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Welcome to WikiProject College football! Our mission is to continually expand and improve Wikipedia's coverage of college football. This page and its subpages contain a forum for coordinating editors' efforts and building and maintaining quality and coherent style across all college football articles. If you would like to help, sign your name on the project participants list, visit our project's talk page, and check out the lists of requested tasks and articles in need of attention to see how you can help. Or give one of the participants listed below a shout if you have a question or need some direction.

For general information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide.


As mentioned above, this project covers all aspects of college football including articles about college football history, the programs and traditions of individual schools, college football rivalries, notable games, awards, rankings and championship systems, and overviews of seasons on a national, conference, and individual team basis. Articles regarding the stadiums and venues, mascots, fight songs, and other pageantry that support college football teams or events are also included in the project. Biography articles for college football coaches, players, and other notable contributors such as journalists and sportscasters fall within the scope of this project. In many cases, such biography articles will also fall under the scope of WikiProject National Football League or other sports-related projects. In addition, articles that cover American football concepts and strategies that underwent significant development within the crucible of college football, such as touchdown, two-point conversion, or option offense, also fall under the purview of this project.

This project is limited to college football in the United States under the umbrella of the NCAA and the NAIA. At present, college football in Canada is organized under Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian football—however, there are some colleges that participate in both Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) and NAIA football. No other organized effort exists for non-American college football. If a need develops, a task force for British college football may be created. This project also does not cover junior college football, sprint football, or club teams. See WP:CFBTEAMS for more detail.

At present, effort is concentrated in the following areas (examples in parentheses):


  • Organizational
  1. Create a set of standardized templates and article formats for coaches, teams, etc.
  2. Tag all college football articles, images, and other elements by placing the WikiProject College football template at the top of their talk pages.
  3. Categorize all college football articles into subcategories.
  4. Create subcategories for stubs and reclassify stubs into those subcategories.
  5. Find all college football stubs and label them.
  • Content
  1. Make Wikipedia one of the premier online resources on college football.
  2. Bring College football to featured article status.
  3. Keep 2011 NCAA Division I FBS football season and related articles up to date, and maintain them as a reliable resource for enthusiasts during the season.
  4. Increase number of good articles and featured articles within the project.
  • Portal
  1. Maintain Portal:College football and bring it to featured portal status.

Family of WikiProjectsEdit

Guides and resourcesEdit

  • Style guide: overview of style of common types of articles in the project
  • Naming conventions: addresses some article naming conventions, with discussion leading to it on talk page
  • Templates: commonly used templates for college football articles
  • Images: sets guidelines and offers suggestions for images (photos, maps, logos, etc.) related to college football
  • Notability: a comprehensive essay covering notability of organizations, teams, coaches, players, events, and other subjects related to the project
  • Game summaries: Tips and guidelines for writing game summaries either as stand-alone articles or integrated into season or other articles.
  • Reliable sources: guidelines about what does and does not constitute a reliable source in the world of college football teams and related topics
  • Vacated victories: guidelines on reporting vacated victories

Structure and formatEdit

See the following sub pages for information on article structures. If you would like to comment on the recommended format for an article type, please do so on the talk page for that article type's subpage.

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New college football articlesEdit

Please feel free to list your new college football-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). By listing them here, we invite other editors to help expand and improve these new articles. New articles that have an interesting or unusual fact can also be nominated (within 7 days of creation/heavy expansion) for the Did you know? box on the Main Wikipedia page. Please remember to add {{WikiProject College football}} to the talk page of the article.

Please place newest articles on the top

Article Created By (on) Did You Know...
Jamie Howard User:robbiesqp 12 December 2019 ... that in 1992, Jamie Howard was the first true freshman to start at quarterback for LSU since Steve Ensminger in 1976?
40/41 bowl game articles for 2019–20 (list)
(all except Nat'l Championship)
User:PCN02WPS 7–21 June 2019
Zach Allen User:Hitpoint0213 6 March 2019 ... that Zach Allen was one of only two defensive lineman to record 100+ tackles in 2017?
39/41 bowl game articles for 2018–19 (list)
(all except Cotton, National Championship)
User:PCN02WPS 22–31 July 2018 ... that the 2018 First Responder Bowl is believed to be the first FBS-level postseason game to be cancelled due to weather?
Air Force 19591977, 1979 (completed entire history; 20 articles) User:PCN02WPS Nov 21-Dec 9, 2017 ... that the 1970 Air Force Falcons football team defeated ranked Missouri and Stanford teams and played in the 1971 Sugar Bowl?
Vita Vea User:Yankees10 8 December 2017 ... that Washington defensive tackle Vita Vea was selected as the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year for 2017?
Billy Price User:Yankees10 8 December 2017 ... that Ohio State's Billy Price won the 2017 Rimington Trophy as the best center in college football?
2017 College Football All-America Team User:Wscsuperfan 7 December 2017 ... that the 2017 All-America football team includes Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, Stanford running back Bryce Love, and Oklahoma State wide receiver James Washington?
A. J. Brown User:Yankees10 5 December 2017 ... that Ole Miss wide receiver A. J. Brown won the 2017 Conerly Trophy as the best college football player in the State of Mississippi?
McKenzie Milton User:Hgraff13 29 November 2017 ... that McKenzie Milton in 2017 totaled 3,795 passing yards, led UCF to a perfect 12–0 record, and finished eighth in the voting for the Heisman Trophy?
Josey Jewell User:Yankees10 28 December 2017 ... that Iowa linebacker Josey Jewell in 2017 won the Jack Lambert Award and was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year?
Kerryon Johnson User:Yankees10 12 November 2017 ... that Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson rushed for 1,320 yards in 2017 and finished ninth in the voting for the Heisman Trophy?
1953 Chico State Wildcats football team User:Ocfootballknut 10 November 2017 ... that the 1953 Chico State football team played a game against the University of Mexico and another in a fierce storm that caused the press box to collapse?
Josh Vogelbach User:Cbl62 2 November 2017 ... that Josh Vogelbach set the NCAA Division III career record with 13,605 passing yards from 2005 to 2008?
Roquan Smith User:Yankees10 29 October 2017 ... that Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith in 2017 won the Butkus Award, was named SEC Defensive Player of the Year, and finished 10th in the voting for the Heisman Trophy?
2001 Arkansas vs. Ole Miss football game PCN02WPS 14:57, 13 October 2017 (UTC) ... that the 2001 Arkansas vs. Ole Miss football game included seven overtime periods and broke a then–NCAA record for the longest football game ever played?
Rashaad Penny User:Cbl62 27 September 2017 ... that Rashaad Penny led all NCAA Division I FBS players with over 2,000 rushing yards in 2017 and finished fifth in voting for the Heisman Trophy?
2017 Big South Conference football season User:PCN02WPS 28 July 2017 (UTC) ... that Kennesaw State compiled a 12–1 to win the championship in the 2017 Big South Conference football season?
1898-1901 Syracuse football teams User:ChuckNoll vs Vince Lombardi 7 July 2017 ... that the 1901 Syracuse football team compiled a 7–1 record under head coach Edwin Sweetland?
1936, 1939, 1941 Duquesne Dukes football team Ostealthy (talk) 05:58, 14 May 2017 (UTC) ... that the 1936 Duquesne Dukes defeated national champion Pitt and went on to defeat Mississippi State in the 1937 Orange Bowl?
1938 Carnegie Tech Tartans football team Ostealthy (talk) 05:58, 14 May 2017 (UTC) ... that the 1938 Carnegie Tech team broke Pitt's 22-game winning streak and won the Eastern championship but lost to TCU in the 1939 Sugar Bowl?
1945 Holy Cross Crusaders football team Ostealthy (talk) 05:58, 14 May 2017 (UTC) ... that the 1945 Holy Cross Crusaders played in the 1946 Orange Bowl, the first and only bowl game in school history?

