CleanupWorklistBot is a bot operated by Bamyers99 that generates article cleanup listings for WikiProjects. It is a replacement for User:Svick/WikiProject cleanup listing which was a replacement for User:B. Wolterding/Cleanup listings.

The bot runs once a week on Tuesday.

The current cleanup listings can be found here.

The cleanup categories can be found here (GitHub). The listings are generated from hidden categories in articles. These categories are included by maintenance templates or by normal templates that detect errors in their parameters. To turn on hidden category display at the bottom of each article, go to Preferences -> Appearance -> Advanced options -> Show hidden categories.

Adding a project


Adding a project is usually straight forward if the project assessment categories have been named using the WikiProject name.

  • Access the project test tool.
  • Enter the project name in the form and press submit.
  • If "Master project list configuration line:" is displayed, enter the text after the : in the master project list and save it. That is it.
  • If "Project articles category: Not found" is displayed, leave a message on the talk page and the bot operator will assist.
  • If "Assessment information (class, importance) not found" is displayed, leave a message on the talk page and the bot operator will assist.

Linking to the lists



  • Alphabetic results: [ Alphabetic cleanup listing]
  • By category results: [ By category cleanup listing]
  • Specific category: [ Orphaned articles cleanup listing] Note: Spaces in the category name need to be replaced with %20

Displaying statistics



Sample: Of the 14997 articles in this project 2076 or 14% are marked for cleanup, with 3089 issues in total.

Cleanup list types

  • Alphabetic
  • By category
  • CSV file - Format: "Article","Importance","Class","Count","Oldest month","Categories"
  • List history

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