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Welcome to WikiProject Australian rules football, focusing on expanding Australian rules football-related articles in Wikipedia.

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This WikiProject aims primarily to establish and organise standards for Australian rules football-related articles resulting in well-structured and well-written articles, and to gather a community of Australian rules football fans to further the development of information of the sport on Wikipedia. Articles include details on the game itself, as well as notable competitions, players, coaches, commentators and administrators.

The national Australian Football League is the largest and most notable Australian rules football competition in Australia. However, details related to the various state and overseas leagues as well as historical competitions, are also within the scope of this Project.

What is Australian rules football? edit

See the Australian rules football for more details.

What is Wikipedia? edit

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia, that ANYONE (yes, even you) can edit. If you know anything about Australian rules football, feel free to add it to this site.

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Join WikiProject Australian rules football by adding your name to the following list. Joining doesn't really do anything, non-members can still edit all articles, but joining simply lets the other members know who's interested in the great Aussie game.

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Tasks to be completed edit

The WikiProject Australian rules football to do list contains information on players, coaches, clubs, commentators and anything else that is relevant within the scope of this WikiProject.

There is an automated WikiProject cleanup list bot that creates cleanup lists for the project, either as project's one big table, separated by categories or manually archived in projectspace.

Stats bot edit

A stats bot that scrapes weekly during the season for any stat changes for players, automatically applying these stats in the info box as well as the detailed stats at the bottom of each page (where applicable)

Email correspondence below as a reply to my inquiry to the steward of

On 8/04/2024 11:03 am, Electrmicmaster wrote: Hi! I’ve been meaning for a while to create a bot that automatically synchronises player stats with their respective Wikipedia page. This would probably require weekly site syncs. In case you didn’t know, someone of the players are a year or two out of date; having an automatic sync would be a huge help. What do you think? Is this something that is viable with your site? I’ve seen other codes that do it.


Electrmicmaster, I have thought about producing, along with the regular HTML, a text file containing the wiki markup for each player. Never came to anything, and probably won't. This means I'm down with the idea, but don't want do to the work :P

So if you want to do all the heavy lifting, I can give you the historical data up to the end of 2023, then the weekly updated stat file can be parsed to append 2024.

Good Article targets edit

Prioritise focus on completing the Good Article project tables for the following categories:

Grand Finals in the VFL/AFL since 1898 edit

Numbers of articles that reached at least GA-status: 1

0.8% completed (estimate)


Legend Inductees in the Australian Football Hall of Fame edit

Numbers of articles that reached at least GA-status: 1

3.1% completed (estimate)


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Numbers of articles that reached at least GA-status: 2

11.1% completed (estimate)


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Of the 24,704 articles overseen by WikiProject Australian rules football:

100% are assessed
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See Category:Unknown-importance Australian rules football articles for a worklist


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As part of Wikipedia, our project is required to abide by the notability guideline that apply to all articles. This section does not overrule that notion.

The basic tenet is:

In regards to the notability of people there is an additional criteria (WP:ATHLETE) that states that "people who have competed at the fully professional level of a sport" are "generally notable". However, failure to meet this additional criteria is not conclusive proof that a subject should not be included; conversely, meeting one or more does not guarantee that a subject should be included. Should a person fail to meet this additional criteria, they may still be notable under Wikipedia:Notability.

Australian rules football quiz edit

Test your footy knowledge at the Wikipedia:WikiProject Australian rules football/Quiz

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This section was formerly used for announcements related to WikiProject Australian rules football. The project talk page is now the usual place for these. For old news, see the news archive.

WikiProject Australian rules football style guide edit

WikiProject Australian rules football participants have agreed to the following standards of editorial style to maintain a consistent look and feel to Australian rules football and Australian Football League articles. The guidelines are in sympathy with the origins of the game and with encyclopaedic standards. Editors are encouraged to follow these guidelines wherever possible.

When editing, this guide can be cited in the edit summary as "per Australian rules football style guide".

