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Dick Lyon, in the Long Room of the Trinity College, Dublin, library, admiring Brian Boru's harp, 2017

Hi, I'm Dick Lyon. I am a research scientist/engineer in Silicon Valley, California. I've been contributing to Wikipedia since May, 2005.

Some of my work outside Wikipedia is linked on my ancient techie home page dicklyon.com. More recent research pubs are found here. And don't forget my always-popular Otis King pages.

And now I'm an author; so buy my book (or see my book blog to access a free online copy) if you're interested in Human and Machine Hearing.

My contributions are mostly related to photography, photometry, color, electronics, and signal processing. And in recent years, mostly photos and style gnoming. And creeks.

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Here I collect most of the pictures I've uploaded, mostly my own, but including some public domain images and photos licensed by a few friends.

I uploaded over 100 photos in 2017, and well over 100 in 2018, well over 200 in 2019, and somewhat fewer in 2020 since I haven't been traveling so much. Just starting on 2021.



Palm Springs tripEdit

Bellingham tripEdit

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Later 2019Edit

Pagosa Springs tripEdit

Six-day visit; over 50 photos linked on articles – mostly creeks and rivers.

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Portugal tripEdit

I've gone pano-happy, as Android's (Pixel 3's) new pano mode is so much better than the old one.

Earlier 2019Edit

Including flight across US and to Portugal, and these videos from the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.


From my recent (2018) trips:



Some of my dead friends and relatives.

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Panorama of the Very Large Array, New Mexico, December 2017

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Aerial view of the Yampa River in northern Colorado, November 2017
Panorama of the Hetch Hetchy aqueduct, December 2016


Panorama of Apple Campus 2 under construction, July 2016



Panorama of Stein am Rhein in late afternoon sunlight, stitched for me by Laurence