Tripoli or Tripolis (from Ancient Greek: Τρίπολις, meaning "three cities") may refer to:

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  • Tripolis ad Maeandrum, an ancient city In Asia Minor, on the borders of Lydia, Caria and Phrygia
  • Tripolis (Pontus), an ancient Greek city in the Pontus region of Turkey
    • Tirebolu, the modern city in Giresun Province, Turkey, taking its name from and located on the site

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  • Leo of Tripoli (early 10th century), a Greek renegade and fleet commander for the Abbasid Caliphate
  • Melisende of Tripoli (fl. around 1160), daughter of the ruler of the Crusader County of Tripoli, Lebanon
  • Salvatore Tripoli (1904–1990), American professional boxer and Olympic medalist
  • Tony Tripoli (born 1969), American actor and LGBT rights activist
  • Jaman Tripoli (fl. 1998-2005), American soccer player
  • Pietro Tripoli (born 1987), Italian footballer

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