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These pages are being reorganized to list articles that need cleanup or have other problems, sorted by topics. The listings will be generated automatically by a robot. For instructions on how to set up pages to be updated by the bot, see the Cleanup Sorting page.

To flag an article for attention, please mark the article (or its talk page in some cases) with an appropriate tag, such as those listed on Wikipedia:Cleanup resources, or check the table at the bottom of this page.

To view listings, please select a topic below.

After revising an article, the tag should be removed from the article itself if you believe the job is done. (If you are not sure, leave the tag in place, and someone else will likely check up on it.) Removing the tag will prevent the article from showing up in future automatic updates, and stop showing a warning to readers about a problem that no longer exists. (Some tags are added to the talk page instead of the article page, so you may need to check there instead.)

You may also optionally choose to remove the entry from the "Pages needing attention" list for an article you have just fixed. If you don't, it will eventually be removed automatically. The bot will only update this page when a new database dump is produced, so the most recent changes will not be reflected in these listings.

If you have any comments or questions about the content in a particular article (such as what about it needs to be fixed), please use the talk page for that article. (When viewing the article itself, click the "discussion" tab at the top of the page.)

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