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Notes to self:
Take Pictures of:
  1. National Inventor's Hall of Fame
  2. Summit Racing
  3. Exterior, Quicken Loans Arena, Jacobs Field, Wolstein Center
  4. Soda gun
  5. Xbox 360 Controller (Image:Xbox360-controller.jpg)
  6. Akron Post Office and Federal Building
  7. Akron-Fulton International Airport Administration Building (Akron, Ohio)
  8. Akron YMCA Building
  9. Akron Rural Cemetery Buildings
  10. Akron Jewish Center
  11. Akron Art Museum
  12. Canton, Ohio
  13. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company HQ to put in Akron, Ohio article
  14. Cleveland Clinic
  15. Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport
  16. Dawg Pound
  17. Glenn Research Center
  18. Cleveland Institute of Art
  19. Cuyahoga Community College
  20. I-X Center
  21. Ohio Theater (Cleveland)
  22. Palace Theater, Cleveland
  23. State Theater (Cleveland)
  24. Wadsworth, Ohio
  25. Notre Dame College
  26. ([1])
  27. Ohio - Springfield: Harry A. Toulmin Sr. Memorial Sculpture in Springfield, Ohio's Fountain Square for use in Harry Aubrey Toulmin, Sr.
  28. A couple of clear photos of the very beginning of a play in American football with all the players lined up and set. I'd like to see an I-formation or singleback formation, and also a shotgun formation to contrast. Preferably standard-ish formations with a tight end and at least one running back. These photos would be useful in the American football article, as well as tight end, wide receiver, etc., where we can point out where the tight end lines up, for example, or which guy is the fullback.
  29. Sidney Edgerton's gravestone in Tallmadge Cemetary
  30. Wikipedia:Requested pictures
Find Citations for:
  1. Churches per Capita
    1. Guiness World Record?
    2. Trivial Pursuit Game
Create Articles for:
  1. Summit Racing
  2. Wingfoot Lake Airship Base ([2])
  1. Germany national football team on [3]
  2. [4]
  3. Infobox Baseball Stadium conversions [5]
  1. Bottle Bill Legislation information from here to add to Container deposit legislation.
  2. Wave:
    1. Speed 40f/s
    2. Width 15 seats
    3. It takes 30 fans to set wave in motion.
    4. Hungarian scientist Tamas Vicsek
    5. Study, 2002
    6. Watched Mexican soccer matches
    7. [6]
  3. [7]
  4. [8]
  5. [9] to Goodyear Airdock}}
  1. Lotteries in the United States; create new pages for different state lotteries; start WikiProject?
  1. Convert to table: Order of New Zealand
  1. Who is User:Altosax456?
  2. Francis D. Alling House (Tallmadge, Ohio)
  3. Tallmadge Town Square Historic District, List of Registered Historic Places in Summit County, Ohio (Recent Listings)
  4. Three Gorges Dam: [10], [11]
  5. 2008 NFL Draft cleanup
  6. Create a category system for citation templates to update access dates.
  7. David Bacon (missionary); [12]; Tallmadge, Ohio; extracted from Leonard Bacon and Delia Bacon [13]
  8. Sharon Reed
  1. Schoolhouse Rock!


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LA Meetup: March 9 edit-a-thon at MOCA

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I hope to see you there! User:Calliopejen1 (talk)

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