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Articles approved for the next offline release

The next release version, Version 0.9, will be a general release taken from the English version of Wikipedia, compiled by the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team. The selection will be put together using a Selection Bot, based on criteria of quality and importance. The previous version was Wikipedia:Version 0.8, which (as of September 2011) is available for download from its project page, based largely on a bot selection from articles tagged by WikiProjects.

To supplement the automated scheme, we also use a manual nomination system similar to the system used by Version 0.5, Version 0.7 and Version 0.8, and only the articles chosen manually are listed below. If you find or contribute to an article meeting the criteria, you can add it to the nominations page for an impartial reviewer to assess and, if successful, to add to this list. Articles are removed if they fail to meet the criteria.

There is also an alternative listing and statistics table updated automatically from the talk page templates by WP 1.0 bot every three days or so. At present, these also only include the manually selected articles.

The following list is manually generated, so there might be omissions. Please check the talk page of an article to see whether it has a WP1.0 template indicating a pass (or fail/held). Such omissions should be rectified with a bot run when the final list is compiled.

Manual list (now obsolete)
1 Arts
2 Language and literature
3 Philosophy and religion
4 Everyday life
5 Social sciences and society
6 Geography
7 History and warfare
8 Engineering, applied sciences, and technology
9 Mathematics
10 Natural sciences

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