Hello – I am Wikipedia editor Shhhnotsoloud. I like navigation, so I mostly edit disambiguation pages, redirects, hatnotes and wikilinks.

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subst:Proposed deletion|concern = Disambiguation page not required (WP:ONEOTHER). Primary topic redirect points to an article with a hatnote to the only other use.

Useful templates...Edit

  • {{subst:requested move|NewName|reason=}}
  • {{tlx|}} to show example template usage without expanding the template itself
  • {{subst:fti|]] "format title: italic" italicizes the non-parenthetical portion of a page title
  • and {{subst:ftq|}} "format title: quotes"
  • {{xt|}} example text and {{!xt|}} bad example text
  • <code><nowiki>...</nowiki></code>
  • {{--)}} Space+parenthesis


  • "This article incorporates text translated"
  • "See also:" insource:/''See also:/ -"list of" -glossary -flags -insource:/www.oprhp.state.ny.us/ -insource:/Accompanying photos/

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