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Editing interestsEdit

I have many editing interests: you will most likely find me helping to coordinate the Venezuela WikiProject or at current events, where I try to help keep the very busy current disaster/attack/political hysteria articles from getting too messy when they're on the main page or an ITN candidate. I am also interested in media, editing pages on film and artwork. If you want any suggestions in these areas, or with editing article structure, leave me a message. Kingsif (talk) 15:35, 14 October 2019 (UTC)

Article contributionsEdit

Articles created

"Don't Care"Edit

A brief essay on personal connections.

When starting an article, users are asked if they are connected to the subject. This also implicitly refers to an emotional connection. You shouldn't create or edit an article if you have strong emotional feelings for it. Sometimes emotional responses are good, when you are emotional out of enthusiasm and interest — if you are a fan. Emotional responses have no place in editing when you very much care about the subject, because this may mean that you would want it to be presented in a certain way, or to have control over the article, or that you might hold strong opinions on the subject which might make it into your editing or make discussion with other editors fruitless. So, when editing Wikipedia, make sure you "Don't Care". Kingsif (talk) 14:57, 6 September 2018 (UTC)

Why we don't use TeleSUREdit

Not because it's a state source. Not because it's "socialist". Because it parrots Maduro's opinion and outright lies on common knowledge fact. Read more here.

Of course, getting news from one of the biggest crises is important, so here are some other sources that may be used for information on Venezuela.

Other contributionsEdit

Venezuelan cinema task force


Requested articles
3 Beauties, Alfredo Hueck, Bistec (film) ([1]), CAP 2 Intentos, Caracas Amor a Muerte, Culebra in Limbo ([2]), Desnudo con Naranjas, Despierta (film) ([3]), Despierta Venezuela ([4]), Dreams Are Cruel ([5]), El Amparo (film), El Ocaso del Socialismo Mágico, El Prisionero ([6]), En Casa ([7]), Flamingo (film), Flor de la Mar (film) ([8]), Galus galus ([9]), Gente real ([10]), God's Slave, HALF/LIFE ([11]), Hora Cero (documentary), Immune: Alone in the World ([12]), Juan de la calle, La culpa, probablemente, La planta insolente, La sangre de una nación, La Tumba (film), Mal Necesario ([13]), Manuela Sáenz (film), Música Del Cielo, Nude with Oranges, Normal (2016 film) ([14]), Obsesión (2012 film) ([15]), Onte ([16]), Papita, Maní, Tostón 2, Que se haga justicia, RCTV, 10 años después, Repression in Paradise, Stay (2009 film) ([17]), Tamara (2016 Venezuelan film), The Hospital Clown ([18]), Un Gallo y Un Corral ([19]), Sangrador, La Soledad (2016 film), Sueño Down, Vadim Lasca, Yakera ([20]), YBI-173 ([21])

Articles in need of citations/expansion

A House with a View of the Sea, Alt (film), Cinex, Cuando quiero llorar no lloro (film), La distancia más larga, Little Thieves, Big Thieves, Punto y Raya, Menudo: La Película, Miguel Ángel Landa, Papita, maní, tostón, Maroa (film), The Color of Fame, Gone with the River, Knocks at My Door, Jericho (1991 film), One Life and Two Trails, Oro Diablo, Ratón de ferretería, Rock, Paper, Scissors (2012 film), Roque Valero, Secuestro Express, Sicario (1994 film), The Rumble of the Stones, The Yacht Isabel Arrived This Afternoon, Venezzia

Translation requested

Amaneció de golpe [es], Aquiles Nazoa Cinema [es], Ayacucho Theatre [es], Bodas de papel [es], Bolívar Films [es], Cangrejo [es], Cangrejo II [es], Cines Unidos [es], Días de poder [es], Disparen a matar [es], El corazón de las tinieblas [es], El patrón: radiografía de un crimen [es], El rebaño de los ángeles [es], El malquerido [es], Elipsis (movie) [es], Er conde Bond [es], Gustavo Tovar-Arroyo [es], La gata borracha [es], Libertador Morales, el Justiciero [es], Muerte Suspendida [es], Pandemonium, la capital del infierno [es], Señor Presidente [es], Thaelman Urgelles [es], Tiempos de dictadura [es], Trasnocho Cultural [es], Un conde suerto en Hollywood [es], Zamora, tierra y hombres libres [es]
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GA reviews
Venezuela Portal


Sometimes other editors leave gifts at my talk page. I am immensely grateful for these, and have now moved them to their own page. Thank you!