  1. Article club names: club article names and subsequent links to those articles should use official club titles as in Collingwood Football Club. Piped links can use Collingwood where applicable. Avoid using Collingwood Magpies as an article title.
  2. Category club names: category names should similarly use official club titles as in Category:Collingwood Football Club coaches.
  3. Unlinked references within articles can either use official club names, shortnames or club nicknames (eg. Magpies) according to the editors preference.
  4. When referring to a player from an earlier era, the club name used should be the name applicable for that player at that time. For example Ted Whitten played for the Footscray Football Club (never the Western Bulldogs). Use of redirects or piped links ([[Western Bulldogs|Footscray Football Club]]) to the current club name is acceptable.
  5. The main article for the sport is Australian rules football. Articles should not use the capitalisation Australian Rules Football.
  6. In tables or ladders, use of shortnames or nicknames or combinations of both are acceptable as follows:
Club name Preferred shortname Preferred nickname/s Notes
Adelaide Football Club Adelaide Crows
Brisbane Lions Brisbane Lions Lions after 1996; avoid "Brisbane Lions Football Club"
Carlton Football Club Carlton Blues
Collingwood Football Club Collingwood Magpies Avoid "Pies"
Essendon Football Club Essendon Bombers
Fremantle Football Club Fremantle Dockers
Geelong Football Club Geelong Cats
Gold Coast Football Club Gold Coast Suns Avoid "the Gold Coast"
Greater Western Sydney Giants Greater Western Sydney Giants Avoid "Greater Western Sydney Football Club"
Hawthorn Football Club Hawthorn Hawks
Melbourne Football Club Melbourne Demons Avoid "Dees"
North Melbourne Football Club North Melbourne Kangaroos North Melbourne 1869–1998, 2008–current; Kangaroos 1999–2007
Port Adelaide Football Club Port Adelaide Power Avoid "Port Power"
Richmond Football Club Richmond Tigers Avoid "Richmond Tigers"
St Kilda Football Club St Kilda Saints Avoid "St Kilda Saints", and any reference to "Saint Kilda", which is incorrect
Sydney Swans Sydney Swans Avoid "Sydney Swans Football Club"
West Coast Eagles West Coast Eagles Avoid "West Coast Eagles Football Club" and "the West Coast"
Western Bulldogs Western Bulldogs Bulldogs "Footscray Football Club" 1877–1996; avoid "Dogs", "Doggies", or "Western Bulldogs Football Club"
Brisbane Bears Brisbane Bears Bears 1987–1996
Fitzroy Football Club Fitzroy Lions 1883–1996
South Melbourne Football Club South Melbourne Swans 1897–1982
University Football Club University Students 1908–1914

