively charitable in accordance with the law in England and Wales. Also Known as the Cottontown Chorus. Charity Commission Listing[5]. More information can be found on its website [58]
  • Bus Stop Films - a Sydney (Australia) based, not-for-profit company that makes films with people in the disability community. Bus Stop films advocates inclusive filmmaking and runs weekly film classes. Bus Stop films was founded by film director Genevieve Clay Smith and Eleanor Winkler. [59] [60] [61] [62] [63] [64] [65] [66] [67] [68] [69] [70] [71] [72] [73] [74] [75] [76] [77] [78] [79] [80] [81] [82] [83] [84] [85] [86] [87] [88]
  • Bank Information Center, A non profit organization that partners with civil society in developing and transition countries to influence the World Bank and other international financial institutions to promote social and economic justice and ecological sustainability. For examples of BIC's work see [89], [90], [91], [92], [93].
  • Bajaj Avenger Club, a non profit organization founded in 2012 to increase awareness about motorcycling and entice people to hon their passion to ride. Started in Bengaluru, India as Bajaj Avenger Club, Bengaluru. The club now hosts around 500 members all across India. See [94], [95], [96], [97],
  • Barrelrollman Organization, an organization founded in 2010, they are dedicated to rolling around the world in search of world records while rocking out to good music and raising money for the Nurses For Newborns [98], a 501(c)(3) organization that helps disadvantaged babies and families. The Barrelrollman Organization holds a Guinness World Record for "Most People to Somersault" [99] and have been featured in many publications including The Miami Herald, Boston Globe, International Business Times, Travel Weekly, Newsday and the Los Angeles Daily News among many others. See [100].
  • The Baton Exchange is a Christian nonprofit that provides career mentoring and leadership training for college students and postgrads to integrate their faith and vocation in the global marketplace. The Baton Exchange is based out of Columbus, Ohio, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. More information can be found at its website, [101].
  • The Bengali Kids of Princeton Area is nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to help children learn about Bengali language, culture, and heritage in a fun way [102]
  • Bish and Bash, Bish and Bash is a Nonprofit organization that sells Christmas ornaments to buy toys for sick children at Helen Devos Childrens Hospital. It was founded by Eli Kersey when he was 9 years old.* Bernardo Kohler Center - Nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas providing assistance to abused, abandoned, neglected juveniles, victims of crime, human trafficking victims, and asylum seekers
  • Beyond Boobs! - is a non-profit breast health organization that supports young women diagnosed with breast cancer survivor through support networks that help create positive change while dealing with the unique challenges the disease presents this population.
  • BiD Network - Business in Development Network: Preparing emerging market entrepreneurs for investors
  • Biodegradable Products Institute - BPI (A not-for profit, 501c-6 licensing and certification company based in the United States that provides 3rd party review of test reports to verify that products comply with ASTM D6400 or D 6868 standards for aerobically compostable plastics and plastic-laminated paper products.) (
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas - BBBS Central Texas' mission is to provide children with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Serving Austin, Travis County, Hays County and Williamson County. (Possibly a section rather than a whole article?)
  • Blumenthal Foundation - Foundation started by I.D. Blumenthal in Charlotte, North Carolina that gives grants to different organizations in the community
  • Boca Raton Synagogue - Synagogue in Palm Beach County, Florida; see
  • Bangladeshism Project - Chittagong Bangladesh - A non-profit organisation to build social awareness for environmental disaster and inspire patriotism, Bangladesh; see
  • Brad's Kids Pediactric Cancer Foundation - IL non-profit that donates toys and books to children diagnosed with cancer.
  • BOCS Foundation - A Hungarian non-profit organization working on "sustainable development" issues under the categories of peace, justice, women's rights, family planning, and environment. In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to state that this article request has been made by an individual affiliated with the BOCS Foundation.
  • Bogaziçi University Civil Engineering Club - BUYAP(native)
  • Bright Hope International - A Charity Navigator Four Star Non Profit Organization focused on serving the poorest people in the world—those living on less than one dollar a day.
  • Bizdom - A non-profit startup accelerator based in Detroit, MI. Bizdom is one of the most connected startup accelerators in the world! Bizdom was founded by serial entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans and Rock Ventures. See
  • Bulldozer Health - Bulldozer Health Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our Mission Statement: Bulldozer Health empowers individuals through a variety of holistic healing methods: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, herbal treatment, aroma therapy, reiki, hands on healing, reflexology and more.
  • Baan Dek Foundation - A Thai-registered NGO based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Founded in 2002, Baan Dek Foundation provides Children's access to essential services in education, health, and safety. Baan Dek Foundation was founded by Nicola Crosta (Executive Director of Epic Foundation and Founder of Baan Dek Foundation), Acha Sripurya (Chairwoman), and Magali Crosta (Executive Director and Co-Founder). Baan Dek Foundation is a part of the Kids Home Development Network, a network of charitable entities in: US, UK, Italy and France providing fundraising and strategic support to Baan Dek Foundation's activities on the field. In 2017, 1,349 children in total were supported, and 98% of school-age kids enrolled in local public Thai schools. Baan Dek Foundation won the MIT Solve challenge in Youth, Skills and the Workforce of the Future Challenge in 2017. Baan Dek Foundation has partnered with MIT Solve and DFAT (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs) again in 2018 for the Digital Superheroes Academy (DSHA), providing essential life-skills in the region through a digital interactive web-based application. In March 2018, Baan Dek Foundation also launched its joint research publication with UNICEF entitled "Building Futures in Thailand", providing a needs based assessment for migrant construction workers in the Thai construction sector and a 12 step framework for action. See: [103][104][105][106][107][108][109] [110][111] [112][113][114][115][116][117][118][119]
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  • Black Catholic Messenger, a nonprofit media website covering news of interest to Black Catholics.[120][121][122]


  • Cannabis Capital: How to Get Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Economy, By Ross O'Brien (The cannabis industry is seeing an explosion of entrepreneurship and a great amount of capital is flowing into the sector globally. It is essential for cannabis business owners to understand how to be one of the few businesses that secure funding. The answer to bridging this disconnect lies in not only understanding how to build a successful business but, directly listening from investors on what is required when backing a company. And most importantly, why they invest in certain companies, entrepreneurs and not others.

Cannabis Capital is the definitive resource outlining the fundamentals for building a company that will attract investment, why investors will invest and how to successfully raise capital. Ross O'Brien brings more than a decade of investing in private companies, managing a multi million dollar cannabis investment fund, hosting cannabis industry events, as well as investor forums. O'Brien shares the best practices and shares proven frameworks for success.) [124] [125] [126] [127] [128] [129] [130]

  • California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) (Based in the University of California at Berkeley, CIEE conducts public-interest energy research with experts at University of California, other universities, government, industry, and nonprofits. It was founded in 1989 by Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld.) ( (Water-energy_nexus)
  • Concerned Women Kono - [[131]] ( Is a non profit organisation formed in kono district, Sierra Leone west Africa, Eastern part of Sierra Leone by Tiwa Kaifala in 2008.
  • Canadian Royal Purple Society (A Canadian Non Profit Organization that provides a forum to enable volunteers to assist their communities. Formed in 2014 from the original Royal Purple of Canada these lodges continue to operate with members all across Canada. Head Office is in Kamloops British Columbia.) (
  • Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) - In 1981, following an agreement between the Indian and British governments, CWIT was established as an English charity. It is run by four trustees, one nominated by the British Council. The trustees cover CWIT’s main areas of interest and are Dr Yasmin Khan, Caroline Douglas,Gregor Stark and Colin Perchard (British Council nominee). The Secretary is Richard Alford. In over 30 years CWIT has made around 2700 grants.[132]
  • Cadet Advocate General Corps NZ (NZCAG) - A non-profit organisation based on educating people about laws, in a military orientated environment.[]
  • California Lighting Technology Center - A nonprofit research facility affiliated with the University of California, Davis that focuses on energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies and controls.

  • Career & College Clubs - non-profit program to help middle school students prepare to succeed in high school, college, and life. [] [135] [136] [137] [138]
  • Caring Minds C.I.C. - A Community Interest Company who supports Young People with family mental illness. []
  • The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit in Lexington, KY dedicated to literacy and the literary arts.[139] The building was the Lexington Public Library's main branch from 1905 until 1989; it was one of 2,500 public libraries built by Andrew Carnegie between 1883 and 1929. The building reopened as the Carnegie Center in 1992. [140] In 2013, the Carnegie Center began the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame, and on January 24, 2013 inducted Harriette Arnow, William Wells Brown, Harry Caudill, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, James Still, and Robert Penn Warren for the inaugural class. [141] In 2014, they inducted Rebecca Caudill, Thomas D. Clark, Janice Holt Giles, James Baker Hall, Etheridge Knight, Thomas Merton, and Jesse Stuart[142]. In 2015, they inducted Guy Davenport, Elizabeth Hardwick, Jim Wayne Miller, Effie Waller Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, and the first living writer into the Hall of Fame, Wendell Berry. [143] In 2014, the Carnegie Center won the Kentucky Foundation for Women's award in education for "two decades of activities focused on promoting literacy and literary arts in Kentucky". [144] In 1993, Phyllis MacAdam started the Carnegie Center's tutoring program[145], which has since won Lexington Family magazine's award for Favorite Tutoring/Learning Center in 2011, 2012, and 2015.[146][147][148] Official Website[149]
  • Center for Creative Leadership Not-for-profit Leadership Training and Development Organization established in Greensboro, NC in 1970. [150] [151]. Research partnerships: [152] Rankings in Training Industry [153]
  • The Center for Gifted Studies Located on the Western Kentucky University campus in Bowling Green, Kentucky, The Center for Gifted Studies has been serving children who are gifted and talented, their educators, and their parents for more than 30 years. The Center provides educational opportunities for gifted young people, professional development for teachers, and support for parents of gifted young people. Under the direction of Dr. Julia Roberts, The Center has become a national advocate for gifted education in the United States. Gifted encyclopedia: [154] USA Today: [155] Lane Report: [156] Bowling Green Daily News: [157] Organization website: [158] *Request for a page to be made.
  • The Center for Health Affairs A non-profit hospital association in Northeast Ohio dating back to 1916. [159]
  • Center for Communication (The Center for Communication is a nonprofit supported by major media companies to bring more diversity to the media industry and give students access to influential figures who can speak about the business today. The Center’s mission is to better prepare students for careers in media by connecting them with the best minds in media and offering free seminars, featuring outstanding media leaders, who join with us to better inform college students on the ever-evolving media industry. Center seminars cover all aspects and all fields of media, including journalism, television production, documentary and feature filmmaking, social media, magazine and book publishing, advertising, PR and marketing, First Amendment issues, ethics and standards. Past speakers include: Edward Albee, Jeff Marks, Bill Keller, Sebastian Junger, Lee Daniels, Mike Francesa, Anna Deavere Smith, Pete Hamill, Sir Harry Evans, David Chase, Oliver Stone, Sydney Pollack, Todd Haynes, Sidney Lumet, Jeff Bezos, Jon Stewart, Doug Liman, Barbara Walters, Dennis Crowley, Jonah Peretti, Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Gunn, Bill Moyers, Sy Hersh, Al Gore, Charlie Rose, Bob Costas, Brian Williams, Stephen Colbert, and many thousands more. Annually, up to 4,500 of the best and the brightest students from over 185 colleges and universities in the Tri-State area attend our panels and on-location seminars. Center for Communication is an independent organization with 501(c )(3) status. The Center is supported by the media industry and the academic community. All events are presented free to students.) (
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  • Central Michigan University Research Corporation - 501 (c)(3) program. CMURC is a professional coworking space with accelerator programs focused on product and strategic development for entrepreneurs to positively impact the economy in the Great Lakes Bay Region. It brings together local, regional and statewide partners to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs, growing businesses and jobs by leveraging the resources of Central Michigan University, the Mount Pleasant SmartZone, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s 21st Century Jobs Trust Fund. As one of twenty Michigan SmartZones, CMURC was created to promote collaborations between universities, industry, government and community, growing technology-based businesses and jobs. [165]
  • Cepmed - Cepmed, the Canadian Centre of Excellence in Personalized Medicine. I am the Director of Business Development at Cepmed. Cepmed is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the science and practice of personalized medicine through research, commercialization and education. Founded through the efforts of the Montreal Heart Institute, Cepmed is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) and supported by the Canadian Government, Genome Quebec as well as private partners including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis and Merck.
  • CERN & Society Foundation - The CERN & Society Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation under Swiss private law, pursuing public benefit. The purpose of the Foundation is to support and promote the dissemination, to the widest possible public, of the benefits of the mission of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, through education and outreach, innovation and knowledge exchange, and culture and arts; and to support and promote any related activities. Within this scope, the Foundation operates nationally and internationally. [166] [167]
  • Champions for America's Future - Champions for America’s Future is a national, bipartisan, membership organization of athletes, coaches and sports administrators who have come together to make sure every child has the best chance to compete in life. The organization educates the public and policymakers at the local, state and national levels about the need to invest in proven, cost-effective programs that help children overcome the obstacles that prevent them from competing successfully in the 21st century.
  • Changing Tunes - Changing Tunes is a charity that runs music sessions in 13 prisons throughout the South West of England with the goal of 'reducing reoffending through music'. They also work with prisoners after their release. [168] [169] [170] [171] [172] [173] [174]
  • The Charityboyz - The Charityboyz are a fundraising group based in Derbyshire, England. They take part in many different projects and activities to help raise money for charities and good causes, these are usually local but they often help the larger charities too. The group was created in June 2005 after a calendar which took place at the company where many of them work. This soon took hold and raised £250 each for the Nspcc and Childline, since then they have taken part in 2 more calendars, given out hampers at christmas for the elderly and even started a fundraising football team. Justin Randall and Jonathan Sinclair who started the group have won 2 awards, Community workers of the year and proud to be local award.
  • Cheshire & Shropshire Immediate Care Group - CSI BASICS is a registered charity and an member of the British Association of Immediate Care SchemesBASICS. The charity provides emergency pre-hospital medical support to North West Ambulance Service and West Midlands Ambulance Service.
  • Chestnut Tree House - Chestnut Tree House is the only children's hospice in Sussex and cares for children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses from all over the county. ,
  • Child Find of America -Child Find of America, Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and resolution of child abduction. Founded in 1980 by Gloria Yerkovich, the mother of a missing child. [175]
  • Children Of Bali - A Charity Supporting Balinese Kids School Education.
  • CHIMO Crisis Services - mentions: [176]
  • Choose New Jersey - an independently funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit economic development organization for the state of New Jersey.
  • Christine B. Foundation - A non-profit cancer resource organization focused on community support in Eastern Maine

The non-profits website [177] [178] [179] [180] [181] [182] [183] [184]

