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Vital articles is a list of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. It serves as a centralized watchlist to track the status of Wikipedia's most essential articles. This is one of eleven Level 4 sub-lists of ten thousand articles and is currently under construction.

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This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. There is also a list of ten thousand articles considered vital to Wikipedias of all languages.

For more information on this list and the process for adding articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Technology (738 articles)Edit

Basics (1 article)Edit

  1.     Technology (Level 1)

Agriculture (34 articles)Edit

Biotechnology (7 articles)Edit

Computing and information technology (75 articles)Edit

For topics in theoretical computer science, see Mathematics: Discrete mathematics

Electronics (33 articles)Edit

Engineering (14 articles)Edit

Industry (99 articles)Edit

See also: "Industry" in Business and economics

Infrastructure (70 articles)Edit

See also Arts: Architecture

Machinery and tools (95 articles)Edit

Media and communication (36 articles)Edit

See also Arts: Literature; Society: Mass media; and Technology: Computing and information technology

Medical technology (13 articles)Edit

Military technology (68 articles)Edit

Navigation and timekeeping (25 articles)Edit

For units of time (hour, day, etc.), see Physical sciences – Measurement.

Optical technology (27 articles)Edit

Space (30 articles)Edit

Textiles (25 articles)Edit

Transportation (86 articles)Edit