Articles in need of attentionEdit

Please feel free to ask for help from your fellow college football fans here (newer articles at the top, please).

  • Malone Stadium - This article need to be updates, there is not much information about this article. The stadium at UL-Monroe has lots of history and a new scoreboard was installed. The stadium also plans to get a new athletic complex built. Much more information would be great! WillAndersULM (talk) 01:06, 31 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Dynasty (sports) College football sections need a lot of cleanup and citations (note that in the context of this article that means citation not of championships or stats, but that a team has been called a dynasty by a reliable source). Also probably needs some correction; are Yale's 1874 to 1909 "championships" considered D-I FBS (or even NCAA?). Ideally this would be rewritten into prose (rather than list) discussion of college football dynasties.
  • Blue-Gray Football Classic- Needs some dressing up, and I don't think it's templated/categorized properly for this project. I'm on a small wikibreak, but I keep hearing this game referenced on sportstalk radio lately ('tis the season), so punting to here...
  • End, unfortunate such a once important position has such a paltry article. Cake (talk) 20:51, 25 February 2015 (UTC)
  • Backfield, same as above though "bundle of positions" if you will. Cake (talk) 20:22, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

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Players and coachesEdit

Historically significant teams without articlesEdit

Project editors have established and maintained articles for all 130 current NCAA Division I FBS football programs. However, many lower division and defunct college football programs remain without standalone articles. For example, the following schools won national championships at the Division I or historically equivalent level or made important contributions to the sport, but do not currently have football articles:

World War II-era military service training programs

College football contentEdit

As of August 2016, over 38,000 articles and lists and more than 18,000 images, categories, templates and other support elements have been identified within the scope of WikiProject College football; see here. As such, there are too many college football articles on Wikipedia to list them all here. Below are categories that contain college football-related articles:

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Related WikiportalsEdit

The College football Wikiproject currently maintains Portal:College football and assists on an as-needed basis in the maintenance of Portal:American football. Editors are encouraged to submit and nominate content on both portals. Portal:College football/Selected Content/Nominations provides an overview of scheduled content and examples of what qualifies to be featured content. In addition, important college football events should be added to the College Football News section of the portal, which is also maintained by project members.

Recognized contentEdit

Featured articlesEdit

1924 Rose Bowl2000 Sugar Bowl2003 Insight Bowl2005 ACC Championship Game2005 Sugar Bowl2005 Texas Longhorns football team2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl2006 Gator Bowl2007 ACC Championship Game2007 Appalachian State vs. Michigan football game2007 USC Trojans football team2008 ACC Championship Game2008 Humanitarian Bowl2008 Orange Bowl2009 International Bowl2009 Orange BowlAggie BonfireHobey BakerCenturyLink FieldHappy ChandlerJohn Sherman CooperBen CrosbyFightin' Texas Aggie BandGerald FordChris GraggOtto GrahamHistory of American footballRichard Nixon2010 BowlRamblin' WreckRonald ReaganJackie RobinsonRex RyanJim ThorpeBilly Joe TolliverLawrence WetherbyTyrone WheatleyWilliam WurtenburgScott Zolak

Former featured articlesEdit

Charles IvesTheodore Roosevelt

Featured listsEdit

2009 College Football All-America TeamList of Alabama Crimson Tide head football coachesList of Arkansas Razorbacks head football coachesAtlantic Coast Conference football championsList of Auburn Tigers head football coachesList of Clemson Tigers head football coachesList of Colorado Buffaloes head football coachesList of East Carolina Pirates football seasonsList of East Carolina Pirates head football coachesList of Georgia Bulldogs head football coachesList of Iowa State Cyclones head football coachesList of Kansas Jayhawks head football coachesList of Kansas State Wildcats head football coachesList of LSU Tigers head football coachesList of Appalachian State Mountaineers football seasonsList of Oklahoma Sooners football seasonsList of Texas Tech Red Raiders head football coachesList of Virginia Tech Hokies football seasonsList of Alabama Crimson Tide bowl gamesList of Alabama Crimson Tide football seasonsList of Arkansas Razorbacks in the NFL draftList of Baylor Bears head football coachesList of East Carolina Pirates in the NFL DraftList of Heisman Trophy winnersList of Maryland Terrapins football honoreesList of Nebraska Cornhuskers head football coachesList of North Carolina Tar Heels in the NFL DraftList of Oklahoma Sooners in the NFL DraftList of Texas A&M Aggies head football coachesList of Texas Tech Red Raiders in the NFL DraftList of UAB Blazers football seasonsList of UConn Huskies bowl gamesList of UConn Huskies in the NFL draftList of Virginia Tech Hokies bowl gamesList of Maryland Terrapins football seasonsList of Missouri Tigers head football coachesList of Navy Midshipmen head football coachesList of Oklahoma Sooners head football coachesList of Oklahoma State Cowboys head football coachesList of Tennessee Volunteers head football coachesList of Texas Longhorns head football coachesList of Texas Tech Red Raiders bowl gamesList of Texas Tech Red Raiders football seasonsList of Vanderbilt Commodores head football coachesList of Washington & Jefferson Presidents head football coaches