Peace Officers Memorial Day Wikipedia page: [266] National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wikipedia page: [267] C.O.P.S. Role in National Police Week: [268] Guidelines for survivors at National Police Week: [269] Video about C.O.P.S.'s role in National Police Week as well as its role supporting the families and co-workers of officers killed in the line of duty (also known as survivors): [] Video talking about C.O.P.S. supporting officers through counseling: [] Video and article about C.O.P.S. Kids Camp: [] C.O.P.S.'s Charity Navigator Rating and Financial Breakdown: [] Evaluation of Concerns of Police Survivors by the National Police Foundation: [] Article about National Police Week 2019: [] Five Finger Death Punch Donates to support families of fallen LEOs: [] Support for Concerns of Police Survivors from the International Association of Chiefs of Police: Concerns of Police Survivors is partially funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance: [270] More information about the services C.O.P.S. provides to survivors and its effect: [] C.O.P.S. Executive Director Dianne Bernhard: [] C.O.P.S. role in creating National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.): [] More about C.O.P.S. role in L.E.A.D.: [} Concerns of Police Survivors partnership with the American Red Cross for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2019: []

  • Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC) - A nonprofit law firm and think tank that files progressive briefs for the United States Supreme Court. Its predecessor organization was the Community Rights Council, which has a Wikipedia page: [271]

References: New Republic article discusses the organization at length: [272] Legal Times profile of the organization upon founding: [273] New York Times article focuses on a CAC study: [274] Wall Street Journal article on the organization: [275] Organization site: [276]

  • Contact the Elderly "Contact the Elderly organises volunteer-led monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for older people across England, Scotland and Wales who live alone." []
  • Corea Image Communication Institute(CICI) - ko:한국이미지커뮤니케이션연구원 ( - Established on June 3, 2003 by Choi Jungwha and registered under the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote Korean culture
  • Corporate Research Foundation - - awards the TOP-Employers of the year title
  • Council of Development Finance Agencies - organization representing the interests of the development finance industry with 260 members coming from the pubic, private and non-profit sectors.
  • Createquity "A unique virtual think tank exploring the intersection of the arts with a wide range of topics including politics, economics, philanthropy, leadership, research, and urban planning, Createquity is a hub for next-generation ideas on the role of the arts in a creative society."
  • Crime Stoppers PEI - is a Prince Edward Island based non-profit organization, encompassing the community, the media and law enforcement agencies, established to assist in crime prevention and promotion of safer communities.
  • Coalition for Civil Freedoms [277]
  • CollegeSpring - Each year, CollegeSpring helps thousands of students from low-income backgrounds in CA and NY prepare for the SAT and measurably increase college access. CollegeSpring twice participated in the White House College Opportunity Day of Action and has been recognized in Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 - Education list and at the Goldman Sach's Builders + Innovators Conference. [278]
  • Cordell Marine Sanctuary Foundation - is a California based non-profit organization established to support scientific research, marine education, and community connections to the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. organization page:, recent research supported:, link from the marine sanctuary it supports:, Sanctuary Advisory Council minutes noting attendance by Cordell Marine Sanctuary president:
  • Correctional Association of New York -is an independent, nonprofit organization established in 1844 to monitor and report on state prisons across New York. Originally founded as the Prison Association of New York, the Correctional Association of New York was granted legislative authority to monitor and report on prisons in 1846, and is the only independent organization across the state to hold this authority. [279] [280]
  • - a fiscally-sponsored national 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2012 that promotes workplace organizing and activism by providing free digital tools, trainings, peer networks, and media support to workers.
  • CPR Institute - The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR Institute) is an independent non-profit organization based in New York City that helps global businesses and their counsel prevent and resolve commercial disputes more effectively—both directly, by enhancing their capabilities, and indirectly, by improving ADR capacity worldwide.
  • Creative Migration - Non-profit arts organization based in Los Angeles. Focuses on public art, social engagement, and sustainable futures.
  • Crowther Lab (Research group and geospatial mapping specialists based at ETH Zürich studying the ecological processes that influence the climate to predict and combat anthropogenic climate change.) ( (
  • Cultural Council of Palm Beach County - The Cultural Council is the official support agency for arts and culture in Palm Beach County serving non-profit organizations, individual artists and arts districts. [281][282]
  • Cures Without Cages - An animal testing charity that donates money directly to research projects that do not test on animals, thus removing monetary support for animal testing.
  • CINVU - or COMSTECH Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities, one of the networks of COMSTECH that is a Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation established by the Third Islamic Summit of OIC held at Makah, Saudi Arabia in January 1981. Its mission is to help strengthen the individual and collective capacity of OIC member states in science and technology through mutual cooperation, collaboration, and networking of resources. The aim of CINVU proposal is to strengthen the relations and improve the scientific, instructional, academic research and technological collaborations among the Organization of the Islamic cooperation (OIC) members.[283][284][285][286]
  • Clock, Inc LGBT+ Community Center - is an LGBT+ community center in Rock Island, IL. Their mission is to provide a safe space for LGBT+ individuals in the Quad Cities community, principally LGBT+ youth, and they offer a variety of services such as affordable counseling, community support groups, family friendly events, workshops, and trainings. [287] [288] [289]
  • Central Jamia Mosque Madni is large mosque situated in Halifax,England. It is the largest in Halifax with the ability to accommodate over 4000 worshippers and it also runs 3 additional Islamic Educational centres in the area [290] [291]BUDFJDK (talk) 16:23, 7 May 2022 (UTC)


  • The David Astor Journalism Awards Trust (a London-based human rights charity that works to promote, strengthen and support independent journalism in Africa) ( I am a trustee of this charity and can confirm that the trustees have agreed that it would be in the interest of the charity and its' beneficiaries to have a wikipedia page about the charity as the website is soon to be deleted. We give permission for copy from the charity website ( to be used and request that the page be linked to the existing wikipedia page about David Astor (, the man in whose name this award is given.

( For external independent sources documenting the organizations's work, see:,,,,,,,,,,

I acknowledge my conflict of interest by mentioning here that I work at Dejusticia.

Also see: Founder and CEO Janine Shore had a previous career in MTV Futurist Michio Kako has endorsed the nanotechnology project as holding significant benefit for targeting chemotherapy drugs. I have a conflict of interest because I consult for this company so I cannot create the article myself.

  • democracyLab - a 501c3 dedicated to connecting skilled volunteeers with tech for good projects across America.

More at Also see: I acknowledge my conflict of interest by mentioning here that I volunteer at democracylab.Johnsonaar17 (talk) 00:33, 23 May 2019 (UTC)

  • Developing Artists - A non-profit theater organization centered around providing youth within the New York Metropolitan Area the opportunity to study performing arts; especially in communities where arts education are minimally prevalent. Studies include cultivating conversations around the topics surrounding social injustices (ex. sexism, racism, economic disparity, etc.) – these conversations are then self-expressed through the form of art and the power of using one's voice. Developing Artists works to create a supportive environment for young artists through its REBEL VERSES Youth Arts Festival

Developing Artists Developing Artists thru Auction Daphne Rubin-Vega Will Be Honored At Developing Artists Gala Developing Artists Theater Company REBEL VERSES Youth Arts Festival Daphne Rubin-Vega Kicks Off Rebel Verses Youth Arts Festival Joe Morton, Daphne Rubin-Vega Among Rebel Verses Guest Performers (EXCLUSIVE) Daphne Rubin-Vega, Brandon Victor Dixon and More Sign on for REBEL VERSES Brandon Victor Dixon, Joe Morton, and More to Participate in Rebel Verses Festival REBEL VERSES Returns to Vineyard with the Talents of Alex Newell, Tina Fabrique, and More Vineyard Theatre and Developing Artists Present Developing Artists’ Rebel Verses Once On This Island’s Alex Newell, Scandal’s Joe Morton, and More Tapped for Rebel Verses at The Vineyard Rebel Verses. Teenagers on Stage, Not Mean, Not Chill, Just Real. DEVELOPING ARTISTS (2018 Vassallo Award)

  1. [292] - Wikipedia article on DRI International's most prominent certification.

Drexell and Honeybees Donations Only Restaurant-A restaurant where no money is charged for food...


  • Equi Foundation A foundation created by Equi Quansah to help car victims in Ghana, as that is a very common reason of death there.
  • Eugene Gasana Jr Foundation (The Eugene Gasana Jr. Foundation was founded by Dr. Tanya Trippett in response to the wish of her young cancer patient, whom she treated and cured, that other African children have access to the quality of care that made his cure possible. His parents agreed to the creation of the Foundation to celebrate their son’s cure.[9] The focus of the Foundation is a global humanitarian initiative designed to provide or enhance the opportunity for a pediatric cancer cure for children in developing nations. Through access to essential medical expertise, medicines and supplies, resources and infrastructure support, the Eugène Gasana Jr. Foundation will provide capacity building in partnership with pediatric cancer programs in the global healthcare community.
  • The European Medicines Verification System (EMVS). In order to counter the threat of falsified medicines entering the legal supply chain, the European Parliament and Council have released a Directive on Falsified Medicines (2011/62/EU) (amending Directive 2001/83/EC). It aims at improving patient safety by mandating the Marketing Authorisation Holders and manufacturers to put a system in place that prevents falsified medicines from entering the legal supply chain, the European Medicines Verification System. From February, 9th 2019 every pack of medicine in the EU will have to be checked against the EMVS before it can be dispensed to a patient. The system's European hub is being developed in the UK with different national hubs being developed by companies in Germany and the UK. [322] [323]


The primary purpose and the basic cross-cutting theme of the organization is Community Development through an integrated approach. Following the same, it is working to facilitate the community development initiatives at grass roots level in rural as well as low profile urban areas of Sheikhupura, Nankana and Muzaffargarh Districts of Pakistan .

  • Fund for Global Human Rights - The Fund for Global Human Rights is a public foundation founded in 2002 that provides financial and strategic support to grassroots human rights activists. The Fund operates in more than 25 countries in Latin America, the African Great Lakes region, West Africa, North Africa and the Mediterranean, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Their areas of work include women's rights, LGBTQ rights, migrant's rights, youth and children's rights, indigenous communities' rights, and supporting open space for civil society. The Fund awards mostly small, general support grants that empower grassroots activists to develop and implement locally rooted solutions to the challenges facing their communities. Since 2002, the Fund has distributed more than $100 million to over 700 groups working in nearly 60 countries. [352] [353] [354]


  • GAMBICA - GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. This request is from an employee of the organisation. GAMBICA website - External References - [355],[356],[357],[358],[359],[360],[361]
  • The GardenWorks Project - The GardenWorks Project is 501(c)(3) registered volunteer-led nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing food insecurity in Chicago’s west suburbs by providing families in need of food assistance with home vegetable gardens and educational resources. We help families who would otherwise be unable to grow their own food because of financial need, disability, or advanced age. URL for organization's website: URLs for news stories:,,
  • Gate 21 Gate 21 is a non-profit partnership between municipalities, companies and knowlegde institutions, that work with the common goal of accelerating the green transition.
  • Gateway to College National Network - Gateway to College National Network is a nonprofit that builds the capacity of colleges, school districts, and states to revolutionize education for high school dropouts and underprepared college students so that all young people can achieve college credentials. Through the Gateway to College program, students complete their high school diploma requirements at community and technical colleges while simultaneously earning college credits toward an associate’s degree or certificate. Young people who had little chance of graduating from high school are achieving post-secondary success. Over the past 10 years GtCNN has expanded and currently supports 42 programs across the US. URL for organization's website: http:// URLs for news stories:, and
  • Gamemasons Society A society of game designers.
  • The Generation Project - An educational philanthropy that allows donors to uniquely fund educational opportunities for low income K-12 students.
  • Geneva Centre for Autism - Internationally renowned Canadian autism advocacy organization (
  • Gen-Z for Change - A nonprofit organization leveraging social media to promote civil discourse and political action among their generation. They partner with influencers, activists, and celebrities to produce multimedia content on a variety of topics including COVID-19, climate change, systemic inequity, foreign policy, voting rights, and LGBTQIA+ issues. The Gen-Z for Change coalition is composed of more than 500 creators and activists with a collective following of over 540 million. They have partnered with well-known organizations such as Climate Power, Made to Save, March On, and the White House. As an organization, they have used their platform to save a family targeted by the Taliban, to take down racist tiplines, pass national legislation, and increase the youth vote. They have appeared on national news multiple times and have an online presence of more than 1.4 million. Official website, TikTok account, Instagram account, Twitter account, Facebook account, The Daily Dot, Teen Vogue, Newsweek, Business Insider, MSNBC, Daytona Beach News Journal, Houston Chronicle, ABC News, Teen Vogue
  • Glass Door Homeless Charity - (A homeless charity with the aim to alleviate homelessness in London by offering shelter and support. The charity offers emergency winter night shelters to up to 130 men and women every night across four boroughs, making it the largest shelter in London. Glass Door Homeless Charity also partners with day centres in West London where individuals can receive casework support throughout the year. The casework support includes helping people find accommodation, employment and ID.) website: [362]
  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council - is an international, non-profit organization that established basic standards of sustainable development in the global travel and tourism sector for industry professionals and governments known as the GSTC Criteria. The GSTC Criteria consists of two sets of criteria: Industry Criteria for hotels/accommodations and tour operators; and Destination Criteria for destination managers and governments. The Criteria serve as minimum requirements for an industry or destination to have met sustainability standards. The criteria are the basis for all organizational activities carried out by the GSTC. Similar to other standards, the GSTC Criteria are used for education and training, policy development, as a guideline for measuring and controlling processes and as a basis for certification. GSTC operates as an accreditation system through which standards for sustainable travel and tourism can obtain ratings based on their adherence to the GSTC Criteria and quality standards. The GSTC is legally registered in the USA as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and acts as an independent and neutral organization. It is a member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global membership association for credible sustainability standards. Reference 1. Reference 2. Reference 3. Reference 4. Reference 5. Reference 6. Reference 7. Reference 8. Website:
  • Give Something Back To Berlin - A multi-award winning association that connects migrants, refugees, and locals to engage in building an open and inclusive society. It focuses on the impact of migration on the urban level and develop innovative practices that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We nurture spaces where new and established Berliners work together to foster individual and collective creativity. Website:
  • GivingBackLife - An NGO with a vision of China void of the most terrible poverty of all -- loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. Mission is using giftings in medicine and education as tools for serving marginalized men, women, and especially children, providing eternal hope for a brighter future. URL for organization's website:
  • Glendora City News -- Regional news source for the City of Glendora, a non-profit entity. The news outlet has been in mainstream news a couple of times for covering unusual wildlife activities in the Angeles National Forest foothill cities. If nobody else takes this page to create, I will after a while.[10]
  • Global Academic Forum (Global Academic Forum is a non-profit international organization headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with presence in several countries. This global initiative brings together world innovation leaders, policy-makers and academicians in an endeavour to uplift the quality of education globally and promote a system that is competitive as well as aligned with the needs of the larger society.) (,,
  • Global Infrastructure Hub - Created in 2014 by the G20 to improve the flow of investment and quality of infrastructure projects globally. Focused on collaboration with governments, private sector, multilateral development banks and other international organisations to develop infrastructure projects that are high-quality, resilient, sustainable and needed. GI Hub website [363] External references - [364], [365]
  • Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health - Swiss policy research institute dedicated to empower the most vulnerable societies to be able to live in a healthy environment with sustainable quantities of high-quality water. The Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health provides educational, research, technical, and scientific support to empower vulnerable societal groups and promote water management. More information: [] , [366]
  • Global MapAid - is an NGO that makes maps to easily illustrate solutions to unemployment poverty, to keep Leaders informed. Desmond Tutu is Patron. More information: [367], [368], [369]
  • Global Community Service Foundation - An NGO focusing on eradicating poverty in South East Asia. vietnamenews, vietnamnet, [370], [371], [372]
  • Global Development Research Center The Global Development Research Center is an independent nonprofit think tank that carries out initiatives in the spheres of environment, urban, community, economy and information, and at scales that are effective. [373]
  • Graduate Student Society of UBC Vancouver The representative body for graduate students at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
  • Grafeas Group - Grafeas Group, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization with the goal to improve accessibility across the internet. Their main project is r/TranscribersOfReddit, a subreddit where volunteers can provide transcriptions for image-based Reddit posts. This process makes the posts accessible to the visually impaired as well as users with limited mobile data.
  • Great Wine Capitals Global Network - [374] The Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWC) is a non-profit organisation created to promote cooperation between its members in tourism, business, investment and education. The Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry [375] in 1999 started the project by inviting wine cities with shared identity and culture in the wine sector to create an international network to develop collaborative relationships, promote exchanges and impulse common projects of sustainable development and competitiveness as wine destinations. The GWC is an Observer member of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine [376]. The member cities share common values and place wine and wine tourism as a strong axis of their development, While they may be very different among themselves, they are considered as the most attractive around the world when it comes to wine, business and tourism destinations. [377] [11] -
  • Greater Colombian Merchant Fleet- (founded in 1946 between the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela) -
  • GreenCiti - GreenCiti is a non-profit "socio-environmental" initiative which is working primarily on several green initiatives across Maharashtra State in India while equally contributing towards highlight the needs of rag-pickers community working across Mumbai city. website -
  • GreenNurse - GreenNurse™ Group is a Non-Profit 501(c)3, Massachusetts based Whole Health Consulting Agency that serves as a liaison between patients and professionals in the medical cannabis industry. GreenNurses offer customizable recommendations via care plans tailored to each patient's specific needs as a tool for managing multiple symptoms of chronic illness. The GreenNurse Radio Show is a weekly live talkshow airing on the Cannabis Radio Network. This request comes from the GreenNurse Group Treasurer - [https"//], [378]
  • Green Street Arts Center - Arts center affiliated with Wesleyan University committed to transforming lives through art. GSAC awards many scholarships which are funded through benefits with performances by notable Wesleyan alumni such as Dar Williams and Tierney Sutton.
  • Greenwill - the global non-profit community that created the only freely-usable standardized environmental policy, which is available worldwide: the Green Policy. Otherwise known as the Greenwill Pledge, the Green Policy is a promise, available in 41 languages, that individuals and organizations take to be environmentally conscious and respectful of the environment in their daily activities and operations. This policy is supplemented by the Green Guidelines, which provide tips on how to take mutually reinforcing steps toward environmental sustainability. For more information, check out: Official website, European Youth Portal, Daily News Hungary, Budapest Business Journal, and Alenis International.
  • Group For Buddies - Group For Buddies is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Group For Buddies to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. To Know more visit
  • Guildance Community Development Foundation is a charity organisation caring for orphans and vulnerable Children,widows' empowerment, and community Development in Nigeria. This request is from an employee of the organisation. Guildance Community Development Foundation website - External References - [12][13]
  • Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories, Inc[379] The founders of this 50 year old marine supply and marine education company recently won the 2014 National Wetland Award for Education and Outreach. Any questions on the organisation can be directed to User:JakeB of GCPT
  • Gwalior Children's Charity[380] is a registered charity (Charities Commission for England and Wales) Number 1063694 aimed to Help Children Of India[381].Registered in 1997,Gwalior Children charity supports India's most vulnerable people including orphans,rural young women and aged, Live with dignity and self determination at 'Snehalaya Care Campus'.To Know more visit [382][383][384][385].


