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Welcome to WikiProject College football! Our mission is to continually expand and improve Wikipedia's coverage of college football. This page and its subpages contain a forum for coordinating editors' efforts and building and maintaining quality and coherent style across all college football articles. If you would like to help, sign your name on the project participants list, visit our project's talk page, and check out the lists of requested tasks and articles in need of attention to see how you can help. Or give one of the participants listed below a shout if you have a question or need some direction.

For general information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide.


As mentioned above, this project covers all aspects of college football including articles about college football history, the programs and traditions of individual schools, college football rivalries, notable games, awards, rankings and championship systems, and overviews of seasons on a national, conference, and individual team basis. Articles regarding the stadiums and venues, mascots, fight songs, and other pageantry that support college football teams or events are also included in the project. Biography articles for college football coaches, players, and other notable contributors such as journalists and sportscasters fall within the scope of this project. In many cases, such biography articles will also fall under the scope of WikiProject National Football League or other sports-related projects. In addition, articles that cover American football concepts and strategies that underwent significant development within the crucible of college football, such as touchdown, two-point conversion, or option offense, also fall under the purview of this project.

This project is limited to college football in the United States under the umbrella of the NCAA and the NAIA. At present, college football in Canada is organized under Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian football—however, there are some colleges that participate in both Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) and NAIA football. No other organized effort exists for non-American college football. If a need develops, a task force for British college football may be created. This project also does not cover junior college football, sprint football, or club teams. See WP:CFBTEAMS for more detail.

At present, effort is concentrated in the following areas (examples in parentheses):


  • Organizational
  1. Create a set of standardized templates and article formats for coaches, teams, etc.
  2. Tag all college football articles, images, and other elements by placing the WikiProject College football template at the top of their talk pages.
  3. Categorize all college football articles into subcategories.
  4. Create subcategories for stubs and reclassify stubs into those subcategories.
  5. Find all college football stubs and label them.
  • Content
  1. Make Wikipedia one of the premier online resources on college football.
  2. Bring College football to featured article status.
  3. Keep 2020 NCAA Division I FBS football season and related articles up to date, and maintain them as a reliable resource for enthusiasts during the season.
  4. Increase number of good articles and featured articles within the project.
  • Portal
  1. Maintain Portal:College football and bring it to featured portal status.

Family of WikiProjectsEdit

Guides and resourcesEdit

  • Style guide: overview of style of common types of articles in the project
  • Naming conventions: addresses some article naming conventions, with discussion leading to it on talk page
  • Templates: commonly used templates for college football articles
  • Images: sets guidelines and offers suggestions for images (photos, maps, logos, etc.) related to college football
  • Notability: a comprehensive essay covering notability of organizations, teams, coaches, players, events, and other subjects related to the project
  • Game summaries: Tips and guidelines for writing game summaries either as stand-alone articles or integrated into season or other articles.
  • Reliable sources: guidelines about what does and does not constitute a reliable source in the world of college football teams and related topics
  • Vacated victories: guidelines on reporting vacated victories

Structure and formatEdit

See the following sub pages for information on article structures. If you would like to comment on the recommended format for an article type, please do so on the talk page for that article type's subpage.

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Did you know

Articles for deletion

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Categories for discussion

Good article nominees

Articles to be merged

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Articles for creation

New college football articlesEdit

Please feel free to list your new college football-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). By listing them here, we invite other editors to help expand and improve these new articles. New articles that have an interesting or unusual fact can also be nominated (within 7 days of creation/heavy expansion) for the Did you know? box on the Main Wikipedia page. Please remember to add {{WikiProject College football}} to the talk page of the article.

Please place newest articles on the top

Article Created By (on) Did You Know...
Northwest Championship User:PKAMB 18 Jan 2022
Ty Jordan User:Mike Selinker 26 Dec 2020 ... that Utah Utes football player Ty Jordan died on Christmas Day, one day after being named the Pac-12 Conference newcomer of the year for 2020?
Sarah Fuller User:Pennsylvania2 28 Nov 2020 ... that shortly after winning a conference tournament championship with Vanderbilt's soccer team, Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play football in a Power Five conference game?
Kyle Trask User:Yankees10 19 Oct 2020 ... that quarterback Kyle Trask broke Florida's all-time record with 43 touchdown passes in 2020 and finished fourth in the Heisman Trophy voting?
Breece Hall User:GPL93 27 Sept 2020 ...that Iowa State running back Breece Hall led the FBS in 2020 with 1,572 rushing yards?
1970 Wichita State Shockers football team User:Cbl62 22 Aug 2020 ... that 14 players and the coach of the 1970 Wichita State Shockers football team died when its "Gold" plane crashed in the Colorado mountains?
TaQuon Marshall User:JJonahJackalope 11 June 2020

Articles in need of attentionEdit

Please feel free to ask for help from your fellow college football fans here (newer articles at the top, please).

  • Malone Stadium - This article need to be updates, there is not much information about this article. The stadium at UL-Monroe has lots of history and a new scoreboard was installed. The stadium also plans to get a new athletic complex built. Much more information would be great! WillAndersULM (talk) 01:06, 31 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Dynasty (sports) College football sections need a lot of cleanup and citations (note that in the context of this article that means citation not of championships or stats, but that a team has been called a dynasty by a reliable source). Also probably needs some correction; are Yale's 1874 to 1909 "championships" considered D-I FBS (or even NCAA?). Ideally this would be rewritten into prose (rather than list) discussion of college football dynasties.
  • Blue-Gray Football Classic- Needs some dressing up, and I don't think it's templated/categorized properly for this project. I'm on a small wikibreak, but I keep hearing this game referenced on sportstalk radio lately ('tis the season), so punting to here...
  • End, unfortunate such a once important position has such a paltry article. Cake (talk) 20:51, 25 February 2015 (UTC)
  • Backfield, same as above though "bundle of positions" if you will. Cake (talk) 20:22, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

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Players and coachesEdit

Historically significant teams without articlesEdit

Project editors have established and maintained articles for all 131 current NCAA Division I FBS football programs. However, many lower division and defunct college football programs remain without standalone articles. For example, the following schools made important contributions to the sport, but do not currently have football articles:

World War II-era military service training programs

College football contentEdit

As of August 2016, over 38,000 articles and lists and more than 18,000 images, categories, templates and other support elements have been identified within the scope of WikiProject College football; see here. As such, there are too many college football articles on Wikipedia to list them all here. Below are categories that contain college football-related articles:

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Related WikiportalsEdit

The College football Wikiproject currently maintains Portal:College football and assists on an as-needed basis in the maintenance of Portal:American football. Editors are encouraged to submit and nominate content on both portals. Portal:College football/Selected Content/Nominations provides an overview of scheduled content and examples of what qualifies to be featured content. In addition, important college football events should be added to the College Football News section of the portal, which is also maintained by project members.

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