Former featured listsEdit

2005 NCAA Division I-A football rankings2006 NCAA Division I FBS football rankingsList of Iowa Hawkeyes football seasonsLists of Michigan Wolverines football passing leadersLists of Michigan Wolverines football receiving leadersLists of Michigan Wolverines football rushing leaders

Good articlesEdit

1879 Navy Midshipmen football team1882 Navy Midshipmen football team1883 Navy Midshipmen football team1884 Navy Midshipmen football team1885 Navy Midshipmen football team1886 Navy Midshipmen football team1892 Alabama Cadets football team1893 Alabama Crimson White football team1896 Michigan Wolverines football team1899 Sewanee Tigers football team1901 Michigan Wolverines football team1906–1917 Stanford rugby teams1906 Vanderbilt Commodores football team1912 Vanderbilt Commodores football team1915 Vanderbilt Commodores football team1917 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado football team1918 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado football team1920 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado football team1921 Centre Praying Colonels football team1921 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado football team1921 Vanderbilt Commodores football team1922 Vanderbilt Commodores football team1923 Michigan Wolverines football team1925 Michigan Wolverines football team1928 Florida Gators football team1928 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado football team1943 Alabama Informals football team1947 Sun Bowl1949 Sun Bowl controversy1954 Orange Bowl1966 Liberty Bowl1968 Liberty Bowl1981 Peach Bowl (January)1984 Independence Bowl1986 Peach Bowl1990 Toledo Rockets football team1993 Independence Bowl1994 Gator Bowl1995 Sugar Bowl (December)1996 Orange Bowl (December)1997 Michigan Wolverines football team1998 Gator Bowl2001 Gator Bowl2002 Gator Bowl2002 San Francisco Bowl2004 Emerald Bowl2005 Texas vs. Ohio State football game2005 USC Trojans football team2006 ACC Championship Game2006 Oklahoma Sooners football team2007 Hawaii Bowl2007 Navy vs. North Texas football game2007 Texas Longhorns football team2008 Maryland Terrapins football team2009 ACC Championship Game2009 Alabama Crimson Tide football team2009 Big Ten Conference football season2009 Chick-fil-A Bowl2009 Michigan Wolverines football team2010 ACC Championship Game2010 Alabama Crimson Tide football team2010 East–West Shrine Game2010 Michigan Wolverines football team2011 Alabama Crimson Tide football team2011 LSU vs. Alabama football game2011 Michigan Wolverines football team2011 Orange Bowl2012 Alabama Crimson Tide football team2012 Liberty Bowl2012 MAC Championship Game2012 New Mexico Bowl2013 Alabama Crimson Tide football team2013 Cotton Bowl Classic2013 Penn State Nittany Lions football team2014 GoDaddy Bowl2015 Camellia Bowl2018 Clemson Tigers football teamACC Championship GameTony AdamleMarcus Adams (Canadian football)Ralph W. AiglerTony Akins (Canadian football)Ted AlfordTuineau AlipateIan Allen (gridiron football)Jeff Allen (defensive back)Josh Allen (quarterback)Pokey AllenZock AllenButch AllisonBuddy AllistonGerald AlphinCharles Alston (gridiron football)Richard Alston (gridiron football)Ronnie AmadiArchie AmersonJon AnaboApogee StadiumMark BavaroBert BellGordon Bell (American football)Stan BenjaminSean BennettRaymond BerryDoc BlanchardLeGarrette BlountTony BolesLynn BomarCory BookerFrenchy BordagarayJustin BorenKeith Bostic (American football)Philip Henry BridenbaughJarrett BrownPaul BrownPhil H. BucklewDick ButkusRobb ButlerBuzz (mascot)Curley ByrdCharles CabanissRobert CadeEarl CampbellGeorge Campbell (American football)Billy CannonVaulx CarterBob ChappuisJay CivettiJack ClancyJosh CodyTerrence CodyBlanton CollierCrab Bowl ClassicHank CrispBrodie CroyleThom DardenDartmouth Big Green football under William WurtenburgAntone DavisJoe DelaneyGene DerricottePaul Des JardienJacob L. DeversParnell DickinsonBobby DoddMaurice DouglassWilliam Lofland DudleyDon DufekDrake DunsmoreDarian DurantDan DworskyKenny EasleyMike Echols (gridiron football)Ben Edwards (American football)Keith EliasBump ElliottHayden EpsteinObi EzehJack FaberForbes FieldTate ForcierLen FordJulius FranksWilliam Fuller (American football)Lu GambinoFrank GatskiDon GaultElmer GedeonGeorgia Tech Yellow Jackets footballHorace GillomPaul G. GoebelKevin GradyBrandon GrahamBud GrantRyan Grant (running back)Joe GreeneRex GrossmanLou GrozaRemy HamiltonConnor Hamlett2012 Hawaii BowlMercury HayesJoel HeathRalph HeikkinenHeinz FieldJohn HeismanJunior HemingwayDevin HesterEd HochuliGeorge HoeySkip HoltzLes HorvathChris Howard (American football)Weldon HumbleHal Hunter (American football, born 1932)Don HutsonJack the BulldogTommy James (American football)Caitlyn JennerCalvin JohnsonDwayne JohnsonEzra JohnsonJohn Henry JohnsonBrereton C. JonesDub Jones (American football)Cato JuneMike JunkinMike KafkaKeggy the KegJack KempTed KennedyWade KeyDon KindtKevin King (American football)Kevin KolbJordan KovacsOliver KuhnJames Sloan KuykendallDante LavelliRyan LeafRoy LesterJoe LillardTyler LockettJake LongSteve LongaSid LuckmanGreg ManczBob Mann (American football)Peyton ManningVenric MarkLeonard MarshallMaryland Terrapins football, 1892–1946Maryland Terrapins footballMaryland Terrapins football under Jim TatumJohn MaulbetschCalvin McCartyJosh McCownColt McCoyMonk McDonaldHugh McElhennyDan McGuginBo McMillinZoltán Meskó (American football)Abe MickalBrandon MinorFreddie MitchellJohn Mitchell (American football coach)David MolkCorey Moore (safety)Jim MoranShane MorrisSteve Morrison (American football)Marion MotleyJonas MoutonCaptain MunnerlynEd Muransky1998 Music City BowlNative American mascot controversyJohns Hopkins–Navy football rivalryPhil NevinJared NorrisRobin OldsPatrick OmamehBennie OosterbaanJ. T. O'SullivanAra ParseghianAlan PastranaWalter PaytonJoe Perry (American football)Ted PetoskeyAl PollardIrving Kane PondRicky PowersJarrod PughsleyMike QuinnRalphie the BuffaloRamblin' Wreck from Georgia TechRoy RiegelsDick RifenburgGarrett RivasGarland RiversDenard RobinsonRoy RoundtreeLou RymkusLou SabanMark SanchezGale SayersMike ScarryStephen SchillingO'Brien SchofieldGermany SchulzNorman Schwarzkopf Jr.Da'Rel ScottClark ShaughnessyPhil SimmsGreg SkrepenakJackie SlaterTorrey SmithSpartyMac SpeedieWilton SpeightTai StreetsEverett StrupperJack SwaggerJim Taylor (fullback)Lawrence TaylorTCF Bank StadiumPete Thomas (American football)Three Rivers StadiumJohn J. TigertBob Timberlake (American football)Y. A. TittleT. T. ToliverChris Turner (American football)Toussaint TylerBrian UrlacherRyan Van BergenSteve Van BurenJon VaughnMichael VickMark VlasicRick VolkMarquise WalkerStan WaltersBob Ward (American football)Willis WardPop WarnerDonovan WarrenWashington & Jefferson Presidents footballJoe West (umpire)West Virginia Mountaineers footballJamaal WestermanJ. T. WhiteNikita WhitlockThomas WilcherGarry Williams (gridiron football)Jordan Williams (American football)Trevor Williams (American football)Bill WillisAl WistertWhitey WistertButch WoolfolkJack Youngblood