  • Hands of Time, Inc. A non-profit dedicated to turning seniors' wishes into the extraordinary. (Similar to Make-A-Wish). [[386]]
  • Hawai'i Appleseed Foundation for Law and Economic Justice Policy organization that conducts policy research and legislative and judicial advocacy in order to improve the lives of low-income people in the state of Hawai'i. References: [[387]]
  • Hopecam -Connects children who are unable to attend school while undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness with their friends at school using technology. References:[[388]] [[389]] [[390]]
  • Hamilton/Burlington SPCA [[391]]
  • Heart of Passion (nonprofit) - Founded in 2004 by teen cancer survivor, Savannah Gladbach, Heart of Passion is a 501(c)3 charity that serves teens with cancer and their families in and around Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The lead program are the annual Red Carpet Day retreats that follow a "for teens, from teens" approach. Local teens in Atlanta, Charlotte, and New Orleans spend the school year planning the four-day retreat itinerary, setting their budget, and inviting hospitals. This allows Heart of Passion to serve teens with cancer in their own language and level, helping them feel "normal" during a time they may feel isolated. Heart of Passion is a member of the Children's Oncology Camp Association-International and the American Camp Association. References: [[392]][[393]][[394]][[395]][[396]][[397]][[398]][[399]][[400]][[401]][[402]][[403]][[404]]
  • Heartfelt Foundation - found by Shaun and Vanessa Bonett in 2005 to assist charities and people under stress. The Heartfelt Foundation has supported Pathways, Youth Insearch, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Oncology Children’s Foundation, Ardoch Youth Foundation, Gawler Foundation, Bear Cottage and School Aid. Reference:[[405]]
  • Heirs To Our Oceans - (from website) Heirs to Our Oceans is a rising tide of young leaders around the globe who are taking the ocean crisis into their own hands, educating themselves and others, bringing hope and solutions to the surface, and creating waves of change that will ensure the health of our blue planet for their generation and for future generations. [[406]]
  • Heshima Kenya - Heshima Kenya specializes in identifying and protecting unaccompanied and separated refugee children and youth, especially girls, young women and their children living in Nairobi, Kenya. Our shelter, education and community outreach services, coupled with local resources and the refugee community, empower this population to live healthy lives. By providing resources for long-term support, these girls and young women become catalysts for strengthening networks creating sustainable change within the local and global communities. References [[407]]
  • Hello Sunday Morning - A non-profit organization that provides a platform for individuals to create meaningful change in their lives by taking a short break from alcohol. 20,000 users have now taken a 3-month break from alcohol. References [[408]] [[409]] [[410]]
  • Help Desk Institute - A professional organization and certification body for the Service and Support industry founded in 1989.
  • Helping Services for Northeast Iowa -Working to support families, end domestic violence and child abuse, prevent substance abuse and connect youth with caring adults. References: [[411]]
  • HELPS International - An organization that funds programs to eradicate poverty in Latin America. References: [[412]] [[413]] [[414]] [[415]] [[416]] [[417]]
  • Haileybury Youth Trust - A charity based in Jinja, Uganda, helping to alleviate poverty and improve education and sanity through sustainable and considered building, education and training. References: HYT Uganda website, Charities Commission, Attain News - HYT building program, Africa Science News - sustainable buildings/Ashden award (detailed), Book on Appropriate Earth Technologies pp24-25
  • High School Association of Medical Engineers & Scientists - A New Jersey nonprofit volunteer organization founded, operated, and run by students that seeks to match high school students with interest in medical science, engineering, and healthcare with volunteer opportunities that further their understanding of healthcare specialties [418]
  • Highlights for Highschool - In 2007, MIT OpenCourseWare introduced a site called Highlights for High School that indexes resources on the OCW applicable to advances high school study in biology, chemistry, calculus and physics in an effort to support US STEM education at the secondary school level. References [[419]] [[420]]
  • History Of The Hollywood Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) in Hollywood, CA.
  • Hogg Foundation for Mental Health - The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health envisions a future in which the people of Texas thrive in communities that support mental health and well-being. The Hogg Foundation is not a mental health service provider, rather its main activity is giving grants. This is the primary part of a larger strategy that also includes influencing public policy, investing in research and sharing knowledge, promoting mental health awareness and education, building capacity and mobilizing communities, and influencing other funders. With these approaches, the foundation works collaboratively to transform how communities promote mental health in everyday life. The original $2.5 million endowment came from the estate of Will C. Hogg. His sister Ima and his brother Mike established the Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene (the organization’s original name) in 1940 in his memory. The vast history of the foundation’s involvement in the evolution of mental health programs and policies in the state of Texas is available for research by the public in its archive. References: Hogg Foundation website Hogg Foundation archive Texas State Historical Association entry on the Hogg Foundation Circuit Riders for Mental Health by Bill Bush Austin American-Statesman “University of Texas’ Hogg Foundation moves mental health forward in spirit of Ima Hogg“ HistPhil “The Hidden Histories of Regional Philanthropy” Nonprofit Quarterly “A Philanthropic Model of Note: Texas’ Hogg Foundation”
  • HOLA Lakeway - The Hispanic Outreach Leadership Association of the Lakeway Area (“H.O.L.A. Lakeway” or “the organization”) was created by the Latino Task Force of Morristown, the Latino Task Force of Knoxville and the Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee in 2014. In 2018 the organization began to see a growth in the community of families from India, Micronesia, Pakistan, etc.
  • Hong Kong Caring Magic Circus - A charitable entity set up in 2011 by a group of volunteers under the founder of Wan Sze Chung. The entity was established under the laws of Hong Kong in China, with a view of training up volunteer leaders through Caring Magic and Caring Education.
  • HopeAbides - Hope Abides is a U.S. based organization whose mission is to provide help and hope to orphaned and destitute children in India. Not only is their ultimate goal to help these children with their immediate needs, but to work towards providing them the ability to grow into independent and productive adults. An education is the best tool a child can have to escape poverty; however, in order to get an education a child first needs the necessities of life such as shelter and food. Hope Abides works with established orphanages and organizations in India to make sure that basic needs are provided and children have the opportunity to attend school. Poverty, hunger and illiteracy are not limited by gender or religion – therefore, Hope Abides helps children regardless of their gender or religious background, and seeks help and participation from all faiths.

References:[[421]] [[422]]

  • Horological Society of New York - America's oldest horological society, founded 1866. Pursuing the art & science of watchmaking. A 501(c)(6) organization. [423] [424] [425]
  • Hyogo International Association -Promotes international exchange activities of residents and principals society Multicultural, contributes to the creation of a society rich international character living with people around the world, public interest Hyogo International Association, the county It is a public benefit corporation, which was established as a wholly-Shutsuen.
  • Household Cavalry Foundation -The Household Cavalry Foundation (HCF) was set up in January 2013 to raise much needed funds to care for the Casualties, Soldiers, Veterans, Families, Heritage and Horses of the Household Cavalry. [[426]]
  • Human Security Centre- The Human Security Centre is a non-profit, non-partisan international affairs think-tank based in London, with interests in foreign, defence and security policy.Founded in 2014, the purpose of the HSC is to address, and to formulate solutions to, current and emerging threats to human security. To further its aims, the HSC undertakes analysis and research into key elements of human security – with a particular focus on international terrorist, political extremism, interstate armed conflict, human rights violation and international law. [[427]] [[428]]
  • Human Services Council- The Human Services Council is a non profit organization based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Founded in 1944, the HSCCT has been actively involved in the progression of this community for over seven decades. Each year the Human Services Council aids around 8,000 families and individuals, providing them with the means to reach their needs and goals. HSCCT runs around six programs that span from student health to aid for the homeless, all of which have been covered by news agencies. [[429]] [[430]] [[431]] [[432]] [[433]] [[434]] [[435]] [[436]]


  • Indigenous Navigator [439] - The Indigenous Navigator is a framework and set of tools for and by indigenous peoples to systematically monitor the level of recognition and implementation of their rights. By using the Indigenous Navigator, indigenous organisations and communities, duty bearers, NGOs and journalists can access free tools and resources based on community-generated data. By documenting and reporting their situation, indigenous peoples can enhance their access to justice and development. We believe the data collected with our tools will contribute to the global efforts to better document the situation of indigenous peoples globally. The Indigenous Navigator offers a series of tools and resources for indigenous communities to monitor their rights. All tools and resources are interlinked and are designed to serve multiple purposes.
  • International Business Innovation Association (InBIA)- InBIA, formerly known as the National Business Incubation Association, is a 30 year old membership association that strives to further enhance the global entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing thought leadership, education, resources and networking to help members better serve their communities and regions. As a global organization, InBIA has over 2,000 members across over 60 countries. [463], [464], [465], [466], [467],[468]
  • International Youth Society of Eco friendly and renewable technology(IYSERT) -International Youth Society of Eco Friendly and Renewable technology is a non-commercial, non-governmental, non-political organization founded on 2012 in India , Presently working in 8 countries and Mobilizing more than 2000 Youth across the world.



  • JCPONLINE Australia - Australia's fastest growing one stop retailer for thousands of essentials & in demand products at discount prices online from leading brands. [512]
  • The Judicial Office An Arms-Length Body of the UK Ministry of Justice, answerable to the Lord Chief Justice and Senior President of Tribunals, created following the Constitutional Reform Act 2005]] [[513]]
  • Jalsonic secure - jalsonic secure is a non-profit organization. where people manage there passwords and use one email address or password for every website. jalsonic network make this technology more secure and current working how to make more save passwords. kinldy check this link for more extenal referese: [[514]]
  • Jana's Campaign, Inc. - In honor of the late Jana Mackey and other victims of domestic violence, a committed group of activists created Jana’s Campaign, Inc. with the single mission of reducing gender and relationship violence. “We believe it is our responsibility to use the story of Jana’s life and the story of her death to help reduce violence against women.” Through our program activities, Jana’s Campaign aims to play a significant role in breaking the cycle of domestic and dating violence and be a catalyst for social change. More information can be found at,,, and The organization is registered with the GuideStar Exchange. Additional affiliations include GoodSearch.
  • JASCAP - Jeet Association for support to cancer patients

more information about us and last year's event [[516]] [[517]] External Reference: [[518]] [[519]] [[520]] [[521]]


  • Karl Kahane Foundation - The Karl Kahane Foundation was established in 1991 in Celerina, Switzerland by the late Karl Kahane. It is an independet, privately funded, non-political and non-religious foundation. The foundation mostly funds projects in the areas of accessibility, migration/integration and social mobility. The geographic focus regions are Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. [523] [524] [525]
  • Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission - The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission is a non-profit organization which operates innovative programs that reduce crime in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. [526]
  • KartRocket - KartRocket is an end-to-end SaaS based ecommerce platform provider that offers end to end eCommerce solution, right from your website creation to payment, marketing and logistics. [527]

[528] [529] [530] [531] [532]

