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Photograph of stained and used coffee mug with Wikipedia Globe Logo on desk
If you have a coffee-stained mug with a Wikipedia logo on it, you may be spending too much time on Wikipedia. Why not spend some more and take this test?

If you're not sure whether you are a Wikipediholic or are unsure about the amount of Wikipedihol you took, then you should take this test. Be prepared to take at least 15 minutes because there are about 180 questions. The point value of answering "yes" to each question is listed in parentheses () at the end of the question. The higher the result, the more Wikipedihol you had! New questions and modifications are of course welcome—good questions are those that measure current addiction (e.g., "have you edited a page in the last week?", not "have you ever edited a page?"), on the hypothesis that Wikipediholism can be cured, or at least controlled to some degree. New questions should be added as #ENTRY (point value, additional notes) in order to be compatible with the automated version. There's an automated version if you don't want to add up the score yourself; legacy and modern versions are also available.

Current revision: 916184871

The test

  1. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a week? (1)
  2. ...At least once a day? (2)
  3. ...More than an hour a day? (4)
  4. Did you already edit this page? (12)
  5. ...More than once? (12)
  6. Is more than 60% of your time online spent at Wikipedia? (10)
  7. ...75%? (50)
  8. ...Exactly 100%? (100)
  9. Did you stop using your printed encyclopedia and start using this one instead? (2)
  10. ...Did you throw away your printed encyclopedia? (2)
  11. Do you start new articles? (2)
  12. ...Do you delete new articles? (4)
  13. Do you read Wikipedia over a public wireless Internet connection? (2)
  14. ...Do you edit Wikipedia articles while over such a connection? (4)
  15. ...Is that connection in a restaurant? (6)
  16. ...Do you edit Wikipedia while waiting for your meal? (8)
  17. ...During your meal? (20)
  18. ...One hand on the keyboard, and one on your food? (100—that's it, we're driving you down to the next Wikiclinic for treatment.)
  19. ...Do you stop eating to edit Wikipedia and then throw your meal away, because it spoiled while you were editing? (50 more points—you're a junkie)
  20. ...Did you pick that restaurant because of the free WiFi? (5 more)
  21. Are you on an aircraft with wireless access to the Internet during flight? (25)
  22. ...Because you can edit Wikipedia on it? (35)
  23. ...Are you eating your meal on said flight while taking this test or writing an article? (50)
  24. ...Did you choose this flight over another because of the access to Wikipedia (an additional point for every $10 more you paid for this flight than the one you would have taken)? (100)
  25. Do you talk in Wikipedia markup code? (2)
  26. ...Every day? (30)
  27. Do you request that articles be created, improved, expanded, deleted, etc.? (1)
  28. Do you fulfill such requests? (2)
  29. ...Did you say you would fulfill such requests but 2 years later didn't do it? (-5)
  30. Have you requested a new software feature, or reported a bug, in the last few weeks? (2)
  31. Do you make redirect pages? (1)
  32. Do you think you're using a significant portion of Wikipedia's bandwidth? (5)
  33. Do you click on "Random Page" at least once a day (or just because you're bored)? (2)
  34. When you click "Random Page" do you, more often than not, find an article you have edited? (3)
  35. ...Written? (10)
  36. Have you ever gotten the same random page twice in a row? (3)
  37. ...Three times in a row? (10)
  38. Are you upset that you only got ten points for that last question, even though the odds of getting the same random article three times in a row are about one in 5,931,2853(around one in 182 quintillion)? (100; that really is a ripoff)
  39. Do you check new pages every week? (1.5)
  40. ...Every day? (3)
  41. Do you check Recent Changes almost every day? (2)
  42. ...More than ten times a day? (5)
  43. Do you have Recent Changes bookmarked? (1)
  44. ...Set as your start page? (12)
  45. Do you check your watchlist almost every day? (1)
  46. ...Every day? (2)
  47. ...More than ten times a day? (4)
  48. Do you have your watchlist set as your start page? (8)
  49. Do you have more than 50 items in your watchlist? (5)
  50. ...More than 100? (10)
  51. ...More than 1000? (100)
  52. Have you learned a new language or improved in one you already knew for the primary purpose of being able to read the Wikipedia in that language? (6)
  53. Do you occasionally promote Wikipedia, either in person or by mentioning it on social media, IRC, forums or message boards, web pages, mail signatures, etc. (points for each promotion)? (2 for each promotion)
  54. ...Every day? (5)
  55. Did you buy a Wikipedia T-shirt? (5)
  56. ...Specifically to get the 5 points? (10)
  57. ...Prior to the existence of (only physical shirts count)? (20)
  58. Do you find yourself writing regular text using Wikipedia link and layout conventions? (3)