Former good articlesEdit

2006 Alamo BowlMarcus AllenReggie BallJoe BidenTerry BradshawTom BradyJohn CenaClean, Old-Fashioned HateTom CousineauBrett FavreFifth Down Game (1990)Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial StadiumDarren McFaddenOhio StadiumOklahoma Sooners footballLuke RavenstahlJack TatumTim TebowTyler ThigpenVince Young

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Sam BradfordFrank GoreAaron HernandezKhalil MackRussell Wilson


Here is a list of College Football Wikiproject members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the Wikipedia:WikiProject College football/Participant List, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User Favorite team(s) Specialties Admin Sample of work
09er (t c) Miami (OH) No
AllisonFoley (t c) Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech football No Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football, List of Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football seasons, List of Louisiana Tech Bulldogs head football coaches, 2012 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football team
Aquamelli (t c) Florida State Big Ten and MAC No Florida State Seminoles football, 2010 Florida State Seminoles football team, 2011 Florida State Seminoles football team
Autiger (t c) Auburn Auburn, SEC, photography No Al Borges, Quentin Groves, Sanford Stadium; Galleries: Auburn, Other sports
A Texas Historian (t c) Navy Navy football, pretty much anything 19th century football, general assistance No  1924 Rose Bowl,   William Wurtenburg
B (t c) Virginia Tech ACC, images Yes
Bagumba (t c) UCLA UCLA Yes 2014 UCLA Bruins football team
bcf8609 (t c) TCU TCU and related topics No 2015 TCU Horned Frogs football team
Bcspro (t c) Ohio State Buckeyes, BCS, Big Ten No Bowl Championship Series, Ohio State Buckeyes football
Bearcats fan (t c) Cincinnati Cincinnati, American Athletic Conference, standings, schedules No 2011 NCAA Division I FBS football rankings, ESPN College Football broadcast teams
Beasting123 (t c) Penn State, Lehigh Any form of football No
Bender235 (t c) Texas, North Texas Texas college and high school football No Todd Dodge, Art Briles, Emory Bellard
Benhen1997 (t c) Florida SEC No 2012 Florida Gators football team
Bhockey10 (t c) Lindenwood, Bowling Green research, article expansion, and photography No Lindenwood Lions football, Youngstown State Penguins football
Bigcheddar (t c) UCLA historical research, historical schedules No
Bigddan11 (t c) BYU, Texas State, Texas Tech Any Texas University Football and BYU, Star Wars No 2012 BYU Cougars football team, 2012 Texas State Bobcats football team
Bigredlance (t c) Nebraska NCAA Division II and NCAA Division III teams, coaching navboxes No Harry Good
Billcasey905 (t c) The Citadel, Connecticut, Clemson No
BlueAg09 (t c) Texas A&M Photography, research No 2007 Texas A&M Aggies football team
Bnosnhoj (t c) Michigan State Spartans Big Ten, Detroit, Michigan, Infobox uniformity, navboxes No
Bobak (t c) USC, Minnesota USC, Minnesota, anything interesting Yes 2007 USC Trojans football team , Dabo Swinney, Glasnost Bowl
Bobster687 (t c) Tulane Tulane, research, football seasons No Tulane Green Wave football, Tulane Green Wave, 2012 Tulane Green Wave football team, List of Tulane Green Wave head football coaches
Brandonrush (t c) Arkansas Research, Arkansas, the SEC No Arkansas Razorbacks football template, 1982 Arkansas Razorbacks football team, 1985 Arkansas Razorbacks football team
Brholden (t c) No
Brianreading (t c) Houston Houston Cougars, C-USA No Houston Cougars football, 2008 Houston Cougars football team, Bayou Bucket
Bsuorangecrush (t c) Boise State Boise State, the Mountain West, Bowl games No List of Boise State Broncos bowl games
BuffaloChip97 (t c) Colorado Buffaloes CU and Big 12 No
cbl62 (t c) Michigan All-America teams and All-American players Yes Germany Schulz, John Maulbetsch, 1947 College Football All-America Team
Chadmb2003 (t c) NC State NCSU and ACC No NC State-Wake Forest rivalry, 1983 NC State Wolfpack football team
ChuckNoll vs Vince Lombardi (t c) Duke, North Carolina Historical coaches/players No 1904 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1906 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1907 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1908 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1909 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1910 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1911 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1912 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1913 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1914 North Carolina Tar Heels football team, 1916 North Carolina Tar Heels football team
Church (t c) Virginia Tech Improving articles related to Virginia Tech players No Sean Glennon; I'm in the process of expanding the article
Cmadler (t c) Eastern Michigan Article assessment, Eastern Michigan, MAC No Tony Lombardi, Elmer Mitchell, Rick Rasnick, Mike Stock
CollegeFBHistorian (t c) Philadelphia Eagles No
CollegeRivalry (t c) Tennessee; Georgia Rivalry's in the SEC No Third Saturday in October, Georgia–Tennessee football rivalry
Crash Underride (t c) West Virginia WVU football, player pages, anything to do with football, college or pro. No 2007 West Virginia Mountaineers football team, All American Football League, (AAFL Team Alabama, AAFL Team Arkansas, AAFL Team Florida, AAFL Team Michigan, AAFL Team Tennessee, AAFL Team Texas), Khori Ivy, David Saunders, Wes Ours created the previous all of these pages).