  • Karuna Expedition - Guinness World Record attempt " Longest Journey in a Scooter with a sidecar " while raising funds for the World Scout Foundation.
  • Katie Caples Foundation - Committed to increasing the number of registered organ donors through educational and awareness raising campaigns. Incorporated in 1998 in Fernandina Beach, Florida, the KCF has delivered organ donor education programs since 2005 in North Florida high schools. Hosts the Katie Ride for Life and other awareness raising events.
  • Kentuckiana Pride Foundation - LGBT organization incorporated in 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky; hosts Kentuckiana Pride Festival and other LGBT pride related events.
  • Khel Planet Foundation - Play based innovation in life-skills education for children. [533]
  • Kick It Forward Foundation - Nonprofit anti-bullying organization
  • Kids Defense Team - Helping children. Collect Clothes for the Homeless. Give Internet and Chatroom Safety Seminars in Northeastern Maryland.
  • Kids On The Move - Non-profit organization that serves children and families in three areas: Early Head Start for low-income families, Early Invervention for developmental delays, and Bridges for autism. [534]
  • Turkish boiler repair organization companies - Kombi servisiHalkalı kombi servisiKüçükçekmece kombi servisiSefaköy kombi servisi
  • Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District (-first regional economic development district chartered in Louisiana by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration, enabled by the Louisiana State Legislature as the 6th State Planning District and originally organized by local government, operating as a 501(c)4. Kisatchie-Delta serves the region comprised of Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Rapides, Vernon, and Winn Parishes. The focus is on creating and retaining jobs and bettering the quality of life by helping local governments seek resources, funding, and opportunity; communities develop projects, compete for State and Federal grants, and find solutions; and leadership with economic development consulting and support to enhance small business development. Kisatchie-Delta serves the region as analyst, strategist, catalyst and convener, recognizing that regionalism means partnership, collaboration, and identity as a competitive, economic identity. ) (
  • Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University - A non-profit established in 2016 by Columbia University and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to safeguard free expression in the shifting landscape of the digital age. It defends the freedoms of speech and the press in the digital age through strategic litigation, research, and public education. It promotes a system of free expression that is open and inclusive, that broadens and elevates public discourse, and that fosters creativity, accountability, and effective self-government. Notable cases include Knight Institute v. Trump, a challenge to President Trump's practice of blocking critics from his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account; Edgar v. Ratcliffe, a lawsuit challenging the government's system of "prepublication review"; and Doc Society v. Pompeo, a challenge to the State Department’s social media registration requirements. Recent public events include The Tech Giants, Monopoly Power, and Public Discourse, a symposium examining free speech implications of "breaking up" today's giant online platforms, (2019); Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age, a series of events examining the role of the First Amendment in assessing the lawfulness of government surveillance (2018); and A First Amendment for All? Free Expression in an Age of Inequality, a symposium, on the future of the First Amendment (2018). Jameel Jaffer is the inaugural Executive Director. [535]
  • Kokomo Pride - LGBT pride organization. Does local charity work, and LGBT resource, along with other events. In Kokomo, Indiana [536]
  • Konfirmed - Helping artists find progress in all their fields of work with the help of their expanding community.
  • Kampung Halaman Foundation - Youth Organization. For the national youth-led network to produce multimedia digital content, conduct online media campaigns, and strengthen youth leadership in local decision-making processes. In Yogyakarta, Indonesia Halaman


  • Living with Reflux - The Uk's national charity supporting families with babies, children and young adults suffering with Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GOR/GER) and Reflux Disease (GORD/GERD) -Charity Number:1132614. In conjunction with a specialist medical advisory board the charity works to provide vital information and resources for health clinics and hospitals and the general public at large. [547] [548] [549]

([550] [551]

  • LEARN. TEACH. GROW. (BeTechnical (/ˌbēˈtek·nuh·kl/; often stylized as #BeTechnical) or LEARN. TEACH. GROW. in short LTG also known as Learn, Teach & Grow Together is a digital education initiative or a digital social service community founded in 2020 with the idea of providing technical education or awareness, online safety education and cybersecurity awareness to rural areas, societies, communities, students, freshers, or non-technical persons.) ([552])


  • Mai Soli Foundation - A nonprofit organization that seeks to break the cycle of dependency and gender inequality for women in developing countries through education, mentorship, and entreprenuership. [553] [554] [555]
  • Malaysian Timber Certification Council - Ecolabelling for timber from Malaysia
  • Mantis Society - Educational Charity founded in 2001 by Mantis Khiralla. [556]
  • Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund [557]
  • Marillac St. Vincent Family Services - 100 year old Chicago social service agency
  • Mars Orbital - Orbital Station around mars. [558] [559]
  • MarsPolar - New initiative to send human to Mars [560] Just enter "MarsPolar" (with quotes) in google.
  • Maryland Legal Services Corporation - Statewide organization created by state legislature to make grants to civil legal services nonprofits. Funded partially through IOLTA.
  • MBAs Across America - Movement of MBAs & entrepreneurs working together to reinvent business school & revitalize America. [561]
  • Merion West - A Philadelphia-based, independent magazine, founded in 2016, of diverse sociopolitical and cultural commentary, interviews, reviews, and the arts. Official website Media Bias Fact Check ranks Merion West as Least Biased
  • Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation - The Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 and based in Florida, USA. MFJFoundation works to make a positive impact on society through various charities around the world.[22] Aims: According to its website, the Foundation has been supporting access to education, healthcare, clean water, and career development through a variety of projects for the last 25 years.[23] [24] History: The Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation was founded by Dr. Mohsin Jaffer and Fauzia Jaffer who wanted to make a positive impact on society through various charities around the world. The MFJFoundation has grown globally & supporting various projects that uplift humanity and improve the lives of their neighbors around the world. From equipping hospitals in Pakistan to providing sustainable water solutions in Kenya, Tanzania.[25] Often in cooperation with other organizations, MFJFoundation provides opportunities to work on economic upliftment, water projects, health & food projects.[26] Partners and projects: The Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation advertises on its website a number of partners & projects they have worked to achieve a better world through their various programs. MFJFoundation also contributed several projects: Independent Projects: No matter the scope or scale, these self-directed projects play an important role in the mission of MFJ Foundation. Rotary Foundation: Rotary has always been an important organization for MFJ Foundation, evidenced from years of membership and collaboration. [27]Education: MFJ Foundation strives to invest in programs that will expand our youth’s understanding and world views to create a more harmonious environment. With a $1,100,000 contribution from the Mohsin & Fauzia Jaffer Foundation, the Jaffer Institute for Interfaith Dialogue and Education was established in 2019 as an endowment in perpetuity within the Miami-Dade College Foundation at Wolfson Campus.[28] To assist Florida International University in its quest to become a premier school of international affairs.[29] World Federation: MFJ Foundation has been working hand in hand with WF to support a multitude of endeavors.[30] Spiritual Endeavors: MFJ Foundation strives to build better connections within the community to foster understanding for the greater good of humanity. Mobile Clinic: The complete Mobile Clinic was donated by Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation. Dr. Mohsin conveyed his Foundation’s interest to support the Scheme to Mr. Asaf Gulamhussein, Chairman of the Jaffery Medical Board. Politics: Guest at the State of The Union: A Muslim-American doctor from South Florida will be a guest at the State of The Union address on Tuesday. As a guest of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dr. Mohsin Jaffer of Weston will be among the more than two dozen Muslim Americans in the audience.[31] Muslim constituent to State of Union: U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the first Jewish congresswoman from Florida, said Monday she hopes to counter some of the hate-filled rhetoric in recent months by inviting a Muslim-American constituent to this year's State of the Union address. The statement she makes by having Dr. Mohsin Jaffer attend President Barack Obama's final State of the Union speech is a contrast with the message of hostility Democrats and Muslim-Americans see emanating from many Republican presidential candidates.[32]
  • MPPAN - Missing Persons Psychic Awareness Network, Professional Association of Psychics
  • Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ) - oldest professional organization established in 1766.
  • Memorial Day Flowers Foundation (The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 2012 for the purpose of honoring U.S. military veterans who are buried in national, veteran, and local cemeteries across the United States. The foundation works with local organizers and volunteers to place roses and other flowers on grave sites at the cemeteries. The foundation was co-founded by Washington, D.C. native Ramiro “Robin” Peñaherrera. In May 2011, he was looking for some way to give back. Peñaherrera met with two other Ecuador-based U.S. flower growers, and together they were able to coordinate a massive donation of fresh flowers. “I called up the administration in Arlington and said, ‘We’ve got 10,000 roses for you, for Memorial Day.’” And they happily accepted the offer. Memorial Day Flowers Foundation had its start.Now, the foundation sources flowers from 80 to 90 farms in Ecuador, Colombia, California, and Ethiopia. From the initial 10,000 roses in 2011 the effort has grown to 300,000 flowers distributed at 17 cemeteries and Memorial Day events in 2017. Since 2013, the foundation has worked with florists and retailers across the U.S. The group encourages them to honor military heroes in their own communities by providing flowers to hand out from neighborhood storefronts or at local ceremonies, parades or cemeteries.) (,,,,,
  • Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment, and Technology (COMCE) - organization representing Mexican businessmen internationally
  • MEW Network (Managing Epilepsy Well Network) An organization comprised of groups from various universities promoting research focused on self management in epilepsy. ([562] [563])
  • Michigan open carry - Political group,2nd amendment.
  • Management Sciences for Health, Inc. (MSH) (Management Sciences for Health, Inc. (MSH), a global health nonprofit organization, uses proven approaches developed over 40 years to help leaders, health managers, and communities in developing nations build stronger health systems for greater health impact. Since its founding in 1971, MSH has worked in over 150 countries with policymakers, health professionals, and health care consumers to improve the quality, availability and affordability of health services. Working with governments, donors, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, and health agencies, MSH responds to priority health problems such as HIV & AIDS; tuberculosis; malaria; maternal, newborn and child health; family planning and reproductive health; and chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and lung and heart disease.) ( [564] [565] [566] [567] [568] )
  • Manchester Modernist Society - Group that promotes the architecture of the 20th Century in Greater Manchester, UK, publishers of 'the modernist' magazine.
  • Manchester United Foundation - The official charity of Manchester United Football Club. [569]
  • ManExam Coalition for Testicular Cancer Awareness - Also known as just ManExam. Group that promotes the self-exam for testicular cancer throughout the world. Examiners []
  • ManExam - Tells men to check themselves for testicular cancer. Works with artists and musicians to promote its cause. Based in the U.S. [[570]]
  • Manhattan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - 2006 NYC's Minority and Women Business Enterprise Chamber Challenge Champion
  • MAPSCorps - A Chicago-based non-profit which focuses on training youth to collect and analyze hyperlocal data on community assets
  • Mareña Renovables - a controversial wind mill project in Mexico, similar to for instance Prodesis
  • Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center - Provides independent research and analysis of state budget and tax policies, as well as economic issues, that affect low- and moderate-income people in Massachusetts.
  • Mealshare A Canadian non-profit that allows customers to provide a meal for someone in need just by purchasing Mealshare-branded items. [571] Reference: [572],[573]
  • Mercy (Healthcare Organization) - the 5th largest Catholic non-profit healthcare system in the United States. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy it serves millions of patients a year across 4 states in the midwest of the country. Recently their IT division became an accredited provider of Epic Systems. [574]
  • Mercy Partners A non profit humanitarian organization based in North Carolina USA, and operating in South Sudan, Darfur, Ethiopia and Kenya. [575].
  • Metropolitan Emergency Managers Association A Minnesota-based non-profit consisting of emergency management including fire chiefs, police chiefs, county emergency managers corporate emergency managers and others [576]
  • Miramichi Salmon Association The Miramichi Salmon Association is a not-for-profit conservation organization that was established on October 8th, 1953 by a group of like-minded individuals with an interest in Atlantic salmon and their habitat within the Miramichi River watershed. The MSA is managed by volunteers from Canada and abroad, as officers, directors, and staff, and remains cooperative with, but independent of, government or special interests influence. The MSA is located in South Esk, New Brunswick where they operate the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre, the oldest-operating fish hatchery in Canada. [577][578][579][580]
  • Moodoff Day A Sydney based non-profit org Moodoff Day is started a global event and is held globally on the last Sunday morning of February annually, asking all smartphone users, not to use their smart device for 5hours in Morning to raise awareness for the smart phone addiction. Reference: americannewsreport ntnewseindiadiaryBlogspot.
  • MultiCaf, A Community Cafeteria and Food Bank coordinated by private millionaire capitalist, Iranian immigrant to Canada, Fred Mehrabi. This organization is important as part of a network of government and donation-financed non-governmental organisms in the area of Cote-des-Neiges in Montreal whose aim is to socially restructure the formerly French and English Founding ethnic communities into Communitarian polyethnic communities practising multiculturalism to replace the Confederation of Canada. MultiCaf, with its community kitchen, food bank, computer center, free wireless Internet subsidized by the federal government of Canada, and its vast array of activities is a key to integrating immigrants. In the past 30 years, over 200 foreign races and cultures have been literally poured into the neighborhood, apparently under U.N. "diversity" auspices, to create socialist Communitarianism by mass immigration. MultiCaf and the organizations of which it is a part, including the Cote-des-Neiges Community Development Corporation at the hub of the rapid ongoing transformation, is essential to the process of transforming the neighborhood to replace Canada's founding peoples and the lawful Confederation of 1867. Mehrabi and fellow staff are apparently on substantial salaries from an anonymous board of directors.
  • Music for All - Music for All is one of the largest and most influential national music education organizations in support of active music making. Music for All is unique in that it combines programming at a national level with arts education advocacy. Bands of America (BOA) and Orchestra America are programs of Music for All, first founded in 1975, with a heritage in providing spectacular educational experiences and performance events for instrumental music programs and students. [581], [582]
  • Mutuelle Jeunesse Active, A community organized humanitarian organization in Uvira, Congo-Kinshasa.
  • My Broken Palace - A non-profit organization that exists to meet others in their time of brokenness. [583] mentions: [584]
  • Military Warriors Support Foundation - A San Antonio, Texas based non-profit organization dedicated to assisting combat-wounded veterans transition to civilian life. They currently have four programs to assist veterans with; CEOs4Heroes to help veterans and spouses of military to find jobs, Homes4WoundedHeroes which awards mortgage-free homes to combat-wounded veterans or surviving unmarried spouses, Education4Heroes which provides college tuition assistance to veterans, and Skills4Life which provides outdoor recreation for severely disabled veterans. References: [585], [586], [587] Main webpage [588]
  • Mount Saint Vincent - Mount Saint Vincent is a Denver, Colorado-based treatment center for children aged 5 to 12 who face severe behavioral and emotional challenges due to trauma, mental illness, abuse, or neglect. ["Mount Saint Vincent" -site:]
  • MLK Community Mural Project - Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project (MLK Mural), is a US 501(c)3 charitable organization, that focuses on empowering youth through public art education. (sources can be found on our press page) (a draft of post can be provided to aid in completion)
  • McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation - The McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization based in McKees Rocks in Pittsburgh, PA and focuses on community and economic development in McKees Rocks.
  • Montgomery Lodge AF&AM - Freemason Lodge in Milford, Massachusetts chartered in 1797 by Paul Revere. [589]
  • Media Policy Center - is a groundbreaking and award-winning media foundation dedicated to building better communities through creative content and localized outreach. [590]
  • Mozilla Community Indore - Part of Mozilla India Community, Focusing on regional promotion and contribution of Open source projects under Mozilla Foundation.. [591]
  • My Choices Foundation A Hyderabad, India based non-profit org My Choices Foundation began in early 2012 providing free, grassroots services to victims of domestic violence and their families. Today it has a second mission to eliminate sex trafficking in India by 2025. First VR film on sex trafficking. 2016 Esomar Award for best market research paper globally. Reference: US Consul General , Big Data Analytics for Sex Trafficking , Tech for Woman Welfare , Big Data Maps Trafficking Hot Spots , Reuters Digital Boom helping traffickers , Reuters VR Sex Trafficking , Voice of America Using Comics to fight trafficking , Thomsons Reuters Fathers to fight trafficking , ESOMAR Market Research best paper 2016 , Skoll profile of founder Elca Grobler.