  59. Is something you have thought was important—such as social life, career, or studies—suffering because you spend so much time on Wikipedia? (10)
  60. Do you sneak mobile devices into class because you want to read or edit Wikipedia? (40)
  61. ...Did the teacher catch you using your mobile device and punish you? (20)
  62. ...Or did the teacher commend you for reading/editing Wikipedia? (100)
  63. ......Because the teacher is a Wikipedian? (55)
  64. Have you spent time editing Wikipedia instead of working on an important assignment (add half the percentage points missed on assignment to score)? (3)
  65. ...In class? (5)
  66. Have you ever failed a class because of Wikipedia? (We will pass you!) (100)
  67. Are you not getting enough sleep because of time on Wikipedia? (9)
  68. Are you sleeping during the day (as of 8 a.m.) because you edited Wikipedia overnight (add overslept time in hours)? (5)
  69. Do you forget to think twice before you say something to real people but re-check a hundred times what you have typed in before posting your comment in a talk page? (5)
  70. Do you judge people you know offline partly on the basis of their Wikipedia contributions? (6)
  71. Do you think quality of contributions to Wikipedia is an important criterion in choosing a partner for a close relationship? (17 and a crash course in dating)
  72. Do you subscribe to a Wikimedia mailing list (e.g., WikiEN-l, Wikimedia-l)? (2)
  73. ...Do you actually read that mailing list? (20)
  74. ...Do you find yourself refreshing the mailing list, hoping that something new has arrived? (5)
  75. Have you ever had a notification on a social media website and assumed it was that one of your Wikipedia edits was reverted? (4)
  76. Do you think Wikipedia will be better than every other encyclopedia soon? (3)
  77. ...Or do you think it already is? (2)
  78. Do you argue that contributions to Wikipedia are "productive" or "useful"—unlike "wasting time" playing games or watching football? (5)
  79. Did you donate money to Wikipedia? (3)
  80. Do you wake up in the night in a cold sweat wondering whether your latest submission was truly written from the NPOV? (6)
  81. Have you ever met up with another Wikipedian offline? (2)
  82. Have you ever had sex with another Wikipedian? Sock puppet accounts don't count. (10)
  83. Have you bought a second monitor so you could edit Wikipedia more efficiently? (25)
  84. Have you ever looked for the [edit] link on an ordinary Web page? (3)
  85. Have you ever instinctively searched for the [edit] link to correct an unfortunate wording while reading a newspaper or book? (4)
  86. Have you ever edited an article on Wikipedia while paying long distance charges to connect to the Internet? (5)
  87. Do you make edits while drunk or under the influence of other intoxicating substances and find that nobody reverts your changes? (1)
  88. Have you ever edited Wikipedia while taking a bath because you found it made the experience even more relaxing? (5)
  89. Have you ever publicly declared that you've quit Wikipedia but found yourself lingering about anyway? (7)
  90. Have you ever requested to be a sysop? (2)
  91. Are you a sysop? (2)
  92. Do you actually have sysop powers on more than one Wikipedia? (2)
  93. Have you ever requested to be a bureaucrat? (3)
  94. Are you a bureaucrat? (3)
  95. Are you a steward? (5 points)
  96. Did you translate the Wikipedia software? (3)
  97. ...Did you program part of it? (20)
  98. Do you edit articles in your sleep? (17)
  99. ...Do you curse out loud upon waking and realizing that you have to make all those edits over again? (2)
  100. ...Or are the edits actually still there...? (200 points, plus the Randi prize)
  101. Do you edit Wikipedia on a laptop? (1)
  102. ...Did your laptop's fan go on by itself while you were on Wikipedia? (2)
  103. ...Did your laptop melt (or show serious signs of melting) while you were editing Wikipedia? (100 points and a new computer)
  104. Do you edit Wikipedia with a mobile phone or tablet? (2)
  105. ...Because you can't wait until you get access to a PC to add some obscure fact to Wikipedia? (4)
  106. Have you edited before 6:30 a.m.? (6)
  107. ...Until 4 a.m.? (2)
  108. ...Until 6 a.m.? (4)
  109. ...Until 8 a.m. or later? (7)
  110. After reading the last question, did you give yourself 13 points because it is always 4, 6, or 8 a.m. somewhere? (13 points for cleverness)
  111. Do you edit Wikipedia at night (i.e., after midnight) consuming drinks to keep you up? (2)
  112. Do you hold Wikipedia Nights, that is, nights when you intentionally go to bed late, after spending n hours editing Wikipedia? (5)
  113. ...Do you get people to join you in such an event? (10)
  114. When you see abbreviations such as TW, GA and FA in real life, do you interpret them with their Wikipedia meanings? (8)
  115. Have you frowned upon a decision that was made in real life by a vote, because polling is not a substitute for discussion?
  116. Do you have an urge to edit this nonexistent article? (1)
  117. Did you immediately try to create the above nonexistent article? (10)