Connormah (t c) Historical coaches/players: research Yes
Crazypaco (t c) Pittsburgh early football history, Big East No created Hail to Pitt, Bert Smyers and Col. Joe Thompson, an individual who needed rediscovered
ChicosBailBonds (t c) Missouri Sport in general No
Corkythehornetfan (t c) Emporia State; KU Kansas Schools, MIAA, and surrounding states, School colors No
Dainomite (t c) Wisconsin Big Ten, Wisconsin Badgers No Minnesota–Wisconsin football rivalry
Dale Arnett (t c) Kentucky Previews/recaps, copyedit, obscure facts, and much more Yes 2007 Appalachian State vs. Michigan football game (DYK), Jeff Samardzija, 2006 Boise State Broncos football team (DYK). Also, expanded James Laurinaitis into a successful DYK nomination, and successfully nominated Miami-FIU brawl for DYK. Major contributor to the ever-expanding article on the 2010–12 NCAA conference realignment.
Daonguyen95 (t c) Create and edit rosters No
Dawg1279 (t c) Georgia Game scores and misc. edits No 2007 Georgia Bulldogs football team, Mark Richt, Georgia Bulldogs Football
Dcheagle (t c) Oklahoma Team Records and cleanup No
Dirtlawyer1 (t c) Florida Florida Gators sports, University of Florida generally, SEC football No Dennis K. Stanley, Randy Reese, Jimmy Carnes, Becky Burleigh, Amanda O'Leary, John J. Tigert, Andrew Sledd, Florida Gators women's lacrosse
Dlfreem (t c) Arkansas Arkansas Razorbacks sports, NBA, MLB, NFL No Madre Hill, Jerry Eckwood
Duc de Saint-Simon (t c) LSU LSU No
DMC511 (t c) Akron, Purdue Big Ten No Caleb TerBush, Rob Henry
Eagles247 (t c) Penn State, Northwestern Building articles, removing vandalism, mainly NFL-related Yes Mike Kafka, Freddie Mitchell, Kevin Kolb, Kevin Newsome
EdwinCasadoBaez (t c) Stony Brook Big South, Stony Brook Seawolves No Stony Brook Seawolves football, Stony Brook Seawolves, 2011 Stony Brook Seawolves football team, Stony Brook Seawolves football under Chuck Priore
Ejgreen77 (t c) Buffalo, Louisiana–Monroe MAC, Sun Belt No Buffalo Bulls football, Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks football, 1958 Buffalo Bulls football team
El Cid (t c) USC Pac-10 No
elefish92 (t c) San Jose State Mountain West
No See List of articles created
Esprqii (t c) Stanford Members of the Stanford Athletic Hall of Fame; other Stanford players, coaches, and seasons; also Oregon State and Oregon topics No Don Bunce, Biff Hoffman, Owen Marecic, Platypus Trophy, 1958 Rose Bowl, 1965 Rose Bowl, 1972 Rose Bowl
Excaliburhorn (t c) Georgia Tech Georgia Tech traditions, GT Athletics, GA Southern Football No Ramblin' Wreck, Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate
Fjbfour (t c) Nebraska NU Team season pages, conference templates, navigation templates No 1950 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, Charleston Sofa Super Store fire
Football79 (t c) No
Frank Anchor (t c) Ohio State Ohio State, Big Ten, MAC, BCS No created BCS controversies
fuzzy510 (t c) Maryland Terps, ACC, minutiae No
Gcjimmerson (t c) Georgia Bulldogs football Georgia football No
Gerry D (t c) Penn State No
Go Phightins! (t c) Penn State Penn State coaches and players Nope Bill Belton, Gerald Hodges, Paul Jones (American football)
GPL93 (t c) Fordham No
Grondemar (t c) UConn No  2009 International Bowl,  List of Connecticut Huskies bowl games
Group29 (t c) UCLA Rose Bowl Game, Minnesota, UCLA, USC No UCLA-USC rivalry, Game of the Century (college football), Individual Rose Bowl game articles
Guinnessguy (t c) James Madison, Notre Dame Notre Dame, JMU, Big East, CAA No 2010 James Madison Dukes football team
Hitpoint0213 (t c) North Texas Statistics No Zach Allen, Nick Bosa, Clelin Ferrell, Jachai Polite, Montez Sweat, Ryan Finley, Daniel Jones
Hokeman (t c) Miami 1970s & 1980s era player bios; old bowl games No Steadman S. Shealy, Curtis McGriff, Don McNeal
J1n9 (t c) Washington Pac-12 conference; Extracting credible information from multiple media sources; Formatting existing layouts for better user experience No 2018 LSU vs. Texas A&M football game
Jayron32 (t c) No
JetsmanJ (t c) Rutgers Lists, Seasons No
Jhortman (t c) Georgia Bulldogs (all sports) I know as much about Georgia football as just about anyone, as it's a lifelong passion of mine. Naturally, I'm also very involved with other SEC-related topics, as well. No Uga (mascot), Suzanne Yoculan, Sanford Stadium, Georgia Bulldogs football, other articles related to SEC athletics
JJonahJackalope (t c) Georgia Tech Georgia Tech, ACC Football, Bowl games No
jlhcpa (t c) Notre Dame, Purdue, Ohio State Anything interesting, mostly NAIA-division stuff No Kevin Donley, 2010 NAIA Football National Championship
João Do Rio (t c) Texas Texas, Big 12, former Southwest Conference teams, general No Texas Longhorns men's basketball (responsible for most of the content)
JonRidinger (t c) Kent State, Ohio State Kent State, Ohio State, Mid-American Conference, Big Ten Conference, stadiums No Dix Stadium, Memorial Stadium (Kent State), Rockwell Field (Kent State)
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Jrcla2 (t c) William & Mary No I'm mainly a college basketball guy helping out with uniformity between our WikiProjects
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KD0710 (t c) Ohio State Big Ten Conference, Ohio State Buckeyes football No