  • Operation Toy Train Starting in 2009, Operation Toy Train operates a special train across six railroads in New Jersey and New York to collect toy donations for the U.S. Marines Corps Toys for Tots Foundation. The IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization collected its 200,000th toy in 2019. It is one of the largest toy drives in the United States and one of the largest single suppliers to the Toys for Tots Foundation in an extremely important and highly populated region of the country. Source: [633]
  • Oklahoma City Community Foundation Founded in 1969 by Oklahoma oilman and philanthropist John E. Kirkpatrick, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that works with donors to create charitable funds that will benefit communities in the Oklahoma City metro area, as well as rural Oklahoma. Specializing in endowment and planned giving, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation distributes grants, facilitates community programming, e.g. in arts & culture, healthcare, education & literacy, public beautification, and manages the largest independent scholarship program in the state of Oklahoma. [634]
  • Onehunga Swimming Club Onehunga Swimming Club is the second oldest swimming club in Auckland, New Zealand, starting in 1913 under the name of “Onehunga Swimming and Life Saving Club” In 1956 ,when the Onehunga War Memorial Pool in Jellicoe first opened, the club changed it’s name to “Onehunga Swimming Club”. It is a registered Charities organization in New Zealand. Sources: website charity page founding in 1913" rules of the club changing of name in 1956 +pool opening
  • Oakham Enterprise Park - Formerly Ashwell Prison this site is now owned by Rutland County Council and has been turned into a thriving business park for the benefit of the local economy. [635]
  • Ocean Blue Project - Also known as Ocean Blue and Ocean Blue Project, Inc. An environmental non-profit organization with a mission is to protect and conserve the world's ocean, beaches, and rivers through education and awareness, by providing service learning projects, enhancing wildlife habitat, cleaning beaches and rivers, and by reducing pollution. [636] Sources: [637] [638] [639] [640] [641] [642] [643]
  • OSGi Alliance - open standards organization founded in March 1999.
  • Old Rafflesians' Association
  • Ombudsman for Banking Service and Investment (OBSI) - The Canadian financial industry dispute resolution service for financial consumers and small businesses. The service is independent and impartial, and provided free of charge to customers who has a dispute which could not be resolved between customer and the financial firm on their own.
  • Online Ocean Symposium - an organization that creates streaming video forums discussions on the ocean and climate by bringing together experts in the fields. The organization also works to amplify stories and efforts in the ocean realm.
  • Oregon Lutheran Youth Organization - a program of the Oregon Synod (ELCA). Youth-lead organization that plans events for Lutheran youth in the state of Oregon.
  • OSME Alumni Association- Hello, I want to be created a article about OSME alumni association. This is a organization of ex-students of Orissa School of Mining Engineering. Please visit our alumni website for better understanding.
  • Outline (Surrey) - a Charity which started in 1999 and provides confidential advice, support and information to people who are concerned about issues regarding sexual health, sexuality, gender identity and coming out via a telephone helpline and online. - United Kingdom [644]
  • Overcoming Obstacles - A non profit organization devoted to educating students about important life skills Official Site
  • Open Local Illinois -
  • Orangutan Foundation - Founded in 1990 by Ashley Leiman OBE, Orangutan Foundation has a unique and diverse approach to orangutan conservation. They support all orangutan species and their practical conservation work is carried out by a team of staff in Indonesian Borneo. They also have a fundraising headquarters based in London, England. Their mission Statement is: Saving orangutans by protecting their tropical forest habitat, working with local communities and promoting research and education. Their approach goes beyond that of purely protecting orangutans. It recognizes that orangutans are essential to their habitat, which is unique in its rich biodiversity and is crucial for local communities, who are considered as dependent on the forest as the orangutans. Sir Terry Pratchett was a long-time patron of the Foundation until his death, after he bcame interested in orangutans after creating his famous Discworld character, The Librarian. ([645], [646], [647], [40], [41])
  • Organic Week -
  • One Step Shoe Recycling - An organization founded by a 20-year old university student who seek to encourage the benefits of sustainable consumerism. The organization collects thousands of used and unwanted shoes and delivers them to those in need all across the world.
  • Omega Tau Rho - Honorary Fraternity created by the National Association of REALTORS
  • Obakki Foundation - Founded by Treana Peake in 2009, the Obakki Foundation (OF) is a non-profit dedicated to providing clean water and education to developing communities in need. OF strives to meet these needs immediately, so projects are chosen for their potential to make an impact quickly, but also sustainably. The Obakki Foundation is supported by Obakki, allowing 100% of donations to go directly to the projects. ([648],[649])

PEdit External references: [668] [669] [670][671] [672] [673] [674]


  • The Queens Council on the Arts - The Queens Council on the Arts (QCA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1966. QCA is part of the Kaufman Arts District. This space is an exciting intersection of arts, commerce, media, advocacy and strategic networking for Queens arts and cultural institutions. [] [681]


  • Reshaping Work (Reshaping Work is a non-profit initiative headquartered in Amsterdam, which took off in 2016 in order to bring different stakeholders together to jointly discuss the future of work and find ways to shape it. Reshaping Work projects and conferences discuss the most prominent issues in regards to the future of work, the platform economy and digital innovations more broadly. The Multistakeholder Dialogue Project is a collaborative effort that gathers incumbent players, scale ups, start-ups, researcher institutes, labour unions, advocacy groups and independent experts to discuss timely issues related to the future of work. Its outputs are highly valued by European policymakers as they provide an insightful perspective on how compromise can be achieved between major stakeholders in the debate. The Onward series of virtual/hybrid events enable participants to network and engage in discussions on timely future of work topics from the comfort of their home. Developed to address the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic to the event industry, these independently organised events bring collaboration opportunities and insightful outputs ion an engaging virtual format. Past organisers include WageIndicator Foundation, Global Labor University, Open Society Foundations and Cornell University. Reshaping Work also organises annual conferences and regional events that bring together high-level experts from Europe and around the world. Learn more about our major past events here. Reshaping Work events are unique in the sense that they bring different stakeholders together, from academics, to business leaders, and policy makers. Previous events have been attended by academics from leading universities (e.g. Oxford University, Harvard University, University of Amsterdam), representatives of major companies and startups (e.g. Uber, Deliveroo, Google, Deloitte, KPMG, FedX), public/policy leaders (e.g. OECD, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, European Union), and labor union representatives (e.g. IWGB, FNV). Some of the prominent speakers at our past events include Benjamin Sachs, law scholar at Harvard University; Juliet Schor, Sociology Professor at Boston College; Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive at RSA and former policy advisor to Tony Blair; Stijn Verstijnen, Country Manager at Deliveroo Netherlands; and Laurin Sepoetro, Senior Official at EU Public Policy at Uber.) (
  • Recidiviz - a nonprofit that is building the technical foundation for a self-improving criminal justice system. Recidiviz began as a 20% project at Google and is now an independent nonprofit based in San Francisco. The organization's mission is to accelerate progress towards a smaller, fairer criminal justice system. Projects include using modern data infrastructure and thoughtful product design to empower agencies to safely and sustainably improve outcomes for people.[682]
  • The Ray Foundation - An independent nonprofit which serves as a proving ground for evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future. The Ray C. Anderson Foundation granted approximately $2.5 million in funding to pursue this work. In January 2018 the Ray C. Anderson Foundation granted an additional $2 million over a two-year period to The Ray. [683]
  • Race Equality Foundation - A national UK charity promoting race equality in public services. Explores evidence, develops interventions and shares knowledge to overcome barriers to race equality in health, housing, social care and more. [684] [685] Other recent sources include written evidence published by a parliamentary committee [686] and news articles [687] [688] [689]
  • Reach - Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency - A UK Charity supporting children with upper limb deficiency. Also known as Reach Charity Ltd -
  • RU Recovery Ministries - A Faith-based Addictions Program - A US Non-Profit Organization based out of Rockford, IL. Also known as Reformers Unanimous - Website: Recently noted in the news media. Was featured on CSPAN-1 with Ted Cruz in the Election of 2016 as part of a Round Table Discussion on Addiction in America. I am unable to write this article myself due to a conflict of interest.
  • Reaching Hand-A Indian Charitable Trust that helps in upliftment of the weeker section of the society by educating and empowering them to live in dignity - [ ] [690] [ ]
  • Realtor Political Action Committee - among the largest and most influential lobbying groups in the US
  • Recipe For Success Foundation - A non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on combatting childhood obesity by changing the way children understand, appreciate and eat their food, and empowering the community to provide healthier diets for their families. The Foundation was created in 2005 by Gracie and Bob Cavnar with the help of 24 Houston chefs, and began with cooking and gardening classes for 4th graders in six Houston elementary schools - [ ]
  • The Regular Forces Employment Association - RFEA is one of the oldest military charities continuously in existence and has supported Service Leavers and Veterans into employment for over 130 years. Founded on the 4th February 1885, its original name was The National Association for Employment of Reserve and Discharged Soldiers. - [691] [ ] [ ]
  • Rethink Food NYC - Rethink Food NYC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to recover nutritious excess food to provide low or no-cost meals to New York City families in need. They transform unused food from grocery stores, restaurants, and farmers’ markets into meals that are delivered to local agencies in New York City; serving those in need. With the initiative to run a community kitchen, chefs both serve their community while developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills to help students establish an education that they will carry with them into future careers. Rethink Food NYC goes beyond meals by using food as the tool to promote poverty solutions, participate in nutrition education, and convene food policy events. [ ] [ ][ ][ ] [ ] [ ]
  • The Ricardo Group - A centre-right think tank based in London covering all aspects of political economy, both international and domestic. Established in 2012 in the name of David Ricardo, The Ricardo Group comprises specialists in relevant academic fields working together to promote the best public policy. [692] [693]
  • Rime Center Buddhist Community - A non-sectarian Buddhist center serving Kansas City, Missouri.[htpps://]]
  • Risky Business Project - A non-profit (501)c(3) organization. The Risky Business Projects quantifies and publicizes the risks and opportunities associated with climate change in the United States. The organization was founded by Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson, and Tom Steyer in 2014 and continues to publish important reports that drive the conversation around climate risks and the business community. ([694] [695] [696] [697])
  • Rivoni Society for the Blind
  • Rockers Movement - a non-profit (501)c(3) organization, a collective designed to enable change and create solutions. They empower the community through the universal language of music, as well as the arts and cultural media. [698] [699]
  • Rogue Climate, [[700]], a climate justice organization in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, founded in 2013. Their three primary campaigns are to stop the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal and the Pacific Connector fracked gas Pipeline proposed in southern Oregon,

transition communities in the Rogue Valley to clean energy through local clean energy action plans, as well as community solar and energy efficiency campaigns, and pass climate policy at the state level that will spur clean energy investment and job creation in rural communities, low income communities, and communities of color in Oregon.

  • Rose Charities,, a multi-sectorial, international charity network focusing on community development, poverty reduction, education and health, founded Vancouver, Canada 1998. Projects in Asia,Africa,Americas including emergency relief.
  • Romanian Children's Relief, Fundatia Inocenti, a 501c3 charity dedicated to preventing child abandonment in Romania.
  • Rouleau Foundation, A US non-profit(501)c(3) organization in support of military families and helping communities.

In 2014, Sydnie and Lance Rouleau founded the Rouleau Foundation in an effort to bring awareness to and improve issues related to military families. The foundation focuses on three strategic areas: creating education opportunities, improving military families, and encouraging holistic family health.

Staff Includes Sydnie Rouleau, Lance Rouleau, Nelson Rouleau, Lisa Strickland-Rouleau, and Eric Flynn. ([701] [702] [703])

  • Rajshri Foundation,, Rajshri Foundation is the non-profit arm of the 66 year-old Rajshri group, India’s leading film, TV, music and digital entertainment studio.
  • Royal British Legion Scotland - The Royal British Legion Scotland or RBLS as it is sometimes referred now has a new trading name of Legion Scotland. The charity is a separate one from the RBL (Royal British Legion) which also exists. The Royal British Legion Scotland was set up on 18th June 1921 in Edinburgh's Usher Hall when more than 100 existing veteran support organisations joined together and formed the British Legion - Scotland was added later on when the RBL formed in England. The charity still exists today under its new trading name to stand for and provide support to veterans. Ref:
  • Rho Eta Xi, [704], A midwestern co-ed professional fraternity focused on cinema and the art of entertainment .
  • Reach Out WorldWide, [[705]],ROWW is a network of professionals with first responder skill-sets who augment local expertise when natural disasters strike in order to accelerate relief efforts. (also founded by Paul Walker)
  • San Diego Police Officers Association (was incorporated in 1953 to assist San Diego police officers in issues related to wages, hours, and working conditions. The SDPOA also aids members and their families in sickness, distress and death, and strives to improve social relations and welfare among the members.The precursor to the San Diego Police Officers Association was officially incorporated on August 5, 1953 as the San Diego Police Relief Association after having been originally established in 1912. In 1953, the purpose of the Relief Association was to “create and maintain a Police Relief Fund for the protection, care and relief of its members in distress through injury, sickness or death; to promote and maintain a feeling of friendship and fraternity among its members; to promote the individual and collective welfare of the members and to defend and preserve the rights of the members to a fair and secure retirement and pension system.” The Police Relief Association Articles of Incorporation were amended in 1962 to re-name the association to the San Diego Police Officers Association, Inc. as it is known today.
  • Shreshth Bharat Foundation /; Shreshth Bharat Foundation is a Non Government Organisation dedicated for the environmental conservaton and public awareness on different social issues. This was Founded on 16th July 2013 by Social activist Arunesh Tiwari. Panchvati vikas karyakram (पंचवटी विकास कार्यक्रम) is a major project of Shreshth Bharat Fondation, under this project plantation of five different plants takes place in a scientific order. We plant Panchvati at Public places such as school, colleges, hospitals, police stations and government offices. The Idea of PANCHVATI is taken from RAMAYANA. During his exile Lord RAMA had made to move the Panchvati in NASHIK (Maharashtra). As described in the Ramayana, Panchvati was the place where five different trees (पीपल, बरगद, बेल, आंवला व अशोक) were placed in order. The scientists of CDRI researched on it and found PANCHVATI very Beneficial to human health. Shresth Bharat Foundation is also working for public awareness on different social issues such as Dowry system and female foeticide. Shreshth Bharat foundation strongly support and is involved in Beti bachao - beti padhao and Swachh Bharat mission programmes of government of India. Mr. Arunesh Tiwari, social activist (founder)


