The projects of the Wikimedia Foundation have a number of mailing lists which are open to anyone who subscribes and a few private mailing lists open only to selected users.

Please see the list descriptions for posting information. Most lists are moderated, so that posts by non-members need to be manually approved. Some lists disallow any posts by nonmembers.

Please respect Wikiquette and avoid personal attacks on the mailing lists, especially in the subject header as this is likely to be repeated by those replying. File a request at Phabricator for problems with mailing lists or for starting a new list.

Mailing lists are available in a number of formats: via a web archive, by email, or by NNTP using the mail-to-news gateway Gmane. Offsite archives of Wikipedia's mailing lists can be found at Gmane, MARC, Gossamer Threads, and Nabble Forums.

Email addresses are currently obfuscated in the downloadable archives, making them unreadable by some mail readers. To convert one of these archives to mbox format, you could use perl -p -i -e '/^From/ && s/ at /@/' filename or sed '/^From /s/ at /@/' obfuscated.mbox > clear.mbox.

Overview edit

Public mailing lists edit

There is a complete list of public mailing lists for all Wikimedia Foundation matters at meta, including:

  • Projects other than Wikipedia
  • Languages other than English
  • Local chapters serving predominantly non-English-speaking users

The public mailing lists for the Wikipedia project include:

  • Wikimedia-l for announcements, cross-project matters and Wikimedia Foundation issues
  • MediaWiki-l for people with questions about their own installation of the MediaWiki software (i.e., not Wikimedia projects)
  • Wikitech-l for any WikiMedia development issues, technical discussions, and hardware purchases
  • Daily-article-l for an extract of the English Wikipedia's featured article of the day
  • mobile-l for any discussions about Wikimedia projects on mobile devices
  • Gender gap brings together people of any gender interested in improving the participation of women in Wikipedia and related projects.

Closed or inactive edit

The following list were active, but are now either completely shut down, or exist, but have negligible traffic. They are available in archives:

Private mailing lists edit

There are various private mailing lists hosted by Wikimedia Foundation servers, although some of them allow public messaging. They facilitate internal communication among Wikimedia Foundation board members, and certain committees and subcommittees.

Arbitration Committee and functionaries edit

The Arbitration Committee's mailing lists, including clerks and functionaries.

  • arbcom-en (arbcom-en is the primary mailing list of ARBCOM business.
    • arbcom-en-b (arbcom-en-b and arbcom-en-c (arbcom-en-c are the secondary and tertiary mailing lists for ARBCOM business
    • clerks-l mailing list is the mailing list for coordination of the Committee's clerks
  • functionaries-en mailing list is for CheckUsers, Oversighters, current and former members of the Arbitration Committee, and certain members of the staff of the Wikimedia Foundation (only these members can send to or read it; non-member emails are automatically rejected)
  • oversight-l, the oversight mailing list, used for oversighter group discussion only (only those with oversight rights can send to or read it, non-member emails are automatically rejected) NOTE: Please do not send requests for oversight to this list any longer. Instead, use oversight-en-wp mentioned below.
    • oversight-en-wp, the oversight request VRT queue (anyone can send messages and requests to this address, but only users with oversight rights can view those messages).
  • checkuser-l, the global checkuser mailing list (only those with checkuser rights can send to or read it, non-member emails are automatically rejected)
    • checkuser-en-wp, the checkuser request VRT queue (anyone can send messages and requests to this address, but only users with checkuser rights can view those messages).

Other edit

  • accounts-enwiki-l mailing list for discussion of account requests and the ACC tool interface
  • wikipedia-en-editfilters mailing list for discussion of edit filters (anybody can send to the list, but only edit filter helpers, edit filter managers and administrators may read it)
  • unblock-en-l mailing list for discussion of unblock requests and the UTRS tool interface (note: this list was used for unblock requests, but was phased out for that purpose in March 2012 with the deployment of UTRS)
  • otrs-en-l mailing list for discussion between English-speaking OTRS members of all queues.

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