Kevin W. (t c) Arizona, Florida State, LSU Pacific-10 Conference, NCAA Division I football uniforms No Created 2008 Las Vegas Bowl, NCAA Division I football uniforms
Keydet21 (t c) VMI VMI Keydets, VMI templates No VMI football seasons, VMI Keydets football, Template:VMI Keydets football
Kgwo1972 (t c) Kansas State, Kansas No Sunflower Showdown
Kingpin1000 (t c) Clemson ACC & Sun Belt Conferences No
Kobra98 (t c) Oklahoma Oklahoma football, Big 12, grammar No 1999 Oklahoma Sooners football team, 2001 Oklahoma Sooners football team
KrakatoaKatie (t c) Oklahoma Big 12 Conference schools, biographies, facilities, traditions Yes Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band
Latics (t c) Alabama All articles associated with Alabama football No 2006 Cotton Bowl Classic, 2004 Music City Bowl
Lengrand (t c) LSU LSU Tigers, SEC football, SEC rivalries No LSU Tigers football, LSU-Ole Miss rivalry, LSU-Florida rivalry
Leo Bonilla (t c) Arizona Cardinals NFL in general, NCAA FBS, sports transactions No Billy Davis, College Football Playoff, San Diego Chargers
Lizard the Wizard (t c) LSU Statistics, copy-editing, prose No Billy Cannon, 1958 LSU Tigers football team, Abe Mickal
Luks25 (t c) Alabama, Florida, Michigan, UCF Bowl games results and all-time teams records No
LUSportsFan (t c) Texas A&M Aggies, Lamar Cardinals Southland Conference, Lamar Cardinals and Lady Cardinals, sports venues, coaches No
MECU (t c) Colorado Templates: creating/modifying, Tables, format, images, Commons, OTRS Yes Ralphie, 2007 Colorado Buffaloes football team, {{NCAATeamFootballSeason}}
MichiganCharms (t c) Michigan History No Ulster Says No
MisterCake (t c) Florida History. All-Southern teams and players. Florida and Vanderbilt football. No 1917 Georgia Tech Golden Tornado football team, 1917 College Football All-Southern Team, 1922 Vanderbilt Commodores football team, Lynn Bomar, Oliver Kuhn, Henry Wakefield
Mjs32193 (t c) Connecticut Connecticut, old Big East, AAC No
MrRadioGuy (t c) Maine No
Mrthespork (t c) Cincinnati Bearcats University of Cincinnati; lists of seasons, coaches, etc.; season summaries No List of Cincinnati Bearcats head football coaches, List of NC State Wolfpack football seasons
Murphanian777 (t c) NOTRE DAME Anything related to Notre Dame. I also work on a few non-college, minor football teams that played Notre Dame before the 1940s, such as the 1895 Indianapolis Light Artillery team. No,
mwtmtmtl (t c) Texas Tech NCAA Records, Bowl History, Odd NCAA Games, No When Punts Rained from the Sky, Cleanup of Category:College football games, Updates to List of NCAA football bowl records
Nascarking (t c) Tennessee Tennessee Volunteers No Tennessee Volunteers, WWE
Nmajdan (t c) Oklahoma Templates Yes 2006 Oklahoma Sooners football team, 2005 NCAA Division I-A football rankings, Oklahoma Sooners football, {{Infobox college coach}}, {{NCAAFootballSchool}}, {{CFB Schedule Start}}
Nolelover (t c) Florida State FSU, ACC in general No
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NT1952 (t c) Bowls, Rankings, Lists, Anything No Mark Helfrich, Tom Savage, Byrd Stadium, 2004 Orange Bowl, 2013 Orange Bowl, Matt Scott (American football)
Nusumareta (t c) any team except Notre Dame, Michigan, or Texas BCS Busters, Mountain West Conference, Big 10, Rose Bowl No Jim Tatum, Don Faurot, 1952 Wisconsin Badgers football team, 1953 Rose Bowl, 1959 Wisconsin Badgers football team, 1960 Rose Bowl, 1962 Wisconsin Badgers football team
Nuvakitawa (t c) Clemson The draft, ACC football No
oakpack4 (t c) Iowa No
Ocfootballknut (t c) San Diego State California Small College, Div I-AA or Div II conferences, teams, seasons No 1996 NCAA Division I-AA football rankings, Template:1926 SCIAC football standings, Template:Cal State Los Angeles Diablos football navbox, 1966 San Diego State Aztecs football team
OCNative (t c) Stanford, USC Pac-10, polls, categories, & templates No Notre Dame – Stanford rivalry; David Shaw expansion; Stanford football seasons: 1905, 1926, 2011, 2006, 2007, 1947, 1960; USC football: under Jess Hill and under Don Clark; most weeks' polls in 2010 NCAA Division I FBS football rankings
Ostealthy (t c) Michigan Polls, team pages No List of NCAA college football rankings: AP Polls for most years 1936-1980s. Coaches polls for 2000-2003.
Patriarca12 (t c) Alabama Anything associated with Alabama No 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide football team, 2011 LSU vs. Alabama football game, 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide football team, List of Alabama Crimson Tide bowl games, Alabama Crimson Tide football under Nick Saban
Paulmcdonald (t c) Malone, Southwestern (KS) NAIA, small colleges, small college coaches Yes Mike Gardner (football coach), Malone College Athletics, Wheat Bowl, Sunflower Bowl, Charles R. Meyer, Harold Elliott (football coach), Ken Crandall (football coach)
PCN02WPS (t c) Arkansas Arkansas Razorbacks sports, team pages, game summaries No 2018 Arkansas Razorbacks football team, Battle Line Rivalry, 2001 Arkansas vs. Ole Miss football game, 2016 Pilot Flying J Battle at Bristol, Arkansas Fight, 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship
Pizzacreepaplays (t c) UW, U of A NCAA Div III No 2016 NCAA Division III football season
PhoenixRancor (t c) Arizona State Arizona State football No 2020 Arizona State Sun Devils football team, Jayden Daniels
Purplebackpack89 (t c) UCLA, Oxy ??? No Army-Notre Dame football rivalry, Notre Dame-UCLA rivalry
