Bilorv is an English user who actively edits Wikipedia. They joined Wikipedia on Friday the 13th, in December 2013, and have made about 16,000 edits since then. Bilorv's topics of interest include maths, computer science, music and philosophy, though in reality they spend most of their time editing articles on television. Particular TV favourites include Black Mirror, One Day at a Time, Gilmore Girls, The Good Place, Taskmaster and works by Bo Burnham.

Bilorv is an Wikipedia extended confirmed.svg extended confirmed user, a Wikipedia New page reviewer.svg new page reviewer, a Wikipedia Reviewer.svg pending changes reviewer, a Wikipedia Rollbacker.svg rollbacker and an Wikipedia Autopatrolled.svg autopatrolled user.

About BilorvEdit

LMHThis user studies or studied at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. 
 This user is a feminist.
 This user is male.
Com-2This user is at an intermediate comedic level. They can back slap with the best of them.
 This user plays chess.
  This user only partially understands mathematics.
 This user knows far, far too many (200) digits of pi.
fan-3This user loves Lily Allen.
 This user plays the flute, and has passed the ABRSM Grade 8 examination for flute with merit.
kbd-3This user is an advanced keyboardist.
This user knows intermediate
music theory.

Significant contributionsEdit

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