Vital articles
Vital articles

There are currently 6,751,638 articles on the English Wikipedia, some of which have been selected as vital articles. They are organized into five levels of vitality. Level 1 contains the ten most vital articles, and each further level expands on the selection of the previous level, as follows:

Level 1 (10 articles) - Level 2 (100 articles) - Level 3 (1,000 articles) - Level 4 (10,000 articles) - Level 5 (50,000 articles)

This page contains the level 3 list. Any modification to the list should only be made after discussion on the talk page. The list's articles are categorized by topic to aid navigation.

The vital article lists are meant to guide the prioritization of improvements to vital articles and to monitor their quality. They are tailored to the English Wikipedia, unlike the list of articles every Wikipedia should have on Meta-Wiki. They are actively maintained by the dedicated WikiProject Vital Articles. For more on the history, process and purpose behind the vital article lists, please visit the FAQ page.

Rewards for improving vital articles

Please contact the prize sponsors for additional information. Remember to adhere to Wikipedia:Conflict of interest and exercise common sense.


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The following table summarizes the quality of the articles on this list. It is updated daily by Cewbot. Total 1,001 articles.

Class #Articles
GA 128
C 482
DGA 91
B 313
FFA 80
FA 70
FGAN 118
Start 8
A 1

Level 3 vital articles (1,001 articles)

People (112 articles)

History (84 articles)

Geography (106 articles)

Arts (45 articles)

Philosophy and religion (55 articles)

Everyday life (57 articles)

Society and social sciences (147 articles)

Health, medicine and disease (41 articles)

Science (211 articles)

Technology (98 articles)

Mathematics (45 articles)

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