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Cewbot task listEdit

# Task Status Note
en:1 Convert interlanguage link templates with local article to wikilinks weekly @enwiki, also help bot requests
en:2 Update the section counts and article assessment icons
for all levels of Wikipedia:Vital articles.
daily @enwiki
en:3 Maintain the template {{Vital article}} in the talk pages. daily @enwiki
en:4 To inform of the article's PROD eligibility. daily @enwiki
en:5 Normalizing {{Multiple issues}} weekly @enwiki
en:6 Fixing broken anchors continuous @enwiki
en:7 Sorting category of Thai names weekly @enwiki
en:8 Maintaining challenge templates on corresponding pages.   daily @enwiki
en:9 Updating all levels of Wikipedia:Vital people.   no consensus @enwiki
en:10 Create lists for w:en:Wikipedia:Featured articles in other languages and for GA, FL   daily @enwiki


Convert interlanguage link templates with local article to wikilinksEdit

Update vital articlesEdit

To inform of the article's PROD eligibilityEdit

Normalize multiple issue templatesEdit

Fix broken anchorEdit

I don't want the bot to modify my archives!
Please using {{bots|optout=anchor-fixing}}, the bot will skip this page.
See also
  1. Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Linking#Avoiding_broken_section_links, Wikipedia:Database reports/Broken section anchors
  2. Fixing broken section link or redirect by User:Dexbot
  3. Fix broken links by User:FrescoBot
  4. Identification of broken #section links by User:WildBot#What are broken #section links?
  5. Fixing broken anchor links by User:BrokenAnchorBot
  6. Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/SteveBot 5

Sorting category of Thai namesEdit

Bot requestsEdit

I also help bot requests.

WikiProject Asessment banner replacementEdit


framework: wikiapi / CeJS MediaWiki module
runtime system: node.js, JScript
Some Wikipedia bot examples using MediaWiki module of CeJS library

The User agent is starting witg CeL/ when it's running under node.js. API feature usage