  • San Juan County Land Bank A non-profit organization in Washington State with a mandate to preserve in perpetuity areas in the county that have environmental, agricultural, aesthetic, cultural, scientific, historic, scenic or low-intensity recreational value and to protect existing and future sources of potable water.
  • SD Europe - Supporters Direct Europe is a not-for-profit, democratic, continental supporters organisation which promotes football association football) supporters’ involvement in the running of their football clubs, in national governing bodies and in the sustainable development of the game. It was founded in 2016 following the vote by the European members of Supporters Direct to found an independent organisation.
  • Sea Crest School - An independent K-8 school established in 1996 in Half Moon Bay, California with a focus on innovation.
  • Shareholder Association for Research and Education - A Canadian not-for-profit organization working with institutional investors to promote responsible investment practices through active ownership, research and education. Since it was founded in 2000, SHARE has supported many religious investors, foundations, pension funds, universities, indigenous trusts and asset managers to engage with companies, file shareholder proposals and proxy voting services. SHARE’s clients are 30 Canadian institutional investors with more than $22 billion in assets under management clients include the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, OceanRock Investments Inc., the United Church of Canada and the Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland. On engages with companies on environmental, social and governance issues, on behalf of its clients who are invested in these companies. SHARE has filed shareholder proposals with many large companies including SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, Imperial Oil, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Alimentation Couch Tard., [731],

[732], [733], [734], [735]

  • Shattemuc Yacht Club (New York) - A not for profit yacht club located in Ossining, New York. Information at
  • Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum (A 501(c)3 organization based in Winchester, VA providing experiental educational opportunities to the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding regions) [736],
  • SHARE the Project, Inc., d.b.a. Project SHARE - (A nonprofit organization dedicated to working with students, their families, and their communities, to find creative, local solutions to local issues.) [737]
  • Simon Communities of Ireland - Charitable organization that aims to end homelessness and influence government policy and public opinion in Ireland.
  • Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) - Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) is a non-profit organisation established in 1993 for the purposes of representing key stakeholders from the precious metals industry, including bullion banks, exchanges, refineries, bullion merchants and secured logistics support companies. SBMA plays a pivotal role in the development of Singapore as an Asian precious metals hub and also as one of the most global centres of connectivity for precious metals. SBMA participates in many activities such as engagement with industry, governmental and non-governmental agencies, publishing industry-based articles, and marketing and advertising, but its focus remains in creating and ensuring collaboration between its members. [], [738], [739]
  • Singapore Medical Society of the United Kingdom - Student-led organisation founded in 1994 to represent the interests of Singaporean students in medical and dental schools across the UK [740], [741], [742], [743]
  • Sister Song - An organization focused on reproductive justice for women of color, minorities, trans for the complete well-being of all women and girls. Formed in 1997, based out of Georgia, and often credited with the creation of reproductive justice as a framework for change. [744], [745]
  • Skillshare International - British international development organisation employing professional people in Africa and Asia.
  • Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) - Illinois-based 501(c)(6) not-for-profit, non-partisan, member driven organization which promotes small business success through political advocacy, support services and educational programs. [746]
  • Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) - Social Media Emergency Management, stylized as #SMEM, is a disaster-response methodology developed in 2011 for disseminating crowd-sourced information via social media channels and low-bandwidth localized websites. SMEM groups consist of volunteer-run local response teams that collect and vet information about disasters, and senior "veteran" facilitators who disseminate updates through organized social media channels. SMEM projects include creating "official" hashtag topologies for disasters, fact-checking rumors, and assisting with logistics and allocation of emergency resources. SMEM projects include Joplin Tornado Info [747](2011 Mashable Awards Finalist), Rockaways Hurricane Sandy News [748], Ebola Virus Info [749], Measles Info [750], and Philippines Typhoon Aid. [751]. Sources: [752], [753], [754],
  • The Society of St. Yves The Society of St. Yves is an ecclesiastical NGO based in Jerusalem. Based on canonical law and as a registered Catholic lay organization, it is the Catholic human rights organization in the Holy Land. The association was established in 1991 by the then Patriarch Michel Sabbah founded. (German WP has an article) [755]
  • Socorro Gomes - President of the World Peace Council
  • Solar United Neighbors - A 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Washington, D.C., that helps electricity consumers get their power through solar energy. Solar United Neighbors does this by organizing co-ops to help groups of people in a community save money on their rooftop solar installations and advocating for pro-solar policy at the state level. [756], [757], [758], [759], [760]
  • Solicitor Search Engine - A new project set up in the UK to make it easier to search for SRA regulated solicitors [761].
  • Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute- Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing scientific research, education and resources to encourage safe, moral, pro-life medicines and therapeutics.


  • SparkCon an annual creative conference and showcase of local talent in Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Speedy Publishing LLC (Speedy Publishing Provides Video Training Courses, Access to Software, eBook and Print Templates, Book Cover Creation and Much More) (
  • Spinal Research - Charity funding medical research around the world to develop reliable treatments for paralysis caused by a broken back or neck [763], [764], [765], [766], [767], [768].
  • Standards for Excellence - A national institute that certifies the efficiency of nonprofit organizations in order to maintain a high standard for ethics and accountability. [769], [770], [771], [772]
  • Stages of Learning - NYC based nonprofit organization that existed between 1994-2010. Its mission was to restore drama instruction to public schools and was home to the Chekhov Theatre Ensemble, an award-winning company of teaching actors.
  • Steuben County Literacy Coalition - Offers comprehensive programming to increase the literacy rate of Steuben County, IN, community members of all ages.
  • Styleta - Styleta is a rapidly expanding nonprofit organization that uses fashion to nurture the next generation of young social entrepreneurs by creating sponsored student organizations on campuses nationwide that allow students to take on leadership positions and gain hands-on experience in the world of business while bettering their community. Styleta collects gently used clothing, sells them online and on university campuses, and donates the proceeds to charity. Sources: Glamour, InStyle, People
  • St. Nicks Alliance - The St. Nicks Alliance is a nonprofit, nonsectarian community-based organization founded in 1975 with a mission to serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of life of Williamsburg-Greenpoint (Brooklyn, NY) residents by addressing economic, educational, health, housing and social needs while preserving the vibrant and diverse character of the entire community, particularly for low- and moderate-income residents. [773], [774], [775]
  • Sudbury Community Foundation AKA SCF. Public Foundation in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada since 1996. [776]
  • Secure Borders Initiative -
  • Social Aid & Pleasure Club
  • Stichting Tripod Foundation - A Netherlands based charity. [777]
  • St. Mary's Hospital (Langata) - Requested via OTRS, ticket:2014022710010515. [778]
  • streetfootballworld - An international NGO that uses football (soccer) for positive social change. [779]. Based in Berlin, Germany with offices in South Africa, Brazil, the U.S. and Colombia, and a network of 120 community organisations around the world--all of which place football at the heart of sustainable social change in their communities. [780] [781] [782] [783][784] [785] [786] [787] [788] [789] [790] [791] [792] [793]
  • Swiss Network for International Studies - A Swiss funding agency for academic research funded in 2008 with the mission to promotes academic research in the interdisciplinary area of International Studies, cited on [794]
  • Startup Canada - A volunteer-driven and grassroots network of entrepreneurs working together to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship in Canada and around the globe.
  • Startup Stir - A Boston-based non-profit organization providing enrichment-oriented event programming in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. [795] [796] [797]
  • Scripture Union Scotland - The vision of SU Scotland is to see the children and young people of Scotland exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus. Scripture Union Scotland is part of the worldwide family of Scripture Union movements [798] that began in the nineteenth century and now operate in over 130 countries across the world. We are a Christian charity working in partnership with local churches. More than 2,000 volunteers are involved in helping run our activities, together with around 100 staff and associate workers. We work in schools running SU Groups and supporting Curriculum for Excellence. Our two activity centres accommodate school groups and weekends away during term-time and during the school holidays we run an extensive programme of SU Holidays and SU Missions. We also run discipleship and training programmes, prayer events and online discipleship for young people. In all that we do we seek to ensure that we are prioritising the disadvantaged, working in partnership with churches and recognising the family context that young people come from. We are also committed to promoting prayer support for all schools in Scotland. ]
  • Synthetic Turf Council (STC) - Founded in 2003, the Synthetic Turf Council is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association dedicated to serving as a resource for trustworthy information about synthetic turf. Their objective is to encourage, promote and facilitate better understanding among all parties involved in the manufacture, selection, delivery and use of today's synthetic turf systems. To that end, they make every attempt to dispense information that is neutral, objective and validated by independent, science-based, current and credible research.

As an action-oriented organization, STC promotes high standards and high quality in the synthetic turf industry through a respected member certification program and strict code of ethics. Their semi-annual membership meetings provide a forum for cooperative learning and issue resolution, while outreach initiatives encourage cooperative relationships between industry and end-user organizations. Their Mission Statement is "Committed to community wellness and environmental responsibility through the use of synthetic turf, the Synthetic Turf Council is the industry's voice for promoting the highest ethical and professional standards, education, legislative and community advocacy."

As the voice of the industry, the STC has been cited often in the media, especially in response to the controversy over the use of crumb rubber used as an infill for synthetic turf in many sports fields and play parks. Some of these references include the following:;;;;;;;;;; and many more.

  • Stand for Courage (The Stand for Courage Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the conversation and cultural reaction around bullying. Instead of identifying as another bullying prevention program, Stand for Courage focuses on creating a new culture (within youth, their school environment, and community) which allows each of us the room to grow into our best selves.) (

The STC is also occasionally misquoted in the media:

STC Certification: This program delivers peace of mind to buyers and end-users of synthetic turf by recognizing qualified companies whose products and/or services come highly recommended by their customers. The Certification program is an exclusive benefit of STC members. The eligibility requirements are listed here: The fulfillment of the certification criteria and awarding of their certificate is a newsworthy event for STC Certified Members:


  • The Weed Tube (The cannabis community standing for themselves when got deleted by youtube. [802]. References, please reassess.) ([803] [804])


  • tnAchieves (tnAchieves is the partnering non-profit to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's Tennessee Promise scholarship program. The organization provides the administration of the program which offers students the opportunity to attend two years of community or technical college free of tuition and mandatory fees. Students must contribute community service hours and participate in the mentoring program to be eligible.) ([808] [809] [810] [811] [812] [813])
  • Tackle Kids Cancer - (Tackle Kids Cancer raises funds to benefit essential clinical care, unique support services and groundbreaking cancer research needed to find a cure at the Children’s Cancer Institute at HackensackUMC. Founded in September 2015 in partnership with New York Giants and Eli Manning, Tackle Kids Cancer has raised over $3 million to date. In addition, Tackle Kids Cancer has partnerships with New York Red Bulls, PGA Tour, Modell's Sporting Goods, New York Knicks, New York Liberty, Madison Square Garden, and PepsiCo) Site [] Sources [814] [815] [816] [817] [818] [819] [820]
  • Takis Shelter (The Takis Shelter have been set up 4 years ago with the primary objective to rescue the stray and abandoned animals of Crete. The shelter takes care for over 175 dogs and 13 cats. It is situated in Ierapetra, south of Crete. Most of animals of the shelter are neutered (except few due to age or health). The Takis Shelter has been funding exclusively by donations since its establishment.) ([821] [822] [823] [824] [825] [826] [827] [828] [829])
  • Taos Launchpad (Taos Launchpad is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide opportunities through programs designed to foster education, vocational access, and creativity. Our primary focus is on the youth, but we encourage the involvement of all ages.The goal is to stimulate innovation and provide the facilities needed for our future generation's minds to be enlightened and inspired.)

Taos Launchpad References:

Taos Launchpad Website
Satellite view of the Taos Launchpad Facility

  • Tapestries of Life Ministries - (Tapestries of Life is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) public Ministry based both in the United States and as "Tapestries de Mexico in Chihuahua, Mexico as an international Orphanage and Adoption Agency exclusively for charitable purposes. ( Tapestries of Life (TLM) considers the Christian Mandate to take care of widows and orphans very seriously and in order to do this TLM has focused on 2 specific tasks. Firstly Steve & Cathy Brewer have envisioned and created an orphanage in Guadalupe Mexico, the largest such creation in all of Latin America. Much needs to be done in order to complete this endeavor, however when completed this orphanage will house over 400 children and the Government of Mexico has promised to fill it when it's doors finally open. This orphanage is being built with the proceeds of churches in the United States and around the World on 27 acres of property that was donated to Tapestries of Life. They have named this orphanage "Casa de las Gemas"--House of Gems. It includes, among other buildings, a two-story dormitory in the shape of a cross which will house 400 of the 7000 children so desperately needing such a facility in the area. The orphanage also contains a Clinic, a cafeteria, housing for staff, a warehouse for storage, and very importantly an elementary school.)

Some References concerning Tapestries of Life Ministries:

Listing of Orphanages at,
(Aerial View of Orphanage with Google Maps)
April 2003 Mission Trip to Guadalupe, Mexico by a group from Wyoming Methodist Church)
(Tapestries of Life Local Newscast on ABC-KVIA Channel 7)
Interview of Steven Brewer, Founder and director of Tapestris of Life, 2014,
(Tapestries of Life YouTube Channel),
(Tapestries of Life Page @ MissionFinder)
Tapestries of Life Ministries in Fabens, Texas information at

  • Texas Home School Coalition (Texas Home School Coalition is the authority in Texas on home schooling. The coalition of three organizations impacts the lives of more than 100,000 home schooling families in Texas. Since 1986, THSC has been working to secure and maintain the liberties of Texas families through advocacy and service as well as influencing the political processes that determines law and policy relative to home schooling families and parental rights in Texas.) [841] [842] [843] [844] [845] [846] [] [847] [848]
  • The Boys Initiative - A non-profit organization with the mission shedding light on underachievement among boys and young men, to foster dialogue and debate about it, and collaborate on solutions with those who are committed to the futures of our nation's youth. [849]
  • The Democracy Labs - The Democracy Labs is a non-profit project of the Tides Advocacy Fund. It serves as a hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation that serves campaigns and organizations at the national, state, and local levels. The focus of The Democracy Labs is on long term, sustainable, and affordable solutions. An approach that is longer than an election cycle that can enable more qualified candidates to run for office and for more issue groups to bring about positive social change.The Democracy Labs created SeeSay, a website to help voters that run into issues while voting. People were able to visit SeeSay to report allegations of election irregularity, including ballot issues, voter intimidation and poll problems during the 2018 & 2020 November Elections."The reports create a national database that is displayed on the site virtually.""Reports are posted, creating a heat map highlighting voter challenges. Red indicates ballot issues and yellow indicates allegations of voter intimidation." "The team says it has roughly 300 lawyers on standby to help resolve issues where possible."[850] [851] [852][853][854][855]


  • The Electronic Security Association - A United States non profit trade association for the electronic security and life safety industry. [857]
  • The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation - The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation is dedicated to funding basic science research to find answers that will lead to the prevention, clinical treatment programs and a potential cure for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) Spectrum Disease. [858]
  • The International Legal Foundation (ILF) - "Created in 2001, the ILF is an international nongovernmental organization that assists post-conflict and transitional countries in establishing public defender systems that provide effective, quality criminal defense services for the poor. It is guided by two fundamental principles: that laws must be drafted with an appreciation of the cultural realities of the country in which they will function; and that defense lawyers—as guardians of due process—are indispensable to any fair system of justice and must be provided to anyone accused of a crime. In 2003, the ILF opened Afghanistan’s first independent public defender office in Kabul, and has since established public defender offices in Nepal and the West Bank." [859] [860] Mentions: [861] [862] [863]
  • The National Center for Children and Families (Founded as an orphanage in 1915, The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF)serves homeless children and their parents, survivors of domestic violence, impoverished families, and abused and neglected adolescents. Its mission is to ensure that those who have suffered significant assaults on their childhood have the opportunity to heal and grow.)[864].
  • The Nature Trust of British Columbia -The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading land conservation organization based in British Columbia, Canada. They acquire ecologically significant land through purchase, donation, covenant and lease. Then they care for this land in order to protect the natural diversity of wildlife and plants, and their critical habitats. [865]
  • The Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS) - The Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS) is a Norwegian-registered non-profit non-governmental organisation engaged in stabilisation and reconciliation initiatives in conflict and post-conflict areas. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, NIS has finalised a project in Sri Lanka and currently implements projects in Somalia, Myanmar, and the Sahel. [866] Mentions: [867] [868] [869] [870] [871] [872] [873] [874] [875] [876] [877] [878] [879] [880]
  • TheOpenCode Foundation - The OpenCode foundation founded August, 2019 is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which provides disadvantaged students the education and resources needed to pursue a career in computer science.


