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Bilorv (he/they) is a British Wikipedia editor. They joined Wikipedia on Friday the 13th, in December 2013, and have made about 30,000 edits since then. The user is a member of WikiProject Television and has received university education in mathematics and computer science, with other interest in literature, music, politics and philosophy. Some of their contributions focus on people or ideas which are underrepresented on Wikipedia, such as women, people of colour, transgender people, and cultures other than those of Western Europe and North America. As a result, they take an interest in WikiProject Women in Red and WikiProject Black Lives Matter.

A sample of Bilorv's contributions from 2018 onwards includes: primary authorship of Black Mirror-related content; creation of articles about books like Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars, Prof: Alan Turing Decoded and Women, Race and Class; and creation of articles on mathematical topics such as birth process or linear time property. Other major contributions such as Taskmaster (TV series) or September 2019 climate strikes are collaborations with many other users. All Wikipedia articles are imperfect and unfinished and almost all can improved by anybody at any time.

The user also makes many more smaller improvements, takes part in routine maintenance, reviews the contributions of others at Articles for Creation and participates in discussions across the site. Bilorv has a few different Wikipedia extended confirmed.svgWikipedia New page reviewer.svgWikipedia page mover.svgWikipedia Reviewer.svgWikipedia Rollbacker.svgWikipedia Autopatrolled.svg hats (user rights) and can access many newspaper and academic sources through The Wikipedia Library and other databases.

In their personal life, Bilorv enjoys playing the flute and keyboard, losing games of chess, and watching lots and lots of television.

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I edited briefly prior to registering an account and have made occasional uncontroversial edits while logged out. I have never edited for pay or for a financial conflict of interest. Starting in April 2022, I endeavour to construe "conflict of interest" as widely as possible and use the edit summary "this is a conflict of interest edit" wherever I could be seen to have a (non-financial) conflict of interest. I have registered the accounts User:Bilrov and User:BiIorv as doppelgänger accounts to avoid impersonation.

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