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Our goal is to have all Vital articles achieving good article status by 2032, without compromising quality.
Vital articles
Ask yourselves: why didn't you look up Wikipedia's articles about economy, Dmitri Mendeleev, man or land even though you know little about them? Simple, because they suck. Millions of people feel the same way too. This is not acceptable on our side and this must be changed by making these articles good.
As for the ambitious timeline, it has to be. Making a goal too far into the future encourages people to become sluggish. Because the Wikipedia community has proved themselves capable of doing great things, this is a goal that is attainable. So let's do it.
In short, by doing what Wikipedia excels in its early days: iterative improvements. Small quality edits add up to big improvements, ultimately making the article good enough to pass its good article nomination. In practice, we need to work on article-wide problems first (layout, images, maybe copyright violations, etc.) before focusing on the smaller details (citations, manual of style stuff, copyediting, etc.) We also need to concentrate editors' efforts efficiently; this is done here as a series of drives. Feel free to talk about your questions and concerns at our project's talk page.

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After your message and signature (~~~~), please add {{MMsgI|user=YOUR USERNAME}} for receiving periodic MassMessages. Once you've joined, free merch for your user page can be found at {{User Vital}} and {{Wikipedia ads|287}}. Feel free to talk at our project's talk page.


We have a good roster of awards given to those that help us advance the goal to make all Vital Articles GAs and FAs. These awards may be awarded by anyone to anyone worthy.


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