  • The Reinvestment Fund - A community investment group that specializes in financing low-wealth neighborhood revitalization in the Mid-Atlantic region [881]
  • The Syria Institute - A non-profit organization founded in 2015 in response to the growing need for informed research and analysis of the situation in Syria. The Syria institute is a registered 501(c)(3) based in Washington, DC. The executive director is Valerie Szybala. This organization is also involved in the Siege Watch project, which is a joint initiative with "PAX for Peace", a Dutch humanitarian aid organization, to publish quarterly reports on the besieged communities of Syria, presently affected by the war.

[882] [883] [884] [885]

  • The Yoga Project - (A charitable project offering an introduction to yoga to Australian soldiers, as a means of fitness and well-being training. Brisbane (Australia) yoga studios, Raw Power Yoga and Flex Hot Yoga, invited soldiers to participate in unlimited classes during May 2016, for a $10 donation for the whole month. Funds raised were donated to Wounded Heroes, a non-profit organization, to provide emergency support payments to soldiers and their families. Yoga instructors from these studios also donated their time to conduct lunch-break classes for soldiers at Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane, Australia.)

( ( ( (

  • Thirst Relief International - A non-profit organization founded in 2005 dedicated to providing water to 9 countries throughout the world, so far impacting over 200,000 lives. [886] mentions: [887]
  • Three Rings (UK-based website) A non-profit online company providing rota management and other related online resources to charity helplines in the United Kingdom, mainly for Samaritans branches and Nightline organisations. Three Rings is run by volunteers who previously volunteered for Nightlines and/or Samaritans, or still do. [888]
  • Through the Heart - The mission of Through the Heart is to educate and support anyone who is experiencing a pregnancy loss either directly or indirectly. Through the Heart is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. [889] [890]
  • Time to Put Kids First - is an educational non profit improving the quality of life for children by promoting respectful interactions between separated parents and their children as well as restoring the value of parent-child and family relationships. [891]
  • Tinogona "It is achievable", organization founded by Tererai Trent, also a consulting organization.
  • Triblox nonprofit Game Studios - Created in 2007 by Voho. Currently working on Halo: Out With a Whimper, [892] mentions: [893]
  • Tobacco Free CA (The organization dedicated to banning smoking in the state of California. There doesn't seem to be any information about them on the web, but their sponsored TV adds are ubiquitous in California.) ([894])
  • Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative - a UK charity which works with African leaders and their governments on public service delivery,currently in Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Liberia [895] mentions: [896][897][898][899]
  • Top Employers Institute - The Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. Optimal employee conditions ensure that people develop themselves personally and professionally. This in turn enables companies to grow and to develop, always. Website.
  • Tompkins Conservation (For nearly three decades Tompkins Conservation has been working to create parklands, protect and restore wildlife, promote regenerative agriculture, and prove that national parks are economic drivers for local communities. They have protected nearly 15 million acres in the Southern Cone, reintroduced numerous wildlife species that had gone missing, and expanded economic opportunity in park gateway communities.) (
  • TransCelerate BioPharma Inc. - was launched in 2012 by several pharma companies to simplify and enhance the research and development of new medicines. Through several initiatives that develop practical solutions to overcome inefficiencies in clinical trials and are drawn from the combined expertise of member organizations and industry collaborators. [900] Mentions: [901], [902], [903]
  • Tree Angels for Haiti - Nonprofit started in 2011 focusing on deforestation in Haiti. Incorportated in the state of Virgina, USA. Sandra Romulus is Founder and Executive Director. Current focus is planting and distributing trees around the Leogane region. Site: [904] Mentions: [905][906][907]
  • Treehouse (nonprofit) (Treehouse envisions – and strives to create – a world where every child that has experienced foster care has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and become productive members of our community. The organization wants all youth in foster care to graduate from high school at the same rate as their peers with a plan for the future.) (
  • Truth About Money - Truth About Money provides financial education courses, debt management and estate planning services to successful online applicants. Through these courses and services, as well as the online blog and tools section, Truth About Money strives to help South Africans take control of their finances and make informed financial decisions that can change their lives, one step at a time. Truth About Money is a 1Life initiative.
  • TurboVote - a tech start-up that allows people to fill out voter registration forms online and get subscribed to text and email reminders about upcoming elections. TurboVote has already helped more than 200,000 people register to vote and has been written about by the New York Times, the Journal of Higher Education, and other publications. Mentions: [908][909][910][911][912][913][914][915]
  • Total Child Development, part of TCD Kids Foundation, a non-profit that provides tutoring, mentoring, service learning, and community awareness events for kids. [916],[917]
  • Technical 0812, Technical 0812 is an Indian not-for-profit community founded in 2016 with the idea of providing digital education resources, online safety and cyber security awareness education. Technical 0812 is running global online safety and cyber security awareness campaign in association with National Cyber Security Alliance. Technical 0812 globally involved in the global online safety education and cyber security awareness campaign STOP. THINK. CONNECT and officially recognized by Department of Homeland Security and National Cyber Security Alliance. [918]


  • UCP of Sacramento and Northern California (In 1955, UCP of Sacramento and Northern California started as a group of parents who worked to ensure their children, born with cerebral palsy, had the support and services they needed to live a full life, free from institutions. As a result of their early efforts, UCP programs and services have expanded to serve a wider population. Now, after more than 60 years in Sacramento, UCP’s programs have continued to grow. UCP now serves a wider variety of individuals with disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, intellectual disabilities, learning disorders and sensory impairments.) ([943])
  • United Warrior Services, Inc. (A Texas based, 501c3 non-profit organization, committed to reducing and preventing Veteran Suicide. Founded in 2017, UWS is an all volunteer group dedicated to bringing 22 veterans a day taking their own lives, down to zero.) ([948])
  • United Policyholders (A non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California that works to provide information, advocacy, and recovery resources to insurance consumers in all 50 states.)([949])
  • UI LABS (UI LABS is an innovation accelerator that leverages a network of hundreds of partners from university + industry (represented by the “UI” in their name), along with startups, government, and community groups, to address problems too big for any one organization to solve on its own.) ([950] [951])
  • Up2Us (doing business as Up2Us Sports, is a sports-based youth development non-profit organization founded in 2010 dedicated to supporting young people through sport.[59] [60] Through their national coach program, Up2Us identifies, trains and supports coaches, many of whom serve as AmeriCorps members, to work with young people in underserved communities around the country.[61] [62] Their training teaches strategies for coaches to work with young people who have dealt with trauma.[63] [64]
  • UKCRC - The UK Clinical Research Collaboration (The UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) was established in 2004 with the aim of re-engineering the clinical research environment in the UK, to benefit the public and patients by improving national health and increasing national wealth.

The Partnership brings together the major stakeholders that influence clinical research in the UK. It includes the main UK research funding bodies; academia; the NHS; regulatory bodies; the bioscience, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries; and patients.

The UKCRC represents a new way of working in which complex long-standing issues are tackled by key stakeholders working together. Strategic direction and oversight is provided by the UKCRC Board with broad stakeholder input into key issues. Activities are led and administered by individual Partners on behalf of the Partnership.

The UKCRC was established to address the challenge that conducting research in the UK was much harder than it needed to be, despite the NHS providing the perfect environment in which to carry out high quality research for the benefit of patients.

The issues that need to be addressed in order to strengthen clinical research in the UK were highlighted in key reports from the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) and from the Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team (BIGT). The Government recognised the need for further investment and the importance of a collaborative approach through the Research for Patient Benefit Working Party and from this the UK Clinical Research Collaboration was created.) ([952])

  • UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre was set up to support the work of UK biobanks by improving access to their human tissue samples for research purposes. The centre has four main work areas, which have been designed to support biobanks in maximising the use of their existing and new human tissues sample collections through a tissue directory, harmonisation and engagement.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and and Coordination Centre was established through the recommendation of the UK funders of experimental medicine, who discussed and agreed a common vision for their investment of in human tissue resources in 2010/2011. The Centre seeks to support the work of biobanks by improving visibility to human tissue under their custody and shall do this through the creation of an online Directory of Biobanks wihich will increase the visibility of sample and data collections in the UK and facilitate opportunities to particiapte in European projects as the National Node of BBMRI-ERIC ( ([953] [954] [955])

  • UCare (UCare is an independent, nonprofit health plan providing health coverage and services to more than 500,000 members in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. UCare serves more people from diverse cultures and more people with disabilities enrolled in Medical Assistance than any other health plan in Minnesota. Working in partnership with health care providers and community organizations, UCare serves:
Individuals and families choosing health coverage through MNsure, the new insurance marketplace

Medicare-eligible individuals Individuals and families enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs, such as MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance Adults with disabilities

Was among the first Minnesota health plans to offer coverage through MNsure.

Has the fourth-largest health plan enrollment in Minnesota, serving more than 500,000 members across Minnesota and 26 counties in western Wisconsin. Provides health coverage to nearly 100,000 Medicare-eligible individuals through its Medicare health plans and 10,000 Minnesotans enrolled in individual and family UCare Choices plans.

Provides health coverage to more than 300,000 individuals and families enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs, such as MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance, and has the largest and most diverse Prepaid Medical Assistance Program membership of any health plan in Minnesota.
Works with thousands of health care providers across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Members have access to more than 43,000 physicians at thousands of locations.

Was the first health plan in Minnesota to own and operate a mobile dental clinic. Was the first health plan in Minnesota to offer health care programs for people with disabilities, and currently serves the most members with disabilities of any health plan in Minnesota.

Was created in 1984 by the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Today, UCare is an independent, nonprofit organization offering health coverage plans in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.
Offers a 4.5 Medicare Star plan, UCare for Seniors, with a satisfaction score (Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems) higher than the national and state average.
Is led by Jim Eppel, President and Chief Executive Officer, who brings several decades of health care experience and executive leadership to his role.

Is a 2015 Star Tribune Top 150 Workplace.) ([956])

  • Unyts - A non-profit organization headquartered in Buffalo and serving Western New York. Founded in 1981, Unyts (formerly known as Upstate New York Transplant Services) is the federal and state authorized organ, eye and tissue procurement organization for Alleghany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans and Wyoming counties. Unyts Community Blood Service began in 2007 at the request of local hospitals. It is the primary supplier of blood products to Kaleida Health, ECMC and all hospitals in Niagara and Wyoming counties. Official site: [957]. Mentions: [958], [959], [960]
  • United Neighborhood Houses - United Neighborhood Houses of New York (UNH) is a 501(c) nonprofit membership organization of 38 independent community centers and settlement houses in New York City. Rooted in the history and values of the settlement house movement, UNH provides a collective voice for member agencies, performing advocacy to support policies and funding as well as participating in collaborations to benefit the settlement houses in the areas of children, youth, adult literacy and immigrant services, older adults, housing stability, and healthy food. UNH was founded in 1919 and Martin Luther King, Jr., addressed the organization in 1966. UNH is already mentioned in the Wikipedia articles for Settlement Houses [961] and several of our member agencies. [disclaimer: I am a UNH employee] Official site: [962]. Third-party sources: WNYC story on UNH annual fall conference, 1966 [963], Text of MLK Jr.’s speech to UNH 1966, [964], Spearheads for Reform, The Social Settlements and the Progressive Movement 1890-1914 (book, pg 239), by Allen F. Davis. Articles: New York Times [965], New York Daily News, 2015 [966], Quoted in a press release issued by Mayor de Blasio [967], New York Post, 2014 [968], Newsday 2014 [969],Daily News 2013 [970].
  • Urban Uprising is a not-for-profit organisation that funds climbing programmes for at risk young people in Brazil and Scotland [971]. It was originally founded in August 2013 [972] by Stuart Green, Tom Ray and Matt Ray to provide funding for Centro de Escalada Urbana (in English, Urban Climbing Centre) a grass roots climbing programme for disadvantaged youths from Rio de Janeiro's Rochina favela [973]. In 2016 Urban Uprising co-funded the build of an indoor climbing wall in Rochina [974]. Due to significant interest for this programme in the UK the first Scottish project was launched in Feb 2016 in Glasgow with support from The Climbing Academy Glasgow [975]. The next Scottish project is due to be launched in Edinburgh in 2017. The charity has support in the form of Ambassadors from some of the UK's top climbers [976], including Dave Macleod [977] [978], Natalie Berry [979] [980], James Pearson [981] [982] and Robbie Phillips [983] [984] to name a few. In the UK so far the charity has delivered climbing taster sessions to 60 young people and have taken 14 young people through a 6 week climbing development programme where they got the chance to achieve a NIBAS award [985]. *Request for a page to be made.
  • UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) (The UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) is an independent network of stakeholders in the UK dedicated to improving the quality and reproducibility of academic research. It operates across disciplines, including arts, humanities, and physical sciences. It is led by Marcus Munafò, Chris Chambers, Laura Fortunato, Alexandra Collins, and Malcolm Macleod. It was founded in March 2019 and is headquartered in Bristol.) ([986] [987] [988] [989] [990])


