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This is the page for the Science Fiction WikiProject (or if you prefer, "sf" or "speculative fiction"). If you would like to participate, add your name to list of participants below. Be sure to check out the discussion page as well.

Project overviewEdit

This project focuses on creating and improving content related to science fiction and coordinating the creation of guidelines and best practices related to science fiction, SF fandom, speculative fiction, science fiction studies, etc. While there are many specific WikiProjects oriented around film and television franchises, this project is intended to deal with Wikipedia's science fiction coverage in general, as well as coordinate work on science fiction literature, on science fiction history and criticism, and on science fiction fandom.

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This project will aim to improve the quality and breadth of articles in the science fiction category and its subcategories using an assessment process. Project members are urged to take an active role in reviewing and identifying articles about science fiction.

The main To Do item for the Assessment division of this project is to assess the articles that are currently unassessed. It is also important to regularly check that the assessments of assessed articles are still appropriate, and to attend to requests for re-assessment posted to the main WikiProject Science Fiction/Assessment page.

Using the metadata script to display article assessmentEdit

If you would like to participate in assessment activities, you may find it helpful to turn on a metadata script that displays an article's assessment when you are viewing any article. In order to do that, click on your "My preferences" link at the top of the page, then the Gadgets category, and check the box under Appearance for "Display an assessment of an article's quality as part of the page header for each article."

Project statusEdit


To doEdit

  • Invite active editors who write for science fiction-related articles to join the project.
  • Rewrite the science fiction main page to make it a good article.
    • Reorganization: done
    • New sections: done
    • Summarization (WP:SIZE): done
    • Sources: done
    • Peer review: to be done


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  • 03 Feb 2023 – AstroTown (talk · edit · hist) was PRODed by Rorshacma (t · c): Article on a non-notable, self-published book created by an WP:SPA. Neither of the included references appear to be genuine significant coverage/reviews in reliable sources, and searches did not turn up any kind of coverage on it.
  • 26 Jan 2023Bulk and Skull (talk · edit · hist) PRODed by Piotrus (t · c) was deproded by Mast303 (t · c) on 01 Feb 2023

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