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{{Ref AFL Encyc}} Holmesby, Russell; Main, Jim (2014). The Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers: every AFL/VFL player since 1897 (10th ed.). Melbourne, Victoria: Bas Publishing. p. 123. ISBN 978-1-921496-32-5. This provides a quick and standardised way of referencing players from any edition of the Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers book.
{{Adelplayer}} Taylor Walker's profile on the official website of the Adelaide Football Club Links to AFL official club website player profiles. Use "|link=matthew-de-boer" or "|link=clinton-jones" when the wikipedia article name doesn't exactly match the AFL page name. Use "|alt=Mitch Brown" to change how the link text is displayed on the wikipedia.
{{Brisplayer}} Dayne Beams's profile on the official website of the Brisbane Lions
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{{Essplayer}} Dyson Heppell's profile on the official website of the Essendon Football Club
{{Fremplayer}} Nat Fyfe's profile on the official website of the Fremantle Football Club
{{Geelplayer}} Joel Selwood's profile on the official website of the Geelong Football Club
{{GCplayer}} Steven May's profile on the official website of the Gold Coast Football Club
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{{Hawplayer}} Jarryd Roughead's profile on the official website of the Hawthorn Football Club
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{{NMplayer}} Jack Ziebell's profile on the official website of the North Melbourne Football Club
{{Portplayer}} Travis Boak's profile on the official website of the Port Adelaide Football Club
{{Richplayer}} Trent Cotchin's profile on the official website of the Richmond Football Club
{{Stkplayer}} Jarryn Geary's profile on the official website of the St Kilda Football Club
{{Sydplayer}} Josh Kennedy's profile on the official website of the Sydney Swans
{{Wbplayer}} Easton Wood's profile on the official website of the Western Bulldogs
{{Wceplayer}} Shannon Hurn's profile on the official website of the West Coast Eagles
{{AFL Ade}} Adelaide For use in tables, such as game results, and ladders.
{{AFL Bri}} Brisbane Lions
{{AFL Car}} Carlton
{{AFL Col}} Collingwood
{{AFL Ess}} Essendon
{{AFL Fre}} Fremantle
{{AFL GC}} Gold Coast
{{AFL Gee}} Geelong
{{AFL GWS}} Greater Western Sydney
{{AFL Haw}} Hawthorn
{{AFL Mel}} Melbourne
{{AFL Nor}} North Melbourne
{{AFL Por}} Port Adelaide
{{AFL Ric}} Richmond
{{AFL StK}} St Kilda
{{AFL Syd}} Sydney
{{AFL WB}} Western Bulldogs
{{AFL WC}} West Coast
{{VFL/AFL seasons}} Navigational table for the seasons of all the VFL and AFL seasons.
{{AFL}} Navigational table for all current and former AFL clubs and includes club colours to appear on each club page
{{AFL grounds}} Navigational table for all current AFL venues
{{AFL/VFL Grand Finals}} Navigational table for all VFL/AFL Grand Finals
Module:Sports table Example (2019):
Pos Team Pld W L D PF PA PP Pts Qualification
1 Geelong 22 16 6 0 1984 1462 135.7 64 Finals series
2 Brisbane Lions 22 16 6 0 2004 1694 118.3 64
3 Richmond (P) 22 16 6 0 1892 1664 113.7 64
4 Collingwood 22 15 7 0 1885 1601 117.7 60
5 West Coast 22 15 7 0 1902 1691 112.5 60
6 Greater Western Sydney 22 13 9 0 1926 1669 115.4 52
7 Western Bulldogs 22 12 10 0 1941 1810 107.2 48
8 Essendon 22 12 10 0 1702 1784 95.4 48
9 Hawthorn 22 11 11 0 1742 1602 108.7 44
10 Port Adelaide 22 11 11 0 1806 1714 105.4 44
11 Adelaide 22 10 12 0 1776 1761 100.9 40
12 North Melbourne 22 10 12 0 1824 1834 99.5 40
13 Fremantle 22 9 13 0 1579 1718 91.9 36
14 St Kilda 22 9 13 0 1645 1961 83.9 36
15 Sydney 22 8 14 0 1706 1746 97.7 32
16 Carlton 22 7 15 0 1609 1905 84.5 28
17 Melbourne 22 5 17 0 1569 1995 78.6 20
18 Gold Coast 22 3 19 0 1351 2232 60.5 12
Source: AFL Tables[1]
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) percentage; 3) number of points for.
(P) Premiers
Ladder table for all AFL seasons.
{{Aussie Rules in the Australian Capital Territory}} Navigational table for football in the ACT
{{Aussie Rules in New South Wales}} Navigational table for football in NSW
{{Aussie Rules in the Northern Territory}} Navigational table for football in the NT
{{Aussie Rules in Queensland}} Navigational table for football in Queensland
{{Aussie Rules in South Australia}} Navigational table for football in SA
{{Aussie Rules in Tasmania}} Navigational table for football in Tasmania
{{Aussie Rules in Victoria}} Navigational table for football in Victoria
{{Aussie Rules in Western Australia}} Navigational table for football in WA
{{Aussie Rules in Canada}} Navigational table for football in Canada
{{Australian rules football in New Zealand}} Navigational table for football in NZ
{{Aussie Rules in the United States}} Navigational table for football in the USA
{{Australian rules football in South Africa}} Navigational table for football in South Africa
{{Australian rules football in England}} Navigational table for football in England
  1. ^ "2019 Season Scores and Results". AFL Tables. Retrieved 29 June 2021.