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Welcome to WikiProject Heroes. This project was formed on January 24, 2007 to better organize and improve all articles about the 2006/2007 television series Heroes, its characters, plots and all other related content. It is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please see the to-do list on the talk page.


  1. To create and improve featured article quality articles; intenting to make Wikipedia an accurate reference and source for Heroes related information.
  2. To become one of WikiProject Television's most valued WikiProjects.
  3. To maintain the articles suited for an encyclopedia.
  4. To establish an organized structure for all the project's articles and reach consensus on most discussions about the articles' compositions.





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Latest News

  • The Heroes Main Page was recently submitted for a peer review. You can contribute to the peer review Here. You can also contact editors/contributors to come and include their thoughts for improvement of the Heroes Main page.
  • The List of Heroes episodes has been promoted to a featured list.
  • New pages have been added to the overall wikiproject including separate character articles for Molly Walker and Bob Bishop. A Mythology page has also been added and a page about the new Heroes book Saving Charlie. All these pages can use improvements and input from all the editors of the project. There is always room for improvements!
  • Several updates and changes have been made to the Heroes Main page, including the inclusion of the following sections and sub-sections: conception, episode format, casting, mythology, legal and copyright issues, and promotions, fandom and pop culture. Some sections and sub-sections have been greatly expanded, including production notes, criticisms and response, comparisons to other works, ratings and action figures.
  • Episodes Truth and Consequences and Better Halves were both nominated for deletion. The archived discussions can be viewed here Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Truth & Consequences and here Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Better Halves respectively.
  • Heroes project members have been invited to take place in a centralized TV episode discussion. The mission of the discussion is "are all TV episodes notable (should have an article) or are there considerations, and if so, what might those considerations be." You can join the discussion Here
  • Several character articles were merged into List of Heroes characters with special abilities, including Alejandro Herrera, Eden McCain, Ted Sprague and Candice Wilmer
  • User:iTocapa has written an essay on the Heroes articles. You can review and comment on the essay Here

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