  118. From how many devices did you visit Wikipedia in the past 30 days? (1 per device)
  119. Do you use terms like "dab", "lk", "sp", "revert", "blanking", "content", "NPOV", or other terms in their Wikipedia sense in unrelated contexts? (2)
  120. Do you scramble to G11 advertisements off wiki and then realize you're not on Wikipedia? (5)
  121. ...Did you do it to have a better CSD log? (10)
  122. Have you ever thought about the social impact of Wikipedia? (15)
  123. Has your Wikipedia contribution style/philosophy (e.g., WikiGnome, deletionism, inclusionism,...) shaped your real life personality and philosophy? (15)
  124. Have you ever browsed Wikipedia while communicating with your significant other? (5)
  125. Have you told your significant other something on Wikipedia while communicating with them? (10)
  126. ...Was he or she impressed? (5)
  127. ...Or bored? (-5)
  128. ...Or did he or she tell you to shut up? (-20)
  129. Do you have NPOV issues with the negative score attributed to the previous questions? (5)
  130. Are you surprised when you click on a normal link and it doesn't take you to a Wikipedia article? (1)
  131. Have you ever gone and done something new on this list, deliberately to raise your score? (1)
  132. Have you broken some sort of rule just to visit Wikiepdia? (6)
  133. Have you spotted a typo above and now have a crushing urge to edit that typo but dare not edit it for you won't remember where you read up to? (3)
  134. ...Have you edited it? (5)
  135. Do you use the shortcut keys when using Wikipedia? (2)
  136. ...Do you hit Alt+X (or its equivalent on your keyboard) more than any other shortcut key? (3)
  137. When you wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep due to some nagging worry, do you get up and start working on Wikipedia so that you will get tired and have something relaxing to fill your mind when you go back to bed? (2)
  138. ...Did it work? (40)
  139. Have you, in your impatience for others to edit an article, brought an article all the way from a stub to featured article status? (10)
  140. Have you ever signed any email with ~~~~ (point for every email you have)? (1)
  141. Have you ever been reading a book and found information which you immediately added to a Wikipedia article? (3)
  142. Did you immediately think of ways to improve this test, or adjust the scores so that they neatly add up to 100? (3.14)
  143. Did you think about adding inline cleanup templates to this test? (4)
  144. Do you think your score is too high and maybe you'll do something about it after "a few more edits"? (6)
  145. Did you create an automated version of this test so you wouldn't have to add up your score? (100)
  146. Have you ever taken this quiz more than once simply to correspond with the most recent version? (12)
  147. Have you ever bought a CD, movie, video game, book or other media product so you can write the article, scan the cover and upload it to Wikipedia? (5)
  148. ...And have you paid full price or even bought it costlier from a second-hand retailer for it? (7.5)
  149. Have you joined a Wikipedia(ns) community on a non-Wikipedia website? (30)
  150. Have you ever argued with anyone over Wikipedia's accuracy? (5)
  151. ...Did you win? (10)
  152. ...Did you win, but you were the one saying it was not accurate? (-15)
  153. Do you find yourself caught up in Wikipedia discussions a lot? (14)
  154. ...More than discussions on other topics? (36)
  155. Have you made more than 10 edits in a month? (1)
  156. ...50? (3)
  157. ...100? (6)
  158. ...500? (12)
  159. ...1,000? (24)
  160. ...5,000? (48)
  161. ...10,000? (96)
  162. ...More than 20,000? (96)
  163. Have you made more than 500 total edits? (1)
  164. ...1,000? (2)
  165. ...5,000? (4)
  166. ...10,000? (8)
  167. ...50,000? (16)
  168. Do you have more than 25 userboxes? (1)
  169. ...50? (2)
  170. ...100? (3)
  171. ...300? (5)
  172. ...500? (10)
  173. ...more? (15)
  174. Do you edit Wikipedia because "I just feel like using my spare time to do something meaningful"? (1)
  175. ...Do you edit Wikipedia because "My edits are to help my local community"? (10)
  176. ...Do you edit Wikipedia because "My contributions are for the benefit of mankind"? (30)
  177. Do you edit Wikipedia "for the sake of editing Wikipedia"? (-5)
  178. Have you ever accidently edited Wikipedia while logged out? (1)
  179. ...Were you horrified because it doesn't count towards your edit count? (10)
  180. ...Were you horrified because it reveals your IP address to everyone? (2)
  181. ...Were you horrified because it could be viewed as sock puppeting? (5)
  182. ...Were you pleased because you wanted to stop editing anyway? (-15)
  183. Have you ever felt like going on a vandalising spree on Wikipedia? (-3)
  184. ...Did you actually go on one? (-50)
  185. ...Did you get banned from Wikipedia? (-100)
  186. Have you ever thought about the origin of the universe while editing this? (5)
  187. Have you run out of questions to add to this? (10)
  188. ...Did you think of something immediately after? (5)