  • Veterans in Global Leadership - non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C, which runs a 12-month fellowship program to help student veterans build their leadership and networking skills in their fields. A Guide Star Platinum participant - Since 2016, Veterans of Global Leadership (VGL) has trained fellows who have earned distinguished awards (George Mitchell Scholarship, Boren Fellowship, and Presidential Management Fellowship, etc.). More info about VGL -
  • Veterans of America - non-profit organization that builds tiny houses for homeless Veterans in needs. A gold star rating with Guide Star - Veterans of America has been featured in several articles thoughout the nation as a up and coming non profit that is making a difference in the Homeless Veteran Community. More info on website page - -
  • Verbattle Foundation - non-profit organization that promotes democratic values and culture of debates and leadership. The organisation is based out of bengaluru, India and has operations in many countries through its partners and associates. Verbattle's internationally acclaimed debate format is the only unique format from the developing world. -
  • Virtual Enterprises International - Also referred to as (VEI), is a non-profit organization which runs an in-school entrepreneurship and global business program preparing students for college and career through hands-on, workplace simulations. The program got its start in 1994 when the New York City Department of Education implemented "Virtual Enterprises" in seven New York City public high schools. Virtual Enterprises International, Inc. was formed in 2011 to support and guide the growth of this program, which is now in 500 secondary and post-secondary schools across America, serving over 10,000 students annually. [991]
  • VOKI INTERNATIONAL - child relief organisation with projects in India, Nepal, Switzerland, Thailand. [992] - [993] - [994] - [995] - [996]. External links: [997] (German link) - [998] re-tweet of VOKI INTERNATIONAL - [999] CEO of organisation - [1,000] Acknowledged and taxdeductable in Switzerland - [1,001] - [1,002] other references. video clip of the organization. [1,003] - Press-report on Project VOKI India [1,004], [1,005], [1,006] - Press-report on VOKI INTERNATIONAL [1,007] - Radio-News-report on VOKI INTERNATIONAL [1,008] - Report's on WorldNews [1,009], [1,010], [1,011]
  • Vibe 107.6FM - Also referred to as Vibe 107.6, is a licensed non-profit community radio station based in Watford, Hertfordshire. Music selection includes contemporary music ranging from chart and indie to hip hop and R&B, old skool and pop, with features on local unsigned bands. Music is broadcasted to Watford and its surrounding areas, such as Hemel, Harpenden, St Albans. It was launched in August 2011, and works closely with community businesses to promote the work of local people. [1,012], [1,013], [1,014], [1,015], [1,016]
  • Vibrance - Vibrance is a registered UK Charity that provides support to people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges. Vibrance is a leading social care provider in London and the south east providing community day and outreach services, low support housing, registered nursing and care homes, respite care, supported employment and self-directed services to 850 people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues. Vibrance has been providing essential support since 1989 when it was founded under the name of RCHL operating solely in the London Borough of Redbridge. Vibrance officially launched its new name on 24th June 2013 when it also became a registered Charity. The organisation has evolved tremendously over the last 30 years and it was clear that the name RCHL was not able to reflect where we are now and what we strive to be. The name of Vibrance was chosen after extensive consultations with stakeholders, board members, staff and most importantly, service users as it felt it provided a perfect match to our ethos of enabling people to have real control over their lives. Everyone at Vibrance can now build on the successful foundations built up by RCHL so we have bid a fond farewell to our old name and look forward to a positive new future. Vibrance employs around 400 people and provides services in nine local authority areas. Vibrance has held Investors in People Gold accreditation since 2016 and is an accredited Disability Confident Employer. In 2019, Social Care providers Vibrance and HAIL merged to provide best service for 4,000 people. HAIL supports people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and autism to lead independent lives, employing 60 people with a learning disability. Registered Charity number 1152186. [1,017] [1,018] [1,019] [1,020] [1,021] [1,022] [1,023] [1,024] [1,025]


  • Warrior Women United (Warrior Women United (WWU), a national certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, addresses the mental and emotional struggles of women from all branches of the military, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency organizations.

Founded by US Army Veteran, Teresa Rivera, WWU combines both in-person and online learning modules using an experiential and peer support approach to healing. Warrior Women United offers Retreats (4 days Thu-Sun) and Workshops (1 or ½ day) that are held in California, Florida, and Kentucky, with other locations in development. A sisterhood of local, regional and national networks of WWU members host casual meet-ups, an annual conference, online community, and virtual training to ensure continued support. The nonprofit operates with an all-volunteer staff and receives no government funding. It operates on donations and grants. Their Mission is to help the women who serve live their best lives. ) [1,026]

  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Riders' Union A public transit riders' union based in Washington, DC that models other riders' unions in The United States. Founded in September 2015. [1,027].
  • Warm Cookies of the Revolution A Denver, Colorado-based 501c3 organization and self-proclaimed "civic health club" that works to engage everyday citizens in their local civic, political, and cultural lives by creating and hosting events using award-winning comedy, theater, and irreverent show and tell [1,028]. And they always have cookies and milk at their events!
  • Washington Humane Society A non-profit organisation chartered by the U.S. Congress [1,029]
  • William G. McGowan Charitable Fund - William G. McGowan Charitable Fund Inc. is a not-for-profit foundation with over $145 million in assets under management. The foundation focuses its grants on scholastic assistance to students and medical research. It was established in 1992 and is based in Washington, District of Columbia. Third party: [1,030] [1,031]
  • William O. Douglas Trail Foundation A non-profit founded in 2005 with the mission of establishing the William O. Douglas Trail as "a statewide significant heritage trail that links the City of Yakima to Mount Rainier." [1,032] mentions: [1,033]
  • Window Coverings Association of America -
  • We Love Reading Non-Profit Organization located in Amman, Jordan, founded in 2006 by Dr. Rana Dajani. An NGO about fostering a love of reading in children around the world, and especially the Middle East where such a culture is lacking, through promoting reading aloud to children and creating libraries in neighborhoods around the country and the region. The NGO has workshops and training programs teaching people to read aloud to children and having reading sessions with children, creating a self sustainable community of readers and people who love books. They publish and distribute children's books aimed at enhancing environmental consciousness and empathy in children. They organize reading sessions and set up libraries in neighborhoods as well as refugee camps around the country. The NGO and the idea has spread to many countries in the Middle East as well as other areas, such as Europe, Africa, North America and Southeast Asia. We Love Reading has been nominated as a finalist for the WISE award for supporting the development and replication of cutting-edge practices. The founder, Dr. Rana Dajani, has been ranked 13 in CEO Middle East Magazine's list of 100 most powerful Arab women and named one of the most influential women scientists of the Islamic world in 2014 by UK based Muslim Science magazine. She was also awarded the 2009 Arab World Social Innovator award by Synegros for the project We Love Reading, and nominated as one of Ahel Al-Himmeh (an initiative by Queen Rania of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to recognize individuals who do volunteer work for the Jordanian community). [1,034] [1,035] [1,036] [1,037] [1,038] [1,039] [1,040] [1,041] [1,042] [1,043]
  • Whangarei Growers Market A Growers Market formed in 1998 which is the largest and oldest market of its kind in New Zealand and which came about as a direct result of the supermarket duopoly causing the auction system to fail. Radio New Zealand report, The Social and Economic Impact of Whangarei Growers Market, Whangarei Growers Market to supply produce to Auckland, TVNZ Country Calendar episode, Transition Towns - Whangarei Growers Market talk, Grower, Sep 2002; v.57 n.8:p.10-12; issn:1175-2742, Lifestyle farmer, Nov/Dec 2003; v.4 n.5:p.24-27; issn:1175-3390, North and South (Online), Oct 2009; n.283:p.58-65; issn:0112-9023, Tree cropper, Jun 2015; n.82:p.30-40; issn:1173-3292New Zealand Growing Today, Jul 2001; v.15 n.7:p.38-41; issn:1171-7033
  • Western Federal Credit Union "Western is classified as a multiple common bond, primarily transportation equipment credit union. Western Federal Credit Union is now [Unify Financial Federal Credit Union].
  • Woloso "World Lottery for Social Development" - - A non-profit organization located in Quebec promoting life before profit.
  • Women Winemakers of California - A non-profit educational project whose stated goal is to promote equity for women winemakers. It was established in 2011.
  • World Adoption International Fund, 20th century organization that facilitated child-adoptions, mentioned at
  • World Book Night U.S. - Inspired by the U.K. organization, World Book Night U.S. is a non-profit organization where Givers give half a million free World Book Night paperbacks to light and non-readers on April 23 (also known as World Book Day).
  • World Energy Forum - A non-profit organization that actively facilitate strategic relationships, opportunities, and translates ideas into a global marketplace. The organization was founded in 2008 by Dr. Harold HyunSuk Oh with a mission to provide energy and water for all and to promote clean and safe energy and sustainable development across the globe. The organization has many reputable sources and is notable. The article has previously existed but was bias. A proper article for this organization should be created. Source 1 source 2Source 3 Source 4 source 5 video 1video 2video 3 ]
  • World Family Organization (WFO) - "The World Family Organization – WFO – is an International Organization which has as main objective to represent Families of the world at all levels, to defend their interests and to act with them and for them vis a vis governments and the international community. With respect to the United Nations and the consultative process, the Organization shall act as the link between both the aspirations and achievements of the families and the work done for them at the level of the United Nations." Established on June first, 1946. [1,044] [1,045] [1,046]
  • World Leisure Organization (WLO) - A worldwide, non-governmental association of persons and organizations dedicated to discovering and fostering the conditions that best permit leisure to serve as a force for human growth, development and wellbeing. The organization was incorporated in 1956 in New York City. It is the belief of the World Leisure Organization that well selected leisure experiences improve one's quality of life. The World Leisure Organization works toward its mission by hosting forums and events that allow for the formal and informal dissemination of knowledge and information; engaging in informed advocacy surrounding conditions that optimize leisure experiences in regards to legislation, infrastructure, leadership and programming; and fostering inquiry through research and scholarship to allow for the discovery of personal and social potentialities of leisure experiences. Today, the organization hosts numerous events throughout the world that aim to advocate for and educate on the importance of leisure in communities while also highlighting places that have elevated leisure to a prominent standing. The World Leisure Organization includes a membership and is governed by a Board of Directors with guidance from an Executive Committee. [1,047] [1,048]
  • World Villages for Children - A non-profit organization working to reduce global poverty by providing food, healthcare, vocational training, and education to more than 20,000 children in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, South Korea, and the Philippines. In the Boystowns and Girlstowns, the children are provided with an in-house education program from kindergarten to high school, with the majority of programs focused on middle school and high school. High school students also receive vocational training. As a result of this training, graduates have been very successful in securing jobs after completing their education. To date, World Villages for Children has helped more than 150,000 children and their families break free from a life of poverty. The Sisters of Mary, who operate the schools, choose students based on economic need and educational prerequisites. [1,049]
  • World Public Forum - international nongovernmental European-based organization which supports and develops dialogue among civilizations since 2003 [1,050]
  • Women Against Paternity Fraud - A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that educates the public, media, and policy makers on issues relating to paternity fraud. [1,051]
  • Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) A non-profit organization working in Nepal, founded by Women Right Activists in 1991 in order to address the issue of human trafficking. Its actively engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights, campaigning on violence against women and trafficking of women as well as economic social and cultural rights (ESCR).[1,052]
  • Women's Enterprise Initiative (WEI) - A non-profit initiative established by Western Economic Diversification Canada to help women in Western Canada successfully start, grow and operate their businesses. The WEI is comprised of centres in the four western provinces: Women's Enterprise Centre of BC, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, and Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba. In addition to providing three core services: business financing, training and advising, the centres also provide networking opportunities, coaching and mentoring to support women at various business stages. [1,053] [1,054] [1,055] [1,056] [1,057][1,058] [1,059]
  • Women for America First (WFAF) - A non-profit organization working to empower, engage and inspire women to make a difference. Millions of women – many who never before had a voice in politics – have come together in the 21st century suffrage movement to have their voices heard. The organization was founded by Amy Kremer, Kylie Jane Kremer and Jennifer Hulsey in 2019. Most notably, Women for America First held rallies across the United States after the election of 2020 on the March for Trump Bus Tour. Women for America First also held massive rallies in Washington, DC on November 14, 2020, December 12, 2020 at Freedom Plaza and on January 6, 2021 at The Ellipse in The President's Park. Women for America First held the permit for the Save America Rally on January 6, 2021 which hosted President Donald J. Trump. In October of 2021, Chairman, Amy Kremer, and Executive Director, Kylie Jane Kremer, were subpoenaed by the January 6th Select Committee in Congress regarding the January 6th Capitol Riots. [1,060] [1,061] [1,062] [1,063] [1,064][1,065]
  • Williamsburg Health Foundation - A non-profit 501(c)(3) private foundation that promotes health and mobilizes resources in the greater Williamsburg, Virginia community. Previously named the Williamsburg Community Health Foundation, est. 1996. [1,066]
  • Wounded Warrior Homes - Wounded Warrior Homes provides affordable long term transitional housing, hands on resources and a defined path for homeless service members with Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury to transition from active-duty military service to independent living. [1,067]



[1,084] [1,085] [1,086] [1,087]

  • Youngzine - Youngzine is a one-of-a-kind website where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world -- in a simple, engaging and interactive manner. Children can also write stories and get them published by this non-profit orgnaization. Youngzine is a tax-exempt 501c(3) nonprofit organization and gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Their mission is "to to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world by providing a platform for young people to learn, explore and discover their role as global citizens." Their vision is "a generation of empathetic, globally aware, and empowered youth who are actively engaged in the world." Their motto is "The World Today, for Leaders of Tomorrow." It is founded by Deepa Gopal in 2011 who started the organization when she was inspired by her ten-year old son. She is the current CEO. For more visit their website at
  • Youssef Bey Karam Foundation Private, charitable and non-profit foundation, which seeks to spread the history of the Lebanese hero Youssef Bey Karam.
  • Youth Employment UK Organisation working to change the youth employment landscape for young people in the UK aged 16-24. [1,088] [1,089] [1,090]
  • Yes We Code - An initiative to teach programming to low-opportunity youth, powered by Van Jones' Rebuild the Dream fund. [1,091][1,092][1,093]
  • Year Up - A national non-profit organization that provides a one-year professional training program for urban young adults aged 18-24. References: [1,094][1,095][1,096][1,097][1,098]
  • YMCA Scotland - National Council of YMCA's in Scotland (The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is one of the biggest youth organisations in the world. Founded in 1844, YMCA operates today in 119 countries working with 58 million people.

Across the world, YMCA works to bring social justice and peace to young people and their communities, regardless of religion, race, gender or culture.

In Scotland the YMCA operates in over 100 local communities through 32 local YMCA organisations working with the most vulnerable children, young people and families. Often based in the heart of a community, YMCA supports young people to achieve their fullest potential.) (


  • Zindagi Trust Zindagi Trust is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of education available to the average Pakistani. Areas of work include reforming public schools, educating working children and lobbying the government to improve education policy.

  • The Ziegfeld Club The Ziegfeld Club Inc. is a historic, non-profit organization based in New York City working to help women create new work in musical theatre. Today the Ziegfeld Club is expanding its legacy of helping women in the theatre by establishing The Billie Burke Ziegfeld Award which is given to an emerging, female composer lyricist who compellingly demonstrates financial need, professional initiative, and outstanding artistic promise in musical theatre composition. The grant which aims to celebrate an emerging female composer, or composer/lyricist who compellingly demonstrates outstanding artistic promise in musical theater composing was inspired by a noticeable lack of female composers being produced on Broadway today. The Ziegfeld Club enables the recipient to put the grant to the best use possible to help further the composer’s creative endeavors. Past recipients of the Billie Burke Ziegfeld Award are composer/lyricists Masi Asare (2015), Anna Jacobs (2016), and Shaina Taub (2017).

In 2016 following the passing of NYU Professor and theatre director Elizabeth Swados, the Ziegfeld Club launched The Liz Swados Inspiration Grant. The Liz Swados Inspiration Grant seeks to honor the late composer, writer, and director by recognizing an influential female music educator in New York City. This $5,000 fellowship is underwritten by actress Diane Lane in partnership with the Ziegfeld Club Inc. The award was previously presented to Rebecca Steinberg (2018), Laura Borgwardt (2017), and Cecilia Smith (2016).


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