QueenofBattle (t c) USC USC Trojans, vandalism watch, NPOV edits No Contributions to USC Trojans football, Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush
Reedmalloy (t c) Ohio State No
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Richmond96 (t c) Florida Pretty much anything, cleaning up articles, Florida Gators stuff No Template:FloridaGatorsFootball
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robbiesqp (t c) LSU LSU football No Jamie Howard
Rockchalk717 (t c) Kansas Chiefs and Kansas Jayhawks related articles No Current Kansas season page, Pooka Williams Jr., Hakeem Adeniji
Runfellow (t c) Army & Navy Clarity, research, stadium info, taking out sports jargon No Apogee Stadium, 2007 Navy vs. North Texas football game, 2004 Emerald Bowl
Ryecatcher773 (t c) Ohio State History, the Big Ten, grammar/syntax No
Saget53 (t c) Georgia Georgia, SEC, Maryland No
SCS100 (t c) Michigan Big 10 Football No
Sf46 (t c) LSU LSU, SEC No Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy, Ogden's Cavalry, Nelson W. Winbush, John Edmond, Clem Tholet, Istrouma High School, and others
Sigep 252 (t c)
Sportsguy17 (t c) Notre Dame Statistics No
Sstokes97 (t c) Baylor Big 12 No 2013 Big 12 Conference football season, 2013 Baylor Bears football team
Stanton49 (t c) Charlotte Sports, Football, Military history, Engineering, Science No Charlotte 49ers football, 2015 Charlotte 49ers football team, 2014 Charlotte 49ers football team, 2013 Charlotte 49ers football team, Brad Lambert, Jerry Richardson Stadium, Norm the Niner
Stusutcliffe (t c) Michigan Obscure facts No Michigan Wolverines
Sue Kastle (t c) Notre Dame, Navy Notre Dame and Navy season articles and related bowl games, adding player rosters, deph charts and schedules. No 2014 Navy Midshipmen football team and various contibutions to 2013 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team and other Navy and Notre Dame seasons since 2011.
Supernick906 (t c) TCU College Football, especially TCU and the Big 12 Conference No TCU Horned Frogs football, Big 12 Conference, 1939 TCU Horned Frogs football team
Swcrowe (t c) West Virginia West Virginia, Program History, Past Seasons, Records No West Virginia Mountaineers football, 1989 West Virginia Mountaineers football team
tallsteve15 (t c) Indiana Coaching carousel, recruiting, record-keeping, general updates/expansions No Indiana University head football coaches, 2013 Indiana Hoosiers football team, Doug Mallory
ToddC4176 (t c) No
TomCat4680 (t c) Michigan current season updates (TV coverage, game times, recaps), team or conference television coverage contracts, channel carriage agreements (especially Big Ten Network) No I've contributed TONS to the Big Ten Network article. I also contribute to 2008 Michigan Wolverines football team a lot with schedule updates, game recaps, TV coverage updates, etc. I also try to add information about new television coverage contracts whenever I can, e.g. on the regional sports networks article and the ESPN article. See my talk page for other articles I have started.
Trocksuk4415 (t c) Kentucky templates, up to date rosters and schedule information No 2009 Kentucky Wildcats football team, 2009-10 Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team, 2010-11 Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team
Ute in DC (t c) Utah Utah Utes football No Utah Utes football
TrombroneR (t c) Arkansas State Arkansas State Red Wolves football, Arkansas Razorbacks football No Arkansas State Red Wolves football, 2014 Arkansas Razorbacks football team
UCO2009bluejay (t c) Oklahoma, Central Oklahoma NCAA Division II, categorization No wait-for-it
VegaDark (t c) No
WikiOriginal-9 (t c) No
WillAndersULM (t c) Louisiana-Monroe Louisiana-Monroe athletics, Louisiana-Monroe football, Sun Belt Conference No 2013 Sun Belt Conference football season, 2013 Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football team 2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl
Wordbuilder (t c) Texas Tech Everything Big 12; Vandalism patrol of watched articles No Texas Tech Red Raiders football, 2007 Texas Tech Red Raiders football team, Graham Harrell, Template:Sammy Baugh Trophy
Wikidude10000 (t c) Texas Bowl game articles No 1936 Sun Bowl, 1957 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1969 Cotton Bowl Classic, 1995 Sugar Bowl (January), 1996 Gator Bowl
wscsuperfan (t c) Nebraska Big Ten Conference, Nebraska football No 2014 Big Ten Conference football season, 2013 Big Ten Conference football season, 2014 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team
ZappaOMati (t c) USC, Stanford, Navy Pac-12 Conference, conference championships, bowl games, cheerleading, NFL-related No List of players and coaches suspended by the NFL, National Football League controversies, James Brown (American football guard), Chicago Honey Bears
ZCash1104 (t c) Indiana, TCU, UCF Indiana football, Big Ten Conference, general upkeep No Indiana Hoosiers football, 1995 Indiana Hoosiers football team, Nate Sudfeld, 2015 Indiana Hoosiers football team, 1967 Indiana Hoosiers football team
Zlionsfan (t c) Michigan, Portland State, Purdue Big Ten, anything else that needs help No List of Louisiana-Monroe head football coaches, List of Purdue Boilermakers head football coaches
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Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball
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Gopherguy (t c) Minnesota University of Minnesota historical information No Early history of Minnesota Golden Gophers football, Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the Northwest 18 July 2014 1 June 2015
Gowilhi (t c) Oregon Everything No Autzen Stadium 22 February 2009 1 June 2015
Gvharrier (t c) Michigan, California National championship, Michigan and Cal football No NCAA Division I-A national football championship, Bowl Championship Series, The Play, Michigan-Ohio State, Michigan Wolverines football 25 February 2008 17 November 2008
Hatmatbbat10 (t c) Florida Florida Gators, SEC schools No Kris Durham and Louis Murphy, created both 9 December 2015 18 November 2016
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jj137 (t c) Kentucky Anything interesting was 23 October 2010 18 July 2015
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JVorpe (t c) Ohio State Ohio State Buckeyes, Big Ten No Created and have contributed a lot to Big Ten Football Championship Game 1 December 2013 31 January 2015
Keaton52 (t c) Wisconsin Wisconsin Badgers football No added game summaries for 2009 Wisconsin Badgers football team and 2010 Wisconsin Badgers football team, created 2001 Wisconsin Badgers football team and 2002 Wisconsin Badgers football team, added statistics to Scott Tolzien and Jonathan Orr, as well as Lee Evans 19 February 2013 19 February 2013
Lmeister (t c) No 9 December 2015 6 September 2016
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Littledrummrboy (t c) South Florida No Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy 26 May 2014 27 March 2016
Lonewolf371 (t c) Purdue, Michigan Purdue, Michigan, professional sports in the state of Indiana No Michigan Wolverines football, History of the Indianapolis Colts 20 November 2012 20 November 2012
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Mastrchf91 (t c) Arkansas Mainly the SEC, and any Arkansas sports. Also a beginning interest in the ACC. No SEC Football Fanfare, Marcus Monk 1 May 2013 21 February 2015
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Music+mas (t c) Boise State, plus whatever teams strike my interest in a particular season Nothing in particular, filling voids when I find them No 27 November 2011 27 November 2011
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PAVA11 (t c) Pittsburgh Pitt Panthers, Big East, Division II, PSAC No Pitt Panthers football#season-by-season history, Backyard Brawl, PSAC 19 September 2014 30 December 2016
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Rocketmaniac (t c) South Carolina, Michigan Season articles and Bowl Games No 2008 South Carolina Gamecocks football team, 2008 Michigan Wolverines football team 8 January 2013 9 February 2013
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Stolilv87 (t c) Bowling Green, UNLV Information and history of sport in Las Vegas, NV, BGSU, and the ECHL No 2007 Bowling Green Falcons football team, every page dedicated to the individual seasons of the ECHL, and 2007-08 Bowling Green Falcons men's basketball team 8 June 2013 8 June 2013
Strikehold (t c) Maryland ACC, small college, obscure teams No 2008 Humanitarian Bowl, Crab Bowl, 2008 Maryland Terrapins football team 24 March 2012 28 May 2012
Stronghold1245 (t c) Boise State Boise State, WAC, standings, No 16 August 2010 5 March 2016
T3h wookiee (t c) Oklahoma, Michigan No 10 January 2007 31 March 2008
Tedmoseby (t c) Notre Dame Notre Dame football. Pac-10 football No Notre Dame-USC rivalry, 1988 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team 18 October 2015 18 October 2015
TheBigYellOhh (t c) Oregon Uniform Creation, Pac-12, Template: modifiying No 2013 Oregon Ducks football team, 2013 Pacific-12 Conference football season, 2012 Oregon Ducks football team 27 April 2013 30 October 2015
Thegame4219 (t c) No 1 January 2010 1 January 2010
Theirishpianist (t c) Northwestern All things Big Ten No Michigan State vs. Northwestern, 2006 2 January 2007 4 August 2007
TheMan232 (t c) No 24 May 2011 13 July 2016
Themetalgator (t c) Florida Gators, South Florida Florida Gators, USF Bulls, SEC No 21 February 2009 21 February 2009
TheMile (t c) No 20 March 2016 20 March 2016
The Sports Diatribe (t c) LSU LSU, SEC No 2007 LSU Tigers football team 1 December 2009 28 May 2013
Theworm777 (t c) Louisville Teams and conferences in and around Kentucky No Louisville Cardinals football 15 September 2013 2 May 2016
Thör (t c) Wofford SOCON No 6 September 2009 6 September 2009
Trvsdrlng (t c) Oklahoma Oklahoma sports No 13 November 2011 10 July 2016
Uttexas (t c) Texas UT Longhorns football/basketball No 12 November 2009 17 January 2012
Vozzon (t c) California Pac-10 & Big Ten No 2007-08 Golden State Warriors season 12 December 2007 12 December 2007
WildManKY (t c) Kentucky Kentucky athletics No 27 June 2015 4 September 2015
Wnorton (t c) Nebraska Big XII & SEC No 6 December 2011 30 July 2016
Wurlp12 (t c) Wisconsin Badgers College football history No 1 August 2013 1 August 2013
WxGopher (t c) Minnesota No TCF Bank Stadium, Matt Spaeth 11 March 2015 30 November 2016
YoungHawkeye (t c) Iowa No 28 June 2007 28 June 2007
Z4ns4tsu (t c) Oklahoma Previews & recaps, copy editing No 2006 Oklahoma Sooners football team, 2006 NCAA Division I-A football rankings 25 September 2007 16 October 2007
zls44 (t c) No 10 October 2007 10 October 2007
Zubes007 (t c) Oregon, Georgia Everything No Oregon Ducks, 2007 NFL Draft 1 July 2008 1 June 2008

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