Interpreting your score

Score range Description
0–9 You must have done nothing.
10–100 A well-balanced attitude that may benefit from spending more time here.
101–150 This is the optimal, most productive range.
151–250 You are addicted to Wikipedia.
251–450 You're a pro.
451–650 You are a candidate for rollback rights.
651–750 You are a candidate for admin rights.
751–850 You're a candidate for bureaucrat, rollback AND admin rights.
851–950 Were you a Nupedian?
951–1099 You're a candidate for steward rights.
1100–5000 You either played a part in creating Wikipedia or are a ghost. Good job!
5001 or more WP:AGF and WP:NPA forbid us to accuse you of cheating at this test.  

Bonus questions

You don't get any points for these questions, since they may be redundant or not provide a good measure of current addiction. However the answers may provide useful information for your health worker:

  • Have you ever argued with a functionary?
  • Do you use your own name or some obscure nick (ScrofulousToad, Airigance 99, etc.)?
  • Have you ever removed outdated questions from this test?
  • Have you ever neglected to maintain personal hygiene in favor of Wikipedia?
  • Have you ever broken up with a significant other, because they didn't think Wikipedia was "all that"?
  • Have you ever had an edit conflict—with yourself?
  • Do you create your own Wikipedia words? (like "Wikidicted?")
  • Are you upset that
    • wrote an article on Wikipedia addiction and someone said it sounded "like the grammar and speech patterns of a Wikipedian"?
    • got deleted by AfD?
  • Have you created a page full of red links, and then made a decision to put everything else on hold until you could (a) either fill in all the (red) blanks or (b) until your body could take it no further or (c) your computer couldn't?
    • ...are those other tabs saving edits and/or loading pages, right now?
    • ...all of them are either loading or saving a page?
  • Have you edited Wikipedia pages during intermittent power outages?
    • Are you considering the purchase of an uninterruptible power supply solely because you "lost a good edit" while doing so?
  • Have you ever edited the modern version of this test?
  • Have you ever taken the modern version of this test seriously?
  • When someone says "dab" outside of a Wikipedia context, do you immediately think "disambiguation"?

See also

You can use the {{User Wikipediholic}} template to display your score on your user page, using {{User Wikipediholic|(your score)|916184871}}.