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Michael Lark, artist
Michael Lark, artist

Lazarus is a dystopian science fiction comic book series created by writer Greg Rucka and artist Michael Lark (pictured). Image Comics released the first monthly issue on June 23, 2013. A six-issue spin-off limited series, Lazarus: X+66, was released monthly in 2017 between issues 26 and 27 of the regular series. Rucka and Lark began developing the series in 2012 and partnered with colorist Santi Arcas to finish the art. Other creators were brought in later to assist with lettering and inking. In the series, the world has been divided among sixteen rival families, who run their territories in a feudal system. The main character is Forever Carlyle, the military leader of the Carlyle family. The major themes of Lazarus are the meaning of family and nature versus nurture. Critics have given it mostly positive reviews and have praised its worldbuilding. The series has also been collected into paperback and hardcover editions. (Full article...)

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John (1166–1216) was King of England from 1199 until his death. The youngest of the four surviving sons of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he became Henry's favourite after a revolt by his brothers Henry, Richard, and Geoffrey. Despite rebelling against King Richard, who was away on the Third Crusade, he became king after Richard's death. War with France broke out in 1202; John achieved early victories, but shortages of resources led to the loss of the Duchy of Normandy and most other French lands. His judicial reforms had a lasting effect on English law and provided him with revenue from fines and court fees. An argument with Pope Innocent III led to John's excommunication from 1209 to 1213. John faced a rebellion by many of his barons, and although they agreed to the Magna Carta peace accord in 1215, neither side complied with it, and civil war broke out shortly afterwards. John died of dysentery while on campaign in late 1216. (Full article...)

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Aerial view of Foxboro Stadium
Aerial view of Foxboro Stadium

MLS Cup 1996 was the inaugural edition of the MLS Cup, the championship match of Major League Soccer, the top-level soccer league of the United States. Hosted at Foxboro Stadium (pictured) in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on October 20, 1996, it was contested by D.C. United and the Los Angeles Galaxy to decide the champion of the 1996 season. Los Angeles had placed first and D.C. second in their respective conferences during the regular season. The two teams had identical win–loss records in the first two rounds of the playoffs. The final match, played in heavy rain due to the proximity of Hurricane Lili, had an attendance of 34,643 spectators. Los Angeles took a 2–0 lead early in the second half on goals by Eduardo Hurtado and Chris Armas. D.C. United won 3–2 on a tiebreaking golden goal scored by Eddie Pope in overtime that followed a second-half comeback for the team led by assists from Marco Etcheverry, who was named the man of the match. (Full article...)